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@LunarKats bro LMAO @keaIani @okazyey @lumafps @sinkfps @Ino_VAL @notrxchel willy warmer @181RAYS mmm @turtlewurdle ik @zekeiVAL “damn my shoes really be shoes” @turtlewurdle ok @etherealVAL_ I DONT WANNA WAKEEE UP ID RATHER DREAM THATS THE WAY THAT U STAY UP
@aveluinn unlucky @aveluinn shooters shoot @ILoveSpoof123 hard“tenz is packing” yea, his bags 😹
Retweeted by vro @homiesrice @lunehrii LOL @dogbackp6ck both @phyllxv @etherealVAL_ @zzero2k insane as usual
@etherealVAL_ damn bro @flimsyshovel BARS @ignovercook so everyone knows they’re sad @ghazyvtf good shit man keep goin @s3xylatin0 the dunks r hard @geezavalo rip the geeza follow 😔 @kolhr_ full homo u cute asf @kolhr_ ain’t no way @lialovesyu o shit i made it @lunehrii @DarkoKatie @etherealVAL_ like the responses make sense but also ???? @DarkoKatie @etherealVAL_ @lunehrii i’m confused is this a bot or @lunehrii i feel like i’ve seen this same tweet 12 times @aveluinn he is so good at it @etherealVAL_ @ignovercook me too
@lunehrii banger rifht @mistmie SAME @homiesrice THANKS HOMIEvalorant @ignovercook no cap @1EDEN_ BANG ME BANG ME BANG ME @pikachuwithahat thanks immunizations“tenz is packing” yea, his bags 😹 @wunjii @AeroValorant @notrxchel LMAOO @Skrrtfps rt @turtlewurdle MF YK HOW MANY ESSAYS I HAVE TO WRITE UR TELLING ME TO WATCH ANIME @turtlewurdle o shitt @dogbackp6ck bipolar @turtlewurdle there’s new demon slayer ?? @homiesrice so fire 😩 @Nighty10k i’m good this wasn’t meant to be sad ty tho nighty @lialovesyu yeee @turtlewurdle just listening to music 😀😀 @turtlewurdle mf u said sigh first i should be asking u that @turtlewurdle sigh @etherealVAL_ :(so if ur lonely come be lonely with me @Maxy_Val stay strong max u got this man <3 @phyllxv this was insane
@dogbackp6ck @Toastedtw @lumafps this shit is heat @aveluinn so true @ignovercook THE cleanest ???? r u fucking kidding me u have the audacity to call this the cleanest 😹😹😹😹 have you e… @t1ffsny U WERE THIRTEEN WTF ???? but happy birthday @kolhr_ LMAO @nickstfupls here for u man <3 @ciaolyx happy birthday ciao ! @m2sty knotts 😭
@mxyli ace 🥲 @fcktasyiu fr @fcktasyiu unlucky @aveluinn pretend i didn’t say anything @aveluinn ur legit just a bad wingwoman
@Toastedtw heyy haha @Toastedtw ARF ARF ARF GRRRR 🐶 @iamhcu ik it’s freezing @aveluinn u are a fucking awful wingwoman if it took u half a year @shuboxs no we definitely are @fIuffyzx lucky ass @7passing no @etherealVAL_ no @whosmichela smile 😁😁😁 @aeluinn ik i’m so good @iurnsFPS there’s no way 😭😭 @lunehrii idk ab best lyrics EVER but i appreciate the praise anyway @iurnsFPS fuck bro i’ll try again later @lunehrii thanks alice i thought it was fire too 🔥🔥 @chaz75 noti @veltqt ur fake i’ll rmbr this @homiesrice everyone entitled to their own opinions it’s all good @turtlewurdle ???? @1OZNY bars @s3xylatin0 thanks bro 🔥🔥 @iurnsFPS that shit wasn’t bars?1 2 3 4 them boys be mad i took their pole 5 6 7 8 they told jcole 9 10 11 fuck 12 but he’s on parole 13 14 15 16… @veltqt @Ino_VAL ? @veltqt @LarryBanks05 @LarryBanks05 @veltqt @t1ffsny LITERLALU TIFFANY @alaaanly ur cracked
@vsctim 😭😭 @lunehrii @Nighty10k unreal people @lunehrii yes alice freezing @homiesrice @veltqt bet @shhku_ LOL @homiesrice @veltqt @veltqt @homiesrice u guys r unreal