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Walid Phares @WalidPhares Washington, DC

Fox News National Security & Foreign Policy Expert. Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamenary Group. Advisor. Professor. Author.

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A nationwide protest would allow the US, the Trump Administration and the friends of Iraq in Europe and the Arab wo… my Op Ed in @IndyArabia: If the Shia youth win in Iraq, all other groups will obtain their rights. Thus Arab S…وهذا سيعطي لإدارة ترمب وأصدقاء العراق في أوروبا والعالم العربي قدرة لدعم هذه الانتفاضة وتدويل مسألة نزع سلاح الميلي…العراق : إذا انتصر التيار الشيعي ستنعم جميع الأطراف بحقوقها، وبالتالي لا بد على المكونين الكردي والعربي السني أن يع… participation in a panel on Fox Business Channel on the "Deal of the Century." Watch it
The rembrence of the #Holocaust is a moment to ponder on human history. Never again should become a human irreversible principle for all.Will join #Bulls&Bears on #FoxBusiness channel at 5:35 PM EST to discuss the US backed new plan for the resolution… the stars, Kobe Condolences to the @kobebryant family for the loss of a father, a daughter, friends.… on politicians alone, will not be bringing the desired change. Just to be clear and not over dreaming.…
Segment from my interview on al Arabiya regarding US policy on Iran: Sanctions on Iran are aimed at pressuring the… @MissDiagnosis Thank you Quanta. Your comments are excellent and very informative. Will post the panel as soon as it will be made available. @AlArabiya Told al arabiya that #Iran may have one scenario to put pressure on the US: use and manipulate Jihadi (r… @jnab555 ThanksTold @AlArabiya that in the US there are two camps regarding Iran. One backing the Administration & calling for pre… join al arabiya at 12 PM EST to discuss US policy towards IranMany Arabs and Middle Easterners think that US policy has been one uniform policy towards the region since the end… @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @OANN Mr President, and we want the #IranRegime to remove its militias from #Iraq,… to learn that the #IraqProtests have started to set up revolutionary committees as a base representation counc…
Arab Sunnis in al Anbar should be safe to express themselves & organize peaceful protests away from the… is time for the other communities in #Iraq to express solidarity with the young Shia who have been demonstrating… @UAE For min Abdallah bin Zayed: "we remember the souls that were killed by racism, extremism, hatred, during the… @UN Corruption is the submarine torpedoing Lebanon's economy. The Militias are the mothership protecting the subma…
@romyjournalist One day @alihammoud0 We know part of the Gold is in the US. Public records.I watched the full interview with Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense covering #Iran, #Iraq, #Syria, #Lebanon, #Yemen @BenjaminFrazer4 Thank you. Amazon has all my books in English and French.Many of my readers have been #Arabs and Saudis. Here is a #Saudi student getting her signed copy of my book The Los… key to resolve the #Israel-#Palestinians conflict is in #Tehran at this time.
@inheadkay SadWhy isn't the UN Security Council deliberating the humanitarian crisis in #Idlib? Civilians are suffering, getting… @romyjournalist Tweet of the day.#IranProtests, #IraqProtests and #LebanonProtests are wondering why aren't there many solidarity rallies on US camp… @TotalProduct Hopefully the rain will help, soonThree American firefighters died in a plane crash in Australia while fighting the wildfires. Heroes to be remembere… @mansour509 @UN Patience @SecPompeo, realities in Lebanon today are beyond abstract calls on #Hezbollah Gov. to act nicely & meet the…
High ranking #Saudi official visit #Auschwitz. We predicted that the changes hitting #SaudiArabia were real as of 2… @WashTimesOpEd @WashTimes @ckchumley Totally support the One Trillion Trees Initiative. This was an old cause I hav… @UN #Amal and #Hezbollah roadblocks checking citizens' ID across Lebanon now, are militias' activities forbidden by… picture of a neighborhood in #Paris, of barricades during the Second #FrenchRevolution. number of people killed, wounded or tortured in the #IraqProtests & #IranProtests should be a legal & moral gro… @haithamAG76 @IndyArabia It's under review @bobhafi Thank you Ibrahim. @Ma_badawi @IndyArabia WelcomeMy Op Ed in #independentarabiya: How would the opposition to the Trump Administration deal with US Foreign policy i… @bluewater0915 Thank you!From my interview on al Arabiya today on the impeachment process in the Senate and impact on foreign policy, #Iran regained the Government of #Lebanon but it lost the Lebanese people. Now we as US, need to regain the…
Lebanon's "technocrats" cabinet: A #NeoHezbollah cabinetWill join a panel on @AlArabiya to discuss the Impeachment process in the Senate and its impact on foreign policy.European navies to form a maritime task force in the #Mediterranean to intercept and stop Jihadists trying to sneak… @Davos should focus on actual & effective ways to clean the Oceans, not grand speeches about what all humans alread… right place to be now...'s possible to establish shadow cabinets in Baghdad & Beirut under the constitution, to represent the Protests, o…حكومة ظل بامكان تشكيل حكومتي ظل في بغداد و بيروت تحت الدستور العراقي و اللبناني كما في بريطانيا ، تمثلا معارضة ال…
The #IraqProtests and #LebanonProtests need to organize politically at this point. They world has seen that they re…ان واشنطن تتابع عن كثب مستوى العنف الذي يستعمل ضد المتظاهرين في لبنان عامة وفي بيروت خاصة. @GillianHTurner @FoxNews What does the Iranian regime fear the most? Sanctions? US military strikes? Diplomatic iso…
My interview with @GillianHTurner on @FoxNews today on Iran's choices in confronting the US and the latter's option…مكافحة الشغب شيء ومكافحة الثورة شيء آخر Countering riots is one thing and suppressing a revolution is something else. @GillianHTurner Told @GillianHTurner @FoxNews that the #IranRegime greatest concerns are the #IranProtests2020. Whi… join @FoxNews at 1:40 PM EST to discuss Sunday's issues in foreign policy and national security.Regarding the #Berlin conference on #Libya, the logical path is to re-send the file of the conflict to the @UN Secu… most powerful weapon the #IranRegime has is not the missiles, the militias, or terrorism.
A #WomensMarch2020 in #Iran, for freedom and equality, would be historic.#LebanonProtests and #IraqProtests on the streets of #Beirut and #Baghdad all day, being met with violence. Securit… @realDonaldTrump Great for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump to address Iranians via Twitter. It is time for the Iranian peop…
Another foreign policy and national security conversation with Member of Congress @RepMarkGreen (R-TN). He has serv… @AmericaNewsroom @BillHemmer @SandraSmithFox @FoxNews The US knows what the #Iranregime can do and where, against A… @AmericaNewsroom Told @BillHemmer and @SandraSmithFox on @FoxNews that the top priority of the #IranRegime was and… @BillHemmer My last interview with you on this show before your new show next week. Congratulations.Will join @AmericaNewsroom on #FoxNews at 10: 20 AM EST to discuss Iran's options against the US.Personal postal card from #WashingtonDC to our friends outside the #bubble, where we live. On my way to the… inter #FoxBusiness with @DavidAsmanfox: the regime would talk to us if we give them money and nukes. We did well… #Bulls&Bears on #FoxBusiness channel that what comes after a regime collapse in Iran, no matter what it will b…
@NATOmonitor A strong US engagement will fix matters in Libya @RandyHKGaming There is an Egypt-Greek-Cyprus coordination regarding the protection of gas fields in the Eastern Me… of the #Libya Army, Khalifa Haftar arrives to #Athens to discuss #Turkey's axis with Tripoli and the tran… #Bulls&Bears at 5 30 PM EST to discuss Iran's threats against US forces in the Middle East."Congressional selfie" with member of the US House of Representatives @timburchett from #Tennessee at a Congression… @ArticulacaoC ObrigadoIf a cabinet is formed in #Lebanon, representing the strategic goals of #Hezbollah, the #Trump @WhiteHouse and…اذا تم تشكيل حكومة في #لبنان تمثل الاهداف الاستراتيجية لحزب الله فسيعاملها فريق الرئيس ترامب ووزيرالخارجية بومبيو ك… battle against #plasticwaste in the Oceans, needs to be universal, systematic, relentless and waged with a rock… @vicario_rachel Yes, great initiatives. Thanks @ZacGoldsmith @BorisJohnson @DefraGovUK Glad the UK is leading in the protection of Oceans.And while endless problems around the Planet are there to be resolved, slowly and patiently, our #Oceans are suffer… #IranRegime is trying to pull a big #Taqiya on the US. The Administration should not buy it.
Told a Congressional Breakfast today that the pol. pressures on @Potus @realDonaldTrump to slow & paralyze the resp… does Pres Trump mean when he addressed the #IranProtests, including in Farsi, and signaled that we are watchin… @IndyArabia ماذا يعني كلام ترمب الذي ورد في تغريداته لا سيما التي وضعت باللغة الفارسية. أن "على النظام عدم قمع المت… wrote @IndyArabia that the #IranRegime assumed (maybe was advised by allies in the West) that the Trump Adm is so…القيادة الإيرانية اعتقدت عندما تواجهت مع ترمب في العراق بأنه لن يرد بسبب انهماكه وانشغاله بالانتخابات الرئاسية، وهذ… @LouDobbs @realDonaldTrump Told @LouDobbs that a vote to limit the ability of the President to confront #Iran, duri… @10542Km2LEB We are monitoringTold a Congressional breakfast this morning that we should leave Iraq eventually, but not in Iran's hands. @AryPeacelover @LouDobbs Thank you!My interview with @LouDobbs on #FoxBusiness channel regarding Pres @realDonaldTrump latest moves in the region and… @LouDobbs on set in Washington DC tonight. Discussion of foreign policy and US position on #Iran. @lmm777_Lynn Thank you Lynn