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Denny Vrandečić @vrandezo San Francisco, CA

Wikidata founder, Google ontologist, former Wikimedia Trustee and RPG author.

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As millions of people across the country take to the streets and raise their voices in response to the killing of G…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was L1
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićGreat, short essay with thoughts valuable for everyone designing systems and ecosystems that aim to serve many.
Here's the first version of a glossary for Wikilambda terminology. I very much hope that this can be a useful resou…
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečićthis episode is 25 years old
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečić
Astronauts flying around in space at 27k+ km/hr, launched on a reusable rocket, all being globally livestreamed fro…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićThis is officially the first time a launch vehicle has put humans in orbit and then the booster stage freakin' land…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićIf it turns out to be the case, it will be important to understand the current events. This is scary. @salgo60 @GerardMeijssen @WikiCommons Would that be solved by the functionality that Global templates and modules is aiming at? @GerardMeijssen @WikiCommons Me too @GerardMeijssen @WikiCommons Well, they WILL be helpful for the new project (because the new project is not there y… very interesting read: Dijkstra's Turing Award speech "The humble programmer" On the importance of abstraction,… @GerardMeijssen @WikiCommons WikiCommons and Structured Data in Commons will be tremendously helpful.A real Rockstar developer giving a talk on... uhm, a lot of different things, that seem to be at the intersection o… @trylks @wikilambda Thanks, I'll take a closer look. @ErinFogg5 @kevo31415 @mags_mclaugh @as_a_worker No, I'm not in favor of the American prison culture, and particula… @trylks @wikilambda Algorithmia seems to be about deploying machine learning models. Wikilambda is about collabora… @kevo31415 @ErinFogg5 @mags_mclaugh @as_a_worker Agreed, but doesn't answer the question.A presentation of Wikidata, leading to Wikilambda, in Swedish, by Magnus Sälgö @salgo60
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečić @ErinFogg5 @mags_mclaugh @as_a_worker Just curious - how much of your county budget comes in through policing?Thanks to Arthur P. Smith for implementing for implementing a number of special pages that allow users to quickly f…
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I've made a tool to search through the wonderful selection of free content on @WikiCommons, using the power of stru…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićAmy Klobuchar was County Attorney of Hennepin County from 1999 to 2007, where she decided not to prosecute police o… my type of energy transition:
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićGovernments attacking content moderation decisions they don’t like is not how we build a better internet.
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićBuster Keaton breaking the fourth wall in 1920 (Sybil Seely in One Week)
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićPossibly not the most sensitive ad right now. people riot when their anger over being murdered and oppressed reaches a boiling point. here are some fun re…
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečić @BarryNorton @LucasWerkmeistr That's ambiguous towards the kind of pepper, right? How would you disambiguate to mea… @LucasWerkmeistr You can turn many English nouns constructively from a mass noun to a count noun, and vice versa.… @LucasWerkmeistr @punished_stu @johl You still can have local sitelinks for exactly that case.“yellow peppers” are countable but “black pepper” isn’t, because english is a reasonable and sensible language
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@BrendanCarrFCC last year told Zuckerberg off when Zuckerberg said the government should provide more guidance abou…
¿Alguien sabe si existen developers de MediaWiki en El Salvador?
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečić @evanpro @clacke I think it's not the worst approximation! @penelope_zone @theavalkyrie I agree. Difference between a position and a person, a role and the individual. So if… @bobdc Yes, but that didn't become a blocking issue for continuing the work on TAOCP :) @evanpro @clacke Good question. Interview people how connected and heard they feel to their representative in these… @evanpro In a body of 1000 your voice and thus your leverage is weaker than in a body of 100. Coalition-building is… video is a good reminder of why low latency, on-device ML is an important piece for creating really nice, natu…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićOne passage I keep considering. A black man is calling his grandfather and has to speak with an operator. Matt…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićI'm hiring two post-docs: one person with a social science and one person with CS/technical background. One year bu…
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečić @clacke @evanpro Yes, that's a great point. There's a qualitative change between 10k and 100k that doesn't exist, I… on writing The Art of Computer Programming, I mean, Latex, i mean, Metafont, I mean Literate Programming, I m… @evanpro True. But they have less leverage when there's too many of them. Let's put it this way: state representa… @evanpro The electoral college I agree on, but that will be reshuffled after the census anyway. What's the benefit… @evanpro What's the advantage of a larger house?
I study election rigging. I co-authored a book called How to Rig an Election. These tweets are lies. The purpose of…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićFor autocracies it's almost the opposite. Reliable information about what the population thinks can be a most desta… order to destabilize democracies it is most powerful to reduce the trust in elections, the rule of law, the demo… on viewing disinformation campaigns through an infosec lense, by @schneierblog and @henryfarrell . Democracie… @lalle_olosta @RomyWolfDE @sternenwort @fantasyautor
@decafjedi @ultimadragons Are these the Companions in the bottom right, or the archetypes?NYT: "[Fan fiction] works are legal as long as writers post them for free and don’t try to sell stories based on co…
I've made a couple of updates to Structured Search, a tool i've made to showcase the wonderful free media on…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićIf you think wearing a mask is stressful, ask a kindergartner how active shooter drills feel.
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićThis account posts pictures of people from interviews and similar with their bookshelves in the background, and it… @ReaderMeter Thanks. I think I see these frequently around, so I wanted to ask. Thanks! @ReaderMeter What's the one on the right?How Bird laid off 406 people in 2 minutes via a dystopian Zoom webinar (with audio): #TechLA #BreakingNews
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A great introduction and very practical guide into how to do Wikidata. I learned a few things from it. to @pgroth for keeping up his great habit of publishing trip reports even when the trips are virtual! @jeblad No, thanks I know for a while, and am using them frequently. I am talking about the notification in the app.Is this a new feature? I haven't seen it before. The Wikipedia app now shows me a notification when I get a thank y… heard you: More action is needed to stop harassment on @Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. Hand-in-han…
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New overview of the Google Knowledge Graph by @dannysullivan 500 billion facts about 5 billion entities. has loaded COVID case data (so far for the US), and you can easily create visualizations. It has data f… happy to be involved in this - we need a venue for Wikidata researchers to meet Submit…
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@geoffreyfowler @sarahjeong Why aren't they open source? @kidehen @ImageSnippets @aaranged @cjlmiles @datasniff Can you point me to the ticket?It's hard to convey how much I enjoyed this short essay. Although I expect that the audience for it is rather limit…
(1/12) Thread! Nach ein paar Tagen Unterricht mit kleinen Gruppen (max. 10-12 SuS) kann ich folgendes sagen: 1.…
Retweeted by Denny Vrandečić @LeithMotive Absolutely! Humans give better answers. But machines read faster.Only click on this link if you have a strong machine and some patience: an interactive, zoomanle tree map of all se…
Google set up the COVID-19 Research Explorer. It read more than 50,000 papers on COVID-19, and allows to ask natura… AbstractText prototype can now be easily installed and tested out, thanks to Arthur P. Smith! Wohoo! Using do…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićIf professional philosophers were to vote instead of arguing for once. Jones said in an email to CBS12 News that her removal was "not voluntary" and that she was removed from her…
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@enistoja Yes, with the caveat that people are usually not directly sources, but their writing would be, or writing… @enistoja Oh yes, absolutely! If the paper is given as the source and is updated, then Wikidata should be updated t… @enistoja Depends on what we're taking about. If it's e.g. a book, it could be the author's name on the book. Or if… @enistoja As it is given in the source. @trylks @JasonNafziger @enistoja @robs_at_it Wikidata has a qualifier "stated as" where we can record what the name…, I told you back then to stop changing. And now? First 2016, OK, but then? 2017, 2018, 2019? Seriously? And to…’s your favorite photo of Barack Obama? I’ll start...
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Germany has released its Corona warn app architecture on Github. I hope this level of transparency becomes a bluepr…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićYaron Koren @wikiworks interviews @aharoni in the new podcast episode of "Between the Brackets", and they discuss W…
Retweeted by Denny VrandečićUS States containing an A. cc @TerribleMaps Query: (you can change the letter at the end… parks of Sweden. Query: Thanks for the upload, Wikimedia Sverige! Blogpost:… @publictorsten @Onleihe Ab 300dpi würde ich Droid nehmen. Gerade auch weil bei einem Tablet die Seite weiter ist a… @publictorsten @Onleihe Welche Auflösung? Bei sehr hoher Pixeldichte würde ich mich vielleicht an Droid trauen, son… @subbu_ss @DingemanseMark It was really satisfying to read her book and see someone actually pursue that program for real.
@waltervannini @solyarisoftware But what you write is that everyone who claims they have fun at coding are liars tr… @waltervannini @solyarisoftware Nothing I disagree with. And yet it can be fun. Just because an activity provides… German? language start with ideophones?, That is, words that sound somehow like what they mean. (To the best of my lim… denies the experience of me having had fun coding since I was ten (and still do at 42), and it calls me a liar w… felt offended by this article by @waltervannini and his claim that coding is not fun, and if you claim otherwise… @ReaderMeter :D