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John R. Smith III @VoxTheDevil Bushwick, Brooklyn

Designer / Illustrator / secret Sasquatch

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The machine pictured below keeps me alive. It is the single most important item I have. @UHC has decided that they…
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Can someone EGOT for a single line read?
@hellotybeeren I was really stoked when he popped up as robot in invincibe. Just perfect casting.Ive never been good at drawing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops I went to an in person drink and draw for the first time since the pandemic and due to anxiety I went a little hard on the drink part.I was never cool among people my own age and thankfully that has trained me very well to not worry if gen z thinks I’m cool or not.
@lovewin @secretlabchairs I just got mine over the weekend! im kinda shocked how good it is!Meadow Soprano is on tiktok! rewatched the Mitchell’s vs the machines and quietly cried again. Arts the best. Animation rules.
@whitneyarner happy birthday!!As a fat and tall person being referred to as “large sized people” fucking sucks. is the most amount of money I have spent for something I’m going to fill full of farts. @whitneyarner I demand the punky skunk cinematic universe.
The power you felt as a child when you did that hand pull motion in the car and a trucker responded by blowing their horn. Intoxicating. @weaghanmilson I still want to go to the marble race Olympics party I was once asked about @whitneyarner I used to splurge on this every now and then and have been wondering when it would be ok to hire someone to do this again.
The only zoom mishap I got to see this last year is one time a guy was unmuted and telling his partner who in the c…
Hey this gofundme is very close to its goal if you could help push it over it’s goal that would be really great. that vaccines have been rolling out can Netflix finally tell us “jk” and give us GLOW season 4 back?
@TheDamnThinGuy I won twice in a row and now I don’t want to ruin it by playing more lol. @andy_sell There are better leather daddies out their with less bad opinions. It’s ok, we can get through this. @andy_sell Impossible for me not to read it in this cadence. stupid expensive desk chair I bought shipped a whole month early and I want to bottle this feeling and sell it to you.
@RiseFallNickBck is a masterful piece of animation that I find visually inspiring and also it made me cry… @MathewNew There is a lot to love in the you make me barf design! @Alexandra_rocks Children would loose their minds over a durian scented marker. @RonFunches I just picked up the same thing last week. Gonna have to run and buy number 2 this week probably.I made two shirt designs for @expsharepod ! Check out all their new cool merch and stuff. @SharangBiswas Hey Sharang, this rules
I feel let down by the education system every time I learn about a fruit that I never knew existed.sonic the italian hedgehog. gabagool fast thanks
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Other colors are cool though crayons are a lie and when will big crayon pay for this crime.
@thejenna I love it so much. It reminds me of Recess while not being a bar on copy.My lit teacher would put on dead poets society and class would go long enough that we would see the suicide scene a… is the best picture I’ve ever taken. haven’t seen anyone make these yet, so here ya go
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIII didn’t think my first “eating in doors” back would be bad pizza in penn station but sometimes life has other plans.
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIThe only thing that could get me back on this site is a virtual poetry show (featuring me and students!) for a good…
Retweeted by John R. Smith III @MikeBennettArt @ShirtNerdery Mine I genuinely love this shirt and want onewell so i recreated @nineinchnails 1994 music video for “Closer” in Animal Crossing bc what even is this life we’re…
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIINo one has said “disruption” to me in a professional context in a long time and honestly I feel free. @WilliamAWatkins Unclear. A neighbor left them in the lobby last summer so we took them and put them in our hallway… @WilliamAWatkins no, it has TWO taken posters that are resting on the floor opposite each other in the hallway. was trapped in an elevator tonight and the most tense think I went through tonight was watching the latest @CircleNetflix episodeThank you FDNY for saving me from the Elevator! @RoxyRocketeer This is not the first or probably last time I will get stuck in this specific elevator @house_of_darkly I mean I’m a moonshine holler guy.Tonight I got to send an email to my landlord that ended with a sincere “please help” and honestly what more could I ask For. @jerekeys No, just my super rad laundry bag. @BenFoxArt Just called 911 and fire department is on their way. Think I can hear the sirens now @BenFoxArt Took the elevator to the 5th floor. The door made a clanging sound and everything stopped moving. The f… Trapped in an elevator. Ask me anything
@whitneyarner Insane that the 3rd movie isn’t called cube³I don’t know how people are so confident sending messages on #TheCircleUS I send a slack message and then spend 30… @whitneyarner I remember seeing one of them on tv years ago and kinda loving it.How do we feel about the Cube movies ? @treswritesstuff You had me at Jude law frazetta death knight.
in memorium any % WR
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIBlasting through someone’s in memoriam at breakneck speed is the new getting no claps for dead people.If I had the ability to go to an alternate universe and bring back one object I would go to the reality where Sk8er…
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIThe Oscars have always been a great way to find out what gowns my mom thinks are “to slutty”
@hallublin Love Winston’s son CoryI’m gonna frame this and put it on my wall and look at it every time I feel compelled to open this hell app. @whitneyarner Pee coins
@ryanlecount I think the arena mode is going to have its own map! Olympus is probably gonna get an overhaul as well. Excited for both!I made one
Retweeted by John R. Smith III @thejenna Jenna this rules!
Is Mortal Kombat going to be the first movie I see in theaters now that i got the vax? @LMKnightArt I love him.Been doing a lot of thinking about old psa mascots the last two days My Smokey would be voiced my nick offerman.
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIif you're considering buying a sticker or print, I'm about to mail some out so right now would be a great time to p… @Jmanvelez I feel this. If been trying to get more comfortable just sharing unfinished work. I feel like the pressu…
GoodI just posted my thesis film, Welcome to O'Town online! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me in making this…
Retweeted by John R. Smith III @YoSpense Dammit I knew once I bought my upgrade this was gonna happenMy new stickers up on Etsy as well as some prints! please go check em out if you’re interes… @StickerApp You always do such a good job! @ykarps Doujinzhines @RonFunches @travismcelroy @JustinMcElroy @griffinmcelroy It was real fun hearing you pop up in the episode Ron! @Atom_Murray All these lemurs are greatLittle boys and big boys this summer! out the stickers! All ordered from @StickerApp warms my heart to see the prints coming from Bangor PA
my new sticker order finally made it! @2katly It isn’t really. @IanFayArt @LucyToner Love the honk triangle.dont mind me. im just a man in his mid 30s really considering buying a lot of copicsThis isn’t a bit, this is just everyone’s natural reaction to seeing Steven Yeun. @andy_sell Have you lost any rounds?I hope Wanda Sykes made BANK off those Applebee’s ads.
Flea market find. I got two radio station broadcasts of Reel Don Steele’s live from the 60s. @_GMLeigh Wow I love this design. The colors rule as well. @MikeMercadal all vaxxed we met up and finished our last session of betrayal legacy and it felt fucking great.
@heatherlime I have the soundtrack on vinyl and it rules! @beccychampagne @mercuryfilmwrks @hildatheseries Yeeeeeaaah that rules!
@KellymC4 Yes, it’s a wild ride.