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VonXdecimo @VonXdecimo South Texas

He/him. 26. Goals: do streaming as a hobby. Hopefully meet some good people and friends along the way. Icon Art made by @ColonelCheru

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i joined @JesseCox to play World of Horror! hope you enjoy part 1! 👻💀 (sorry i'm not SGS lmao)
Retweeted by VonXdecimoI have to this area for the first time and saw the Shinjuku Midgar. Dekai!!😮 I got a big flower from a flower selle…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoEt/sy trying to squeeze more money of small artists again. I drive like all the traffic to my etsy. Making products…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoNew Update!! Wanna ride sheep? Why not? #TheGoodLife #sheeprider
Retweeted by VonXdecimoStreaming Apex Legends with fans RIGHT MEOW! If you want to play with me, add Charalanahzard on Xbox Live. If you w…
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @Ozkh6 @younggagachiPersona 5 Scramble The Fist of Justice.
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @MatttGFX We’re introducing a new character. Their first name is Fire Emblem, last name Fire Emblem.You may have heard Square Enix is still selling a few original PlayStation games on their site. People reported tha…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoOh god, I definitely relate to this.
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I was never really a fan of Suite Life as a kid, but if they made a show starring these two in 2020, I'd watch the…
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Retweeted by VonXdecimo @RugoTheSnake We’ll see about that will be true in a couple of days -
Retweeted by VonXdecimoEasy, and i can’t stress it enough, Breezy.
Retweeted by VonXdecimocalvin was right
Retweeted by VonXdecimoSorry to go off topic again (second time this month too) but happy birthday to the animation god that is Tex Avery!…
Retweeted by VonXdecimothinkin abt PONYTAIL NOCTIS..........
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @RugoTheSnake I’d like to return it’s worse is I don’t have my earphones to listen to videos or music. Just have to make do with ambient sounds.Who know I would spend today at the DMV but life is always full of surprises. "So Sephiroth is traveling the world because he's searching for the Promised Land? Is that it?" Aerith: "Tha…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoSmall boxer, blonde dad who kills his adopted son’s dad, space bounty hunter, evil wizard, space racer who is also… @ChummyNose We talking regular or mini mouse?NEW ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS DETAIL: The "New" in the title is a reference to the game being new
Retweeted by VonXdecimoImagine you getting bodied online, stressed out, playing your hardest and you hear “Damn bro you good?” coming from…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoIf I can give cartoonists and artists some advice: please, please talk to other people, peers, agents, lawyers, res…
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Retweeted by VonXdecimoI'm currently taking commissions. Send me a DM if you're interested, or for any questions :)
Retweeted by VonXdecimoFind someone who loves you the way Takenobu Mitsuyoshi loves the Daytona USA theme
Retweeted by VonXdecimoThanks for joining us today! We hope you're excited about our latest news and upcoming releases!…
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Retweeted by VonXdecimoHoodie Oscars :3
Retweeted by VonXdecimoI feel it every time
Retweeted by VonXdecimoPokégirls & their Pokémon as clothes! 💙💛💜💚
Retweeted by VonXdecimohe genuinely asks if you're ok before bashing the shit out of you
Retweeted by VonXdecimo♓ Pisces
Retweeted by VonXdecimoCommissions are OPEN 🎷🐛 DM me for payment info 🤠
Retweeted by VonXdecimoThere are so many amazing pieces for @Airdorf 's Faith contest! Here's my imagining of this scene:
Retweeted by VonXdecimoDamn. This is extremely sad news for the gaming community today. Love to his family.
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @Lythero @Krooked_Glasses That’s me too bc I also haven’t beaten it and haven’t felt the urge to yetAnimal Crossing has a lot of puns and Flick has come to add more :3c #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Retweeted by VonXdecimoWe're so bad at this hahaha. It's never a good idea to put of chores and other important tasks but being lazy is ju…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoBe kind dudes. You have no idea what people are going through. Just show kindness.
Retweeted by VonXdecimoShadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces are your free PS Plus games for March. Details:
Retweeted by VonXdecimoFuck it, tag your twitter crush. Shoot your shot.
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @spacepiratedog Did you know that the English VA of Haida from Aggretsuko is also voicing the English version of th… “Bomboclaat” is a Jamaican curse word and it doesn’t mean “your thoughts on this”
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @spacepiratedog wanna talk black representation in anime?? les talk abt #Eizouken having a reoccuring black girl character A…
Retweeted by VonXdecimowatch eizouken!! its a really good anime about highschool girls who look like awkward hs girls and are really passi…
Retweeted by VonXdecimothe small neighbor human. had show and tell today at school. and with my human’s permission. they brought me. i jus…
Retweeted by VonXdecimo#5yearsinfoon 💛🍻
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @spacepiratedog think it’s really important to have your own separate identity outside of your romantic relationship. It’s okay t…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoanother successful heist
Retweeted by VonXdecimowatching you sleep #beastars #beastarsfanart #LegosixLouis #レゴルイ
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @spacepiratedog
Retweeted by VonXdecimo"Project GG" by Hideki Kamiya is the next project from PlatinumGames, revealed in Famitsu. The last entry of the "H…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoWorth the time to dial up... #sneakpeek
Retweeted by VonXdecimoYessir miller
Retweeted by VonXdecimoits 4am and im in between acads and comms but also ship dynamics
Retweeted by VonXdecimo(´-`).。oO(1%) #ドラゴンボール
Retweeted by VonXdecimo Resident Evil Dead Aim Speedrun
Retweeted by VonXdecimoIt was written in the STARS... 💫 A Resident Evil 3 Demo is on the way. We'll have more details in the near future!
Retweeted by VonXdecimoThe most important thing I've done this year was cut out friendships with people that weren't actually happy when I…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoThis is total bullshit. When I even *tried* to educate about serious topics such as trans history or drug regulatio…
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @Succinct_Punchy TAS except how quick can you get a person to dab with the minimal amount of shocksHERE WE GO
Retweeted by VonXdecimoIt’s almost like it’s super troubling that a brand with puritanical social values is also the leading producer of…
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Are we still talking about peoples' range? If so, may I present to you:
Retweeted by VonXdecimo???
Retweeted by VonXdecimoWow, this has just total ruined the shining tbh. How fucking awful.
Retweeted by VonXdecimo*Shy mode * 😳 #Castlevania #CastlevaniaNetflix #Alucard #fanart
Retweeted by VonXdecimoanimating somethin JUICY!! (dem cheeks)
Retweeted by VonXdecimo| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | GOING | | TO THE | | CINEMA | | ALONE | | IS GREAT | | ____…
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Retweeted by VonXdecimoThe most godlike Pogo run the world has ever seen.
Retweeted by VonXdecimo @Lythero @RubberNinja The problem will be money and space. Thankfully most can be played sitting down but some lose…*gets tbagged*
Retweeted by VonXdecimoPulling all-nighters and working night shifts in college destroyed my brain's relationship to sleep so much that I'…
Retweeted by VonXdecimo10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain 100% reason to remember the name
Retweeted by VonXdecimoI am late but I am live! My bits were super sore from hitting a new PR on squat yesterday but I took a nice hot bat…
Retweeted by VonXdecimocan someone please explain to me why my dipshit brain chooses to interpret "i have an appointment in seven and a ha…
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Retweeted by VonXdecimocursed floppy disk
Retweeted by VonXdecimohehehehehe i like this meme
Retweeted by VonXdecimoResident Evil 3 hands-on videos are dropping Dengeki (13min, no commentary) PlayStation…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoThe holy Nonbinary trinity
Retweeted by VonXdecimoBorn in 93's #tees are full of powerful, unbridled anime energy
Retweeted by VonXdecimoSomeone complained to the council about a lady "Mowing her lawn at 6:45pm in a black dress with no shoes" So the…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoundertale concept art
Retweeted by VonXdecimoDear women in their early 20’s: if a man tells you, “you’re not like other girls” hear me when I tell you, this mea…
Retweeted by VonXdecimoMy heart still SHAKES at this scene
Retweeted by VonXdecimonvm this game makes my brain hurt, playin GBVS
Retweeted by VonXdecimojust thinking abt this
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