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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.

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📣 #w3ccommunity Poll open for deciding the timing for Meeting 4📣 #w3ccommunity GitHub repo and proposed charter
We've chosen @CraftCMS to manage content for the @w3c redesign project. You can read more on our working in the ope…
Retweeted by W3C @pollyplummer Thanks for the article Sarah, you make a lot of good points. I've written a post on the background of…
Retweeted by W3COur #weeknotes on the @w3c redesign project for this week. CMS, design, and build planning ahoy!
Retweeted by W3C🗞 New version of the Roadmap of Web Applications on Mobile
@fgeorges The spec is under Document license which includes the provision that "code examples are licensed under th… are 4 days left for web designers, engineers and developers from under-represented communities to apply to th…'m of those who see #w3cTPAC as a good gateway into @W3C work and people. This year we challenged Members to send…
Retweeted by W3CWe’re happy to announce that we have joined the @w3c as an official member. We felt that it’s important to become…
Retweeted by W3CWe will have an online Plugfest next week (28 September - 2 October 2020)! If you have a Web of Things implementati…
Retweeted by W3CMore diversity means better representation and better, more inclusive design. This is why we’re sponsoring the TPAC…
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@davidstolarsky Welcome, David!
@publictorsten @nytimes @w3c We need to have a voice in how the Web evolves. The Web is in one of the darkest place…
Retweeted by W3CThe @nytimes has now joined the @w3c.
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Today more than ever, digital connectivity is a must-have. Please read & share this @daily_people news about…
Retweeted by W3C🗓 22 September 2020 WAI-Tools Online Open Meeting WAI-Tools Project invites web accessibility practitioners, eva…
On the W3C blog: "Making video pages for the W3C AC meeting" by Bert Bos. Learn how our yearly Advisory Committee m… have been re-using and improving this system in the ongoing virtual Machine Learning Workshop, with very good res…
Retweeted by W3CA fascinating case study: Bert Bos extensively wrote up all aspects of how we turned an in-person meeting into a vi…
🗞 W3C re-ernergizes process for agile Web standardization and earlier Royalty-Free protection Diversity Fund applications for TPAC 2020! We believe that more diversity means better representation, which l…
Starting this week: 🗓 16 September 2020 - 2 October 2020 W3C Virtual Workshop on Web & Machine Learning: Live Sess…🆕 Work in progress on a Decentralized Web Interest Group Charter (Advance Notice)
📃 Making video pages for the W3C AC meeting, by Bert Bos
📣 #w3ccommunity Consent on the Web Community Group created want to hear from you! The @w3c_wai Accessibility Guidelines WG published a Working Draft of Web Content Acces…
@godevinkjop Thanks! correct link ( has been addedcorrect link:🗓 22 September 2020 WAI-Tools Open Meeting Online - join the project team to learn about the W3C work on Accessibil… in the news: "What is FIDO2 WebAuthn? And why you need to seriously consider WebAuthn for your organization" "W… @yatil Our best people are on it!
This year’s fund is expanded to cover things that would help you participate virtually, like child care and equipme…
Retweeted by W3C🗓 Starting 16 September, virtual W3C Workshop on Web and Machine Learning to enrich the Open Web Platform with bett…'re happy to sponsor the @W3C diversity fund for #TPAC 2020, with @Adobe, @Siteimprove, @SamsungInternet, @Coil,…
Retweeted by W3C🗞 W3C opens Diversity Fund applications for TPAC 2020 Internet are a proud sponsor of the TPAC 2020 diversity fund to support under-represented people to partici…
Retweeted by W3CApplications are now open for the #w3cTPAC 2020 Diversity Fund Please apply, share with fri…
Next week is Inclusive Design 24, a free online conference about accessibility and more, there are some awesome tal…
Retweeted by W3CCette année, Sylvie Duchateau (@sylduch) ouvrira les conférences de #ParisWeb avec un sujet on ne peut plus d'actua…
Retweeted by W3CMany people use the W3C site every day but it needs some updates and with @studio24 we're redesigning. Our Marketin…🆕 WebTransport Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation Working Draft of the @W3C Web Share API is available for public review: Comments and iss…
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W3C in the news: "‘Payment Request API’ to Streamline Ecommerce Checkouts, Improve Security" "The interface lets an…📣 #w3ccommunity W3C LBD CG meets … – Selected Topics on Linked Data, Semantic Web and Graph Technologies in the Bui… @DotProto Hi Simeon. Short answer is: request this in writing to sysreq[@]w3[.]org. Longer answer is: you can't del…
"W3C Website redesign: new Information Architecture, wireframes" by @koalie "Our website redesign work is shaping u…📣In recent years, the W3C elected bodies (@W3CAB and @w3ctag) have become increasingly sensitive to their roles as… are proud to sponsor a series of @w3c workshops that bring together experts to enrich the the Open Web Platform…
Retweeted by W3C📣 #w3ccommunity Performing Arts Information Representation Community Group created
📃 New W3C Merchant Business Group, by J. Alan Bird agency @studio24 is redesigning the World Wide Web Consortium (@w3c) website and you can follow the process…
Retweeted by W3C @aaranged Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed! It fell through the crack this year, but we do have that particular pet peeve too.📣 #w3ccommunity Performing Arts Information Representation Community Group Proposed WebRTC WG invites implementation of an updated Candidate Recommendation of "WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication…📣 #w3ccommunity Federated Commerce Community Group created yeah!! The @wicg_ now has a proposal section for *well formed* proposals!! Love this idea rather than starting…
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W3C in the news: "What to Choose to Implement Audio/Video Calls Solution Using WebRTC?" received a donation from @Facebook of Oculus Go Headsets to further work on immersive captions. The group will…📣 #w3ccommunity Atomic Data Community Group created
🗓 20 September 2020 IoT bootcamp: cognitive computing technology and AI powered analytics enhancing human expertise…'m digging that the first @w3c wireframes are mobile-only > W3C Website redesign: new Information Architecture, wi…
Retweeted by W3C#W3redesign The @w3c website redesign work is shaping up! @studio24 have just published a new Information Architect…
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🗓 17 September 2020Presenting ‘XR Accessibility: The art of the possible’ at Inclusive Design 24 by Joshue O Connor…
📃 W3C Website redesign: new Information Architecture, wireframes, by Coralie Mercier in the news: "Google tests biometric fingerprint payment features for desktop" "This process authenticates the…
🗓 16 September 2020 W3C Virtual Workshop on Web & Machine Learning: Live Session #1 #WebMachineLearning
W3C in the news: "Web of Things over IoT and Its Applications" at @InfoQ "The Web of Things groups...are trying to…📣 #w3ccommunity 3D FOSS Web Development Community Group created📣 #w3ccommunity Federated Commerce Community Group Proposed🗓 11 September 2020 Chairing International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP) sessi…📣 #w3ccommunity Consent on the Web Community Group Proposed🗞 W3C receives donation of Oculus Go Headsets to further work on immersive captions🆕 Distributed Tracing Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation
2020 v10 release candidate: -> Short version: A…
Retweeted by W3CW3C in the news: "A look at password security, Part IV: WebAuthn" by @ekr____ "With any luck we’ll be seeing a lot… @csswg has published a Candidate Recommendation of "CSS Grid Layout Module Level 2" and updated "CSS Grid Layo… Translation of “XML Information Set (Second Edition)” in : “XML信息集 (第二版)”🗞 Updated Candidate Recommendation: WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication Between Browsers
22 August 1991, @timberners_lee introduced the World Wide Web to the world and invited anyone to join. His email in… us on 22 September to learn about the latest on ACT Rules, WCAG-EM Report Tool, Accessibility Statements, and…
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W3C in the news: "Google is bringing TouchID payments to the desktop" "The WebAuthn to Pay proposal puts forth a vi…
@yatil We're just glad we put the brain further up from the robot's nose.This Virtual workshop has been rescheduled! New dates are: 16, 22, 23, 29 September🗓 7-11 September 2020 W3C Virtual Workshop on Web & Machine Learning. This will be a virtual event with pre-recor…🆕 GPU for the Web Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation🆕 Proposed W3C Charter: Chinese Web Interest Group (until 2020-09-17)🆕 Proposed W3C Charter: Web Real-Time Communications Working Group (until 2020-09-22)
W3C in the news: "Google rolls out ‘Nearby Share’ for its users" "Nearby Share uses your phone’s Bluetooth, Bluetoo…
Oui, on est d’accord !📣 #w3ccommunity GitHub Repository Now Live in the news: "‘Payment Request API’ to Streamline Ecommerce Checkouts, Improve Security" "Payment Request API h…🗞 W3C Invites Implementations of CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1 and Level 2
ICYMI: "WCAG 2.2 Draft for Review" by @alastc He notes: "This version has 9 new "success criteria" to address user…
W3C in the news: "Support Burden for Web Meetings, Video Conferencing Got You Down?" "One way to reduce, if not com…🆕 EPUB 3 Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation
The WG is done adding new success criteria, and the Draft is ready for your comments now before finalizing WCAG 2.2… Accessibility Guidelines WG announced a new draft of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 for re… in the news: "Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Houseparty all make use of WebRTC.....“with Chrome, Edg…
🆕 JSON-LD Working Group Charter Approved; Call for Participation