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We’re organizing and getting our people to the polls in 2020. 💁🏽‍♀️ Btw, have you registered to vote?

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The COVID-19 death count is over 100,000, that's 33x more than the number of those we lost during 9/11. They didn… SUPPRESSION: The TX Supreme Court has blocked the expansion of mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic.… @LinaHdez8 We’re explicitly taking about an incident where a Latino is holding a gun at a Black man, don’t make it… @LinaHdez8 Here’s where we call you in. That comment is anti-Black. Don’t justify anti-Blackness with some videos y… @flowerwolfclan4 That’s great, it’s really important that we have these uncomfortable conversations. @boricuamagee Facts fact facts. Any thoughts on how you might address it with the people you’re close to? @flowerwolfclan4 Very true. So now what are you gonna do to help out your family/ friends unlearn it?
It means telling your friend "hey cut that out!" when they say slurs in either English or Spanish (you know exactly… have to unlearn the anti-Blackness that has never been addressed in our communities. Doing this work means educa… what do we do as a community when our non-Black Latinos are the ones perpetuating racist violence? It's not e… racist violence) A non-Black Latino held a Black man that was delivering food at gun point. We have to talk ab… should all hate white supremacy. @JohnBoyega said what he said and called out racists. If you’re offended by it,… president votes by mail regularly and the @PressSec voted by mail 11 times in the last 10 years. They didn't ha… respect to all who have supported this legislation, we have to be very careful about expanding the right of po…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoIf you don't want bad press, maybe don't run concentration camps for ICE?
Retweeted by Voto LatinoWhen someone runs for office, they run to serve the community. We don't need cowards that are too afraid of the pol… in power Larry Kramer. At a time when Americans and the US government were ignoring the AIDS crisis, he made… racist and threatening the life of a Black man cost Amy Cooper her job and her dog. Calling out racists does…, Mr. President, fact checking your lies about voting-by-mail is not stifling your free speech. In fact, you're… Rica just became the first country in Central America to legalize gay marriage. 💕🌈🇨🇷
@Arijae Honestly yea they really should. One fact check isn’t enough.Twitter just fact checked Trump for the first time because of the lies he’s spewing about voting-by-mail. We have… The four police officers that killed George Floyd were fired today. That's just the beginning of justice,… that spread lies, misinformation, and tell people to inject disinfectant shouldn't have a platform on twitte… is less than a week away, so we thought it would be helpful to see all those primaries in one place. Send to…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoTo our representatives in Congress, don't just share this video and give your two cents. Tell us what you're ACTUAL… police killed a Black man yesterday. The police must be held accountable for terrorizing Black communit… is not an isolated incident. Neither was #BreonnaTaylor #EricGarner #FreddyGray #SandraBland
Retweeted by Voto LatinoWe have to call them out until they don't act like this anymore and address anti-Blackness in all forms, including… knew exactly what she was doing when she called the police on a Black man and pretended that she was bei… see what upcoming text banks you can join? Check out No DACA decision will be happening this week! Rest easy y'all.
Retweeted by Voto LatinoHave any questions about what text banking is and how it helps our community? @camillemartin__ breaks it all down h… needs our help ya'll! Will you help us text 30,000 gente to remind them to vote by mail?! The struggle…
VICTORY: All South Carolina voters will now have access to vote by mail and won’t need a witness to sign their ball…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoThis Memorial Day, we remember those from our community who lost their lives serving our country. Let’s honor those…
Happy Sunday, a federal judge just told Florida that they can’t use fines and fees to suppress the vote of formerly… you 😊 in quarantine? Check out these cookbooks by Latinx chefs! Let's support the cocineros in our community.…
On February 26, Trump said, “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to… have to vote this man out, he can play all the golf he wants out of office. Register here: 100,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 and the president is playing golf. We need a leader that will actu… #ProtectOurVote National Day of Action is happening now! Join in and take action here!
Retweeted by Voto LatinoTODAY — join the @DFADCoalition of 160+ organizations in our #ProtectOurVote National Day of Action. Events are hap… today at 4pm PT! @CHIRLA is throwing a digital concert to encourage y'all to take the Census. Party in y… of my favorite 2017 memories is seeing @JulianCastro at Voto Latino’s summit as an intern and talking to everyo…
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Missing concerts? Same, for real.😩 Luckily our friends at @CHIRLA are throwing this virtual concert tomorrow so… want to thank @HispanicExecMag for including us in this amazing event and for stepping up and donating to the…🚨🗞️ NEWSFLASH: If you haven't heard already, ICE is using a #COVID19 to separate children from their parents again…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoWith the right engagement, Latinos can determine the outcome of November’s election. I’m proud to partner with…
Retweeted by Voto Latino“I wanted to join forces with an organization that has an unparalleled record of actually registering and mobilizin… hardly keep this in y'all, but it's official! @JulianCastro is joining us as a senior advisor, and we could… Cuidate y Cuentate concert will be happening this Saturday at 4 p.m. Lupillo Rivera, Ozomatli, Ninel Conde, Die…
Retweeted by Voto Latino @malcolmkenyatta Thank you! ☺️Los Angeles lost 2,000 people to COVID-19. Gaspar Gomez is one of the first known day laborers to die of COVID-19.…'s really inspiring to watch Latinas run for office and push for Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, and housing…"If everybody wants to talk about 'I need to go to a restaurant,' we also need to be talking about the servers who… morning to everybody! ... except the people that don't wanna mask up.😷 @idochoa Fair.Raisins. "Mail in ballots are a very dangerous thing." TRUTH: Vote-by-mail is so safe, secure, and convenient that t…
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We are committed to doing everything we can to end barriers to voting in Florida. The creation of this database wa…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoGood luck to all the students that took the #APworld test today! @dannyturkel 👀"Faced with explosive population growth — fueled by people of color, immigrant families and young people — politici… sick leave is a top issue with workers and many voters. Most Americans support universal paid sick because our… is why good leadership matters. If the US started social distancing even a week earlier, 36,000 lives could ha… for @votolatino KEEP WEARING THEM MASKS! ✊🏽😷 #votolatino #mamut #covid19 #mask #illustration #design
Retweeted by Voto LatinoDelivery workers put themselves in harm’s way everyday during this pandemic. Instead of backing their workers,… have to destigmatize mental illness in our communities and be there for one another, especially now.Latinx communities are going through so much right now, our girls are suffering high rates of depression, anxiety,…
The president is trying silence our people in Nevada and Michigan by weaponizing the virus and making voting as dan… @las_superchivas For real.85% of us want all immigrants to be included in the next stimulus package!👏🏽 Our people are the backbone of this co… our federal government doesn’t wanna address the fact that this virus is killing Black and Brown folks at a high… 👋🏽, Keep wearing those masks and protect our neighborhoods. ✨ Looking out for our loved ones is a part of ou… we are live with @MariaTeresa1 of @VotoLatino and @mhugolopez of @PewHispanic. Young Latinos will be critical…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoLet's clear up this lie: Michigan is sending absentee ballot APPLICATIONS, not actual ballots. Michigan had to wak…, blaming people of color for disease outbreaks is nothing new in this country. In 1924, Mexican Amer… we talk about young US Latino voters, who are we actually talking about, where do they live, and what are gras… lost 90,000 people to the coronavirus. We can't let Trump stay in office for another 4 years. @votolatino Claro que si! Super importante
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Great news! 👏🏽 sure are!
Retweeted by Voto LatinoWe're all wearing masks now, right?This is a BIG victory in addressing our community's current needs. Step by step, we are making Harris County a bett…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoHey Colorado gente, if you're in Boulder County our friends at @BoulderNaacp are collecting information about any h… dangers of the coronavirus haven't gone away. Yet, companies are ending hazard pay for workers at risk for cont…“I think about all these shows that were just now getting momentum, how this moment we’ve wanted for so long has tu… represented in the essential work force and in industries that shut down due to the coronavirus,… are great for keeping your germs to yourself, we can prevent infections if we all mask up. Shoppers attackin…
We can't wait to watch the next season of @gentefied!👏🏽 Our stories matter, especially now. @stuffhappens__ sure who created this but we are thrilled that they did! #LatinaPower #TheFutureisLatina @latinovictoryus
Retweeted by Voto LatinoDuring this #COVID19 pandemic, we've witnessed the passage of federal stimulus packages that have FAILED to meet th…
Retweeted by Voto LatinoOur people are disproportionately essential workers, working in grocery stores, as janitors, as truck drivers, as c… isn't stopping us from celebrating quinceañeras (safely). Friends and families are celebrating with driv… is not the time to stay quiet and hang back. We must force our Senators to LISTEN to our communities and pass…⃣ We demand that information about how to safely administer elections be shared with all local election administra…