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My toxic trait is being good at taking dick
The replies??? @GRNTUB LMAOmy upstairs neighbor been jumping up and down at 2am for the past few weeks then I see her in a Stella McCartney ca…
@aysiaisSAD 😘 @aysiaisSAD TrueHi please send my best friend money and/or RT to spread this :) @aysiaisSAD Can't even RT @noellearchives She was with her kids too😐Just got called a “fag” and I literally turned around and said “I am a faggot” then when I was walking out of the s… so random 🙈y’all still scared of big dicks? grow up...
I promise you I am not interested in what you “do for a living” @mermaysie He's only 25???? Looks at least 35...when the yt ad interrupts nicki<<'re entitled to your wrong opinion. @GRNTUB 😭😭😭 @joey0jeda me pre quarantine now I don’t wake up til 10-11am😭 @joey0jeda What time u wake up? @sunlethwaters I know... @teenwarlock I guess so 😭Today is the 1st day that Biden has chosen not to cancel all student debt.
Retweeted by wtf @mysterywoman97 Had me at issey miyakeIM GOING TO HELL I KNOWyou’re just ugly I don’t know what else to tell you😐
Gaga is giving Katniss EverdeenPLEASEEE I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS REAL @th3saddestangel Amazing @th3saddestangel Me
@chanelnumbertwo Love that for those who read!❤️I probably should tho huh?Anybody else get overwhelmed by the amount of words on this bottle so you never read it? @gayponyboy The details!!! @entity_______ You put a lot of trust into that manImagine your hookup hands you a bottle of poppers with a handwritten label on it... hell no I will not be doing those... @boringwhitedad It’s literally so scary @coolado_ This cannot be okay 😭 making homemade poppers now...? couldn’t pay me to try these 😕
Billionaires convinced y’all certain jobs aren’t hard work, so don’t require a decent wage. And y’all ate it up. Ye…
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@TexasDabDaddy @dynastyycolee Just wait til it’s your family....why do y'all want the people who handle YOUR FOOD to be underpaid?!!!
Retweeted by wtfI mean they’re not wrongok...
body check☝️ about how we might actually have flying cars in my lifetime.... yes I’m hi @vinyldanyl YesJust spent $50 on Popeyes...
Welp, i’m back on Jack’d , im nosey
Retweeted by wtfThe amount of men into recording fuck sessions is astronomical
bye @turnandstomp I screamed but me after 12 loadsWhy is this me😐 @nwordchan me when I’m peach on Mario Kart @W7FJXR63
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Retweeted by wtf @Rosehill1999 skkskskdkdkWho’s peach?
men who have “negative, on prep” in their Grindr profile but then have their last testing date as January of 2020?????LMAOOOOO THAT WAS FAST this account too what the hell did I just watch😐 @aysiaisSAD I love youSomebody come over and drink/ smoke with me (rapid covid test required at the door)Account Suspended: Twitter Finally Drags Its Day-Late-280-Character-Short A$$ Out Of Complacency To Permanently Can…
Retweeted by wtf @tattooedreams Lemme make one for you☝️ @sunlethwaters Hey wyd @aysiaisSAD That’s what I made your mind!made strawberry margarita btw should I make to drink?
After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanent…
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@undercoverqueso It’s 1:03pm @PalIahAbdul All the Australians on here are racist as fuck😐😐😐 @cuteboyrealness GorgeousWho on the floor is coughing skkskdkAs protestors stormed the Capitol, Facebook employees took to their internal workplace message board to express the…
Retweeted by wtfAs they should. for them original audio I think😐😐😐 ARE THEY SINGING NO FRAUDS😭😭😭 HIM ADMITTING IT ON CAMERA THEY ARE ALL BRAINLESS "I will tell you, Jake, I talked to a source, a GOP source close to the president who speaks with him reg…
Retweeted by wtfJournalists still asking if this was planned or it just "happened" somehow.
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to make it here without dying is the epitome of white privilege
Retweeted by wtfThis aged poorly @saulloeb @yashar @SpeakerPelosi OmgNancy Pelosi escaping the redneck inbreds A source tells me The Defense Department has just denied a request by DC officials to deploy the National Guard to the US Capitol.
Retweeted by wtf @NiemiKoski @terristweet @DineshDSouza Don’t be silly, their vocabulary is far to narrow to understand that word.eye- @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump He sure does Hill staff have been told to evacuate after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building
Retweeted by wtfThis is wild @entity_______ Omg I was literally just looking for the nearest h mart this morningAnd I won’t be sharing the video you can look it up for yourself if you must.For all you gays that think going to miami or puerto vallarta for a week of superspreading is cute.... an entire IC… @blade0r @capricorngoddex @IsabellaExtynn @hytesenvy They’re literally dumb we’ve been in this pandemic far too long😐 @queefburgler96 @hytesenvy You sound like a middle school boy desperate for attention... get over yourself you inse…