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VitoNJShore @VP5699 New Jersey, USA

Giants. Yankees. NCAA hoops.

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@cabernetfanc It’s a little cloudy here now but it is supposed to clear up and be beautiful. Enjoy @ScoutLaroo Great eyes
@WFANmornings Hope he has been manscaping. @gio @cabernetfanc Almost done with May. Time is flying by @cara7764 Good morning. Happy Friday. Let’s hope for some nice weather this weekend @cabernetfanc Good morning. Happy Friday 🥂 @WxmanFranz Clouds here in Piscataway @afinekimmie @NadaAJones Happy Friday ladies. ☕️☕️☀️🍷🍺 @afinekimmie @realDonaldTrump Lock him off social media! @KaylaMamelak This country is going downhill fast @gymlifeanimal Good morning. Happy Friday @BMonzoRadio Same as when some of these cities win a Championship. Burning is not celebrating @KaylaMamelak He needs to get off social media @kimbarcy @News12NJ Even indoors with proper distance @kimbarcy @AsburyParkPress Agreed. We need to do something about opening up here at the Shore @WxmanFranz That’s for your information brother @WxmanFranz Sprinkle here in Eatontown @KaylaMamelak So sad what’s happening in this country. I feel so bad for the young kids going forward @WFANmornings Very cool @JustBlondie68 Very nice
@Alsboringtweets @GioWFAN @WFANmornings Classic line Al. “Today’s Mystery Guest is the My Pillow guy” @NadaAJones Very nice @SusanKinsella1 @EvanRobertsWFAN Go for it Evan. Joe will help @NadaAJones @AlwayzInTrouble Is it an insult to tell a woman that ? @JenMaxfield4NY Such a shame @TheMariaLaRosa @JenMaxfield4NY Good morning Maria. Happy Friday eve @KaylaMamelak @NYGovCuomo @realDonaldTrump Good morning Kayla. Happy Friday eve @afinekimmie Happy Friday eve Kim. ☀️☕️☕️ @NadaAJones Fuck right. Good morning
@TomIzzoWFAN @WFANmornings Great job Izzo @NickleStilletto @CLoprestiWFAN Unreal. I gotta get out of this state @JerryRecco @MandMWFAN He won’t ever commit to any date @MamaDJ77 You are so correct @MamaDJ77 Totally unreal. Who do they think they are @cabernetfanc @myphillymedia @cazij @TheSmartChic @Cbp8Cindy @PaulaMaier3 @JohnLukeNYC @JrzyJoePiscopo… @LaurenScala4NY Still in the chase for the Cup @cara7764 Happy Wednesday. ☕️☕️☀️☀️. Half way there @afinekimmie Great photos whenever they were taken @gymlifeanimal Good morning. Enjoy hump day @NadaAJones 2 weeks @afinekimmie Must be talking about our President @LaurenScala4NY @TheMariaLaRosa Good morning Lauren. Pretty picture like you ladies @afinekimmie Good morning Kim. Great photo @ScoutLaroo I am so offended. Please DON’T stop @baseballchickie Looks great on you @TheMariaLaRosa Very cool picture Maria. Happy Hump Day
@afinekimmie @ABC7NY It’s unreal. Especially in these times @njgina Hmmm. That should be interesting @NadaAJones Is that a good thing?🤔🤔 @NadaAJones Have you left yourself alone so far today? @SUZAN916 Enjoy ☀️ @KaylaMamelak Hopefully NJ not far behind @cabernetfanc Good morning Barb. ☀️☀️☀️ @gymlifeanimal Enjoy @NadaAJones @sasshole785 Thank you very much @NadaAJones @sasshole785 Gemini here too. 5/24 @cara7764 Good morning. Happy Tuesday ☕️☕️ @Alsboringtweets Calm cool and collected. Heroes don’t panic @NadaAJones No way it will happen @InesRosales Good morning. I am. Lots of fog out here @NadaAJones Oh no 🤦‍♂️
@NadaAJones Eyes @baseballchickie Nice choice
@Alsboringtweets @njgina Need Beach Haus to open up. I like their beer @cabernetfanc @cara7764 Hello Barb. Hope all is well. ☕️☕️😂 @mcharlesworth7 @HomeforGoodDogs Good morning Michelle. Watching live. Nice view over your shoulder @cabernetfanc @cara7764 Good morning ladies. Happy Sunday Funday @Dannielle820 Good morning. Happy Sunday @EliManning @michaelstrahan Happy to see you here Eli. Just have fun and don’t take it too seriously
@NadaAJones Spelling is overrated @Alsboringtweets @njgina How is that beer ?
@MarcMalusis Lol @Alsboringtweets I wonder if @BMonzoRadio or @MarcMalusis ever bet on her ? @cabernetfanc Yummy 😋 @HighheelsDes @NadaAJones 👍👍 @afinekimmie HE scared me Kim @diannaESPN @Alsboringtweets Guess there will be a lot of guys peeing outside 🤔 @GioWFAN @7BOOMERESIASON Cocktail time. Well deserved @VickyBiello Awesome photo @afinekimmie Unreal @NadaAJones 🍺🍾🍷🥂🍸🧉 @Alsboringtweets You have to be happy you can go camping too @Alsboringtweets Beginning to think this guy is a joke @brian4NY @GovMurphy @NBCNewYork Step in the right direction @JenMaxfield4NY @NBCNewYork He had no choice. It was going to happen anyway Jenn @smirkalicious Good morning @cara7764 Let’s hope weather holds out. How do you know beer will be involved this weekend 🤔 @njgina @Alsboringtweets That’s a good point. @ParamedicFOURT1 Needs to see that ! Happy FridayThe 💩 show starting @Alsboringtweets @njgina here on the Shore @brian4NY @NBCNewYork Unreal. @christine_p_33 Nice start !! @christine_p_33 ☕️☕️☀️☀️. Hope same for you @christine_p_33 Good morning. Happy Friday @cara7764 Happy Friday. Hope we get some nice weather. ☀️☕️☕️ @gymlifeanimal Ouch 😂😂 @GioWFAN @DaninCarteret @WFANmornings He was almost as negative as @JerryRecco this morning Gio 😂 @Alsboringtweets Love the Jersey t shirt today. @DaninCarteret @GioWFAN @WFANmornings Nice to hear you first thing this morning brother. We should be drinking at headliner right now @NadaAJones Oh. I bet 😉😈