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Aaron @WAFCAaronJ Shrewsbury, England

19 // Media Assistant at @AlportFC // @LFC // @RedBullRacing

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Still can’t get my head around that we only need 12 more points to finally end the wait.
@LecIxrc Good point @itmenin @JayFromTGF @RomellHenryTgf had one death so far @LecIxrc lmao they ain’t trying to spread awareness unfortunately, they’re just being twatsSo whilst people are losing their homes, and I can't work and losing out on money, these two think its ok to make a… @Nathaniel_Trl my hometown, nice of them to take the piss whilst we're strugglingBarcelona just score please50p bets coming in clutch BOOKED YAAAASSSWhy are Barca shit @TheStudgeRole So sad @tayIordp @billymcfc_ Bronze you plum @billymcfc_ Tb to when he accidentally bought a horse @OfficialFPL 53 😔
Can we not draw this pls @JamesPearceLFC @LecIxrc hahahahahahaha LOELScore plsMoss has forgotten his cards tonight it seems #LFC @JamesPearceLFC When was the last time we played on a Monday night at Anfield, Jimbo?Ah yes. Let them bicycle kick it instead and break their necks. @Jaack @TheSun #IBlockedTheSun #AndDidItYearsAgo
@OfficialFPL @ManUtd lmfao wtf is that quoteHow does Richarlison make a brilliant run forward and its ONLY CALVERT-LEWIN in the box? Where’s Bernard? Wheres Si… that was quicker than Calvert-Lewin’s😂Graeme Souness calling that DCL goal dangerous play??? So we can’t score bicycle and scissor kicks now? Shut your stupid mouth up @EntireDesign_ lmaooo I got this too @archieIfc loooolDavid Luiz barking orders to his defence seconds before kick-off. Less than a minute later, they concede because th… @_Ifcjay Just play the kids vs Ev, beat them easyYerry Mina, tactical masterclass there.Helluva finish from DCL! @ScuderiaFxrrari you stalking him again?
@JNorb14 Thought this was the last time, Jurg? @Odemzz I agree🤩 @JNorb14 Tweet during a game or a presser then Jurg. Reveal yourself when we win the league too. @Odemzz Hmm🤔 well tbf the photos I was sending don’t help your impression of me lmfaooo @Finishedd_ “Robertson btw” 😂😂😂😂 @Odemzz and to think this is my first impression of you... @JNorb14 LOOOOL JURG STOP @JNorb14 No, John Henry is. @billymcfc_ OhFuck off City @Specsavers @GaryLineker Didn’t see that one comingAwful penalty. Worst position Aguero could have put it. @archieIfc Yeah its a pen but so was KdB one. Thats what the uproar is all about @StuBrennanMEN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAWhat happened to Ederson on penalties, Pep?Karma. @premierleague FUCK OFF WITH YOUR INCONSISTENT SHITEVAR can actually do one. This is ridiculous.Theres no way they give that and not the De Bruyne one...I’d be all over a London based GTA. of a finish from Aguero there tbf @archieIfc NoWould like to know why that’s not a penalty and a red card?Why do the City players look like a rocket lolly?Give him a retrospective ban then? no foul there’m done with this. @premierleague @ChelseaFC Fix your fuckin VAREXPLAIN to me how this ISNT A RED CARD? Inconsistency. @alportfc 249and ALSO. He’s the most reckless driver I’ve ever seen in F1. Imagine PLANTING THE THROTTLE on Lap 1 of a race, to… @CFCTom_ I’d much rather have KovacicThat analogy is the worst I’ve ever seen. You NEED to break eggs in order to make an omelette. You don’t NEED to cr… night in a long time I stg
@tayIordp not even in the gc smh @humanputa smh I used to like you, even yedderday we were friends @humanputa Messi? Ew man you Gueye @humanputa Starting to like FIFA Moura ‘nd more every dayArsenal should sign Carlos Bacca, play Saka further forward and convince both Kaká and Steve McManaman to come out…
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@FalseFMatt I understand giving the opportunity for players outside the top 10 to experience the PL, but SURELY tha… @PhilPhenom Madman! @FalseFMatt I mean, they only did it to cover for Ando’s injury last year, shouldn’t have carried it on. Just for t… in Peace Pacybits, will miss playing you everyday on my lunch breaks :( @_Ifcjay You’d be an APOEL goal away... @_Ifcjay looool imagine saying that after drawing a gameUnfair on Porto, that. But who cares, because you can’t give Havertz two chances. 🔥 @FalseFMatt Absolutely. He’s here to stay for years, this lad! @archieIfc Ok.WHAT A PERFORMANCE! Nathan Aspinall ruins Michael van Gerwen’s 100% record, get in there my boy!Nathan Aspinall is one of the best cover shooters in the darting world right now.Who was that bloke with the “Klopp Out” sign at the darts?😂😭 @OfficialPDC Is there a longer version that this?
Portrait pictures of Manchester City fans. @MichaelMitsakis @RashfordRegista @ginizone6 @Mertooo_38 @HakimZ10i A YELLOW CARD HAHAHAHA @OfficialFPL Laporte’s? @TPowlingF1 Of course each and every lap is different and I’m sure if more excited for a driver than a spectator bu… @TPowlingF1 Must be sooooooo boring. @RashfordRegista @ginizone6 @MichaelMitsakis @Mertooo_38 @HakimZ10i Someone seeing some sense, not like he ended Messi’s career🤦‍♂️
Champions League Ro16 First Leg: Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool (18/02/20) League MD26: Norwich City 0-1 Liverpool (15/02/20) ⚽️ Mane @IanDoyleSport Send NC in then.Playing a Spanish team in a 2nd leg at Anfield after losing the first? Been there, done that. I believe.’ll be that, then. @FalseFMatt Won’t know whats hit them in the 2nd leg. I feel another special Anfield night coming... @neiljonesgoal goodDon’t need to win, just nick an away goal. Please @LFCKlopp has accepted the loss. Cba