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He/him. 26. Goals: do streaming as a hobby. Hopefully meet some good people and friends along the way. Icon Art made by @ColonelCheru

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In 17 DAYS Chilluminati will be LIVE at the @ONCEsomerville Ballroom with @JesseCox @MathasGames and @FacianeA! Spo…
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoHEY! I'm open for commissions! 16 slots available! Icons are $55 USD, but I'm open to other types of commissions…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoIn honor of this long weekend
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @ChummyNose @groovitronic @bouncegood @antimushroom I have a sleepy goblin look 100% of the time. Unless I shave be… single intrusive thought vs every other thought in my brain
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo#NoBraDay is about breast cancer awareness. It's about educating women on the importance of self-breast examination…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo𝘗𝘶𝘵 𝘰𝘯 𝘢 𝘨𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘺 𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦. #SNL
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo"If I dont save the wee turtles! Who else will!" 🐢🐢🐢
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo🔴 Finishing We Were Here Together with @JesseCox!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoMore weird stock photo redraws, featuring the Wattersons #TheAmazingWorldofGumball #tawog
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoIT'S TIME TO BEASTORIZE!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoidc how many times I’ve seen this video but it will never NOT be funny
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoShadow Peach(2) [Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door] 15th Anniv.
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo[Meeting my partner's family] THEM: So what do you do? MY BRAIN: Don't say raccoon memes, don't say raccoon mem-…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoMakoto!
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo"good match guys, it was tough without a full squad" "yeah, but I hope BigKiNG22 is enjoying his vacation" "He's a…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoIt’s okay to be a late bloomer, everyone moves at their own pace. The pressure to do things at a specific time in y…
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @Esleah Hope you feel better soon!Cheese dream
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo100 baby challenge!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoUh oh! Spooky!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoStarbreeze expect to release Payday 3 in either 2022 or 2023
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimokilling flooringflooringflooringflooringflooringflooring
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoAkira Toriyama is no Araki or even a Kubo when it comes to drawing fashion but his graphic tee game is un-fucking-m…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo"Sometimes I do [drink blood], but it's not the blood that I like. It's the colour." - Marceline 🧛‍♀️ [IG:…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimogood horror trope I never get tired of: the entity/monster/demon mimicking speech as a noise, e.g. repeating the sa…
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoAnother wooden ball. Would it kill the makers of avocados to include a different toy, like a mood ring or a novelty eraser?
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimomy favorite cryptid is ohio’s loveland frogman
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoAll I want is a fearless partner (goose) who isn't afraid to do what they believe in (put rakes in lakes).
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoJust walk away
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoWhen Texas feels that first cold breeze 😩
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo#Inktober day 12! Elvira, Halloween Queen. #Inktober2019 #elvira
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoNo Guns Life Opening song is so PERFECT for this series.
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoThe duality of man
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoThis is how my realistic stage play version of Sakura turned out. 😋👌 After I get home I need to fix some stuff, but…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoBatman as written by a bot.
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoHidetaka Miyazaki reveals in a new interview at #BGS2019 that he and Yoko Taro have a rivalry going on when it come…
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoi have never seen a number in my life and i am not starting now
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoY'know I was a little on the fence about replaying this game, but honestly with the definitive edition patch, I'm h…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoHey! If you're not watching PRIMAL go watch it!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoAndroid 18!! 💙✨ #DragonBall #DragonBallZ
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoFound this list from Japan that ranks people from most to least lucky based on their birthday. I'm rank 305, this…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoGood afternoon everyone
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoLittle PSA about cons: please don’t pay cash in 50s and 100s unless you’re buying something close to that amount. E…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @PushinUpRoses Everything looks awesome tho I especially like the black heartsme: hey can i check out this book librarina: sure thing me: hey why do you they call you the librarina librarina…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoclimbing a ladder in a video game: wtf why doesnt this go faster climbing a ladder in real life: ah, right
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimome (putting a $10 bill on the bar): surprise me bartender: no me: ... excuse me? bartender (taking my money): you want anything else
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo行くぞおまえら〜!!!!!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoOK im streaming!! gonna be working on buttons (specifically cat shaped buttons for Kumoricon!) mic and cam are on !…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimothis @ all my mutuals
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo[⚠️RTS APPRECIATED!] Robin enamels restock has arrived & ready to ship out! 🤘Which batboy do you resonate with? 👀&…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo[LIVE] Gonna be playing more PREY... BUT FIRST!!! I will be drinking 4 different White Claws on stream. Its about t…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoJelly. Baby needs jelly.
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo#Inktober day 11! Harley Quinn! #Inktober2019 #harleyquinn
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoonce again, hitman 2 proves itself to be one of the best games ever made (stolen from discord)
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoStreaming @WeWereHereGame with @dexbonus
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoIf you’d like to help support Wyattoons, check out the Patreon page to see the tiers!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @Mewd462 Donkafergalicious Kong @bouncegood Breaking news: Local girl with fibro killed fibro through the power of anime, more at 11.the ugly laugh i just let out, i had to record this
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoHad to sleep in. Wasn't feeling well, but I'm [🔴LIVE] now Facepaint todaaaay wee.
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @bouncegood Guess we’re just gonna have to kill fibro first then (also hope the pain subsides soon). brother morton
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @corruptedgem I don’t think that’s what they meant when they added the Great Value packaging on it, but who am I to say?Im never letting anyone forget about this The greatest pre-battle cutscene ever
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoIf i say goodnight and an hour later u see me online, it’s not that I lied it’s that I failed
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoStory of my life
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoThinking about when @Zanzaken told me to use holy water in DMC4 and realistic Sonic keyed in through all the blue.
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimono twitter user has all 5 • irl friends • money • employment • good mental health • a crush that likes you back
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoCan’t we share?? You have a lot.
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoAnime intro vs anime credits
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoStreaming Now at 100 babies Sims 4 Challenge!
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo#BoycottBlizard I’ve seen tweets of people saying they’ll switch to playing League of Legends because of this.…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo @bouncegood remembers when Kermit the Frog shot a Nazi? Good times. (The Muppets at Walt Disney World, 1990)
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoUntitled Silent Hill Game
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Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoBig City Greens has my kinda humor.
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I would never want to go on a date with The Kool-Aid man partially because he is a large juice but mainly because I…
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimoHe was so terrified when we brought him home 2 days ago, now he’s a member of the family❤️
Retweeted by VonXDeadcimo#ITMovie love u losers
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