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XSET Vrax @Vraxooo Long Island, NY • he/him

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just got ice cream. anyone want some? @aimseytv WOHOOO!! go get some rest now :] @nathansmokee @aimseytv so true @NessNotLive no thats my cat know where I can buy a customized mousepad?
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@bearbubb <3 @snstephh if quig does not get you the axolotl squishmallow i will personally fight himSuper nervous about posting this, but here is my BearSMP Application! :] Likes, retweets, and vouches all appreciat…
Retweeted by XSET Vrax @tiktokcreators 3 MINUTE TIKTOKS! @FaZeMew this is insane @ImSensitized YEP LMFAOOOO @Punztw PUNZTOOZ @JackManifoldTV LETS GOOOOO @alyssalivee petition to unmod fultt @mctwtpaper mcyt paper my beloved reminding me to spend money @alyssalivee remove fultt as mod @Nihaachu @JackManifoldTV jack don't mess this one up... @violxiv VIOLET CONTENT LETS GOOO @LoochyTV @Splitgate LETS GOOOJust got recognized in public when I was out eating with my family I CANT STOP LAUGHING ABOUT IT @Surfnboy HUGEEE @137pm Had tons of fun! Thank you guys for having me! :] ❤️ @yoseph @FaZeClan @syftgg Excited to see what big things you do with syft! Happy to be apart of the platform. ❤️ @MorganFETV @XSET @fluctraa Doing charity work 🙏 @XSET @fluctraa @Vraxooo @Magic12211 @bearbubb MAGIC I LOVE THIS!! @snakevnm_ Def agree with you on needing to stream more, and would LOVE to start getting myself back onto YouTube! :] @XSET NOW THAT LOOKS LIKE A FUN TIME @bearbubb Take care of yourself <3 @snakevnm_ WAIT WHAT HOW TF WAS THIS ON MY TL THO?????? IM SO LOST.... I FIXED IT THO @tommyaltinnit later than 8 or 9pm please! @Mbeem10 @dreamwastaken @dreamwastaken send this man a dm @Mbeem10 @MrBeast This video is INSANE Matt! Keep killing it! @snakevnm_ o/ @ImSensitized i could use this rn @irxdiev2 why did i just read this as “hi guys i just made out with a bagel” @FizzySoda_ DID YOU SAY… SHOOTING STAR? @hichasestokes I THOUGHT IT DOESNT GO LIVE FOR ANOTHER 3 HOURS??? @GhoulzOfficial If any females want to watch the new Outer Banks season with me you will literally have my whole heart @violxiv @dreamwastaken End of the year make a compelation of the "Dreemies" @violxiv @dreamwastaken LMFAOOOOOOO BEST REPLY EVER @iambre4d BREAD!Super nervous about posting this, but here is my BearSMP Application! :] Likes, retweets, and vouches all appreciat…
Oh and btw, I don't care if you have 10 followers, or 10,000 followers. At the end of the day, your content speaks… @Charxter Your content speaks a lot louder than your follow count. Just finished watching your Speedrunner vs AI vi… @ImSensitized enzo i would love to have you in one of my vids :DHi! Going through all of these now! Either reply to the quoted tweet, or DM me! Gonna try to get through them all! @Magic12211 MAGICCC!! LETS DO IT! :D @willcreated HELLO WILL! :D @GeorgeNootFound LETS GOOOOOOOO @dreamIfknloveu WOHOOO @ohmodss OHMODS LETS DO IT @FizzySoda_ HI FIZZY! LETS DO SOMETHING! @nathansmokee Manhunt but Vrax is the hunter and they are overpowered @nathansmokee YEP! talk to you tonight! :] @nathansmokee YES NATE LETS DO IT! @LoochyTV @boomtv @Splitgate vouch @MrBeast sorry karl @specularburrito hello! :D @MysticatLive IM SO DOWN! @_AvaJC_ AVA! I AM SO DOWN!Any content creators want to grind out YouTube together? Looking to get a group together and just start grinding… @TheBlackHokage @XSET Welcome! #RepTheSet @dusterfn HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @XSET @TheBlackHokage WELCOME TO THE FAM! #RepTheSet @Centohh HAPPY BIRTHDAY CENTOH! @TubboLive @Sneegsnag LETS GO @Pikaclicks I main Minecraft, but would love to be apart of the invite list for future Twitch Rivals events! :D't been getting live notifications for the streamers you watch? Blame smart notifications. Luckily, there is… @VraxTwo BANGER THREAD VRAXTWO @TheBroJordan LUNAR CLIENT >>>> @Mbeem10 @dreamwastaken THIS IS INSANE WHATTTT @dreamwastaken @Cramesh_ @discord I am almost maxed out at the 100 server limit, but only find myself active in maybe 1 or 2 but r… @RAERABIES i was out to dinner with some friends and i SCREAMEDDDDD @Cramesh_ @discord I've tried servers in the past with friends, but I tend to always just forget about them, but I… @Cramesh_ @discord Personally, I use DMs to keep in touch with friends. In my case, I tend to easily forget about s… @nathansmokee @NessNotLive noti @NessNotLive YAY! :D @_AvaJC_ BOTH??? BAD BECAUSE WE TOOK IT TOO FAR BUT GOOD BECAUSE ITS JSUT SO HILLARIOUS TO SEE HOW THEY GOT INVOLVED @_AvaJC_ IM SCREAMING
@TubboLive @JackManifoldTV @dantdm @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @JackManifoldTV @dantdm @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @RAERABIES @JordoKurtz @Pikaclicks @ohmodss @nathansmokee @aimseytv @willcreated @hypertomatoes @KoyaLive @MaxGGs ily jordo ❤️ @nathansmokee @Pikaclicks @snifferish @aimseytv @draggiebtw @MaxGGs @kinziixx @alastrous @bellomelt @puppyboydelta @tubbomybelovedd @dantdm @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @RAERABIES @MaxGGs @dantdm @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @RAERABIES @milkkbunnii @Pikaclicks @MaxGGs @aimseytv @snifferish @nathansmokee @ohmodss proud of them all <3 @dantdm @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @RAERABIES @milkkbunnii @_AvaJC_ @dantdm @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @RAERABIES @milkkbunnii @_AvaJC_ @Skeppy @CptPuffy listen to the voice in your head @sapnap @Quackity @sapnapalt @trvisXX unvouch @Quackity @sapnap @sapnapalt @trvisXX george wants the shoe @sapnap @sapnapalt @trvisXX so true sapnap @trvisXX called it. @dreamwastaken @GeorgeNotFound @trvisXX WHAT U KNOW BOUT ROLLING DOWN IN THE DEEP @izzyypixel mlem @tridentgum @ImSensitized @ordevaa @hyper4rchy @QueenMario_ @Sylvanngii @RAERABIES @milkkbunnii @_AvaJC_ @snakevnm_ @JordoKurtz @trvisXX gogy said he wants the shoe @trvisXX cool shoe. gogy wants it.