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@KingThelonious I often wonder why so many people know but act like they don’t lol .. it’s literally visual proofIt’s the years and the sneakers for me... could honestly pay me in snacks then 😂 @SteeloBrim Fine fine fine line and u love it 😂 @SteeloBrim Lol here u go bro lollllllThat’s crazy @big_business_ Everything was right @MisterMcClenney 🧐💙 @TrueLaurels Bruh we bored ... I finished Netflix . I spanked Hulu .Wow I’m handsome ... that’s crazy @Geeechiiii @igotit4free Alll of em @PartyMarlyDC @BigMoeDC @Djstevo 😂😂😂😂Imma cry . I’m crying. I cried @_EAT8 This nigga spittin lol @SangoBeats Osheyyyy oSo y’all sayin y’all want me to host Ellen .. got it .🐐 stayin power ! day we shot this video my old label was tryna sign me back ... lol @AstasiaWill If rob block u .. I’m sorry qween’s cut the malarkey this is why Nike came back out wit these ..... is my mic on @OGJOHNNY5 @Lifeofsimonee_ 👁 🍠 @isaiahrashad I felt like I needed to show some range today 😂 @WWEBigE Lmao it’s a truly next level when u know before it go @VividDope It’s not it .. any version even the ones against it..I’m tryn come host Ellen wit a gogo band ...I’m in the futureI’m gonna cry this is the most 10/10 tweet ever . y’all got to hear me out .. I’m very eloquent and loquacious... I’m only slightly problematic but tv needs a lil… @AstasiaWill aesthetic when I’m the new host of Ellen . years ago . Forever a Classic. this shyt ain’t been great since y’all stole it.. the jig....... it’s all the way up sis @jeffokudah @Lions My dawg lookin sweeet I wish they let the single digit rockI’m tryn host Ellen for a week .Purrrriodt miami an JT stan account
😢 @Djstevo 🎲 @TrueLaurels 🧐 @mikehector @DropsByJay PoliceA KING I love this
Ha @phontigallo LmaooooooMy man @Rotimi been lifting 383837 pounds a day and he is tryin to upstage me in this video ... I know it I don’t warrrrrit @Lj_era8 On who u wearin that visor this year 👀 @DOPEITSDOM x @Hit_Boy 🤞🏿 @CurrenSy_Spitta All mine too small . I been tryna lose weight but I like henny and pizza too muchThis my president . That’s crazy @Upscale_Vandal 🤞🏿 movas @BradWete Facts lolWaitin on @Upscale_Vandal ... I need laughs food spots and hot takesJames Harden one of the best hoopers of all time .Let’s go miss my cousin Bo so much man 😢 @Sarkcessvision @sarkodie Remove that other flag lol @jaden @LuvJaden_UnCool 💙 💯 @CraigSJ My brother I’m tryin I copped yesterday .Baba Folarin x @sarkodie soon come 🇬🇭 🇳🇬 @ProducedByTy @VividDope @ReekDude Been punishin me n the good men . We need to cleanse lol @VividDope @ReekDude the culprit ... henny . My muva I ain’t know what day it was or how I got home 😢 God it’s better times comin ! Watch awffff u MF Queen
I often think about when me n Jhene Aiko made “cool off” I love that song🙏🏿 tunes from the West Coast, @Hit_Boy and @DOPEITSDOM linked up to bring us Also Know As! #OPM
Retweeted by Wale @MouseJones I hate “y’all” cuz I ain’t never been part of y’all but I feel u @atrak 💙 @PrissthaQUEEN BET carried me even worse but hey
Retweeted by WaleOh u right fam😍 🐐 👑
Tryin to shouldn’t be this disappointed. I know I shouldn’t but here we are @SirEddieC An I did. I’m not doin that participation trophy POVI failed again flip the script cuz I’m wrong song @SteeloBrim LmaoI need to do somethin workout-ish but the gym closed and if I hike again I’ll fall down a mountain somewhereCan’t wait to have Easter dinner at 3pm tmrw on Valentine’s DayIt’s giving panic @MouseJones Very few of my associates felt this . Possibly none @Dude_Br0 It’s wild that it’s jus so on brand for 2020 @SymphaniSoto One more and I’m outta here. LolMy dawg . That’s heavy . Congrats @Lj_era8 @SymphaniSoto I’m halfway delirious wit a sprinkle of worried @CousinStizz They tryn tell us go back home lol @KDTrey5 @god Lmaoooo. . @god we sorry can we try this year all over again , pls @Yg_Trece Size 9 me 🌝 @BobCoogan @washfootbaII He been puttin in work . Don’t play wit bro like that he cut down and is way more explosiveLa said I’m not finished yet . must protect Karlie.... all cost D.C. residents died of the coronavirus at 5.9x the rate of whites, worse than any other large U.S. city publi…
Retweeted by WaleGirl, fraudulent behavior is HOW you got here in the first place . u know u know’s ghetto how I’m up and don’t know what day it is. @_EAT8 U just missed the earthquake bruh . La said got AmericA in the full Nelson @richkleiman No bull I woulda returned it and got a droidI wanna go back to sleep , bob .