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Any political discussion welcome those who deploy unsubstantiated sound bites, character assassinations or abusive replies, I block them all.

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@gurjoseba @Christi65022481 @KevinPascoe @leftstance AV is not really a decent PR system. Clegg couldn't even be bothered to do that job properly. @maryeffrancis I've not seen anything like this. Surely the Campaign Group needs to be all over this? @Christi65022481 @KevinPascoe @leftstance I refer to the general position in the UK. IIRC we have only ever had two… @KevinPascoe @leftstance The betrayal of respecting the Brexit vote has caused serious damage and when Labour voter… @ThorinHall @PhillipsBarrie FWIW, I don't doubt plenty will be grumbling. They are as daft as I thought they were i… @ThorinHall @PhillipsBarrie The only ones satisfied are the ghouls he brought into the shadow cabinet and the middl… @KevinPascoe I hate the tactics of our senior MPs who just keep quiet. They should be putting forward ideas not act… @leftstance @KevinPascoe It will only come from a concerted effort from the opposition parties. That of course, as… @VoterLabour It wasn't pleasant. We had to get off the train because the storm had blown trees down and blocked the track 😄 @leftstance @KevinPascoe For me, I have been in favour of PR for a while now. It cannot be right that 40% don't vot…
@VoterLabour I got stranded on the train from Liverpool one night and ended up walking five miles in a rain storm.… @VoterLabour Well done. Think of the benefit of the exercise. @KevinPascoe Wishy washy politics failed in 2015 but we are at it again during the second depression in 12 years. @LauraAlvarezJC @emmash80 @skwawkbox Starmer hasn't got a clue or a backbone. He doesn't appear to have any beliefs either. @drummergirl1971 @AaronBastani @YouGov Leveson 2 was always one of the reasons to hate Corbyn as far as newspaper o… @proustmalone @Terry_Mitchell Imagine my surprise. @drummergirl1971 @AaronBastani @YouGov When we get into times like this, right wing populists, which includes Johns… @laureleccles @jeremycorbyn Starmer appears to be playing a blinder according to our increasingly daft journalists.… @Frontovik45 @suziegeewizz It is on the cards. All of the centre left parties in Europe have gone down the pan. BJ'… @earthygirl011 Yes but we are miles ahead in the polls surely? All the experts in the media said we would be. @drummergirl1971 @AaronBastani @YouGov The issue as far as I can see is that in turbulent times - we face the 2nd r… @suziegeewizz And all too predictable as many of us knew. Starmer, the gormless leader, puts together a team that e… Just finished the first of these. Granada made these in 1983. Neal Ascherson who was what m… @AaronBastani @drummergirl1971 @YouGov I always note the complete silence from the leadership in these cases. Most… @JBLiTz100 @AaronBastani @YouGov @George_Osborne Ah, the ever reliable George Osborne. Never knowingly ever to do the right thing. @britainelects @NeishaWong @YouGov Has anyone heard anything from Starmer or the Party's Press team? How about Blai… @NeilClark66 @jacktravel I'm no fan of Hancock but all employers have a duty of care to their employees and if the… @RuthHolliday1 @MichaelRosenYes @AnnJohn30914404 Indeed. Adam Smith has been turned unfairly into a groupie for neoliberalism. @gletherby Starmer is an amateur tactician and a know-it-all as a result. Anyone with an ounce of political experie… @SocialistFry @reggaecrisp1 @Keir_Starmer This is YouGov so always need a tablespoon of sal… @MichaelRosenYes @AnnJohn30914404 Unregulated, the market can't even solve its own problems otherwise we would neve… @MarkSeddon1962 @tribunemagazine @ronanburtenshaw Pity the name has been hijacked by some members of the PLP who do… @AudreyAurus1 @simonmaginn Yes indeed. The Sherlock Holme's unsolvable Mystery of The Broken Window. We were so clo… anyone had the benefit of an explanation of this poll from Campbell, Blair, Mandelson or Adonis? They generally… @SocialistSuper @NeilClark66 From what I can see, if we accept the presence of the virus, then masks will help othe… @earthygirl011 The structure of the EU in terms of democratic accountability is poor. Key roles like this arise out… @TrevorS53362313 @celtjules66 @MildCynic @cool_grandad @ChristineJameis Sadly, my own party, Labour, does much the… @RebeccaWiIks @bth77police @ClaudiaWebbe And it was always a lie. He copied Blair in saying the right things in ord… @FromSteveHowell It shows the state of politics when Biden is the best on offer in the presidential election. @larymary60 It's completely disingenuous of Starmer to come out with this now. There is a clear distinction that is… faces record £15m fine for ‘serious’ failures in Autonomy audits. The Autonomy takeover nearly finished HP… @John_W66 @HackneyAbbott @dsue1441_re There are no resources involved in having a law on the statute whereas polici…
@tribunemagazine @ProfARichardson It's a shame you can't stop the charlatans in the PLP using the Tribune name when… @suziegeewizz They should get to the heart of the matter and say You plebs should know your place. It would save them a lot of hypocrisy. @Sunshine_Ria67 They'll still be playing in August @earthygirl011 We are reminded once again that we are not entitled to question the wisdom of journalists. They real… @affleckquine They won't stop at that. Farage will end up in the Shadow Cabinet. @earthygirl011 Classic example of an idiot ex student politics person. There is a connection between those chancell… @Guerra_Civil_ Y esto @Guerra_Civil_ He encontrado esto. Los enlaces funcionan. @gletherby As I regularly point out, the FT is now to the left of Labour on economic ideas @irisstylosa @earthygirl011 @Keir_Starmer I'm over 60 and have never seen such disgusting behaviour by a PLP and fu… @wales_steve Quizás aquí:
Retweeted by Steve Aldridge @Guerra_Civil_ Gracias de nuevo @Guerra_Civil_ Muchas gracias, pero tienes otros detalles o referencias para leer?This was always a sordid part of the rebellion by Franco in the Civil War. @irisstylosa @earthygirl011 @Keir_Starmer It's not allowed in his Ladybird Book of Politics. The hypocrisy and doub… @DoPradista @furcoatnonics @LozzaFox @OwenJones84 Is there a Fox pays us option? @nigeltheleftist @StephenAceituna Like Trump and Johnson, the state of the Guardian is beyond comprehension. I'll b… @futureprogress @jon_bartley @friends_earth It's under new management now that is in complete contrast to Corbyn. A… @BeckettUnite @MichaelH14 We are to the right of the FT. We'll be to the right of the LibDems soon and homing in on… @HackneyAbbott @dsue1441_re In any rational environment or job, finding out that 80% of a certain task has proved t… @Simon_Vessey @HickMucknall And yet the FT are talking about it as a reasonable option to consider. Blair was a dis… @TheProleStar @celtjules66 @UKLabour It is truly rancid. It's like a bunch of 12 year olds are running these accoun… @earthygirl011 And "do you think I should make another video eating chips? That's usually enough to prove I'm on th… @raphaeldogg This is just another reason why I can't stand most journalists. They simply haven't got a clue about w… @earthygirl011 I wondered today whether the ultra authentic Angela had decided to have her say about RLB. None as f… @AnnieTrodd @Keir_Starmer It's a gormless strategy that does little other than please the Westminster bubble. Most… the time come for a net wealth tax in the UK? FT asking questions that Starmer would ban the shadow cabinet fro…'s a thought; how about answering the 'serious questions' many of us have been asking you for years now, about…
Retweeted by Steve Aldridge @MarkSeddon1962 If only.... @nigib1 @gletherby @StephenAceituna @Standup4Labour There are official trips by committees in the HoC and the whips… @nigib1 @gletherby @StephenAceituna @Standup4Labour Skinner's main point was all the freebies etc the whips block a… @gletherby @StephenAceituna @Standup4Labour We once brought Skinner over to speak in North Wales many years ago. On… @earthygirl011 @gemandmoll I've not seen anything from Rayner about RLB's sacking. The state of the shadow cabinet is appalling. @coxsorange @NeilClark66 I don't know much about him but you only have to read stuff from Benn's diaries or Castle'… @PropVoting @martin83239350 Blair, 43% votes 1997, maj 179. 2001, 40.7% maj 166; 2005 35.2% maj 68. Abstentions 30… @NeilClark66 It always makes me laugh when people start having sympathy for these top civil servants. They are as b… @martin83239350 Just goes to show what a mess FPTP is. Completely distorts the outcome of the popular vote. @gletherby @M_Star_Online @TheCanaryUK @DoubleDownNews @skwawkbox I personally don't mind such comments. What I do… @suziegeewizz Haven't read a thing from it for ages even when people I follow post links. It really is a lost cause…
@TheSocialistDad @jonathon793793 @UKLabour Point in the direction of Michael Holdings recent master class. That's h… @brexit_sham @blacknwhitecat The perpetual danger of idiotic journalists who think that because they are paid to ta… @AhoFrank @1_Albus_Lepus @SamCoatesSky @SkyNews It won't be long before our shadow cabinet will be saying "what do… @Reverend_Makers @AlanHall1979 Straight from the heart too. There's hardly a politician anywhere with such authenticity. @MaryGraceMedia @JackRussellsMom Most people who are ill are unaware of being so in the first place. This includes… @fnord_focus @1_Albus_Lepus @SamCoatesSky @SkyNews He's making Ed Miliband look like a political genius even though… @earthygirl011 @firtyfreefousan @geol_uk It's also worth remembering she wouldn't let the councils spend the receip… @SGranic @JesusStabby That group made the biggest mistake of all. Corbyn would have implemented to softest of Brexi… @Sue54Phillips @chelleryn99 I'm holding on to see if the NEC elections can be won. @larymary60 The first paragraph was enough to be overwhelmed by the smell of horse manure. Starmer is clearly nowhe… @Stephen95612260 @UKLabour Quite bizarre that left members who did canvassing etc etc get more blame for the loss t… @Stephen95612260 @UKLabour So will I. I've been a member over 40 years but I have never seen anything as corrupt as… @UKLabour @Stephen95612260 So were we promised a new deal in 2017 and 2019 and our MPs and senior staff splattered… @earthygirl011 Incredible brass neck by this Republican yob @craigryansports I haven't had Sky for years but Holding was the best by some distance. @edwardpoole1975 It's a middle class Play Your Politics Right bit of appalling trivia. @OborneTweets Not only a great bowler. Thanks for posting this. What he is saying should not be controversial and i… great Michael Holding sets out the case that needs to be made.