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I LOVE drawing as you can see -- which contain celebrities, tv show characters, movie characters etc. I hope to bring smiles to many faces.

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@MannyMua733 Hi Manny, just want to say I am such a super huge fan, and wanted to share with you this drawing I did…
An old sketch I did of #KillianJones #CaptainHook #OUAT @colinodonoghue1 :) one of my faves. Cause HOOK Ruled! I'm feeling down, drawing always boosts me up - My drawing of Ultimate Fave Youtuber @MannyMua733 :) Hope it l… @DavidCastanedaJ You do such an amazing job as #Diego :) Cannot wait to see what other bad-ass stuff he has up his day went from YAY to Boo :( here I thought @LanaWWE followed me --- but it ended up being a fake account :( so sad. lol
An old drawing I did of #Gotham #Catwoman @camren and #BruceWayne #Batman @realdavidmazouz :) It is truly one of my… @Pam28465795 @patrickwilson73 that is a good show too, my daughter loves it. @MannyMua733 Amen to that I am addicted, and LOVED Season 2 :)Just watched a movie on Netflix called #Passengers with #AnneHathaway , @patrickwilson73 and so many other brillian… wonder what my parents did to fight boredom before the internet.... So I asked my 18 brothers and sisters and they didn't know either.Really happy with this piece I did of @ladygaga #StupidLove #LadyGaga :) A Lot of people are loving it too and than…
My newest drawing I did -- The amazing @LadyGaga #StupidLove #LadyGaga :) I truly hope you all enjoy.
@UmbrellaAcad Please Please Tell me this is not the last we see Ben @justinhmin - he is awesome :) @DevonESawa @sarahcpr probably because he didn't get too many likes on TIK TOK - and now saying it's "Fake News" or… up almost all night watch my ultimate fave show @UmbrellaAcad :) New Season :) HUGE HUGE FAN HERE - BRAVO, b… @tyleroakley lovin the stache Tyler :) #DesertHeat
If you like interesting, amazing and entertaining peeps, then you for sure have to follow my fan fave @JonathanBennett - such a huge fan. @GlowySweetFab @brielarson Thank you so much my friend @AlexZayne awww so cute love itWe for sure need more #CaptainMarvel movies, cause @brielarson is amazing - hope you enjoy my drawing. I draw, I draw someone who truly inspires & such a fave of mine. Please Check Out @NikitaDragun drawing of @TheWalkingDead #Princess - who is going to add the fun, spice and everything nice to the group. is totally awesome :) with my fan fave @TheEricYoung only do I miss #TheWalkingDead but also #TheTalkingDead @AMCTalkingDead with @Hardwick :) such a super super h… old drawing I did of the great @MileyCyrus :), Okay I know that he may not see this, but here is an old drawing I did of @justinbieber #Yummy - It is one of… @Bhytes1 It's so fucking awesome you are one of the judges :)Please take the moment to Tweet #RestaurantImpossible @Rest_Imposs -- with amazing @RobertIrvine, It is an amazing… take a moment to CHECK OUT :) this is freaking awesome. director Greg Nicotero teases the biggest danger facing the heroes in the zombie-filled Season 10 f…
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an old sketch of #TWD #TheGovernor @davemorrissey64 I did :) Hope you all enjoy. @SYCHOGRL26 @davemorrissey64 oh okay, I didn't know about that. @maricelyconcha ya my daughter helped me with it lol lol it was like stereo instructions lol @CSalvatore Well thank god you are safe, and didn't get attacked by those wigs, damn,not sure how they are going to do this --- but this would be freaking amazing - loved @davemorrissey64 on the show.… @RealMikeBennett where's the broom and dustpan? lol love the shirt though bud.My Drawing of the Great #DeanaTroi #StarTrek @Marina_Sirtis - fan fave. @RealDDP You Rock Diamond #ShineBrightLikeADiamond"Shine so bright it burns their fuckin eyes!"Everyone Please check out and watch the premiere of @Rest_Imposs with my fan fave @RobertIrvine :) It is an amazing… really miss seeing #Simon @StevenOgg on #TWD - #TWDFamily - he was such a bad-ass and amazing character. @Ka1_Jones ty so much my friend :)Thank you all for the amazing and heartfelt comments on my drawings on instagram --- when I need a boost to brighte… snuff out someone's candle, to make yours brighter -- the light always shines brighter when they are joined together @IamPeterZ you are always amazing and awesome - you matter too my friend :)I am so addicted to @NBCGoodGirls - omg such a great and funny show :) #christinahendricks @maebirdwing my heart broke with this -- a very touching message indeed by @DMcIntyreWWE - it is sad when you lose a fur-baby'm raising money with @ryancabrera for @campronaldmcdonald  tonight startin at 5:30pm PST Tune in live by going to…
Retweeted by Douglas AthertonWhen ya sit back and think... damn I'm older than the internet!!!! @tyleroakley @harto @gracehelbig @mametown why does the one picture of the person holding the back of the pants loo… chill with me! Join my masterclass and I'll help you perfect your monologues. Not an actor? That's cool. I'm a…
Retweeted by Douglas Atherton @bretmanrock looking awesome as always.... :)Please help me reach 500 followers on my Instagram :) It would be awesome to share with the world my art :) @DanielVidot awwww I love her little face - :) so freaking cute.Another Drawing I did of the great @trixiemattel :) hope you all enjoy @TrinityTheTuck Superfuckashitlessasshole --- came up with that when I stubbed my toe off an oak chair leg.My old drawing of the awesome and amazing @NatbyNature :) super huge fan. @JakeBaller55 just so I can let Nana know what is going on @JakeBaller55 lol then I guess I can't call her @LadyOfDarkness2 @emmykinney Thank you so much my friend :) @JakeBaller55 K gonna give her a call @JakeBaller55 Is Nana Up? @JakeBaller55 always and forever buddy :) @JakeBaller55 oh more than likely - ya never know with me when creative ideas hit buddy :)I will not let my health issues take me down --- cause I've still got alot of fight left in me.... a sweet treat .... and it's soap... a great gift that anyone would love! Please CHECK OUT and Spread the WORD!… @Bhytes1 Daren!My sketch of #ShadowHunters #MagnusBane @HarryShumJr :) Hope you all enjoy. Such a huge huge fan of the show. old sketch of @emmykinney #BethGreene :) #TWDFamily - hope you all enjoy. @mikeruiz1 Thank you so much Mike for the likes on my drawings - this truly means the world to me :)With ending up in the hospital, and having the scare of my life, I thought about the dreams & things that I may nev… @mikeruiz1 Such an amazing job, and freaking love the dog T-Shirt :) now that rocks the ensemble. :) Hope you will… watching Season 4 of #WorldsToughestPrisons with @areporter :) God such a huge fan --- some of those prison… @DanielNewman I was just about to say What movie is this? I never seen this movie with you in it. ---- was this before the Kingdom? :)
Please Check Out @SeXXXyEddy69 - I am such a huge fan and he is so freaking awesome and entertaining.Feeling a little better :) hopefully no hospital trips tonight -- trying to be strong here. @SeXXXyEddy69 looks awesome, definitely dont forget the bells lol :) @ellensunden2 Same here my friend, same here. @ellensunden2 Thanks - it was really scary for sure.Just got back from the hospital - was taken into emerge. Thank God It wasn't a heart attack. @ajsweetsoap lol oh thank god - my parents never were creative lol @ajsweetsoap Hey if I ever had soap in my mouth again --- these would be the ones I'd choose lolThis here is my #TWD Series DVD holder that I handmade - a wooden design (with hand drawn and painted) zombie appea… look good enough to eat.... BUT they're soap. :) a special gift for someone for sure. SUPER huge fan of @jeffdunham :) here is a drawing I did of him and his amazing partners in crime lol have to say how amazing it would be to be friends with @JoeyGraceffa - so brilliant, talented and entertaining… old drawing I did of my idol @StephenKing :) a man who inspired me into the journey of writing :) I am now addicted to #GoodGirls on Netflix - starring #ChristinaHendricks @maebirdwing @unfoRETTAble - and OMG s… @jeffreysluv20 @justanactor Thank you so much my friend :) truly truly appreciate it.
this is awesome, huge props :) @HynickKyle it all depends if the water is cold or not :) @KristiJDMasfuck @JDMorgan Thank you my friend :) @jeffreysluv20 @JDMorgan :) thank you so much my friend :) @SpangledCyborg @SYCHOGRL26 @JDMorgan Thank you so much my friend :) truly appreciate it @Pam28465795 @JDMorgan @wwwbigbaldhead @chandlerriggs @DanaiGurira @mcbridemelissa @kharypayton @justanactor walking dead shelf I made :) #TWDFamily - i even added walker hands along with it. All hand panted and designed.… @Pam28465795 @justanactor Thank you so much Pam :) @TheBiancaDelRio @realDonaldTrump forget about IVANKA here comes BIANCA :) @AndrewAthias I wanna be a #ReeseSqueezer lol lol @AndrewAthias now I would apply for that job