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@hnrilaflr @TheYungHegelian @YesThatAnna @aslikr42069 oh also this @hnrilaflr @TheYungHegelian @YesThatAnna @aslikr42069 @merrickdeville i don't know tbh, i think there's some self-delusion at play there bc it's very clear her positions… @Catr1312 @EFZ713 @Bread__Santa i mean you can recommend just one malatesta work too, "anarchy" is a pretty solid intro @hopzakid nee bedanken is wat ze verwachten, maar "ja toch" is beter dan "ja he"funnily enough i specifically unblocked Anna Slatz so she'd see my quotetweet and now I'm blocked @merrickdeville lmao me and some friends are ratio'ing her rn for being a pseud, what a coincidence think you can have a certain amount of respect for theorists while being diametrically opposed to their ideas. I… can be a modernist and a necrophile tho @dysnomiasys i read "new main and new main" at first just bc of the double pfp lolguess i'll never find out what she specifically meant by "theory" sign of a pseud is when they vaguely appeal to "theory". Not any specific theorist, any specific work, not an…"look, i've never met a North-Korean anarchist, so as an anarchist, I'm just gonna go and give critical support to… you haven't lmao
I mean I understand why people *keep* doing it, I just don't understand why it startedI think it's pretty indisputable that Malatesta was the best classical anarchist. I don't understand why people kee… could have been.. main problem with leninism has always been his baldness. get a wig ffs @rainyynoon i don't think those people really understand social change tbh. like even if the best you think we can… @hmyaoi1 by that standard Ōgi would be cancelled too and she's like the least problematic person on here @8leggedloser egoists are the jews of anarchismi had a dream that some dude on twitter accidentally added me to a groupchat and then, while in that groupchat, not…
Retweeted by decentrelyssa 💣the sexual tension between bisexuality and pansexuality @TSyntheid and even so, i don't think colonization is even "the one topic" lol @TSyntheid "you literally make variations of the exact same joke for years" vs "you joke about the same topic often… @yesmustard @Lalat1na ive always thought of it as like, alternative ways of providing for people to the state. whic… @Anarcho_Trash if you're unsure that violence in an immediate sense is even efficacious, however, i'd recommend gel… @Anarcho_Trash propaganda of the deed is related iguess. bonanno's shorter pieces on insurrection could be good to… @Anarcho_Trash insurrectionary anarchists reject formal organization in favour of affinity groups and are in favour… @yesmustard probably true lolone day you'll see someone still whining about how bernie would've won, and a few weeks later you'll see that same… @yesmustard ill try to make another tweet about it thenhow did this post get so many likes, i dont think most people liking it are even insurrectionary anarchists understand decentrelyssa, you first need to understand lexi. and to understand lexi, you need to have a solid co…
Retweeted by decentrelyssa 💣 @macswaggerpants i am retroactively declaring all of them to be serious @Lalat1na @anarcho_numeral wish there were more bonanno photos so luka could make a chad bonnano meme bc this is th… my posts now count as serious/srs @Lalat1na bakunin wanted to topple (((the state))) @lilySerenity i have the latter mood all the time @egoposting i think it's like when you're a communist but all you complain about is taxation @OrientalLeftism i read it left to right though @exiliaex destiny attracting a new crowd lmao this is the crowd destiny is appealing to now lol @Baphamette but that's not the joke lol, that's the punchline @FirestarCS ive never seen that joke before and im terminally online @Baphamette but is this specific joke overdone then? this is genuinely the first time ive seen someone make itwait what how is it even similar @OrientalLeftism i don't like it @traddump oh then they're just whining imo @traddump puts their reactions into context i think @traddump how late are you usually @traddump i mean my infamous tweet helped me with that so yeah @traddump i have most of them blocked @LuxemburgLes i don't think they even pretend that's the case, they just lack the conviction to commit and thereby… @EFZ713 i mean that's his only book which people would argue is anarchist theory, he has nothing else wrt anarchism loli don't think it's helpful for anyone to feel they have some obligation to "the left". using the term can be useful… don't think Chomskys On Anarchism can be considered anarchist theory @bhangbhangducx it tells me chekov probably should keep track of his gunsthis but for cishets @afroccc i mean there's tons of kids who just don't do shit during lessons lol, if you wanna incentivize smthng att… @afroccc probably, but if schools really want to incentivize good behavior it'd probably be better to just do that… @afroccc yeah but i don't think "being there" is really in and of itself an accomplishment from the perspective of… @afroccc plus like, even if that were taken into account, the idealization of attendance seems dumb bc ive known pl… @afroccc i think because she's kind of correct lol. i've had classmates who've missed like half the schoolyear bc t… @GetroMone thanks but that holiday doesn't exist hereExistence is kind of divisiveAbolish sleepkill the terminally ill patient who wants to be euthanized to be spared the further suffering of their disease in your headAspiring cyborgs should get access to free surgeryrewatching that one scene from the joker movie just to feel somethingi'm going to become a side character in one of the nolan batman movies @Lesaoras1312 @fauxstoicism i dont even like tigh highs i would just do it for the likesyeah agreed, like, some stuff which is rlly good is only sold in the winter and that's bullshit imo @Lesaoras1312 @fauxstoicism if i had those i wouldve obviously posted a pic for twitter likes duh @fauxstoicism don't have those @fauxstoicism depends on which specific itemsguy who takes estrogen bc he feels more masculine because of it @afroccc I can't pick @hmyaoi1 Honestly surprised that one got 2k likes, sectarianism is usually not liked by the twitter left @hmyaoi1 Here @hmyaoi1 I had a viral tweet basically implying this once lolMy moral system is entirely based on whether I think something is funny.i'm a big fan of good tweets and i fervently oppose bad tweets @egoposting i'm a non-gamer who gamesi hope there's a Boomer Nation out there. the ultimate archnemesis to Zoomer Nationnvm i found one there someone who has tried to do a more realistic drawing of stirner once? like with more detail? @exiliaex look i even enjoy the one with the spelling mistake @exiliaex noooooo @exiliaex'd have to convert that all to euros 🙄 @exiliaex myself included @exiliaex some of my favourite people are giant losersit still always cheers me up when lexi likes a tweet of mine. unless it's a reply to her, that's just common courtesybroke: 0 dollars in the bank account woke: more than 0 dollars in the bank account bespoke: what's a bank account? what's money?to understand decentrelyssa, you first need to understand lexi. and to understand lexi, you need to have a solid co… @ThCollierPerles now=know lol @ThCollierPerles idk either i just now the theory is dense so i would assume that the most elaborate justification…