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John R. Smith III @VoxTheDevil Bushwick, Brooklyn

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@whitneyarner 1C3Is Garfield’s full name Garfield Arbuckle or is it a Madonna situation?Here's how they raised millennial kids: go to college go to college go to college go to college go to college go t…
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@heatherlime Heather you are really coming for me with this set @doomquasar He is truly holding a mirror up to society. @thenicoleham Fan love, great idea.oh... no thank you. @CherchezLaLinda @heatherlime That was such a damn fun night.They are the same @assassinscreed @KellymC4 You’re awesome Kelly and I support you!I GOT A CAT THAT JUST CHILLS IN MY VIKING BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #PS5Share, #AssassinsCreed®Valhalla
@hellotybeeren @JacksonLanzing Yeah every peasant character feels like they fell out of a Monty python bit and I’m not against it. @JacobTheOracle I mean honestly this makes me want to go back. @Lorie_O Yeah I’m enjoying it a lot. I miss some of the history stuff that old ac games did like the landmarks and… @RonFunches Hell yeah. I own odyssey but never got into it. I might end up paying these games in backwards order.Is Valhalla a particularly weird assassins creed game or did origins and odyssey also have weird quests like the on… @whitneyarner @AnimeSickos Ah man, food wars gets so good! @Scrumpledina got me to sit down and watch all of it. He… @kevinjaystanton It’s one of my favorites of the last few years. The music really is amazing. @hellotybeeren @The_Davenporter I must protect him at all costs. @The_Davenporter He’s a soft boy who don’t want to kill his friends @whitneyarner I’m trying to figure out how to cast it to my tv!!! Where are you even seeing the numbers? @JBates11 God if this game doesn’t let me kill him I’m going to vomitDamn this guy sucks. Just wow #PS5Share, #AssassinsCreed®Valhalla being on the twilight production team and being in meetings about using the animatronic baby vs the cg baby…
@DugyFresh I’m sorry, I’m merely a messenger. @patcartelli It’s gonna feel like the battle of helms deep.Precious moments funko pops.So who’s excited for Santacon this year? @Brandazzle
Legendary, all legs, no dairy. #PS5Share, #AssassinsCreed®Valhalla
At this point I bet Barbra Streisand COULD shop out side of her basement mall but chooses not to. @beccychampagne God, what that kind of validation would do to me. @MattHTaylor I really like stickerapp. Also they featured my work on Insta which was like a super added bonus and got me some sticker sales.BIG PHILLY SMACK IS IN EFFECT! So thanks to the homie @whutupdoe I got commissioned to design the Philly mural for…
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@LMKnightArt I feel like hades and animal crossing have had the biggest cultural impact of the listed options. Hade…
WatchMojo writers when there is only 9 examples of a thing.
Assassins creed Valhalla (2020) @JustinMcElroy I feel the same way about their video about understanding the joke of Bart Simpson gotta say the "songs" while sailing are a bummer. I just miss being a pirate and singing shanties with my boys. B… wasnt sure how i felt about Assassins creed valhalla and then a crow ripped itself out of a man's face and handed me a coin. hell yeah!
@FromHappyRock I find it so funny that the sci fi elements are so tacked on at this point. But they got to keep the… ladies. Not embarrassed. It ruled.
I have a Devil on my shoulder that only tells me assassin’s creeds lore and a different devil on the other shoulder… @The_Davenporter @PulpLibrarian I wasn’t accusing you but now I am. @PulpLibrarian @The_Davenporter @Brandazzle @hodgman @mountain_goats @lalitree @TheAVClub This is amazing Brandie and you continue to be the coolest.
Geraldo attempting to open the vault that holds all of Donald Trumps decency. @Trungles Shel Silverstein was hot and I stand by that statement. deeply regret cheeping out and not getting the spiderman remaster along with the miles morales ps5 game. i just w… @RonFunches @creekandcave im truly truly bummed by this.Show me the celebrities you have been told you look like I feel like there is a pattern here.…
Once I’m off the clock for work it’s over for you hoes. @catfashionshow It’s actually just a branded coffin.Gamer calling this a birthday present even if its a little early @whitneyarner this is important @RonFunches @Ubisoft im like this close to caving and grabbing this on ps5 tomorrow
@hellotybeeren I’m trying to stop myself from buying it tomorrow when my ps5 shows up. Instead I’m just looking at…
@JBates11 @ralexmurray @MikeMercadal I also agree that death stranding is amazing and could talk about it for hours
@geometricks Those Sister Carol notes are burned into my soul.What is happening!? Why are they doubling down so hard on this!? Did Borat prank them again!? we pour the champagne (pour the champagne)
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIYou know what, I hope Biden ALSO does a press conference from the four seasons landscaping parking lot. Just to be petty. @reedblackcomics We can truly have it all. dropping new animals! Nature is healing! @AmandaTheHerder @justjasonsherry I’m not ashamed to say I did. @saranethnyx @visiblespectre Yeah sometimes I’m like “but how catholic is he really?” And he just told us “pretty damn catholic.” @justjasonsherry @AmandaTheHerder We just went harder when that song came up In a catholic school mass.If I was in charge of this fireworks display, I would only play music by bands that told Trump to fuck off after he… can’t believe Bidan just quoted on eagles wings. I feel like a catholic sleeper agent who just heard my activation phrase.No one ever recommend Pod Save America to me again.You know that feeling when you’re a kid on a long road trip, and it’s dark, maybe it’s raining, but you’re not frea…
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIII’m watching Kamala’s speech and I can’t believe how much relief I feel just hearing an elected official say a full… is this feeling? I’m looking at Twitter and I’m not feeling endless dread. That’s not how this goes, Make it make sense.I can’t remember the last time I looked at Twitter and smiled this much.It makes sense that the gif didn’t work.Also on the pier a man played since you’ve been gone by Kelly Clarkson and we stood at the end of the pier singing… this one just for the older millennials right now
Retweeted by John R. Smith III @MikeBennettArt One of these two things I guess. don't know how to process my joy... so I made Elmo sing A Cruel Angel's Thesis...
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIII walked all the way from bushwick to the Christopher street pier today and when I got to the stonewall area there…
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIISpirits are high today. don’t think I was prepared for the relief I would feel knowing that the worst person on Earth will no longer be t…
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIto be a fly on mike pence's hair today...
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIII saved this gif on my phone in November 2016 and every year since ⁦@timehop⁩ has bummed me out with it. But it’s t…
it’s always “a knife’s edge” or “razor thin” but never “that really was a hattori hanzo sword.”
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIPHILADELPHIA DID IT
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIThinking about the 30 rock episode where Pete is trying to recreate the moment where a woman kisses him during the first Obama election.Philadelphia!
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIII stan only 1 (one) orange monster. friends: how much do i tip for 20%? same friends: with 94% of ballots reporting in PA, if joe maintains a rate…
Retweeted by John R. Smith IIIYou LOVE to see my home county in PA go blue. If PA wins this for us I’m getting wawa and tastykakes and I’m just g…
@hallublin @bnacker more importantly which WaWa is going to be the location for the start of the new civil war? @bryanbrinkman Nyc style @bryanbrinkman I used to walk here to get sandwiches from the Amish section. Also they had a black and white cookie… @loudandsmart i like her top hat and white dress combo. going as both fancy bride and fancy groom to other peoples wedding. @corruptedgem Congraaaaaats