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vultural @vultural locked in the broken wire

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spoiler warning: it gets worsefolding laundry while infiltrating the local lions club. @WillyGCmas you need more options my dudeI think we have, as a society, become excessively punitive and vindictive concerning people’s statements and expres…
Retweeted by vultural @eraserheadroom @brighthorse I think a regularly available physical copy will be released at some point. @eraserheadroom @brighthorse wow, i was there too but I broke down and bought a download and then there was one day… be on your mind❤️
Retweeted by vulturallittle known fact about me: I was not in Abba
Retweeted by vulturaltag yourself, I'm fuck itYou know what’s better than a cleavage thread? A craft thread. I’ll start. This is a watercolour birb I painted on…
Retweeted by vultural @CruisinSoozan This is a collage - I make them the size of a playing card. I have a large stack of them at this po…
Retweeted by vulturalhow I know when I'm home
Retweeted by vulturalremember it's illegal in all fifty states to drive pudding on the highwayIt would be so on brand for me to get murdered by Florida.
Retweeted by vulturalyou can never have enough existential dreadWe are all ghosts of our past.
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at this point I've said everything I wanted to say here. from this point forward, therefore, I will only be able t… best joke tweets are the ones that aren't funnywhy is the fuck[iterative or recursive [iterative or recursive [iterative or recursive [iterative or recursive [iterative or recur… @YaNanous @sw_entropybitch quoth the vulture, "nevermore. or maybe just one or two more." @sw_entropybitch every day is that day#29176 Waterfall, PA 16689, USA map:
Retweeted by vulturalForbidden literature (The use of the Word), 1936 #surrealism #magritte
Retweeted by vulturalUsed to think I had seasonal depression until I realized it was all the seasons and also that humans are terrible
Retweeted by vultural @WillyGCmas I'm sure there's plenty of under processed, organic stuff still happening, this stuff is all cyclical.…!
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become all the bullshit there's already too much of in the worldwhere we're going we won't need an edit buttoneveryone becomes too much for themselves at some pointwe continue wrapping our hearts and our lives around the same gods, and we are so happya stranger with too many teeth and too many fingers and a mouth whispering from the wrong directionstand beside yourself until you forget which one is younot deciding is also a decision, and all my best decisions happen that wayI want to let autocomplete and predictive text take over me for me to be able to make a decision about the fact tha…
#corners and angles for lunch, @vultural
Retweeted by vultural*forgets, out of spite* @benjedwards I started basic on an apple ///trying to find the perfect way to say, "I don't know what the fuck we're talking about."it's ok we will fall back into the ocean
death hack: put cemeteries in alphabetical order @pisshawk @vultural You elitist piece of shit.
Retweeted by vultural @pisshawk @LordJuiblex none of this is true you become middle class by getting a C in high school physics#29124 Calhan, CO 80808, USA map:
Retweeted by vulturalup before the dawn so I can take a nap before starting the dayI can't tell if I'm seriousIf you run into me at a restaurant and say "Hey man, what are you doing here?", consider our conversation ended. I…
Retweeted by vultural @ezhirri does anyone actually want to sex a man acting like men act watching sports? that seems like a bad thing @fussytummy there's a lot of subjectivity I think. guess that's true of most attractiveness standards though.
Retweeted by vulturalthe art of screaming in your car
Retweeted by vulturalpack a suitcase, baby, we're going to that abandoned parking out on the edge of town and laying down on the cracked…
writing exercises for today: ∘ various differences between birds ∘ describe ∘ pretend you're screaming at someone e…'s been the end of the world for so long, has anyone verified that we're not already in the sequel of the world?a small disappearing @dim_litcorridor Lepperton, New Zealand map:
Retweeted by vulturalturns out "be yourself" is terrible advice when your self is an assholeunable to sleep due to a malfunction in my mind's autocomplete algorithmI am moving backwards in time but it's hard to convince the neurosurgeonThey never found it
Retweeted by vulturalit's been so fucking long since everythingI can't get off the couchlifehack: use a fishing net as a beer glassconsidering sleeping in the clothes dryerthe weekend is waiting to take the bus towards somewhere north of here but there are fewer bus routes than there us… the brochure
Target Death @hypnoid_op we all always have to use some of the things @vultural If you don't have any things for the things you intend to use one day, are you even alive?
Retweeted by vulturaldo you ever have things to use for things that you don't use for things because you're saving them for when you rea… @ilovetopiss i don't think they actually are seriously serious.the morning where the dreams escapedoing good. thinking of gobs <3
Retweeted by vulturalbefore the invention of elevators to fill them, there were hundreds of deaths every day due to people walking into… sure always to explain yourself to a consortium while dimming the lightsRite-Aid never really found their niche but their building architecture will be appreciated throughout the ages as…
Retweeted by vultural @WillyGCmas I will try to get a copy @WillyGCmas I have read more of his short stories than poetry. I love Labyrinths. @WillyGCmas Love Borges, this is nicely done."Someone" by Jorge Luis Borges
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I just realized a lot of you aren't referring to me when you say "you" and I've never felt so alonewant to drop it all and get in a car, drive in a direction. find a thrift shop and buy a cheap t-shirt with a bull… @creeptwin so very relatable @AlisonTyler teens in the 1980s sent far fewer snapchats than in 2019I've never met a meme I can understandthere is a piece of paper on my window. it is green. oh, gone now. i am going somewhere
Retweeted by vulturaltravel-sized lounge chairsummer falling through the narrow waist of a broken hourglass
Retweeted by vulturallooking up
Retweeted by vulturalFall is when I can’t tell if it’s me or the leaves that are changing.
Retweeted by vulturallight through broken windowstry harder but keep hiding in the darkA watched clock hides behind its hands.
Retweeted by vultural @pisshawk you should not do that on a Saturday it's illegalsurprised to see "their" surpassing "the" this morning's time to start thinking about not thinking about anythingWeekend plans?
Retweeted by vultural @pisshawk have you ever thought about having coffee time earlier than that? because I'm thinking about that now