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this pandemic has made me realise something important to me and that is i missed being a gamer
The persona 5 interface is so whacky I’m convinced it means i don’t need to pay attention to the fight mechanics lol
@SachitShyam Whips the llamas assmaking a custom userstyle for ultimate guitar to be in input lol @_EricHu when this ever happens to me i save and immediately close my laptop for a bit hahaha @Dunwich_Type Yes lollmao why do DAW plugin interfaces still look like that @hassanrahim @clare the wrong type of quarantine ...
We Must Become the Pitiless Isolators of Ourselvesplease bro lemme sue a major tv network for damages for unauthorised font use bro just one suit bro cmon bro lemme… @ThunderNixon @futurefonts @ErikMarinovich wowww @ThunderNixon yeah, it's really tricky .. what do their friends or peers think at the moment?making a word-o-mat wordlist purely from urbandictionary @_danvaughan We get it ... you have Special Girlfriend @TiroTypeworks According to the Phoible database, the Irula and Urali languages are transcribed with ï and ð, so th…
Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @ThunderNixon careful how you use hard facts to counter their beliefs because it could paradoxically make them even… do a thorough kerning list so that i can think about all my friends as i come across their initials @sveinbjornp Perfect
imagine if i made a foundry website like this entire image was on the download page lmao can't stress this enough the artists i like on soundcloud these days have instagram pics like this is there a version of unlock it without jay park @wllmpan lmao
just made a roll20 account down i goAustralians sole-traders affected by coronavirus can register their interest for JobKeeper payments here G Unit @queefape smoking loud I'm a lonely cloudthere are drainers everywhere in the universe
deep in slavic drain rn
Retweeted by coolfontguy69lol streaming my work makes me really focused because you’re all my boss nowrandom featured article of the day lol'm streaming today – just doing some proofing and then kerning for an custom edit to Work…
is it part of the imperial system that you can’t refer time time zones as their UTC/GMT offsets
Since the X+ kern pair Twitter collaboration worked so well, I have posted my current word-initial lists and invite…
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omg found the русская drain x gecsone of the finest collections of music so far in 2020, that i promise✨ 🤵🏻@rainf1eld + 508boy🤵🏻
Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @_MichaelOswell_ Im absolutely there with you on this
overly dynamic websites feel flimsy as fuckFeel like im getting hacked when for no reason @LastPass tells me I'm logging in from an unknown device (same devic… what was i doing lmao @WF I think it's the same people who supported / are involved in In My Blood it Runs too btw First Nations communities
my dad is sending me graphic design content for the first time ever update for v0.7.0 (23 March 2020) ● The UI was slightly refined ● OpenType Stylistic…
Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @designmami Lmao designers be like “i am *NOT* a graphic designer” Modern Monetary Transformation 🤝 Theory MMT
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@weijunxia @100gecs Ya lol @at_cb a perennial question...when did this become hotter than this @hojpg2 damn.. mia saved a wretch like me....🥺This is a @100gecs song it is 😩 cancel me idc i love beyond the pale now MONDAY BABIE... i commissioned font guy wei (@w__h_ 🥰) to design me a m*a m*nday logo just for fun, & now i'm f…
Retweeted by coolfontguy69Online EULA Workshop by Joyce Ketterer from Darden Studio this widespread WFH situation, I am planning to arrange a Python For Designers intensive online course s…
Retweeted by coolfontguy69Kate NV going full Mariah with Sayonara lol @afinedeadsound Wow ok i need to check this out played the assassins creed odyssey demo this weekend for like 30 mins and even though ive never played assassins… @blancpain eyyyy
Incredible news. Vertical-script internet here we come
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piracy renaissance pleaseEcco2k and Narcissus2k @agyeidesign since you’re a type designer i know you like beautiful slow tedious tasks so i recommend death strandi…
@smashedmcdouble its kaiji – gambling in general? havent seen mahjong yet hahame as i download a woff boy's got his own typeface it's the only one I know @eliheuer but can u understand japanese lolCan @BTS_ARMY please help the Earth my typeface stems stay tuned
@ThumbWarriorDX @w__h_ From Wikipedia: The trademarked SD logo was originally developed for the Super Density Disc,…
Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @carsick_ Just google correct computer set up. Most of it is to do with setting everything to 90 degrees nothing be… @carsick_ I hate those chairs they’re not good for me at all. There’s so many things u can do that cost way less or are free @_EricHu my friend showed me all these profiles that are like r u healthy stuck at home and horny? lets quarantine together lol @MsCoolIce @averycutedog yes u candue to quarantines from the coronavirus, adobe is offering their ENTIRE creative suite for FREE!! follow these simp…
Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @shepgo GitHub, download the TTF
I've worked from home for years and I'll say the only guarantee is that you will absolutely fuck your body up if yo…'ve worked from home for years and I'll say the only guarantee is that you will absolutely lose your fucking mind!
Retweeted by coolfontguy69so you can get me to pay for acrobat??? lmaooooooo @williskingery Lmfao I’m glad I’m not a graphic designer anymorewhich one of you did this
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Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @CLQQNG niceDrain Gang is Jan Van Toorn and GBC is Wim Crouwel not taking questions @TiroTypeworks @ThomasPhinney Hmm would you pay dividends? @TiroTypeworks @ThomasPhinney My friend Vincent told me abt a curved pricing model he’s been working on which start… uhh started a thing
Retweeted by coolfontguy69 @ThomasPhinney Yes
logo for your zoom party the chaumont poster design competition been closed for years now??God I wish there was a way to gamble on fonts so bad @ryanshicks Ya lolGospel For A New Century