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@dabearsblog Phillips is involved in everything. Every GM & head coach interview. He is George’s top voice. He’s th… will begin accepting entries to our 10th annual holiday parody song contest on 11/30. PLENTY of GREAT content t… have had 1 playoff appearance since losing to the #Packers in the NFC title game. But as usual!! no you didn’t! @WaddleandSilvy & @TWaddle87 Pod- - #Cubs OF Jason Heyward - Best rivalry in Chicago sports -…
Retweeted by SilvyThat’s 3 pies!
Talking #Bears vs #Packers w/ @RobDemovsky now. @jon_greenberg Yes. What if Pax didn't hit the 3 to win the 93 championship? Win/winGreat question from #WSWouldYouRather today... Would you give up 2 #Bulls championships (your choice of years) for… @CarmenDeFalco you are NOT allowed to ground your club in the sand!#Bears convo coming in hot w/ @danwiederer now. Can YOU handle the truth?"Leave your club in the bag, Shark" ~ @TWaddle87 @WaddleandSilvy
Retweeted by SilvyLets get weird. Time for @TWaddle87's world now. @danwiederer at 4pm talks #Bears vs #Packers and big picture stuf… @lcm1986 he's really great to us! @WaddleandSilvy Kap drafting the NY Strip in a Thanksgiving draft is like taking the best point guard prospect but…
Retweeted by SilvyWe talk to one of our favorite guests NOW. #Cubs OF Jason Heyward. We'll discuss Theo leaving, Jed running the team… #Bears vs #Packers still the best rivalry in Chicago sports?Lets goooo! @TWaddle87 and I are on the air NOW! Download the @ESPNChicago app. Watch on vs #Packers. 🐻 offense gets made fun of during #MNF highlights. #Cubs OF Jason Heyward 3pm @danwiederer 4pm… us your best #WSWouldYouRather entries (either/or question) for today. Winner wins booze from @GWLiquors! We’l… And a Mike Smrek reference. Trubisky or Foles? Which makes Nagy look worse? #Bears offensive frustration even when they don’t play.… @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 @CarmenDeFalco @chrisbleck today’s shows are the reason why I listen. the sports talks i…
Retweeted by Silvy @WaddleandSilvy @SaturdayJeff @CarmenDeFalco I already have the winning holiday song contest lyrics, just know you…
Retweeted by SilvyTrubisky or Foles? Which makes Nagy look worse? #Bears offensive frustration even when they don’t play.… @WaddleandSilvy & @TWaddle87 Pod- - @CarmenDeFalco chasing pranksters - #DaBears vs #GoPackGo week -…
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It's time for @MarkGiangreco7. You can watch the fun on Download the @ESPNChicago appIf you want to hear someone nationally who feels our #Bears offensive pain, you gotta podcast the Jeff Saturday int… friend @CarmenDeFalco is now "that guy" in his neighborhood. We share the story with you now. fun inside @TWaddle87's world now. Jeff Saturday talks #Bears vs #Packers at 4pm. And then your thoughts on… have placed WR Adam Thielen on Reserve/COVID-19.
Retweeted by Silvy @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 @CarmenDeFalco @Jurko64 @tweetjhood @thekapman the @ESPNChicago app is the best way to l…
Retweeted by SilvyThe Bears have placed Eddie Jackson on the reserve/COVID-19 list. It is my understanding that Eddie has not tested…
Retweeted by Silvy#Bears placed safety Eddie Jackson on the reserve/COVID-19 list.
Retweeted by SilvyWe'll discuss this and the future of MANY current #Cubs at 3pm w/ @JesseRogersESPN @MrDontPlay23 I'll bring it up later. It's the perfect job FOR HIM.Ricketts: National Historic Landmark status for Wrigley Field tax benefits will not impact the Cubs' baseball budget
Retweeted by SilvyJoin @TWaddle87 and me NOW! 312-332-3776. Download the @ESPNChicago app. Watch on coach Matt Nagy says the team is still working through the injuries at the QB position. Too soon to announce…
Retweeted by SilvyMRI revealed more damage than anticipated: Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow tore his ACL, MCL, and suffered other structural…
Retweeted by SilvyNice waddle...not as good as @TWaddle87 , but nice. Although, I think they are a bit faster.
Retweeted by SilvyHere for a party on Sunday night! It’s #Bears vs #Packers week. Matt Nagy go BACK to Mitch? #Cubs “intro” Jed Hoyer… nfc north pulled an NFC East today
Retweeted by SilvyReady to see LaVine to take next step w/ REAL coaching. years ago today, MJ trolled Mutombo by shooting with his eyes closed 😅🔥 (via @NBATV)
Retweeted by SilvyFor now, Nick Foles remains on the #Bears’ media schedule for this week. It’s been changed before and I’m guessing…
Retweeted by SilvyThe NFC North went winless today. Too bad the #Bears stink.
Jayson Tatum has agreed to a five-year, $195M extension with the Celtics, source tells ESPN.
Retweeted by SilvyNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI’ve never rated any @TheAthleticCHI article less than “awesome” except some of @jon_greenberg’s tweets... They sho…
@cbefred @Doug_Thonus The old FO got ZERO for Deng. Same with Gasol. And a few others. MUCH better players than Dunn. @cbefred @Doug_Thonus we’re in THIS position because of the previous FO! You sound like a Cub fan in 2012. Most kn… @AndyGetBuckets 2 weeks late! 🍕 @Ky1eLong Have you tried Yellowstone? @TWaddle87 turned me on to it. Its awesomeICYMI What should Mitch do? Start for #Bears or protect his arm? Happy the 🐻 are off? Harbaugh discussion w/… should Mitch do? Start for #Bears or protect his arm? Happy the 🐻 are off? Great Harbaugh discussion w/… @jegrubbs85 @TWaddle87 @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck @WaddleandSilvy & @TWaddle87 Pod- - A wild start to the show - Will the Cubs sell off the core? - Are you ha…
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Guess what is back? THE HOLIDAY PARODY SONG CONTEST!!! We have details coming up and will play you some good exampl… @KCJHoop @RomanModrowski some good battles between you two! some really bad bulls teams!!!Are we nearing the end of the road for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan? Plus-some GREAT #B1G games this weekend. We talk… to @DougESPN now about his best plays in football this weekend! Lots of college plays too. @TWaddle87's wo… @WaddleandSilvy @DriveToyota I can't remember ever liking a bye week before now!
Retweeted by Silvy @TWaddle87 @WaddleandSilvy @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla a interesting start to this Friday show. I’m here for it though.
Retweeted by SilvyStart the weekend w/ @TWaddle87 and me now! Download the @ESPNChicago app. Watch on 312-332… you happy there isn't a #Bears game this week? 312-332-3776 to react. Today's poll question is brought to you… Friday! Mason’s message to the #Bears. 📻 @ESPN1000 👂 @ESPNChicago app 👨‍💻 👀 🏠 🔊 “P… @WaddleandSilvy @adamamin @TomBrady @thekapman These are all great reasons to listen, especially @adamamin, who is…
Retweeted by SilvyICYMI You should NOT be down as a #Bulls fan. Patrick Williams comps & scouting reports. @adamamin on Bulls changes… @aqfrench thanks Alex. Just listened. Never been the biggest Samson fan @cbefred @iamvega1982 @Bulls_Peck @mkhoops Whoever Snellt it, dealt it @WaddleandSilvy Oyy just wait till Silvy discovers you are allowed to score points during the 3rd quarter
Retweeted by SilvyFUN show!! You should NOT be down as a #Bulls fan. Patrick Williams comps & scouting reports. @adamamin on Bulls c… throw.You’re allowed to convert 3rd & long? You’re allowed to score an opening drive TD?! ⛔️ Football envy tweets coming your way tonight.11/19 @WaddleandSilvy and @TWaddle87 Pod- - Do you like the Bulls pick? - The future of the Bears - Is Silvy mean?…
Retweeted by Silvy @WaddleandSilvy Ok Silvy. I listened to the show. I'm on board w Williams. I thought I was Stephen A last night. #SilvyStrong
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.@ESPN1000 recharged under first-year market manager @mikethomasmt8 -
Retweeted by SilvyMy generation’s standards for entertainment were so much lower than our kids’: “Daaaaad, I’m bored.” “Well, here…
Retweeted by SilvyThe Bears are 19-4 in the Matt Nagy era in games in which the offense has scored a touchdown before halftime. NINETEEN and FOUR.
Retweeted by SilvyIt's @TWaddle87 world now. @DickersonESPN at 4pm. Is George McCaskey pissed off? Plus-much more on the #Bulls draft… new TV voice of the #Bulls, #NFL pbp for Fox, and our friend @adamamin joins us now!We just had a caller from who told us that the #Bulls don't have a good track w/ drafting players named Williams. M… @TWaddle87 and me NOW! Stop acting like scorned lovers #Bulls fans! We'll educate you on Patrick Williams and… mascot in sports. are you analyzing last night's #Bulls draft?#Bulls fans, gather round for a nice chat. @TWaddle87 & I want a word. & we want to hear from YOU! 📻 @ESPN1000 👂… @tweetjhood. We were all over #Bulls draft & @GoodmanHoops told you all about why it would be a GOOD idea to draft Patric… #Bulls fans... making this much betting on the NBA Draft... (Via @daakiddd, @SwiftHitter)
Retweeted by SilvyDo not worry about Patrick Williams not starting at FSU. Coach Hamilton plays a platoon system where he liked the f…
Retweeted by Silvy @dluzzz check my original tweetLots of Marty Blakes on my TL. @TWaddle87I guess the Karnisovas honeymoon is over! @FrmTheWaitingRm we talked about him all day todayI’m good w/ this. High ceiling. High athleticism. High motor. Giving Karnisovas the benefit of the doubt.’s go #Bulls. Keep the good vibes of this offseason flowing.