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Gm to my moots. Big birthday today so I’m li!
Finally I caught up with One Piece 975 episodes... 3 months and 3 weeks for this It was such a good time It was rea…
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @Sword_darkrai17 Congrats man 🎉 @SangenshokuJr Gm man. Hopefully it’s a good day of work @Prince_Superior Gm prince. Have a great day my guy @PhantomD2W We’re basically the same 😂 catch this follow @FalseDreams01 Gm Ani. I give you my energy to beat those finals. @ZorosLostEye Oof. Do you know why? @nankiller77 This is too disrespectful. I can’t watch. @Bleachier Gm Bleachy. Hope you slept well man. @SangenshokuJr That’s facts. Anitwt has been steadily changing into dramatwtGood morning! Let’s have a good day today.
@ZorosLostEye Ah you got me @FalseDreams01 Needed that cleansing 🙏 @Saiyanobe23G Yea I lowkey started to notice that by some of the random panels I saw. It’s definitely next after JigokurakuGreatest shonen mc of all fucking time
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @FalseDreams01 Gm Ani hope you slept lusciously @SangenshokuJr You really just putting yourself out there huh? 😂 @Saiyanobe23G Pretty straight forward. I like it. @ShusuiSyed Morning Syed hope you slept swellingly @Saiyanobe23G That’s facts. I gotta catch up on it tho so I can’t judgeGm moots! Slept like a baby. Anyone else? @thechillninjas It’s kinda sad that it’s how people choose to read manga nowadays @FalseDreams01 AYYY HUGE DUB!!! @FalseDreams01 Was it at least good my guy? @FloydMNaruto3 Night shadow. Sleep amazingly @JacobLikesDirt Damn 😭 @SangenshokuJr Gasss. Straight gasss. @thechillninjas Thought it was impossible.Hi there!
Even tho I’ve already kinda be ia, I’ll be taking a break for little while. Nothing is particularly wrong, a break is just needed. @FalseDreams01 Nice. Congrats Ani! @FloydMNaruto3 As long as I’m active I will do my fest bro.
@FloydMNaruto3 Ayy Second Circle @__Senju__ I don’t hate him, I hate the people that made him that way.Once he kicked him, it was up and STUCK. 😂
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @Deggstar11 Only goats accomplish such things. Congrats bro @nankiller77 Facts. It’s a sad thing @PlatinumEquin0x Take my money pleaseGm mutuals. Back on my Genshin shit today.Lob 34? 🙏 I follow back 🙈🔥
Retweeted by ItsGrezzzThe weekend was busy af but fun. Today was just busy. Coming back tomorrow, but for now goodnight and sleep lusciously.
@ZahinPrime Gm zahin hope you slept well @FalseDreams01 Gm Ani. Hope you slept amazinglyneed more JJBA mutuals so follow me and ill fb 😼
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @lharukii Mine is just plain dead but so am I since I just woke up. @Bleachier Ofc. Why else would I follow? 🙄 @noyakist Ily AnneFeeling great this morning. Gonna listen to the new j.cole album today. Overall, it’s gonna be a great day. @FalseDreams01 Gn ani. Hope you sleep amazingly @_f1ame Definitely can relate with this one. @FloydMNaruto3 Gn Shadow sleep amazingly @The25thBam_ I think it’s either slam dunk or hajime no ippo
@elixireverie @_Jazzyguns @Trolli_USA Damnit jazz. I was supposed to be eating healthy. One pack won’t hurt.These anime/manga should have more recognition
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz
Retweeted by ItsGrezzzTV Tokyo's fiscal year rankings 2021 🏆 ✨ Top Anime Franchises (by total sales/revenue) 1. Boruto 2. Naruto 3. Y…
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @FloydMNaruto3 @The25thBam_ You’ll be searching for eternity my g @RakuShokuJ Facts. @The25thBam_ Legend says he has not drawn an imperfect woman to date @FloydMNaruto3 The man of your dreams obviously @ZorosLostEye @OG_4PF @thechillninjas Gm bro hope you slept well @chickenpotpiess Your neighbor’s yard @ZorosLostEye @OG_4PF “What you trying to get into?” @ZorosLostEye @OG_4PF @_f1ame Did they find out the exact amount? @OG_4PF @R4senRengan I’m a simple man. I saw whitebeard and I followed. @_f1ame Too lazy to count every single one but I’d bet there are more than 34. @FalseDreams01 Damn. That hits hard. It’s a thinker.Whenever Jigokuraku gets an anime adaption, all of you “overrated” and “overhyped” niggas please keep ur mouths shu…
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @_f1ame The OPM baddies @ShusuiSyed Facts. I’ve never understood it. It makes no sense. @Momoshikkiii The fact that he even changed his outfit is good enough for me @elixireverie Facts. Being old with babies sucks. I bet that kid won’t have any types of enjoyment. @Momoshikkiii My guyyyyyy SPITTIN spittinApple juice will always be better than orange juice
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @Deggstar11 No not really if we’re being honest here @elixireverie 22 with 3... jeez. If your anything like this girl, I don’t think you’ll have a problem being fertile for a long time 😭 @Nairoda1 I feel like there’s a joke in this tweet somewhere 🤔 @FalseDreams01 I will be there next time! @Deggstar11 A goat like you deserves it @elixireverie A reason why I’m glad to be a man 😂Today marks the day I finish csm. Its the most excited to finish a manga in a long time. @Prince_Superior Gm prince hope you slept well @Deggstar11 Got the notis locked and loaded @The25thBam_ Gm my guy. Hope you slept well. @JacobLikesDirt Fruity pebbles @FloydMNaruto3 I slept amazingly bro. Feeling great. Have a good day!Gm to all. Slept amazingly. Feeling hella good.So I just finished chapter 80 of csm... I’m just gonna finish tomorrow. This Peakness and me being tired needs rest. @ZahinPrime Nice. I like it. That’s a dub right there @ZahinPrime Green all the way @_f1ame Absolutely love it. *chef’s kiss*(5/12) Today is Shigeo Kageyama birthday! Happy Birthday! 🎂🎊
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @R4senRengan So what if I am? @Aliban999 Massive dub.Its about time Starting TYBW ‼️
Retweeted by ItsGrezzz @Mnny_Tz Why was pain’s face so unfazed?