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Mike - VRO @vr_oasis United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Mike! #VR Evangelist / Host of #FReality Podcast / #VirtualReality YouTube content creator []-)

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@skeeva @TheVRRealm @NathieVR @CasandChary @Tyrielwood @SL33PYcasts @MrPotam @benz145 Yep, this is when recording the gameplay directly to the headset. @TheVRRealm @NathieVR @CasandChary @Tyrielwood I wouldn't recommend any third party cables at this point. With Ocul… @ghenoic Sadly not mate. The Facebook account is required during the initial setup. @DublinJester I would say the experience is on par with what Rift S can provide right now although that’s likely to… @CasandChary Congrats Cas & Chary!! Well deserved!! 🎉
@ragesaq @LIV @oculus @OculusGaming @LIV @oculus @OculusGaming Can you tell us the best method for capturing PC VR content from both Oculus and SteamVR…🚨 We're about to go live on FReality Podcast! We're gonna be discussing Quest 2 Logitech Accessories, John Carmack'…
Retweeted by Mike - VRO @Kian_mckennaz_ I wouldn't be surprised if someone makes one @Tyrielwood Epic Broll dude! 😍👌 @DanielDalgren @oculus @OculusGaming I would really love to do something this in collaboration with a bunch of cont… @RebrockCentral @NathieVR @oculus @OculusGaming Audio desync has been fixed which is nice @CGLaubox @oculus @OculusGaming I know right! These are the tools we need! @NathieVR @oculus @OculusGaming It's frustrating to think we talked to them directly about all the problems we face… @SimplyMav @oculus @OculusGaming Not all games benefit from mixed reality capture. Beat Saber looks great. Onward looks terrible. @NathieVR @oculus @OculusGaming Yup, they push their Mixed Reality Capture tools where in reality, first person vie… @VVikingsen @oculus @OculusGaming Using link, it powers the headset so not sure what you're talking about using bat… @GAMERTAGVR @oculus @OculusGaming As someone who livestreams with Quest on a weekly basis, it's creators like you w… @VVikingsen @oculus @OculusGaming The situation right now, the experience with Quest 2 connected to a PC is on par… video from @oculus @OculusGaming titled 'enabling influencers and sharing' really highlights they literally ha… @PhysioTodd Yes!It’s happening! Time to lock n load 😈 @VortexChemica7 @martinokenyi606 Virtual Desktop does work. I have a video coming soon. @VortexChemica7 @martinokenyi606 You can although this is being played directly from Quest 2 in this video @CrayonMane Regular Quest graphics @MrKlawUK Native 👍🏻 @Kalark They should fit but not perfectly as the grips are a little chunkier. They should be totally useable though. @KAIZURE_ Tomato soup is the best right!? 😋
@Feelsgoof I have the new VR Cover for Quest 2 and it's awesome @Robin58980079 13th Oct @GlitchedSku11 Yep @JimmyHavenith It's the same versionOculus Quest 2 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Gameplay @DupeFort @martinokenyi606 Not yet, although even without optimisation you don't get the foveated rendering with Quest 2. @gtaelbordo_ It's a visual downgrade from PC but they did an excellent job on it and all the gameplay is intact! I was impressed! 👍 @Therealpeterden @Zimtok5 @This_Justintech Not me, I haven't tested this out yet but it's on the list!When you try to do a good thing and end up being robbed of your soup!🍜😂 This could only happen in the The Walking D… @VRArcadeDenver Yup @BOLL7708 Hmmmm, I thought Borderlands in VR looked great! @dubusaeyo @germanrifter Yesssss! I totally forgot again 😂 can we make this a weekly thing?! @gtaelbordo_ Cell shaded graphics look great in VR actually. Just look at Borderlands VR and Lies Beneath.One of the most exciting things to come out of Facebook Connect was that we're getting a Jurassic World game in VR!…
@CryticalxD @InsomniaDoodles It's totally up to you mate. They will share the same library of content for a while.… @InsomniaDoodles It's a great game dude!Red Matter was always a great showcase for graphics (and great puzzles) on Quest. Now they've made the game look ev… @Vertical_Robot @Robin58980079 lenses are a great mod for glasses wearers! I was super happy too 😎 @Robin58980079 Yup 👍 the WidmoVR lenses I have work great! @kushlovermax Still no invite here... @TeamOnionBun I'm still waiting for confirmation on this... @Ashenburger They do fit, just not perfectly all the way inside. You could still easily use them on the Q2 controllers. @GAMERTAGVR @mcrosti @BowkerAndy @VRAwards @AIXRorg Awesome dude! Congrats! @Cereallkilla626 Damn those cute puppies!! @JohnHickeyJr @WIDMOvr Yup! They will fit perfectly! @dr_oculus Completely new interface design. Sadly, the old design doesn't fit. @MarkRickett9 @Cereallkilla626 I will be covering it on the channel as soon as I get my hands on it 👍 @BanishGuardian @bradneuberg @MeekoFoy Yep, it works great! @yellowmello @CasandChary Yes, they work great as the lenses are the same 👍 @NathieVR Cheers man! 🙌 @xo0xverox0ox Awesome dude! @Tyrielwood @Tyrielwood Cheers dude! This is great for the channel and VR! 🎉My Quest 2 video is on the UK Trending page on YouTube! 👀 @Cereallkilla626 Headstrap review is coming next Friday 👍🏻 @henrilatr He doesn’t use it so I’m safe 😂👍🏻Update - he ran the battery dry 😂 he played Pistol Whip, Elixir, Venues & completed Vader Immortal Ep1. It’s the lo… @waynewonder81 Yes! All your library from Quest will carry over to Quest 2 @lucianomunoz_ @ilysiavr He was playing Pistol Whip when I took the pic but now he's trying out Venues @ilysiavr He's tried VR before but this is the first time I've showed him social VR with Venues which has been really funMy little bro taking the Quest 2 for a spin with Pistol Whip 🥰 @DorkuDoes Around 2 hours worth of gaming @NutKCalled Sadly not. The controllers are not backwards compatible. @CasandChary @scottjamnic Reverb G2 will no doubt look twice as good. It also costs twice as much. Hopefully, I'll get hands on with the Reverb G2 soon. @DanielNovais The mounting system is quite simple so I would imagine it won't take the community long to come up wi… @AlmullaOmair I mean, all the improvements are 'nice to have' and not essential. We have to remember, both the Q1 a… @lloretalvar0 I look forward to it! @UkaszRabbit The Elite strap with built in battery is sold bundled with the travel case at $129 @HasuBoii I believe only for Quest 2 mate3/3 - PC VR = Oculus Link and wireless streaming using Virtual Desktop works great (SideQuest also works) Price = Amazing!2/3 - New Controllers = I love them! Better battery life, stronger haptic feedback, battery door fixed, thumb rest… 3 - Quest 2 was announced yesterday. 64GB $299 / 256GB $399. Shipping 13th Oct. My hands on summary; XR2 Chipse… @Coatsink @davidhampson @vroptician @CasandChary Yes, they should work as the lenses are the same fresnel lenses from Quest 1…
@RebrockCentral lol It's nice to be able to finally talk about it 😆 @CallMeJay360 @NathieVR @CasandChary Pretty much the same as Quest 1 @Devvy26944459 @oculus Oculus First Steps, First Contact & Elixir - All great for beginners. If you want something… @Devvy26944459 @oculus Connect Livestream - Oculus Quest 2 Announcement!? @chrismatthieu @computesio @magicleap @MartinBecker_GT I hope so! @CallOfCurly It's pretty much the same as Quest 1 although might be a bit wider due to my IPD and the lenses sit a bit closer to my eyes @exdli It was a challenge! @MrKlawUK I haven't got my hands on the Elite Battery Strap yet but it will be coming soon so not sure on battery capacity just yet.Oculus Quest 2 Is HERE