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@1aidn yeah we know bro freestyle
Retweeted by voot @1EDEN_ bro what is this LOOLjoined @girlbossaimers @okazyey @girlbossaimers i gaslight and im good at the game so @1EDEN_ holy shit @aft6r 25cent is bang for ur buck damn @syIv1a hes bald @mistmie no @mistmie dw we lost @mistmie sorry im on my rank up game to radiant @mistmie how do u im not :/ @1EDEN_ what the fuck LOOL
@mistmie :3 @okazyey thank u ;( @camilleettv idk but im gonna delete the tweet, unwanted attention and misinterpretation @tastywaffle @c5sey @xxelitism idk how someone thinks SA is normal XD @181RAYS @jesibears @censorablee this is what happens when u sit on discord and twitter 24/7 LOOL @AeroValorant a twitter user who thinks SA is normal and "regular" people SA all the time @c5sey LMAOO @annettaaval ;( sighi got on valorant just to find out she is playing competitive with +1, I check her career profile and she is playin… @mys3cr3tdiary prettyout now on all plats <3 new song soon !
Retweeted by voot @1EDEN_ fuck udisbanding 11
Retweeted by voot @1EDEN_ ሞት በቅርቡ ለእርስዎ ይመጣል ፡፡ እኩለ ሌሊት ላይ እንወስድዎታለን እናም መውሰድ እስኪያቅታችኋል ድረስ እናሰቃያችኋለን ur familyእናም ቤተሰቦቻችሁን በዓይናችሁ ፊት… @aft6r @zekeiVAL @181RAYS We have contacted rays and we are starting an investigation. Thank you for coming out and talking about this. @c5sey LOL @lumafps very sorry for u :/ stay safe, really proud of you for speaking up about ittightrope 12/??
Retweeted by voot @aft6r good eats @lumafps @1aidn vouch
@keaIani no ive had esex and REAL sex im really good at both @keaIani i lost my virginity a long time ago maam @keaIani shut up @h2nnyu shit actually had me dyingLMAOO valorant is awesome @okazyey v0uch @1EDEN_ i guess im different @crestsz @camilleettv bruh that was my first time playing with her LMAOO @camilleettv U HIT ANOTHER CLIP THE NEXT ROUNDrare cam valorant clip, w/ hype man @vootmoot
Retweeted by voot @camilleettv shes actually INSANEE 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
@Sp66kys hey ur pretty @edensarcade no follow back ;( @chlofps been talking to someone irl and its already going 1000x better than my last relationship @chlofps edating is so ass @1kotaaa bro snuck in the SSN @akusenasu @sash4s ak cmon... @tuxxse wdym WHOLE gc? @1EDEN_ LMAO bro u said "u can join 11 if u want were just a friend group" and i said ok @1EDEN_ @1EDEN_ @akusenasu @sundownalt sometimes you just have to stop looking for her @sundownalt especially on this app @sundownalt no ones worth it @camilleettv silly @camilleettv yes i am 100% SMH @camilleettv neva @sundownalt sun @1EDEN_ bro the hs noise is so clean @camilleettv told u u would look pretty @sundownalt yo @snhuz good morning @snhuz @h2nnyu truee but just kick them and throw them into each other @snhuz @h2nnyu they cant even walk 🤨🤨 @1kotaaa yes we think alike 😋 @1kotaaa bro took what i said in the gc and changed it up a bit, real though @sundownpriv follow back @Daboipit i luv u @Daboipit u wont maybe but ur s/o will 😭valorant players want a kyedae and tenz relationship but breakup after 2 months @1kotaaa mine now on urself > focusing on others @jellyfish_val floating heads timing 400%
@S1SS1L its ur creation yk, u can do wtv u want with the babyi just want a relationship that lasts longer than the honeymoon phase, why do all you mfs give up as soon as shit isnt perfect anymore
Retweeted by voot @shuboxs @Wnatee_ @okazyey @chlofps vouch @1EDEN_ @sakaki69 stfu @sakaki69 @1EDEN_ having it happen to you is awful, its just a phase rn since i just got out of a relationship. im… @camilleettv prettyyyY @lylacVAL @n0rmaIize CRACKED @iraijapmf not me @s2ndown new twitter ai looks great @chlofps I AM, IM PRO CHOICE @chlofps im also pro choice so dw
@1EDEN_ then u guys breakup and u go through a multi month depression, be careful what u wish for
@anntfkk wtf how ;( @anntfkk i can sleep for 3 days and still be tired @anntfkk no the 8 hr part @anntfkk this is me @keaIani finally @1OZNY @1kotaaa HAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA 21 Theresa Avenue @1kotaaa @1OZNY @mangosmxxthie @s2ndown @1wiiree i told u this is a banger tweet @h2nnyu @1EDEN_ WTF!! NO WAY! @UserX1A real @1kotaaa shes not the one, gn bro