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A rundown of the growing list of Trumpumentaries every story about power and patronage, 'The True' is a game of thrones, just with less visible blood and more…'s Catherine Keener on what draws her to unusual stories, her friendship with Rudolph, and whether or not h…"#Room25 dives into sex and relationship matters with the same caustic wit that spices her politics, sailing an emp… will return with a new season on October 1 announced today that it’s signed an exclusive TV deal with #HandmaidsTale Reed Morano our inaugural "The Best Sex I Ever Read" column, author @Lvandenberg selects Rachel Ingalls's 1982 book Mrs. Ca… sense of "inimitable, cozy alienation" hangs over each of Chip Kidd's book covers — a description that also appli… is about life, itself, but mostly Annette Bening smoking and Oscar Isaac looking pensive two of #TheSinner was marred by one contrivance after the next, the cost of coming to a conclusion so twisty… star @UzoAduba shares the 10 books she'd take to a desert island with @OneGrandBooks main conflict of this #RHOD episode revolves around D'Andra and how “humiliated” she is that everyone in Dallas… Bob-Waksberg talks @BoJackHorseman, whether animals eat humans in the show, and the possibility of real sys… to WSJ, some at Apple even jokingly refer to the platform’s taste in programming as “expensive NBC” rise of audiobooks is a tech story, and the battle for its future involves the same players as the e-book wars Theroux on his #Maniac character: “I was like, ‘I want some glasses, I want to be bald, and I want a weird w… week in comedy podcasts: @histofstandup @anthonyjeselnik @greggrosenthal @RBTVPod @TVsAndyDaly @RealGilbert Simon will end #TheDeuce show after season three Turd Burglar investigation in #AmericaVandal season 2 is a nuanced look at teens and social media, until it isn… Allen’s 'Last Man Standing' character might take umbrage at the fact Fox decided to drop the show’s full season… Warner Bros. Harley and Joker film features Dr. Phil, ostensibly played by Dr. Phil, being abducted by the vill… Knight has accepted a plea deal in his 2015 murder case joined his son Saint West in throwing out the first pitch at Sunday’s Chicago Cubs versus Chicago White Sox g… Dee has corralled a dream team of distaff characters to join her on a noble mission with only the vaguest of… to Vulture's first #SpoilerBookClub: "Severance" by Ling Ma list of ten essential @brckhmptn tracks by the band that’s showing no signs of slowing down’s nothing like a best-seller list to reveal the nation’s insecurity
Jeffrey Eugenides' haunting, faux-nostalgic 1993 novel "The Virgin Suicides" changed the way we consume adolescence… rocked the internet this week after former Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman confirmed longtime speculatio… Gugino goes through so much for us's "The Last Samurai" is a masterpiece. It's an accident of recent history that it's taken the culture… Rudolph's performance on #Forever left @angelicabastien in utter awe Bel Canto, opera functions as a symbol of wealth and power Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have signed on to star in a highly anticipated but very secret sci-fi thriller…'Rafiki' is allowed to be shown in Kenya for seven days to “willing adults” after a high court ruling temporary lif… recap: This is 2018 TV being the most 2018 TV it can be, throwing everything against the wall and crossing… has found a new director: True Detective's Cary Joji Fukunaga French government will award higher subsidies to French films that hire more women does it take to make it as a dancer in New York? @MadisonMills22 auditioned for one of the most prestigious da… outbid 21st Century Fox for the right to purchase British pay-tv service Sky Bourdain’s #PartsUnknown premiered its twelfth and final season at #TribecaTVFestival, and it was humorous,… you, ex-lover of Cat Power, for helping make her very moody cover of Rihanna’s "Stay" a reality an audiobook works, it’s an inimitable collaboration between writer and narrator. Here are a few of the best s… Bhad Bhabie rap? The truth is she can. Does she write her own rhymes? Almost certainly not luck to anyone hoping to top Lana Del Rey when it comes to naming a new album Robinson on what it's like to be the only woman in the #AtlantaFX writers room Clarkson may be headlining the iHeartRadio festival this weekend, but that didn’t stop her from spilling tea… early box office returns aren’t looking good for Michael Moore good news is that their breakup wasn't like “where you have to tear a baby in half” Milano shared why she stayed silent about a sexual assault in her teens for decades, and found herself joine… the hell even is Yandhi? Why is Yandhi? And how scared should you be? Let us guide you through the latest Kany… Peele will host and narrate CBS All Access's "modern reimagining" of The Twilight Zone Moore on Fahrenheit 11/9, what he learned from Steve Bannon, and his own mortality, @e_alexjung writes band promised the tour would be an epic send off of the group’s career, which has spanned over four decades James has recruited Ryan Coogler to produce the "Space Jam 2" sequel is back, and sources can confirm, the end of the world still sucks! announced several additions to the cast and writing staff autumn books most likely to succeed — and a couple that already have of the best takeaways from our quick visit to the English countryside with these four legends are the books you should expect to hear the most about over the next few months the new trailer for #DoctorWho season 11 most striking thing about Netflix's "The Good Cop" is how much it feels like old-fashioned, lovable TV comfort… #SNL cast members from last season will return to the show this year with fancy new job titles MoviePass on the ropes, other services are stepping up to take its place new Magnum P.I.’s pilot captures most of what made the original great’s stepmom is scared of New York because she watched too much “Law & Order: SVU” Meyers brothers are a thing and they're making a show together like @Shteyngart, @rokwon and more share their lists of must-read new books arriving this fall Martin: “What became clear to me was his unbelievable service, his commitment to the business of cargo shorts” matched the best, deepest, most listenable voices we can think of with novels, essays, and nonfiction synced to… #BigMouth episodes are on the way thanks to the very hormonal tease Netflix has given us today"The Sisters Brothers" retreats back from some interesting, adventurous territory to something all too familiar “The Friend” Johnson trash talked Hart, going so far as to call him a “little gremlin” to get into comedy but have no idea how? Here’s a handy guide’s such a pleasure to listen to @Serial again. Our review of season 3: us be your guide through the best unseasoned rap beef since whomever on Al Gore’s internet Bhad Bhabie has curs…
Sorry for Your Loss is a wonderful, meticulously observed and often cathartic show, writes @MattZollerSeitz #InsecureHBO captures is the ways in which your thirties can often feel like a drab continuation of your messy…"I’m just living my desires way more"'s Abbi Jacobson guided us through five of her favorite illustrations from "Carry This Book" isn’t getting a new Donald Trump this year Hart defends Tiffany Haddish against Katt Williams: "The world of Katt Williams is a fictional world" basis of Annie’s need for the “A” pill is rooted in a bizarre addiction #Maniac #thedeuce Got a New Theme Song. One of the first signifiers of the show’s changing landscape is its main title…
Retweeted by Vulture'The Bachelor: Vietnam' shocked the hell out of viewers this week thanks to contestant Minh Thu has canceled its critically-hailed comedic drama #Dietland after one season The Last Airbender is being turned into a live-action Netflix series highly subjective but totally accurate ordering of every episode of “Sports Night” ranked from worst to best'Kingsman 3' will cap off the spy trilogy next year 140 events across all five boroughs and 250 booksellers represented, the Brooklyn Fest might be the predominan… the moment they stepped onstage, decades-long BFFs Meryl Streep and Tracey Ullman exuded a sense of intimacy t… Carbone has now released a statement responding to Jenna Cooper: “I think her bleach job has seeped into he… Cooper is doubling down on her defense, demanding that Stephen Carbone [Reality Steve] turn over the “fraudul… special was filmed in Austin earlier this year and marks Adam Sandler’s first special in over 20 years“Stop following me. The rest is cool, but stop following me” #MaryPoppinsReturns trailer is supercalifragilistic–Emily Blunt–idocious'The Bachelor: Vietnam' shocked the hell out of viewers this week thanks to contestant Minh Thu critic @JerrySaltz on his favorite art books, including biographies, catalogues, and coffee-table books'Nappily Ever After' is a romantic comedy saddled with a reductive understanding of black womanhood without enough… Groban’s response was pretty much what you’d guess