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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.

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🆕 Service Workers Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation
📣 #w3ccommunity Call for specification editors
The Web Real-Time Communications WG #WebRTC invites implementation of its updated Candidate Rec of Identifiers for…
💳 #WebPayments Web Payments Working Group Meeting in Dublin at Airbnb☀️ Expanding Access to an Accessible Digital Future - w/ Judy Brewer, @w3c Learn more at
Retweeted by W3C🗞 WCAG-EM Report Tool: Accessibility Evaluation Report Generator is Updated🗓 24-25 March 2020 Workshop on Web & Machine Learning, Berlin, Germany. To bring together providers of Machine Lear…
W3C in the news: "WTF is Google’s Privacy Sandbox?” "Thus far, the standards organization World Wide Web Consortium… Privacy Community Group launches: This group aims to develop and incubate privacy-focused web standards and AP…📣 #w3ccommunity Call for Participation in Privacy Community Group
📣 #w3ccommunity Building Device Naming Standards Community Group created📣 #w3ccommunity Building Device Naming Standards Community Group Proposed
📣 #w3ccommunity Privacy Community Group created📣 #w3ccommunity Privacy Community Group Proposed💳 #WebPayments Working with canMakePayment and hasEnrolledInstrument
W3C in the news: "Modern Image Formats Explained In Detail" "SVG is mostly used by professions to create two-dimen…🆕 Proposed W3C Charter: WebAssembly Working Group (until 2020-02-13)🆕 Verifiable Credentials Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation
W3C in the news: "Firefox Now Blocks Device Fingerprinting By Default" "The standards group World Wide Web Consort…
W3C in the news: "Le problème de compatibilité entre les navigateurs constitue un véritable frein pour les dévelop…🗞 Updated Candidate Recommendation: Identifiers for WebRTC’s Statistics API🗞 Upcoming: W3C Workshop on Web & Machine Learning
The W3C Advisory Committee has elected the following people to the @w3ctag: Rossen Atanassov (Microsoft ), David Ba…🗞 W3C Advisory Committee Elects Technical Architecture Group
W3C in the news: "W3C Launches an Introduction to Web Accessibility Free Online Course in Cooperation with UNESCO I…
The Web Applications WG has published a First Public Working Draft of "Web Share API." This specification defines a…
W3C in the news: "iPhones and iPads finally get key-based protection against account takeovers" "With WebAuthn nati…
W3C in the news: "W3C Trace Context specification reaches Proposed Recommendation status" "Google, Dynatrace, Elast…🆕 Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation Trace Context spec enters proposed recommendation status and what it means by @plhw3org Distributed tracing ma…🆕 Proposed W3C Charter: Audio Working Group (until 2020-01-27)
Many thanks for all the ways you have made the Web work for everyone in 2019, and for all the work we will accompli… an interesting overview of Web Accessibility at W3C see "An adventurer’s guide to W3C specs" by @soMelanieSaid🆕 Web of Things Working Group Charter Extended until 31 January 2020 Pointer Events WG has published a 1st Public Working Draft of "Pointer Events Level 3." The features describe e…🆕 Web Payments Working Group Revised Charter Approved; Call for Participation🆕 Service Workers Working Group Charter Extended
The JSON-LD WG invites implementations of three Candidate Recommendations including: JSON-LD 1.1. The ability to st…
W3C in the news: "WebAssembly 1.0 and W3C core specification arrive" by @pjkrill "WebAssembly, the highly touted b… WebRTC API enables browsers to establish real-time audio, video and data transmission between browsers and othe… to Web Accessibility - @nikosvg reports 15% of the world's population consists of people with disabili…
Retweeted by W3C📣 #w3ccommunity Web NFC reaches a key milestone🗞 First Public Working Draft: Web Share API
If one of your goals in 2020 is to learn about web accessibility, or to expand your current knowledge, you’ll want…
Retweeted by W3CGeneric Sensor API, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Orientation Sensor are new Candidate Recommendations from the Devi…🗞 Updated Candidate Recommendation for the Web Real-Time Communication 1.0 API
@w3c The @w3c website redesign phase 1 RFP period has concluded 6h ago. We have received 30 proposals (48 documents…
Retweeted by W3CW3C in the news: 'Le W3C lance un MOOC gratuit sur l'accessibilité Web' (W3C launches free MOOC on web accessibilit…🗞 Happy holidays from the World Wide Web Consortium! holidays from the World Wide Web Consortium! We are looking forward to all we will accomplish together in 202…
W3C in the news: '11 Useful Tools to Check, Clean, and Optimize CSS Files' "The W3C is pretty well known for its re…🆕 Second Screen Working Group Revised Charter Approved; Call for Participation🗞 W3C Invites Implementations of the Sensor APIs🗞 W3C Invites Implementations of JSON-LD 1.1🗞 First Public Working Draft: Pointer Events Level 3🗞 Authorized Translation of WCAG 2.1 in Danish
W3C in the news: "This version.. introduces a range of updates to align with the W3C standards. DCAT-AP is a speci…📃 W3C Trace Context specification enters proposed recommendation status and what it means, by Philippe le Hegaret W3C Advisory Committee, having nominated four individuals, is invited to vote until 10 January 2020 for three s…
We are #hiring a Director of Operations & CFO to be based in Cambridge, MA, USA at our @MIT_CSAIL host. You will as… CSS Working Group has published CSS Writing Modes Level 3 as a W3C Recommendation Defi…
Retweeted by W3CW3C Invites Implementations of two specs. 1. Publication Manifest defines a general manifest format for expressing…🗞 W3C Recommends CSS Writing Modes to support International writing modes with CSS Writing Modes Level 3 as an official web standard,W3C puts a stake in the ground for international w…
"WebAssembly usage in the wild can be observed in utility software such as the Google Earth port, iconic games such…📣 #w3ccommunity Cognitive AI Community Group Proposed 1.0 Becomes a @W3C Recommendation and the Fourth Language to Run Natively in Browsers @InfoQ -
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📣 #w3ccommunity Accessibility for Children Community Group created in the news: "Twitter brings in WebAuthn two-factor authentication to help protect accounts" "As Twitter writ…
WebAssembly Core Specification is now an official standard, launching a powerful new language for the Web. WebAssem… Timed Text WG has published a First Public Working Draft of TTML Profiles for Internet Media Subtitles and Capt…🗞 W3C Recommends WebAssembly to push the limits for speed, efficiency and responsiveness🗞 W3C Invites Implementations of Publication Manifest and Audiobooks
W3C in the news: "eBay Puts Another Nail in the Password Coffin with WebAuthn Rollout" "eBay has become the lates… c'est 25 ans de standards pour un Web ouvert, interopérable et accessible pour tous, partout : HTML, CSS, 400+… has published a new version of its Roadmap of Web Applications on Mobile, an overview of the various technologi… soon to this brand new @w3c #MOOC course on Web #Accessibility to start end #Jan2020 w/ #a11y experts…
Retweeted by W3CIndice : un élément de la réponse est dans la question ! (et la réponse est laaargement incomplète)'est mercredi et nous cultivons notre âme d'enfant. Envie de jouer avec nous ? Vous êtes incollable ? Alors on vou…
Retweeted by W3CWe’re very proud to announce that @amja and @sarahtp will be involved with teaching @W3C and @UNESCO’s free Introdu…
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@_r_h_ Thanks, Rotan. Indeed. Fixed!Free online course: “Introduction to Web Accessibility” for technical and non-technical -- from @w3c_wai @w3c
Retweeted by W3CHoje, dia Internacional da Pessoa com Deficiência, o @w3c e o Instituto para #Tecnologias da Informação na…
Retweeted by W3CNeste Dia Internacional da Pessoa com Deficiência, o @w3c e @unescoiite lançam o curso on-line "Introdução à Acessi…
Retweeted by W3C📃 Free Online Course “Introduction to Web Accessibility”, by Shadi Abou-Zahra🗞 W3Cx Introduction to Web Accessibility – New Online Course @unescoiite @thew3cx @w3c_wai You can watch the video teaser about the “Introduction to Web Accessibility” online c…, on the #InternationalDayofPersonsWithDisability, @W3C and @unescoiite announce the launch of Introduction to… in Web games? See an update on the report from the June Workshop on Web Games by @tidoust Thanks to th…🗞 W3C opens Technical Architecture Group (TAG) election December is International Day of Persons with Disabilities! Today and everyday, let’s empower every woman, man &…
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🗣️New edition of the #roadmap of #WebApps on mobile is now published! It adds new work started in @w3c over the pas…
Retweeted by W3C📘 W3CPublishing News: Publishing WG Telco, 2019-12-02: Testing, Web Components and the Accessibility Object Model (AOM) by @LeonieWatson from @TetraLogical on…
Retweeted by W3C🗞 New version of the Roadmap of Web Applications on Mobile Cyber Monday! Don’t miss out — save 20% on your purchase of programs and verified certificates! Applies to @t
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ICYMI, the W3C published the Authorized Finnish Translation of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Ver… have compiled a list of the most frequent questions #FAQ I have received since November 8, regarding the @W3C Web…
Retweeted by W3CThe #RFP for our website redesign is open until December 13. See the 32 frequently asked questions design Web agenc…
Great to see a new browser engine being developed