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OT Vynla @vynlabtw London, Ontario

Fortnite for @OvertimeGG • 40k+ on YT •

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@yungcalc @ChuckyWFN @NeonWTFF You aren't joking either @CoachTimmy me @PlaIism Leo Messi's 2nd best season: 14/15: 85 G/A (58 goals & 27 assists) Ronaldo's BEST season: 14/15: 82 G/A… @Cented7 @TSM_Commandment Goat @sscarwyd proud to say i’ve never called a girl mommy @TimmyFN_ bro why is everyone sad tonight @svniqa u in ur feels huh
@svniqa carti ain’t drop ik same @OvertimeGG 😢 @MeroFN literally worse than ours and EU is still better than NA @LiquefyFN Average @Admlnfn clip @yojinxed @ilyynina @viioliaa @YoDamaged dis made me laugh for no reason why u so dumb 💀 @TitoIsVibin @TimmyFN_ No that’s timmy playing he’s just crazy @TitoIsVibin @TimmyFN_ He’s crazy @Donieefr @Chewyfn_ @TheApeCris 👁👅👁 @sscarwyd @wtfandreww @captainyFN @wtfandreww @sscarwyd she has bf but now it’s a 1v1 u got a shot @wtfandreww @sscarwyd @ClixHimself @TheSommerset @Bullywyd @wonderthetour my bad @souljaboy soulja > youngboy @mrpezimin @ZitoFN_ Are you saying this cause i’m arab @ZitoFN_ bro do it tmrw i’m in this hoe already @ZitoFN_ me @rzlphy @Slapiin u right baldy @Slapiin my teacher literally smirked when I was watching ass shakes when he walked past @CrackedShx @alqsiana @yojinxed don’t listen to them u gon make limit ☝️ 🔥 @Tkaylol i will have aggressive s3x with you @DeathNYC @jojiFN @duskyfn @FoppeFN @Ozirvo @Sparebow @Nexybtw man this was a good read @PlaIism @ZitoFN_ This ratio is what you should be thankful for @bhronosFN That means you’re just awful @illest_ Hbd 🥳 @Cented7 personally @kiylaye Hello @FaZeSway naruto good nvm @aozyFN bro was 11 years old @yoxics @ihyaddy @Xnetfn i’m gonna suck all of ur titties @yojinxed @viioliaa @ilyynina im down man @LserkL @PsychoticBtw noti
@qtEliza bro said fun sized what did u do to her? lmfao @LVKlE @kesinss @MichiBtw he a cute baby don’t bully him @yojinxed @h6tbitch w @daysmiel rip @Slqzzy @kurvwtf @lildurkexgf @vg8ds @RodlinFN @npen01 @michibtw_ @zenzvwtf @Investbtw @rzlphy easy for me i’m arab 😹 @PlaIism @OvertimeGG NOT POGGERSl. @fakeifys vouch @DeyyFN ye invHeader for @vynlabtw taking commissions🙏
Retweeted by OT Vynla @alqsiana i’m using this on god @Slqzzy Shut the fk upwriting soon 🙏 @fabiqnbtw 😂 💕reply and i’ll write ur name on my piece of paper 📝 @sprybtw they ain’t know vyndawg next to em rn @DeyyFN so many ppl r gonna try to be ur friend 😂 @tweaaks unfortunately i was left with no mats @FaZeSway promised neverland more like promise me never to land an eye on that disgusting sht again @FaZeSway jujutsu kaisen horrible hxh overrated one piece disgusting @3Dxrk @Tkaylol @Slapiin U right my fault @FaZeSway demon slayer mid too boruto trash tokyo revenges awful @3Dxrk @Tkaylol @Slapiin I’m being so serious bro I find myself very good looking @shahh @FaZeSway bro deleted his reply aint wanna get reported @Bigempr @j3nnah Very cool take Empr she is very interested in you she told me @3Dxrk @Tkaylol @Slapiin Yes @3Dxrk @Tkaylol @Slapiin I pull the most here tbh @FaZeSway naruto mid @Slapiin bro is 5’7 on a good day @ofckarma happy birthday @forpzy u tried to touch his nips bro nahhhhh wtfff @forpzy bro why you touching him like that NAHHHHHH @dieyuhs @xdTrik @svniqa @dieyuhs @svniqa @svniqa i can’t leave it @svniqa my bed is comfortable @svniqa @agnxya @c9rby @LimitGGs Shit mindset
@ParagonTweaks @Gaannzo Hes saying eat more you fucker @ParagonTweaks mommy @ilyynina @yojinxed ok bet @yojinxed hurry up @ilyynina 1v1 wager ur servers rn @ilyynina yo @yojinxed lets run this up duo @ockCoded The king has returned @pownzy @lolbardock @h6tbitch ur not even fatherless ur family less @lolbardock @h6tbitch we went from ells to synica to this girl now are you serious why can’t you be loya @lolbardock @h6tbitch not again bro @BHVannessa @roycelolz you guys r perfect @nikkyafah @aviaxszn @quixrr @kyisbb @Qxxdz u guys underestimate cee 💀 @quixrr @Qxxdz @aviaxszn @kyisbb @fujibtw Wtf other way around he may be better but fuck no @quixrr @Qxxdz @aviaxszn @kyisbb Tbh sandman is better than all of you + ratio @SEBBY1X ❤️ @BHVannessa @roycelolz ur literally my mom and royce is like my fitness trainer @j6yhz rip bro 😹 @yungcalc Wow calc this is so amazing you’re streaming for us man. @Cented7 which one @Tkaylol @ajo1x 👨‍🎨