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@SabrinaJWeber @Unsolved Yea didn’t make sense at all for her keys to be in her coat if the car did leave the parki… soon! A special cover with @queenetey 💖 bagus banget yak musik2 baru di Indonesia ... salute gw ama temen2 gw ... gile lu semua 🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙ABOUT TIME, fudgy blondies 🤤 DM me to order yours ❤️ @anaidbasiratnu ✨✨✨ @Natashaudu @MosesSumney ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @ravenpieter @MosesSumney Thank you Raven!!🙏🏼
#18YearsOfStripped 🖤 Such amazing memories and time— when shit got real. What’s your favorite Stripped memory?
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @anaidbasiratnu whoaaa thank u so much 🙏🏼✨😆Blown away... 🤯
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @BapaknyaRico 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @amandaaruni thank youuuu ✨🌈Menenangkan sekali ❤️
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @xatrios working on it ❤️❤️❤️ @feira24 thank you!! ✨🙏🏼 @nabilahhanas @MosesSumney i wish! hahahahaPart 2 Moses Sumney’s Plastic in 1 take for y’all ✨ @MosesSumney covered Moses Sumney’s Plastic 👀not only journalism, this new feature can save humanity as well
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙in our language we don't say "maaf ya tadi mamah marah-marah", we say "sini kak makan dulu" and carry on with our lives
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙Training my baby bro’s singing at home be like... sedang berkembang pesat dalam hal pembangunan transportasi terintegrasi. Melanjutkan semangat integrasi Jak…
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙selamat @logiclostlogic karyanya menjadi nominasi AMI
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @kakakinka Weird choice of judge tbh. But then again, he IS a model...🤪 perhaps that was his outlet to practice his growl in public? We’ll never know. But yea ESQ got that girl in my b… to him for giving it all tho. But legit I thought it could’ve been a metal concert for a sec. His growls were pretty solid.Pemandu ESQ di sekolah gue sampe pake jubah dan nge-GROWL pake microphone pas lagi simulasi alam kubur. Lengkap pak… Fransiskus Dukung Aturan Legalkan Pasangan Sesama Jenis
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I hope religious and non-religious people can see how important this is. How important he is. God bless.
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙positions 📁🤍 single tomorrow night 〰️ 10.23 presave now
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙Pope Francis has declared support for civil unions for same-sex couples for the first time
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙Game changer @rayvieralaxmana YeaSal x @ishahening! hari menuju pertunjukan pelipur olehku dan isha hening ___ 18+ Gratis
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙Finally Sailor Moon Crystal on RTV 🌙 @agnesnm @BapaknyaRico REPLY 1988gif of my first fictional crush nama murid al azhar:
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙I been laughed at since i was a kid. I’ve always been the different one in the classroom. I’ve felt like a foreigne…
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙I cant believe @FallonTonight will be the first time I’m performing a song from sawayama since the record dropped 6…
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @ivannmakhsara Sebelum pandemi, satu-satunya “konser virtual” yang gue tungguin cuma Coachella. @omarprazhari @Emirhermono @omarprazhari @Emirhermono I love my fwenz too much @ALtheDiscreet Yes! And we’re gonna be long gone when that happens, probably... sore! Videoklip #lazepertandabaik ft. @petra_sihombing
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @Emirhermono I dreamt of u last night mir!!!!Imagine if this finally happens. World peace is achieved, we enter a type I civilization, and the entire sky sudde…
Oh wait, jadi ga bisa lagi. Lol, help me out here please @IndiHome @rinasawayama Whichever, i’ll be happy to the bonessssYAAASSSS! Too excited ✨✨✨✨✨ udah bisa akses Netflix setelah gue....matiin dan nyalain lagi modemnya..... Alex Porat - Don't Watch Me Cry u got wedding at 9. But, your boss asked you to submit a revised design by 8.30.
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@rerrsgyn @Secret_Signals YAYYY! Thank u for watching Rery ✨Yeaaaayyyy!!!!! 🤘🏼🥳🤘🏼
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙Lagunya LOONA yang baru enak @auliadam @TonightShow_NET @BELLAKANIGARA_ @Secret_Signals Iyaaa inget banget waktu dia dulu sempet di Glee! Thank… sings What They’ll Say About Us on @TonightShow_NET! A massive thank you to @BELLAKANIGARA_ and the entire…’s @finneas on @TonightShow_NET! @Secret_Signals #KevDoesPR it’s coming up next for real this time!VIRALKAN! #TonightShowFINNEAS
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙Coming up next! Tune in now now now now @BirkinDust Dear @Twitter, still waiting for that Voice feature...... @rerrsgyn @Secret_Signals Nonton yaaaaa Rery!!! @wikedevi @Secret_Signals @billieeilish Thank you!! Tune in later at 9 PM on @netmediatama ;)Spesial lagi nih buat kalian! Jangan lupa pasang alarm ya, Senin, 19 Oktober nonton @finneas di @TonightShow_NET j…
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙GUYSSSS VIRAAALLKAAAAAANN MALAM INI BERSAMA @finneas 🥳🥳 #tonightshowFINNEAS
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙I’ve been working closely with my friends at @Secret_Signals to bring FINNEAS to NET’s Tonight Show and it’s finall… from me! i'm really happy to tell you that i'm returning to @SCMPNews -full time now!- as their new Asia Repor…
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @o2zone Judul acaranya NYE 2020 instead of 2021 lol mungkin maksudnya 2020 2.0? @jkt48belek @IndiHome Aku ga bisa sama sekali :( Kalo pake VPN malah baru bisa. Aneh banget huhu. Ada hack supaya bisa ga? @eshasw @IndiHome Oalah bot ternyata. Tapi ga tau kenapa di laptop gue ga bisa sama sekali nih :( @IndiHome Oh ya? Saya bisa tonton dari aplikasi handphone juga kok. Dan dari pemberitaan yang sudah beredar, ga per…, what?! Fellow @IndiHome users, emang Netflix cuma bisa diakses dari smart TV aja? @IndiHome! Saya kenapa hanya bisa akses Netflix dari smart TV tapi ga bisa dari laptop ya? Saya sudah coba pakai…
@itsdioandn Wew it’s my least favorite one of them all tbh. Perhaps because it doesn’t have the conventional design… of some hojicha blondies. Our next delivery is on Wednesday! Order yours thru DM 💌
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @itsdioandn I’d like to believe that NQS, Chibi-Usa, and Crystal Tokyo are from a timeline where Usagi didn’t face… wonder why Neo Queen Serenity has this particular scepter instead of Eternal Sailor Moon’s Eternal Tiare scepter… terhitung baru di dunia musik Amerika, Alaina Castillo sudah siap untuk menjadi bintang pop terkenal melalui…
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙This...just made me cry
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙TWO mysterious countdowns entitled POSITIONS have started! One for the lead single & one for the album perhaps? @therestisnoise_ Heeeeeyyyy @argiwibawa 😍Really hoping the pandemic will magically disappear before the movies come out so we all can watch'em. If not, th…
@ANGGRAINIMELINA Udah! Kecuali do do sol sol la la sol! Park Bo Gum thooooooo @ANGGRAINIMELINA Recommend me the ones you’re watching now!Beli es batu di mana ya? Di Circle K ternyata ga adaLol @pophariini @sadesusanto @goonzinthehood @sadesusanto @goonzinthehood @VVYND Waaa benerrr!
Retweeted by pronounced as ‘wind’ 🌙 @sadesusanto @pophariini @goonzinthehood WHOA 😭😭😭 THANK YOU SADE 💓 @pophariini @goonzinthehood @VVYND - Run it Back 🥺👉👈 kacau enak bgt, jadi tantangan tiap hari buat execute vokal nya kevin 😫
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The trailer for Sailor Moon Eternal, an upcoming 2-part theatrical release that follows up Sailor Moon Crystal S3,… @yosubap