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at duty's end, we will meet again. we will. 🌻🌸

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@aerisviel HE IS!!?? FINALLY😍🔥🙏€ in customs for sandalphons nendo... the things i do for loveアキ天
Retweeted by lita ⎊hey... so is the city a nice place?
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @vonwettin corrupción no política sino del cuerpo alma etc @vonwettin el albedo con eloy croptop me sendea mucho porque 1. es un príncipe o algo asi? 2. hay mierdas de corrup…
@DargorMajere como adc toda kill que puedas robar es buena kill (?) @DargorMajere honestamente yo era big feeder con jhin pero desde que veo a taco me noto muchisimo mejor im happy gfjdks @DargorMajere es que de jhin lo mas complicado es manejar eso + no querer pegar POÑETAZOS a la pared cuando estas e… @DargorMajere OLE OLE OLE OLE !!!!!!!!!!! ME CUENTASでけた
Retweeted by lita ⎊i find it funny how my first impression was "i dont care" (i was an aymeric stan at the beginning of hw and my Asci…クール組
Retweeted by lita ⎊thinking about the Big Es (estinien & elidibus)
#MunchkinCriticalRole pre-orders are available now! Join the Mighty Nein on their next adventure and get yours toda…
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @DargorMajere con su kit/los items que se hace puede meltear tanques que suele ser lo que se lleva en top... depend… @DargorMajere basicamente cualquier personaje puede funcionar (de mejor o peor manera) como support si tiene un stu… @DargorMajere es que siempre hacen lo mismo lmfao el kit de seraphine esta diseñado para llevarse abajo a mi que no… @DargorMajere ellos: seraphine mid :) nosotros: no :) support :) ellos: vale... nos parece bien.............. :))))… "seraphine support wont disappear!" thats why you nerf her passive dmg but buff it for minions 😭 fuck uriot if you nerf seraphine AGAIN. @IKeepItTaco thanks taco <3 @Valzoak tengo los mismos niveles de gremlin yo digo si4. the mandalorian (s1) mando is my dadバレたま…朝の…おぎがえ…(不敬キャメラ
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Retweeted by lita ⎊
@ebifuria tengo que ponerme al dia de nuevo!!! que lei cuando volvio a salir el gatete y lo dejé (las prioridades)… @ebifuria they're v good @LionraeArt SUSANA!!! muchas felicidades linda <3 <3angel
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @miyazawa_lulu magia @oovikat eli these are beautiful!!!!! thank u for thinking of me ily ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭
Justice, Judgement
Retweeted by lita ⎊friday of new wandavision and jjk episodes 🔥ancient allagans on mars
Retweeted by lita ⎊quanxi
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @vonwettin MI REACCIÓNNNNN le he visto tan largo y ha sido como. it is he........ 😭Informativo matinal para ahorrar tiempo [19/02/21] (Incluye subtítulos y sorteillo) #informativoangelmartin
Retweeted by lita ⎊#Pokemon N
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@wenIiyang 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 q lloroooooo!!! all that glitters...shurima has one of the coolest lores in all league i wish they did more with it ;_; but im so happy with the cinematic...Some new Shurima LoR promo art
Retweeted by lita ⎊I LOVE BIRB AND RENEKTON CINEMATIC LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOA buried empire. A brother’s betrayal. A relic that could change everything. Venture to Shurima on March 3rd in t…
Retweeted by lita ⎊ありがとう
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @DickensLioness AAAAAAAAAAAAA @fjollymauk @vonwettin @txingona astari dnd en unas semanas people r like I miss dnd 💔 and dnd was yesterday
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@wenIiyang OFGLCLDLFLVLKDMC LAS CARAS JUAN!!!!YOU WILL LOOK.... WE'RE BEAUTIFUL✨ Destiny is ahead ✨ My beautiful dnd party! Look at them! They are all the most precious and crazy things out ther…
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @SovereignLiones @SovereignLiones oye que eso te lo tendré que decir yo a ti (?) @SovereignLiones se vienen cositas 🔥🔥 @marinukpencilp VIVIENDO RENTA GRATIS EN MI CABEZA!!!!!!el dibujo de los astaris que ha hecho marina me tiene así @Redeek_ ya se volvera cuando haya tiempo y ganas 🤙 @Redeek_ hemos estado uber liados con distintas mierdas tho w @la_llorerie abrió la boca y supe que habia un diosstarted the mandalorian and damn...... his voice 😳
@fjollymauk MERECEMOS! MERECEMOS! MERECEMOS! MERECEMOS!Nintendo direct you WILL give me hd giratina魈くんをいろんなところに連れて行ってあげたい #原神イラスト #原神
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @_meisaki_ tengo en mi habitación la foto que nos sacamos 😭 justo ayer me acordé de que hacía un año ya wow
Retweeted by lita ⎊“Go, traveler, fight your fight” #原神 #GenshinImpact #AeXiao #aether #Xiao #空魈
Retweeted by lita ⎊using swiftcast to light this cigarette rather than deal with raising this dark knight that’s managed to die at lea…
Retweeted by lita ⎊finally gonna start watching wandavision... and maybe mandalorian next 🔥chosen family
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still have my Zoe Touch ™ daughter #ffxiv
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @plantdroid happy birthday!! <3angel of loneliness
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @sakata bueno si está vivo lo calificaremos como una victoria kfgkcjsb @sakata por dios que miedo @hamanorabbit yo hacia eso real por que esta tan buena esa mierdathis one goes to my fellow 10 akiangel people out there
Retweeted by lita ⎊akiangel reali caved...goodnight akiangel valentines
Retweeted by lita ⎊#LeagueOfLegendsFanArt #LeagueOfLegends #zed #syndra ❤️
Retweeted by lita ⎊since it‘s feb 14 i want to officially thank every single fictional character that stole my heart and has been domi…
Retweeted by lita ⎊me switching from my main to my priv
Retweeted by lita ⎊One more quickie Nyan for everyone's Valentione. #FFXIV #FF14 #エスティニアン
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happy valentines day
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @Redeek_ 😙✌️spent valentines watching naruto and i just met him but im a certified sai loverTMElezen Boys, Ponytails and Glasses 🐱 #ニャンフィノ #FFXIV #FF14
Retweeted by lita ⎊When you come across a corpse-- No, a Girl passed out in the grass. Who in their right mind treks through a fores…
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @roboticmixie EVERYBODY SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL @aerisviel yeah LMFAO i dont think they did a good job building an interesting story until that point i was just co… to the camera! 📸 #lilia #viego #aphelios #alune #jhin #seraphine #kayn #rhaast #LeagueOfLegendsFanArt
Retweeted by lita ⎊⚠️ Blood cw ⚠️ Jennifers body
Retweeted by lita ⎊#FF14 발렌티온
Retweeted by lita ⎊ @aerisviel the first episode i really liked was ep17 lmfao.... the way it's graphic just for the sake of shock valu… and i cant sleep more so time to catch up with higurashi gou 😑
if not for pulling why estinien has hair?
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