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I LOVE drawing as you can see -- which contain celebrities, tv show characters, movie characters etc. I hope to bring smiles to many faces.

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@mishacollins Just call me Mishazilla - cause I just ate Hollywood.
Currently I am working on a new drawing - #WWE @NatbyNature - I truly hope it turns out alright.Gooood Morning Everyone. Hope each of you has a blessed day.
@Abraham23240 @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you my friend:) @life_lamont @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you so much my friend :) @wieder_melonie @SuperKingofBros Thank you :) @BethEdgar4 @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you so much my friend :) @l_shoam @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you so much my friend :)My one nephew is a huge fan of @SuperKingofBros - a #TrueBro :) He has already claimed this drawing I did as his ow… show some love to the amazing @WWEAsuka :) here is a drawing I did of her & one of my ultimate faves. @euey68 @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you my friend :) @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you so much - you are one of my faves :) @walkingdeadart1 So good!
Retweeted by Douglas Athertonmy drawing of @MsCharlotteWWE #WWE #QueenOfTheRing - I hope everyone enjoys it :) bring joy to a child's face - this drawing of @justinbieber #Yummy I did :) I truly hope they enjoy it. @JeffreeStar besides being sick in bed :( not to bad :) hope you are doing well? want to take this moment to share my appreciation to all my supporters and friends - who have joined me on this j… Morning :) Hope everyone has a blessed day!
@RonKillings Big Happy Birthday :) Hope your day is full of blessings @JosephineAGrof1 @MsCharlotteWWE Thank you so much my friend :) I really hope she loves it as well :)Really Really Hope This Turned Out Alright - My finished piece @MsCharlotteWWE #CharlotteFlair #WWE #QueenOftheRing Birthday to my ultimate fave @MmmGorgeous :) hope your day is full of many many blessings. waiting for the new #ShazamMovie to come out @ZacharyLevi :) Hope you all enjoy my #ShazamFanArt night I watched "The Most Hated Woman In America" on #Netflix - and I found it very interestingDefinitely, someone to follow on TikTok :) He freaking rules. @GregoryIron @thekingnickgage @GCWrestling_ That really looks painful dude! @jamescharles if you find a way to be more patient, can you let me know - I am the worst and being impatient @WWE @IAmEliasWWE @WWEMaverick lol you guys rock :) lolPlease Check This out and make sure you share :) The amazing @NikitaDragun is so freaking entertaining :) @RosannaPansino this has got to be called doggy situps :) @DMfanpage1276 @StephenKing Thank you my friend :) @JosephineAGrof1 Thank you my friend :) I hope @StephenKing enjoys it as well, he has forever been my idol. @RealPaigeWWE @WWE I think he should be in the Hall Of Fame because he is definitely a pillar in the Wrestling World. @JosephineAGrof1 I will send ya some :) we have a freaking lot and lot
Enough Snow Already..... lol @BraxtonSutter instead of #dogsledding this is called #Wrestlersledding - a new olympic sport. lol I love this.Loved the new season of @GraceandFrankie with @Janefonda and @LilyTomlin:) What a great freakin showGood Morning :) Hope everyone has a blessed day!In case you need to hear it, don’t let anyone ever put you in a box or change who you are to fit a certain mold of…
Retweeted by Douglas Atherton @WWE @AriyaDaivariWWE @MmmGorgeous awesome match - my fave @MmmGorgeous#FanartFriday drawing of my idol @StephenKing - hope he enjoys it - #StephenKing #StephenKingForever @WWE @WWEGable @WWESheamus Well @WWEGable is my fave... so I am hoping he wins :) @rafaeldlf I really love your character on the show - BRAVO to your brilliance and talent. #Dynasty
Shoutout to all fans of @SuperKingofBros - #fanartfriday drawing of one of my faves :) @justinbieber My #FanartFriday drawing of #Yummy :) Hope you are having an amazing day. @ShamrockKen Hi Ken, how are you doing? hope you had a very blessed day. @Perfec10n @RUFFLES @MmmGorgeous OOOO the best kind of chips going.#MyWishToday is to finally after 4-5 years get a follow from the amazing @wwwbigbaldhead - **Crossing Fingers** @SuperKingofBros You are my super super huge fave on #NXT - and thank you for liking my drawing on Instagram that m… @JosephineAGrof1 @JeffreeStar @shanedawson Thank you my friend :) @tommygunnxxx that is awesome to hear :)I truly hope @JeffreeStar and @shanedawson enjoys my #FanArt Drawing I did for them @tommygunnxxx Hi Tommy, how are you doing?
Hope you enjoy my drawing of @justinbieber #Yummy #JustinBieber :) I truly hope he sees my drawing. @CodyRhodes is truly a pillar :) he is my favorite because he always make a inspirational impact.'TWD: WORLD BEYOND' Will Only Have 2 Seasons!
Retweeted by Douglas Atherton @trixiemattel Hi Trixie, hope you enjoy my #TrixieMattel #Fanart Drawing. @DMcIntyreWWE I will for sure be getting this card on my game - you are my fave.Looking good! Thanks for using your time and talent to make the world a better place for #Mankind
Retweeted by Douglas Atherton @RealMickFoley OMG thank you so much Mick Foley this is the ultimate dream come true :) THank you @BraunStrowman Love the card - I am definitely going for that one. @tylergposey Yes, mine is the potato masher - which always sticks in the drawer making it hard to open.. devil aura @RealMickFoley @WiseguysUtah Hi @RealMickFoley I am a super huge fan :) I truly hope you get a chance to see my… @AdamColePro I so want that card :) thank god I play the game --- now I definitely have something to wrestle over :) @DrewGulak @PlayDoh @uglydolls How dare they put you 50% off :( the nerve. lolRiddle me this..... Mine and my nephew's fave wrestler on @WWENXT :) My finished drawing of the great… thing about being sick in bed :( you get a chance to finish drawings :) My drawing of @SuperKingofBros - I hope… @WWESuperCard My Giants Game is acting up -- it boots me off and it doesnt even show the card. @WWESuperCard why so loooong for the next Giant? 12 hours to wait ---- especially when you have to get the other cards.A huge huge shoutout and Bravo to @MrJonCryer for his role as LexLuthor #Supergirl #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths :) talk… a cameo by the amazing @aaroncarter :) Check It Out Today. @MandrewsJunior Wow that is very very impressive #WWENXT @TherealRVD The Ultimate :) Another One Of My Faves sick in bed has its perks I guess --- Doing a drawing of my fave @SuperKingofBros - if you would like to see… @AliWWE @CedricAlexander @WWENXT This pic is awesome :) @AEWonTNT "Ear, lipflop..... Got that Hmmmm..."
Here is my finished NEW piece --- @justinbieber #Yummy #JustinBieber :) Hope you all enjoy. Morning Everyone - Hope you all have a blessed day! is a for sure buy -- The amazing @MrGMSI_BCage and @ScottSteiner -- No One should miss this. love a follow from @theaustingunn and @RealBillyGunn - they are my ultimate faves.#CaptainMarvel @brielarson drawing I did :) Hope you all enjoy. @BrandonJRouth @tylerhoechlin @BitsieTulloch I am loving this show 100% - everyone is so brilliant and incredible :) Huge huge fan.This is going to be awesome.'s Watching #CrisisOfInfiniteEarths -- Lovin The Show :) @russburlingame @SchwartzApprovd @JayFaerber is watching #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths ?? Such a great freaking Cast and Crew @MelissaBenoist @caitylotz @SuperKingofBros Happy Birthday! Hope your day is full of many blessings :)Please @trixiemattel don't play #Trix with me lol Hope you get a chance to see this drawing I did of you :)
@JoeyGraceffa @MisterPreda Thank you so much - you made my day :) @walkingdeadart1 @MisterPreda this is beautiful! 💖💖
Retweeted by Douglas Atherton @walkingdeadart1 @CW_Arrow @CW_TheFlash @TheCWSupergirl @TheCW_Legends @CWBatwoman @tylerhoechlin @Kat_McNamara
Retweeted by Douglas Atherton @Everlast2623 @CW_Arrow @CW_TheFlash @TheCWSupergirl @TheCW_Legends @CWBatwoman @tylerhoechlin @Kat_McNamara @salso14 yeah exactly @realunlyrical Yep one right after the other.Huge shoutout for the show #AJAndTheQueen now on #Netflix @RuPaul @mizzizzyg @mlwooley and so many more fave. You g…'t Forget!!! the last two episodes of #CrisisOfInfiniteEarths are on tonight :) Woo Hoo! Morning :) Hope everyone has a blessed day. my fave drawing I did @JoeyGraceffa and @MisterPreda :) I hope one day they see it as well. @WillOspreay @dustinrhodes @OfficialPWI @CodyRhodes such an amazing match - #RhodesBrosRule
I really wish I could meet you all :) Morning Everyone, hope everyone has a blessed day.