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Walid Phares @WalidPhares Washington, DC

Fox News National Security & Foreign Policy Expert. Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamenary Group. Advisor. Professor. Author.

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The UN Security Council called for an "immediate cessation of hostilities" in Nagorno-Karabakh between Azerbaijan a… address the Presidential candidates debate on @AlArabiya at 8 PM EDT and comment on it after the debate is over.A UN Security Council resolution imposing a cease fire in #NagornoKarabakh will not be opposed by a veto from any o… to the Armenian Gov, one of its jets was shot down by Turkish airforce in Armenian air space. UN Securi… US and the 4 other permanent members of the UN Security Council MUST impose a rigid ceasefire in… bad actors internationally are trying to score points during the critical peak season in US elections campaign…الخبير في شؤون السياسة الخارجية الأميركية د.وليد فارس: أي أزمة سياسية كبرى معقدة أو صدامات عسكرية لن تكون مريحة بال…
Glad 70 top former US officials based their endorsement for the elections on nat security & for policy, exactly as… military moving equipment to #Crete. Some equipment is said to be coming from #Incirlik air base in Turkey.Escalation in the #Caucasus: P Erdogan ask #Armenia to withdraw from Armenian #NagornoKarabagh, sends Jihadists to… who is based in beautiful #Crete, controls the seas of #MiddleEarth Phoenician saying?So #Iran backed militias were planning on seizing the US embassy in #Baghdad, taking hostages, to create a dilemma… book #TheChoice is being obtained by lawmakers, opinion makers, speech writers, analysts. Expect circulation of…
Wishing the best to the Jewish community as it celebrates #YomKippur. @LisaDaftari Excellent conversion with foreign policy expert Lisa Daftari on her exclusive specialized podcast, the… by Dorothy Logan of the #TheChoice in the #CuttingEdge. Cutting edge review in foriegn policy. #MuslimBrotherhood militias were transported from N Syria to Azeri borders, to fight against #Armenia @foxandfriends: Differences between @realDonaldTrump & #BarackObama - #JoeBiden Adms is like day and night on… @foxandfriends: Differences between @realDonaldTrump Adm & #BarackObama - #JoeBiden Adm is like day and night on… a #warofideas, you need to detect and understand what the other side is saying and the talking point they want… Sunday September 26, at 8:45 AM EDT on @foxandfriends to discuss my new book #TheChoice. Tune in.#ConfirmAmy. It's about America's national security. #ConfirmACB #ConfirmAmyConeyBarrett 2016 there was a Presidential election but no rebellion, no bureaucratic obstruction, no violent riots nor threa…
A Van mom, of seven multi ethnic kids, #AmyConeyBarrett, to become a member of the US Supreme Court, is a reason… was named twice as a Presidential can. foreign pol & nat security advisor in 2011 & 2016. It's a much lower recog…'s an obstructive force blocking educ & info to Americans. It's deployed inside academe & media. For expl this…صحافي مشهور في النيويورك تايمز، توماس فريدمان، قال في مقابلة بأنه خائف من انفجار حرب اهلية في اميركا، كتلك التي عصف… pro #IranDeal "machine" debut its campaign to delegitimize the President who canceled the catastrophic "150 Bil… #neoBolshevik slogan is circulating to intimidate America's majority: Either you elect #Biden or it will be a "ci… Friedman refers to Lebanon's civil war where radical militias & Hezbollah collapsed the Gov as a model for "what… @realDonaldTrump at #Virginia rally tonight, hit again: our ban is on Jihadists (not on a religion), we don't want… in 2004 when radicals waged a ruthless propaganda campaign against Pres. #GeorgeBush for having hit the Jihadist… @JrSchmuker Glad to hear from serious and dedicated people like yourself sir. @JrSchmuker Thank youI wrote #TheChoice because citizens are not getting a correct information from the media and not enough education f…
@afrabseb Via AmazonIt's more than that. It's deeper. It's bigger. It was about protecting one foreign policy and stopping another inc… scientific community, or let's say the scientific communities, 9 months later and billions of dollars after, ha… Dir Wray said: “We have not seen historically any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major el… in America, only in Texas... What a country, what a state, what candidates... @mar3e Thank youThe subject of the book, is in the title: comparing two foreign policies: Obama-Biden 2009-2016, and Trump-Pence 20… got my first copy today of my new book. @realDonaldTrump in #Jacksonville rally: "We banned access from Jihadist regions," not to Muslims. Glad this was…
The Arab countries are coming to the #AbrahamAccords because their societies wants that path and their Governments… influence on US elections is highest when it impacts classrooms & newsrooms. It can influence the judgment… "larger" #IranDeal built by the #Obama-Biden team covered 4 more countries: #Iraq, #Syria, #Lebanon & #Yemen. I… @dbongino You will prevail. Because you are needed.
Islamist militant group #CAIR sued a professor for using my book #FutureJihad! A real inquisition. The court dismis… the many of my followers and readers who have asked how to obtain a copy. The fastest for now is via AMAZON. F… hitting home bookshelves quickly on the third day of publication. Here a copy of the new book, in Orland… hit TV this week. suggest that the President & the Senate fill the SCOTUS seat ASAP for one purpose now: protecting the democracy…
My interview with Charles Payne on Fox Business channel on tensions in Asia and on my new book #TheChoice, the…عيد وطني سعيد بمناسبة #اليوم_الوطني_السعودي_90 On the national day of #SaudiArabia I congratulate the leadership… join @cvpayne on #FoxBusiness channel at 2:45 PM EDT to discuss Chinese & Russian military maneuvers, and intr… UNSC res 1559 of 2004, all militias in Lebanon should disarm. Not supposed to have military strongholds & missi… like that #IranDeal circles are launching another #RussiaMeddling "decoy" to draw attention away from the act… it comes to US sanctions on #IranRegime, if #Biden is elected, the sanctions will be lifted, the regime will b… western media doesn't factor the will of the people, esp. educated youth & women when it comes to a c… of my interview with Nadia Bilbassy, DC bureau director for @AlArabiya on the reality of US sanctions on Ir… Op Ed in Independent Arabiya about my new book: "TheChoice "الخيار" بين ترمب وبايدن في السياسة الخارجية الأمير… first interview on #thechoice with #SebastianGorka : What was behind the Iran Deal and the partnership with the… @TimberwolfP @SebGorka Yes
أخصام واشنطن يخشون نجاح ترمب وأصدقاء أميركا خائفون من خسارته#TheChoice book tour commence. First interview with @SebGorka tonight. What was behind the #IranDeal and the partne… the seat @SCOTUS is not about psychological mind games nor about Republicans vs Democrats. It's about an em… discussed with former strategic advisor to President @realDonaldTrump join arabiya at 3 PM EDT to discuss US snap back sanctions on Iran. What are the effect.The #IranDeal gave 150B$ to Iran. It bought and is buying weapons with that money. Is there any clearer evidence th… #Obama officials are claiming @realDonaldTrump Iran policy failed BECAUSE of the Iran Deal withdrawal. In fa… interview with @alhadath on the US next plans regarding Iran. Amr Adeeb that the single most impacting factor among voters in the center, those who do not respond to polls,… interview with Amr Adeeb in Cairo on how the Arab world and the Middle East are looking at US elections and what…
@AmericaGabe You can order online" #TheChoice: Trump vs Obama and Biden" is now on Amazon, Books and Kindle. You can order right here @phfaisal89 Link coming shortlyTold @AlHadath that #France can help the US on #Iran, and the US can help France in the #Mediterranean. Such deal can help both... @AdelSuleiman Thank you AdelFilling the seat of #RBG @ #scotus isn't about regular business. It's a matter of nat. urgency after the dangerous… review of #TheChoice in Arabic in liberal #Elaph magazine. this isn't the mother of foreign meddling in US politics, what is? #IranRegime official call for youth to penetr… @MYTTT Thank you for drawing the attention of my readers to this serious threat.The US will sanction Iran's regime and Western and international companies will have to chose between doing busines… activists and #neoBolshevik academics calling to "burn down" the American house of democracy, the US Con…
It is not a secret that the #IranRegime desperately wants @realDonaldTrump out of the @WhiteHouse, by any means, li… opposition demonstration against the #MuslimBrotherhood participation in government. Female leader equate… join @AlHadath at 1:20 PM Eastern to discuss US plans for Iran sanctions if the UN refuse to joinAre we hearing an ultimatum from the opposition that the President abstain from nominating a SCOTUS candidate befor… readers of my new book #TheChoice will discover that behind the formal #IranDeal was a larger understanding bet… immediate replacement of justice #RBG is not about a legal debate. It is about the national security and democr…
May Justice #RuthBaderGinsburg #rbg rest in Peace. She dedicated her life to law and justice. She will be remembered.Happy #RoshHashanah to all celebrants and L'Shanah Tovah.Boldly, my coming book is a vital read. It will explain to readers, what really & actually happened to US Foreign P… eventually. Meanwhile you can order via AMAZON and other online platforms.Foreign meddling in US elections? It has been embedded in our system for years. It's larger & deeper than any detec… @BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro The end of the video is epic!The first short intro to my new book, "The Choice". The back cover gives an appetizer of the span of the book. Onl… 2012 Russia was rooting for Obama and denigrating Mitt Romney. In 2016 it was sowing discord among voters, but n… only did US academia suppress pluralism in American history, but it sold the teaching of Middle East and North…