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Sometimes I rant, sometimes I simp, and sometimes I just hyper experiment the hell out of everything I want - ENTP A♒️

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@Kennichiwassup Lahiran dulu bund @KABUPAT3N Breedable fr @mpusgajelas Yes dahmer the serial killer & cannibal one28 reasons sounds like a spin of perfect velvet way im pretending to be a cishet while watching dahmer on netflix with my cishet mates. YOU GUYS need to see ho… @plesiohedron Gak deng itu mah belum sampe kopo. Ke miko mall aja yg padahal gak ada hujan panas banjir apalagi tsu… @plesiohedron Ke feslink yg parkirannya serem banget💀 @bukansenudes @sheinlaurent TW/ jumpscare image @heyxsugar @bukansenudes Jangan percaya sama omongan boti hyper m29 can host kak😭 @bukansenudes @bukansenudes @heyxsugar Gak mau soalnya kamu udah pohhh 7cm @caprisonq THESE ARE THE LISTS WE WONT GO AND AVOID THE MOST CAUSE THEY ARE LAME TOURISM ATTRACTIONS😭💀 @olivierousteing Awas ya kalo gak ditanya beneran, aku kirim santet nanti😌😉 @zerstk Good question, actually that will be on what we want to do. But ofc i’ll ask you to go to (hidden gems so c… @olivierousteing Cuanet aku juga mau beli ini ayo spill tokonya @heyxsugar @aenxdxrr Here you go @caprisonq @scomberomorini Been connected in such way🫶🏻 @olivierousteing @ianabrhm Mekbem kamu bisa dikancing kaya gitu gak😭😭 @caprisonq @scomberomorini I WAS ABOUT TO REPLY THIS😭 @ChamomileTeaYaa Only mother can do that🫶🏻 basically queen behaviour @xandervonlotus_ HAHAHAHA ini pasti dapet infonya dari fb trus diforward ke grup grup wa💀💀 @KABUPAT3N Judas, bloody mary, black jesus + fashion, basically songs in born this way album got some of us worship… @nachzukunft She expressed & talked about herself in one sentence bandungers be like “hey i know a place where to grab something great” then they take you to gormet/justus🫠These ass lists written by jakartans who dont know the real where to date in bdg helpianaaaa💀💀 @jadethetrapper @mcdtua so kyooottttt🥹🥹Remember the time when catholic moms used to be panicked on facebook, banned their children from listening to this… @Pokemen9 @kochengfs Lebih ke penari latar ini mah😭 @KompasTV Sinting @rudiberkicau Life as osm ya bund, officer semua manager🫠🫠 @kochengfs GENDUT BANGET KAYA ROTI TAWAR
@tanyakanrl Thats puve, puki ass cave @rieIakuma @kochengfs Tentara gak boleh putih😭😭😭 @mcdtua Who javawashed you honey😭😭 @olivierousteing Gak bagi bagi sih!! Azab orang serakah!!!! @olivierousteing Mau dong @Whitefangggg Demam panggung mau ngapain bund @potapoto07 Latihan dikejer pol pp ya bund
@bukansenudes @cuddlecalls Sesat percaya sama boti salome @cuddlecalls HADEH @cuddlecalls GAK PERCAYA SIH @cuddlecalls KAN @slapsommelier @avocadomedleyy SO GUMUSHHH AAAAA🥹✨💫 @goldenrushie Im barking woof woof they need to adopt me @radenrauf “Sorry but who are you soalnya aku gak pernah pacaran apalagi sampe punya mantan” @olivierousteing @fuckedupfoods REAL MEKBEM MIN @ErisedSword Kak kaz thicc era here we go @slapsommelier KENAPA PERUSAHAAN BETAWI????? @suicakaado We dont support liar in this establishment @kochengfs kak pesen bakmi topping bakso bulunya 1 @Kennichiwassup GEMES BANGET YG NEXT MONTH LAHIRAN DEDE UTUNNYA🫠 @notoriousKhalil the sent nudes one💀🤡 @babysyalalaa From bestie to sugar baby here we go @liquidcoccain kuliahnya susah bundPurrrr the only dream we simp is the lord morpheus dream, played by tom sturridge red talks about the complexity of a relationship, will maroon talk about how things are managed to be last🫠 @krispychasiew there’s no way it was last year💀 @kotakosegitigax it’s a pale dickssy @midnaur the teaser makes me bark like woof woof adopt me momseul @KABUPAT3N NAUUURRRR💀no wonder why🤡🤡 well hello my sundanese babe @suicakaado @cuddlecalls why cant he love me instead @bukansenudes @KABUPAT3N @hyukimycutie HOW CAN YOU KNOW THAT PROVERB???? @cloudshunt13 titi dj bestie @hyukimycutie real definition of goreng adat goreng patut @bukansenudes dasar boti @kindnesspov gorengan teroosss
@suicakaado @cuddlecalls Ron come get me to hyungers & ngabbers to stop commenting and asking why women take off their hijab. Simply bcs it’s not your damn business?🤦🏻‍♂️ @kochengfs Ini mah kukang!!?? @suicakaado @cuddlecalls You mean this @bukansenudes Ih boti @kakakjeremy @hoeglovv NOT SPECIMEN🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 @goodbyelex Not synergy campus💀 @bikinigoId He stinks fr @KABUPAT3N OMG BABE THANKS A LOT YOU ARE SO KIND @kindnesspov Whuuutttt @zerstk But i believe you can? @xandervonlotus_ IT IS! I hate uncertainty and confusion like where to go and what to do bcs that will be a waste of time and money🤡🤡 @KABUPAT3N CHILE IT WILL ME MONTHS FROM NOW💀💀 @babyngeped NAUUUURRRRRR💀💀💀💀💀 @olivierousteing Kok jahat banget sama aku kan baru mau aku jodohin?!?!!! @olivierousteing B28, bdg, manly, good looking, financially stable, looking for any possibilities. Rep! @kindnesspov Chile it’s ur first month💀💀 @ErisedSword @bangprik @BaleGllider Watching the drama unfold planning the trip itinerary for me and myself only because i love me so muchie @zerstk Yes and make it 100🔥 @KABUPAT3N Youtuber isi kontennya minecraft gituuu @witheredagger TW/ jumpscare @RKimotjie What are they beefing about💀💀 @KABUPAT3N GOT ME CHOKED @swiftpage13 @taylorswift13 omg folklore is that girl everyone simps @KABUPAT3N but lowkey I still hope so💀🤡the admin got humor sense at least THAT SOMEONE’S GOING TO BE FIRED💀 @taylorswift13
Pedro pascal as oberyn martell💀 @PopBase @Beyonce MOTHERStreets saying this song can be played in weddings, celebrations, birthdays, and even funerals. Basically a versati…