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Sam W [)-) @vr_sam Brighton, UK | He/Him

Immersive Partnerships Director @MakeRealVR making Serious Fun™️ for L&D, simulation, training & games #𝑥R (#VR/#AR/#MR) #spatialcomputing

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@BeesAtPells Yarp @MikeDiver Not sure if he’s running F.A.B, the PM Leave campaign or Saturday KitchenSticking pennies into trees seemed to be a thing… #wouldscan but a load of Laandaanahs wouldn’t bugger off @jacktionman 😂 @jacktionman It’s a beautiful area! @jacktionman Ingleton, YorkshireRoughing it in the pub car park @510home Yorkshire, NW England. Where olives are in the “international” isle in the supermarket 🤔And viaducts day of waterfall walking @psvrzest Scone of course 😂Scone slumming’ a bad lunchtime spot a little launch party for Sentenced on Wednesday (delayed from last month) if anyone wants to pop along and…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @mr_ocdc Don’t be deceived by the apparent chill. You’ll be calling your opponents a motherfucker before soon! 😂 @VRchazen I… am not aware of this version. Will check it out!
@_LucasRizzotto Empty, they can bring their own furniture into the space in #AR ;) or basic and they can buy their… is such a tactile game, love the tiles @chetfaliszek People who send 3, 4 follow-up emails to a cold calling spam email, getting more and more haughty bec… @muterobert Ah we sorta drove past your way on our way. Am very close to the Cumbria borderAnd this is us for the next week, looks like Yorkshire’t quite make out the sign, is this the way to the eye test centre? mid-point stopover done. Onwards to The North. All hotel staff masked up and 90% of guests 👍
Revealed: the government knew way back in *1991* that a major fire disaster like Grenfell was inevitable - because…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @MikeDiver Ah man Beastie BoysFuck it all Susan.
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @CraigVReady That much is true tooPacking for holiday in UK - some board games. One of these things is not like the others… problem solver 🏎🧵
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)New trailer teaser - we wanted to make something unique for going into the headset and game world… coming soon…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)New trailer tease #VR #OculusQuest #OculusQuest2 #locodojo #screenshotsaturday #indiegame #indiedev
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)Live Holoportation Concert featuring the legendary @MixMasterMike, produced by #Collimation in @AltspaceVR!
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @hibbins @dbozetarnik Just a bach wisgi ;)
@dbozetarnik Cheers! DJ Kentaro though turntablism mega mix featuring all the names - Megaton 10 is out w/ Mix Master Mike · DJ Premier · A-Trak ·… this is tomorrow my cat to try and get a good slo-mo @Ashles3000 That was a year ago? @LarryRosenthal Was an ST man myselfI know there’s a new dev kit available this year but seems a bit odd to see so many people pushing Magic Leap One a… @FragFox @unity3d Not the same without a random pub chicken eh @ed_barton ! @FragFox @unity3d Aww amazing! Excited to hear what’s next, they’re very lucky. Remember meeting you early on at a… @barog Well, that’s the next stageBest way to change games companies that enable that kind of behaviour is to refuse coverage of their games until th…’s time to crank the bass with the greatest experiential album ever - Paul’s Boutique : @dbozetarnik Oo I’ll be on that later @Omac_brother Happy anniversaries!The w̶e̶e̶k̶e̶n̶d̶ holiday starts here 🍻 @MikeDiver “I’ll tell you what gives me the fackin’ ‘orn… the word the”Local games for local people the planet!
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)The shortlist has been revealed, now it’s time to get to work! I'm excited to be judging some of the (non-conflict… until a week off in the wilds got given this 80’s Cadbury’s “novelty” recipe book with the OG prototype “Clarence” caterpillar cake in it… OMG… @mattthr This bit should come out and slot back in after @ali_heston I mean before I was indifferent but I do now!Time to play Child of Eden again yrs ago a wild @Radial_G non-VR desktop mode was spotted being used as a display demo in Akihabara, Japan ☺️ @mkerstein Or Black Widow was doing the Trinity three point stance landing ? @ImmersiveRoach One I can wear with my glasses and not have to buy an expensive additional prescription insert to u… @BusyDipsomaniac @samtolton @DarkedgeUK @MisterFooks @Glis With my attention span!? Oh god imagine Kiwi’s AP 😂
Introducing the @freemocap system! A free, open-source framework for easy-to-use, low-cost markerless motion captur…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @ShaneDoherty Or two… @MegFitz @CharlieFink Not just operation procedures. Our 5 #VR training apps for NHS specifically target reduction… Make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @vr_oasis Glad to hear you’re better to return the favour to your wife - hope she has a speedy recovery @fruity__snacks Turns out there’s a Helmet beer coming out @fruity__snacks All New York post-punk / hardcore scene so on the chunky angry side @fruity__snacks A lot of Helmet to choose from: @fruity__snacks Rival Schools 1st album: (yes band called after the beat ‘em up) @fruity__snacks Spotify? Quicksand 2nd album: @fruity__snacks Quicksand, Rival Schools, Helmet @KroyVR @psychicparrot Nice, quite a few in there I didn’t have - more peeps to send Loco keycodes to ^_^Whether your business designs skyscrapers or installs their air conditioners, AEC isn’t materials or technology, it…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)Should also note from a cursory glance (was only grabbing a few bits), the shelves looked pretty well stocked overa… @James_Batchelor SoT is pretty but not overly graphical @Andy_mc31 Walked past them, overheard them querying why everyone was still wearing masks when it was now voluntary… done Lewes Tesco, about 100 customers and only saw one one elder couple unmasked (who called me twat)[wearily fetches megaphone and points it in the direction of Fleet Street] THE APP IS PINGING BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @PercyBlakeney63 Well I just did one as it’s about a week since our f2f studio summer party (held outside on the ro… @KavyaPearlman @BurgrTamagotchi What happened between Atlanta and Miami 😮Lens Studio 4.1 is here! This update includes a Lens size limit increase from 4MB to 8MB (!!), Lens text localizati…
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Not quite the beer of victory I was hoping for today but it’s a beer of three smaller victories that might become b… #VR family, I need your help! I am in #Uganda currently, & there is a huge community of incredibly talented art…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)OMG Mix Master Mike is performing live and in @AltspaceVR this Saturday! That’s certainly a surprize #VR packidge: to see three of our immersive experiences and applications be selected as finalists for the #VR #VRA21! E…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)The @AIXRorg @VRAwards finalists have been revealed! Great to see so many excellent examples of immersive technolog…’s hoping for some good news today 🤞 @Sketchfab Congratulations!We are happy to share that Sketchfab is joining the Epic Games family! Together we will make 3D content more access…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-)"We started as a gobby punk campaign saying “we want to Stay Up Late, we want to have some fun” and in many ways th…
Retweeted by Sam W [)-) @James_Batchelor There’s a multitude of digital board games and genres that could be skinned for easy wins @James_Batchelor Perhaps it’s too easy to correlate Netflix and streaming for gaming but I’d think mobile and immer… hunting for the limited edition Offerman Guinness-casked Lagavulin in the UK, then saw the price of the one bo…
@PercyBlakeney63 Not really. Can’t buy a house let alone a frivolous ticket to the edges of space. The CEOs in the… forgotten how mean this game is