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This is reportedly the first case of its kind brought against FuckJerry former president sent a handwritten letter from his personalized “Barack Obama” stationary's our guide to what to see, hear, watch, and read this weekend Peele, in a very Hitchcockian power move, revealed he gave himself a quick #UsMovie cameo that’s of the sigh… rapper is seeking to trademark her famous catchphrase“She destroyed the show and my life" the throwaway minutiae of #UsMovie warrants pause, deliberation, and some attempt at analysis is insisting the ladies are “still enrolled” as students OA: Part II Recap: While OA and Kareem are playing Maniac Mansion, Hap finds love are many ways to interpret Jordan Peele’s #UsMovie and the scissor-wielding doppelgӓngers who dwell within it whole lot happens in the final minutes of #UsMovie, so let’s unpack the exhilarating sprint to the finish in Jord… Store premieres on Netflix April 5 OA: Part II recap: OA and Kareem’s paths finally converge, and they seem to be leading back to that abandoned h… the trailer for #ToyStory4 the gang's all here— plus a spork named Forky who's flipping out Portman is going intergalactic in the "Lucy in the Sky" trailer gives its standard lip-sync musical challenge the Trump treatment, and it is truly bizarre"The capitalists are here!" With 660,000 shows and 62 million listeners, the century's first new art form is enteri…“I’ve never seen a woman yell like that before until I worked with Barbara Walters.” @JennyMcCarthy on her year fro… Impala's "Patience" might make you think about the passage of the time … and also maybe yachts Dan Levy and Eugene Levy announce that #SchittsCreek will end with a sixth and final season humble chunks of audio have emerged as the most significant and exciting cultural innovation of the new centu…"There is so much to unpack ... I’m kind of obsessed with her voice" Gregg Araki talks his film "The Living End," #NowApocalypse, and gay-baiting on #Riverdale the 20 best anime shows on Netflix for people who've never watched anime Knox on the case that made her famous and her dream of leaving everything behind to make hats"The allegations are so serious and shocking and really f*cked up" summer, Ari Aster will be single-handedly dismantling festival culture with Midsommar chronicles the countless high-profile people captivated and drawn under the spell of Elizabeth Holmes,… a visit to #Conan, John Mulaney pitched his next idea for a sketch: a musical ode to the G train Gaga has reportedly been "spending time with" actor Jeremy Renner good podcasts to entertain you or help you understand the medium Streisand: “You can say ‘molested’, but those children, as you heard say, they were thrilled to be there”'s The Guy is a testament to thoughtful living through the sheer act of treating strangers with bas… 76 episodes of #ArrestedDevelopment, ranked from worst to best Roberts has broken her silence on the college admissions scam starring Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Carrey revealed that Tracy Morgan was cut from the dramedy after shooting his scenes "I groaned out of, I don’t know, feminism" are the 11 most alarming moments from #TheInventor. @kvanaren GIFed them all to Tavi Gevinson for capturing Elizabeth Holmes's strange frat bro voice and her layers-thick make-up look are the 11 most alarming moments from #TheInventor, in instantly unnerving GIF form
#HotelMumbai's @armiehammer talks Call Me by Your Name's much-anticipated sequel and why he's suddenly gone quiet o…’t worry, not many have strayed too far from Pawnee, Indiana"We are pleased to see that this lawsuit has been dismissed — only two days after it was filed" Cathcart will reprise her role as the brilliant, bossy fashion icon Katherine Song Covey in… Harington likened it as his "darkest period" on the show and "f*cking terrifying" of this week, the #Sopranos prequel movie now has a cast, a title, and a release date can't read the #Mueller report, but you *can* read my @vulture report on what to expect at Monday's big…
Retweeted by Vulture#Shrill's creators explain how that incredible pool party episode came to be you missed from our college admissions scandal Operation Varsity Blues Live! comedy event Efron and Amanda Seyfried are playing Fred and Daphne in Warner Bros. Animation's "Scooby-Doo" movie are, indeed, dragged across concrete in the film, but that ugly phrase could also be used as a metaphor for…"We wrote #NowApocalypse in the twilight years of the Obama era. And that’s why this show has this weird optimistic… Gevinson took gave us not one, but two, ghoulishly accurate parody videos of the most toxic blonde women in Am…"The Dirt" is surprisingly not that dirty— and a largely dull and über-sanitized filmic treatment of the Mötley Crü… to @heyKQ about her favorite viral Twitter bits, finding community in the comedy scene, and her L Word audi… summer, Ari Aster will be single-handedly dismantling festival culture with Midsommar guide to what we do (and don’t) know about Apple's TV kickoff, and what it could mean for the TV business as a wh… is returning to ABC for another season rap this week, @QuelleChris is perpetually daring and @ChiefKeef teams up with Zaytoven which I ask a quantum physicist to tell me if The OA could really happen, and he alternates between dunking on m…
Retweeted by VultureHow much of what happens on The OA is scientifically possible, at least in a speculative sense? @rachel_handler inv…’t miss some of today’s greatest directors, storytellers, and icons in conversation at #Tribeca2019's @Tribeca T… best songs this week, featuring @lizzo, @The_Cranberries, and more Impala's "Patience" might make you think about the passage of the time … and also maybe yachts's Evan Alex on the terrible advice Winston Duke gave him and which superhero he'd most like to play are contractually obligated to not say one word to me today unless it's about glenn close arriving to paul schrad…
Retweeted by Vulture#Riverdale’s second musical episode does not disappoint"You can’t build a whole musical out of climaxes, but you also don’t want a house full of blue balls." - @swholdren
Retweeted by Vulturethis is the most important reporting i will ever do in my life
Retweeted by Vulture"She just showed up dressed as a sheep" John Oliver's segment on public shaming to Devin Nunes's cow, internet trolling had a big role on late night t… has sprung and a new TV season is upon us these birds bump and grind and freak in Netflix's new nature doc "Our Planet" @aparnapkin sees beyond Kantaro's grotesqueries to the existential parable at its heart Zhangke's latest portrait of recent Chinese history is a long, strange, lovelorn trip — maybe a little too long Marlon James indulges his whitefish obsession and shares some strong opinions about the quality of Canada's…
Retweeted by VultureJordan Peele's second feature #Us isn't as trim in its satire as his marvelous debut #GetOut, but it's the most ins…'s costume designer on 10 key outfits in the show's first season and how exactly her team put each look toge… is your preview of the spring in the horror genre talked to @hmcdani2 about hats, her true crime podcast, and what she wants people to understand about…'re in the golden age of podcasts. Here's how the once useless-seeming medium became essential her Red character in #Us, Lupita Nyong’o adopted a voice that’s deeply unsettling has officially gone *all the way* in on Japanese anime are still a lot of lingering questions as to how Radiohead's segment will be handled, or if anyone from the b… are the shows you need to know about this spring"I’m not sure that it was ever really definitely going to happen. People just seemed so excited about it that we we… shared his 10 favorite books he'd take to a desert island with @OneGrandBooks that Big Money has its grubby hands on it, will podcasting ever be the same? are the movies to keep on your radar this spring Gilliam, the Monty Python animator and director, on the movie that took him three decades to make wants you to give them another chance“Reparations, ahh that was so long ago. Gun control, it’s too soon to talk about it. Climate change, it hasn’t even… are our most-anticipated books of the spring a 100-podcast syllabus, with selections both for new listeners and for those seeking their next obsession of their #SNL performance March 30, Tame Impala has released “Patience” has finally put forth one vision for his new America: a healed, more perfect union for the El Paso progcore ba…’s grumpy and icing out Meredith. Does he not realize he’s on a show with his girlfriend’s name in the title?…"The film made me realize that I wanted to be back with them and watch them over the years"’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. Unless you’re just totally confused by it Gump: The Squeakquel would have featured Tom Hanks running through moments in the latter quarter of the 20t…