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public health policy advocate fighting for health equity w/ episodes of the office in the background I’m rooting for everyone radically black. #DefundThePolice

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“Bipartisanship” is the new dog whistle for the right to block everything and and an excuse not to do anything abou… media thirsting for soundbites from Manchin and others of his type (the "disaffected" white middle class voter,…
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Start with Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin.Vote them all out! @ashoncrawley 😂😂😂😂 @cool_tr3 E for energy but not for execution 😭😭😭Just bunny hopping 😭😭😭😭Lol D*nali can’t duck walk or cat walk. I want the white queens on drag race to stop voguing or get a coach in the ballroom scene. 😭😭😭
@Oseguera2020 @BernieSanders 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @_Bran_don Listen!!!!!! Why pretend! @_Bran_don Mimosas on deck? can barely pay their teachers and educators a living wage but the police are getting 200k cars? right.
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾 @Prose_And_Khan Also, you’ve always reminded me of him. 🙃💫 @Prose_And_Khan He nearly brought me to tears AND he had on all white. Jesus Tyrone Christ!Speaking of Maxwell - first off, fine in person. Also, can we go see him perform in person as a family? Went before… Lord!!!!! How could I forget Maxwell - Sumthin SumthinApple Tree - Erykah Badu / Golden - Jill Scott / Mary J Blige - Family Affair / Marvin Sapp - My Testimony ❤️❤️❤️ @calebloschiavo Lol!!!!! I love you! 😭😭😭😭 @Moore_Darnell Wow! 🔥🔥🔥Now that I’ve seen the episode I’m angry no judge said anything about this FACE!!!!! 😍😍😍 @its_tayce #DragRaceUK
I want to learn how to crochet so I can make little funko crotchet dolls like this! riot suspect Eric Munchel, dubbed "zip tie guy," to be released from jail pending trial. As a public def…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾A former member of the board of directors for Raytheon Technologies, top defense defense manufacturer, contractor a… and Larry had the timeline on sizzle for daaayyyyyyssssss @homoSWEATual @StudioThreeCHI 💫💫💫
@AllyWatchesland Screaming at OONTZ @MelechThomas Annnnnnnd she’s a racists birther so f*ck her, respectfully! 🙃Eliminating the filibuster is a process debate we would win easily, and forces GOP to defend Jim Crow-era parliamen…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾😱😱😱😱 @LindseyBoylan 😭😭😭McConnell’s argument is that unless Democrats promise to let him filibuster their agenda, he’ll use the filibuster…
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@Roberts_Rules @steven_brooklyn 🔥🔥🔥🔥Wow! Dr. Fauci back at the podium making the mutation debate plain and indicating that plans are in place to addres… testing or vaccinating people in prison is violent and inhumane. #COVID19So after Mitch McConnell changed the Senate rules at a blistering pace during his 6 years in charge, he is threaten…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾Abolish the filibuster.
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾 @Montez_BBA Basically warned Democrats not to get rid of the filibuster while at the same time threatening to block… shirt is probably James Perse pants are most likely Rag & Bone plus he’s literally tryna remove indigenous Hawaii…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾How blind do you have to be to always give Mitch the benefit to prove exactly who he is every single damn time! Not… unity!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 needs to understand right now that they’ve learned nothing and will do it all again as soon as they get th…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾With all the Department of Transportation oversees is it even realistic Mayor Pete can meet these incredible challe… @LaytonEWilliams Yes! Still need it all cancelled lol @Prose_And_Khan It’s so real!!!! @drewgiddings You know we don’t trust the people not to let this happen again 🥴 @drewgiddings Remind me the next time a fascist is elected in this country to take a week off when they leave office 🥴 @homoSWEATual @MissLaLaRi Okay!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥Ok Wesley, get up! 😭😭😭 @jayctigerfan @TennicaFox Period! LolBaby they spent a COIN on those fireworks lolWill Katy ever put out anything better than Teenage Dream? 😭😭“A lot of Republicans don’t care about governing” that’s it right there. long as the Republicans don't face electoral consequences, they'll continue to obstruct. They don't care about U…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾And they want us to unite with this level of crazy? 😭😭😭😭 @TrulyGQ86 This whole album is 🔥🔥🔥I did miss this level of drama in White House television productions! 😭🥴 @jsmith189 @POTUS And the @WhiteHouse 😭😭😭 @RepBonnie @POTUS Cancel it all. ❤️#MedicareForAll
You know what’s scary, if he would have just shown a modicum of human decency or did the very bare minimum in respo… imagine us “tolerating different beliefs” that believe we should be hungry, homeless, sick or dead😭😭😭😭 the dramaSame.
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾Yep: We need to de-nuke the world. Starting w/ the U.S. yet, that’s not even a part of the conversation while we ta…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾 @MindofLoki Not enough. The world doesn’t need nuclear weapons at all.No one person should carry the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States. It’s an evil that I think about constan… constitutional norms and democratic traditions couldn’t save us and won’t in the future.May the fragility, evil, cruelty and absurdity fuel our passion for radical change for the rest of our lives. May w… don’t know bro. I don’t think today is a “celebration of the resilience of democracy”. This media talking point is so loud. 😭Happy last night of Trump, for what it’s worth. Now, on to making sure Democrats stop reaching across the “isle of…
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@_Bran_don chair of the Gwinnett County elections board on why she wants GA legislature to impose new restrictions on voti…
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@AUGUSTBABY1987 YES!"Community policing" like all policing is violent and internally inconsistent. What part of "community" is "be good…
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TBH $15/hour still isn’t a livable wage for many parts of America. But go off! 😭Making note of the NY/NJ Queer promoters in Atlanta this weekend hosting club and brunch events. Won’t get my coins… you ever need a good laugh, YouTube Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint Laughing. You’re welcome! 😂
White supremacy is LITERALLY why we can’t have nice things.
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾The death penalty is fundamentally a poor person’s issue. Over nearly 40 years of visiting death row facilities acr…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾Congress owes us like $16,000 for the 8 months they didn't help us, why are we arguing about $1400 vs $2000?
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Scream 3 > 😭😭😭😭😭 @jayctigerfan When you’re right you’re right!
I hope HBO has been asking Issa for an Insecure movie. I think it would be dope to revisit these characters 5 years from now.TRASH!!!!!!!!! did such a number on me that I can’t tell if I’m numb or okay right now.
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾McConnell will refuse to call an emergency senate session and then when impeachment arrives in two weeks he’ll comp…
Retweeted by Hey Wes! 👋🏾Really don’t care what Tillerson thinks but facts are facts and failure is failure.“Small waist, pretty face with a big bank.......” Jersey would like a word. 😭 @WriterzWay Let me check the files...... doesn’t feel the same without The Office and I refuse to pay for another subscription service. @WriterzWay So proud of you!!!!!