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Varun Sivaram @vsiv New Delhi, India

CTO @ReNew_Power, India's largest renewable energy co; Fellow @ColumbiaUEnergy. Tweets my own. Order my @MITPress & @CFR_org book #TamingTheSun:

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@AyresAlyssa @TIME @PeteButtigieg @JustinWorland Thank you, Alyssa!! @vsiv @TIME @PeteButtigieg @JustinWorland Congrats Varun! That’s great!👏👏👏
Retweeted by Varun SivaramThank you @TIME magazine! I'm thrilled to be on the first #TIME100Next list and super honored to be in the company… @doerfler @jjacobs22 I'd love to learn more! Dm me if interested in a conversationTHREAD Today we launched World Energy Outlook 2019 #WEO19, our flagship report. Here are my key takeaways from t…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramCalifornia might not require solar panels on new homes, after all A welcome step back from misguided state policy
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @jtemple @jjacobs22 Thanks for sharing, James! @jjacobs22 You may find this from @vsiv et al. relevant and interesting if you haven’t come across it before:
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“Ten coal-fired power plants near India’s capital of New Delhi are poised to miss a December deadline to install po…
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A terrific target: 80% less air pollution in 80 cities by India's 80th birthday (2027). @GhoshArunabha crushing it… @RaviMikkelsen @UrbanEmissions @EPA Thanks Ravi! @jakeclevine @UrbanEmissions @EPA I think it's mainly the confluence of stubble burning in neighboring states and w… à Delhi, on prévoit 30 fois plus de micro-particules PM2.5 dans l'air que la norme américaine.
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @sheeltyle @sujaytyle Wow!! Way to go!!Looking good @sujaytyle!
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @Laurie_Garrett Thank you, Laurie, it's great to hear from you. I at least have a choice to be here. It's heartbrea… you are there, @vsiv -- Delhi's air is not only the worst in the world right now, it is actually deadly. Be c…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramIndian policymakers bank on residents forgetting about pollution for half the year before a rude surprise each Nove…'m scared to breathe tomorrow's air in Delhi NCR😨. @UrbanEmissions forecasts PM 2.5 in excess of 1,000 micrograms/… ICYMI: We debuted our policy pathway to reach US economy-wide net zero emissions this week, broken down in four…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram1/ Third article in series on how to reach #netzero US #emissions by 2050 is live: How to decarbonize the transpor…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @AyresAlyssa @BillSpindle +1, this is really great, Bill!Important and urgent story on India’s informal economy woes by ⁦@BillSpindle⁩:
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@siddharth3 @EconomicTimes Looking good!Today in the @EconomicTimes Magazine, my thoughts on India’s air pollution crisis. #TheGreatSmogOfIndia
Retweeted by Varun SivaramIt's a common concern that action against air pollution (and climate change) will come at the cost of economic grow…
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@t_h_beek Thanks Torrey :) @t_h_beek @JesseJenkins @greg_nemet Can't forget the amazing contribution from one research group in Australia to t… got to meet my idol!! I wrote a whole chapter on Martin Green—the father of solar and inventor of the PERC silico… @JesseJenkins @greg_nemet Even back to silicon research under the space program circa late 50s/60s? Hat tip to…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @future_io .@vsiv’s book “Taming the Sun” has some detail on how they’d ideally work together.
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Really a banner day for my tepid, pointless takes on syntax and language.
Retweeted by Varun SivaramAnd @globalpress defines key terms, a vital need in a news landscape that too often parrots phrases like…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @Revkin @GlobalPress Yes!! @laxmisarathyThe more I get to know @globalpress, the more I'm convinced this is a keystone model for illuminating realities & c…
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<THREAD> In my debate last September with @leahstokes regarding #GreenNewDeal, one of the main points of contention…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @leahstokes @NiskanenCenter @CatoInstitute @willwilkinson @DemSocialists @sunrisemvmt @MattGrossmann @ewarren 22/ A…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @leahstokes @NiskanenCenter @CatoInstitute @willwilkinson @DemSocialists @sunrisemvmt @MattGrossmann @ewarren 21/ T…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @Ben_Inskeep @ramez @BillGates I'm in favor of finding effective ways to put large amounts of accumulated wealth to… @42applesenergy @Ben_Inskeep @ramez @BillGates Both fair points @42applesenergy @Ben_Inskeep @ramez @BillGates I didn't see the live remarks. From the reporting, it seems like he… @Ben_Inskeep @ramez I'm with @ramez on this one. Billionaire unaccountability in general is something we should all… is an astonishingly bad take. 1) Gates said he supports much higher taxes. Including a wealth tax. 2) His fo…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramTesla is on a tear ➡️Reaches preliminary battery deal with powerhouse CATL ➡️"Cybertruck" unveiling in two weeks…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @JasonBordoff @noahqk Congrats on another great C-price @ColumbiaUEnergy resource!Trying to make sense of all the different carbon price bills out there? Want to understand carbon pricing design, i…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramHere's a new study on the most co-sponsored climate bill in Congress: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act…
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That's a BIG blade! 107m blade part of GE's new 12 MW Haliade-X offshore wind turbine
Retweeted by Varun SivaramLet’s take control over what we breathe. Let’s solve for cleaner air. Watch my @TEDTalks on Star Plus, primetime th…
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@davidwogan Whoa nice!! Thank you!Guess what book is being talked about (and read!) in the APERC offices? @vsiv #tamingthesun
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#Thread Last afternoon, given #DelhiAirEmergency, we gave our employees the option to work from home till 5 Nov, wh…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI
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@AyresAlyssa Happy diwali! Let me know when you get to Delhi next! @SonalRShah You too, happy Diwali from Delhi!Delighted to announce that on this auspicious day of Diwali, with the commissioning of our 250 MW solar project in…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @patrickhermann @shaylekann And ConEd et al from NY to help PREPA! Terrific culture of collaboration (helped, surel…
Given the outlook a decade ago, hard to overstate how remarkable this is. Beyond the hyperbole of "dominance", DC p…
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Looking forward to 2021, when Chinese turbine manufacturers look abroad as Chinese subsidies sunset, flooding the m…
@Revkin @ColumbiaUEnergy Thanks Andy!
@JasonBordoff @ColumbiaUEnergy Thank you, Jason! @Guay_JG @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz I hope this trend expands instead of reversing. But I do fear that the laten… @vsiv @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz 2 very good reasons for optimism
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram(Pending Supreme Ct ruling) looks like carbon pricing in Canada will survive. A big relief to rest of world after G…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @leahstokes @busbyj2 @d_jamesaust What happens to the carbon price? Is it safe now?A grim look at ground zero for coal in India that threatens to stay for decades to come; people face a choice of im…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @RenewableDev Thank you!Great thread and incredible pictures by @vsiv Do give it a quick read.
Retweeted by Varun SivaramToday's must read. "If you care about climate, care about this." Excellent @CarbonWrangler oped in @business
Retweeted by Varun SivaramThread👇🏾
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @AkshatRathi @paisandy @70sBachchan @_kuwarsingh @qz @Scarrwilson @boell_us Looking forward to reading your book, S… @paisandy @70sBachchan @vsiv @_kuwarsingh @qz @Scarrwilson @boell_us Agreed, Sandeep. All fair points. We make some…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramNice thread 👌 A peek into the coal mines of Korba, India. Interestingly, I was born here and stayed for a brief per…
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @brendanpierpont Thanks for reading, Brendan!Wow, incredible, humbling images and impressions from India's coal country. Thanks Varun!
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @CarbonWrangler @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh Thanks Julio!Terrific thread 👇👇👇 on coal in India. @vsiv @AkshatRathi & @_kuwarsingh bear witness & provide vivid thoughtful ana…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramA sobering thread on the coal industry in India.
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @kellyperl Hi you can read it here: Thread by @vsiv: "THREAD: I traveled deep into India's coal country, toured its…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramThis thread (h/t @CarbonWrangler ) —
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @artealiaamanda @ColumbiaUEnergy Thanks Artealia!Incredible thread & photos from @ColumbiaUEnergy @vsiv, and a sobering look at India’s coal country.
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@RaviMikkelsen Thanks Ravi!Incredible yet brief thread on India's coal mining and usage and its effects upon residents and nature.
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @vsiv @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz Thanks for this sobering report. The impact of coal extraction on people & 'jal…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramPicture 7 in this thread. vv
Retweeted by Varun Sivarama sacred space surrounded by an open cast coal mine in India 🙏⛏🔐 (source: thread by @vsiv here:…
Retweeted by Varun SivaramSobering thread looking at what coal mines in India look like on the ground.
Retweeted by Varun SivaramThread.
Retweeted by Varun Sivaramwow.
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @benserrurier @ReNew_Power Thanks Ben!A fascinating thread, but a dispiriting look at India’s coal sector from @ReNew_Power’s CTO.
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @vsiv @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz Good thread. The hidden costs -social and environmental- of coal can be very high.
Retweeted by Varun SivaramCTO of @ReNew_Power 👇
Retweeted by Varun Sivaram @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz It's important to remember that coal brings important benefits. It's helped fuel Indi… @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz For me, another tragedy was interviewing nearby villagers (OK, @AkshatRathi &… @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz Not only is the Korba region a major producer of mined coal, it also hosts over 5 GW… @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz And, disturbingly, we learned that the mine preserved a single plot of forest land (y… @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz The tragedy of this particular mine is that it's encroaching on India's only elephant… @AkshatRathi @_kuwarsingh @qz ...we also saw a thriving privately-run mine, abuzz with vehicles and equipment. Look…