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@JonMBennett Ours tolerates us. We bring in a lot of tourists most years. @shanselman I have a son who’d probably do that @DanWahlin Someone’s gotta do it. 😄Don’t all Halloween displays include a flame thrower???
This is what I was talking about a week or so ago when I said that my happiness is not dictated by who wins an elec… @daviddalbusco In that amount of time you could release the app as a PWA! 😉 @daviddalbusco Thanks for reminding me 😄 @Jlahyani One of the drawbacks to Amazon is that I can’t do these types of bundles or discounts. As you noticed, th… @Jlahyani How about a discount code for the audio version? Feel free to share it: @Jlahyani Thank you! I appreciate it. @samjulien I edited my latest article three times since posting it yesterday. 😄 @laurieontech @twwilliams Were you coming to DevIntersection? @laurieontech @twwilliams I’ve been to three of the parks since this all started. I’ve also visited Sea World and B… @twwilliams @laurieontech A lot has changed here since 1991. Once the dust settles on 2020, you should consider another visit. @bendhalpern @ThePracticalDev I decided to break down this week and actually use TDD discipline in a modest angular… @laurieontech @twwilliams Exactly. It isn’t anymore, so I guess it’s understandable that many don’t know what it used to stand for. @twwilliams @laurieontech There are exceptions, of course. With enough use an acronym can become ubiquitous and a w… @laurieontech I despise TLAs. 😏
@TinPotRay @maxlynch Ionic is the only reason I gave React a second look @carbon_internet Thanks. Much easier to look back on it 20+ years later. Going through it was harder. 😅It was an honor to record this podcast and discuss my latest book. George is an excellent host. AudioBook of Don't Say That at Work is here! If you bought the eBook directly from me… @Austen I've worn nothing but shorts and camp shirts since this all started @EmmaBostian I thought things were mostly back to normal where you are. No? @dvassallo I share my own stories as (hopefully) either an inspiration or as a warning, depending on the story. #AMAAdded a little more detail to my Angular Testing article from yesterday. thought today would be the release day of the Don't Say That audiobook. When I went to upload the files, I notice… @John_Papa That picture is, yeah. It's the default picture of me on my blog. I need to do better putting a picture on each post.When I left this job, I was earning about $36k/year. A friend suggested I try contracting (consulting/freelancing).… morning I noticed that over the past few years I have muted almost 300 accounts. Many were ads I got tired of… @jamie_maguire1 It’s really looking great these days! @kapehe_ok I sold Macintosh computers at Computer Town in Nashua, NH. If that’s considered a tech job, then before that I delivered pizzas. @petterhoel I’ve never used Jest, I’m afraid. At my day job we use Jasmine, and I’ve been too busy (lazy?) to try anything else on the side.
@DrEades That may be what it ends up becoming, given the people who are behind it. I agree with you. Ideally they… @DrEades Have you seen rumble yet? I have no personal interest in the company, but it appears to be a free speech v… bought an old (200+ years) house that had been converted into a triplex. I rented out two units and lived in the… started the traditional way, consolidating credit cards and such, and then working to pay a little more than the… ahead and typed this up while I worked. Short version: It went very well. @John_Papa I don't know what we call that here. I know we have LACD. At HP we had another TLA entirely for it. @John_Papa Another TLA with which I am not familiarVS Code automatically adds the missing functions to my system under test, which is kinda cool. Now the tests compile but do not run.The tests do not compile because the functions don't yet exist. I'll fix that now.I've come up with three API functions and have written tests I think cover the basics.Trying something "new" this afternoon. I'm going to build an Angular service in a true TDD fashion. I'm going to… I was 25 years old, I was a college dropout with more than $20k in credit card debt. I was making a little ove… @dvassallo According to supply & demand theory, as the price of a good or service approaches $0, the demand should… @ScottAdamsSays I'm not sure it matters these days. However, it depends on your definition of "presidential." I w… @gumroad I read a marketing book by Jon Spoelstra years ago where he suggested paying employees for failures. If… @kaydacode @ladyleet That one never seems to make it to the top of the priority list, does it? Why do you think t… @ladyleet Getting my audiobook published and available is my primary goal for the week.The audiobook is only $10 to buy it before it's officially released. And here is a 50% off coupon for everyone on h… Unlimited is a great way to read as much as you want for a fixed monthly price. For authors, I'm not convi… recording the final pages for the Don't Say That at Work audiobook. If all goes well, it will be available… @DataArtist @Peresnegro Same. I was hired nine and a half years ago to fill a vacancy on the .NET Center of Excelle… @dajma00 @Peresnegro @DataArtist The technologies we use from day to day aren’t always up to us. Maybe I will use… @RealDeanCain Facebook is great for keeping up with family and friends’ birthdays and vacation photos. Beyond that,… @Peresnegro @DataArtist I miss working with .NET some days @sudo_overflow Glossy screens also make Dark Mode hard to use. @robbystarbuck @tntDVM I’ve always thought that everyone should read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. It’s an easy… @Benaskren @Cernovich I get these from multiple camps. You can’t really be sure they’re who they say they are. I ju…
Lots of traffic to get in. Park on Celebration Ave and walk. Better experience that way. @AllEarsNet First? Hasn’t Sea World been running fireworks all summer? @hicharliecotton @brenta63 @JackPosobiec @SidneyPowell1 @willchamberlain @MarinaMedvin @FBIWFO I know it shouldn't… @dvassallo There is a scripture (I challenge you to find it)... "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." @hashtagcoder @dvassallo Looks like my next book after needs to be a financial book for consultants. 😉 @ryanlanciaux Someone did that a few years ago. If you search Youtube for "The lights on Jeater Bend," I'm sure you can find it. @hashtagcoder Fortunately, when I got my first 6-month consulting gig, my wife insisted we plan ahead. I had nearly… @hashtagcoder @dvassallo That is what I try to do, yes. I was a consultant for many years. We made a habit of livin… Final week of the Halloween show. Tear down starts a week from today. The Christmas decorations go up in 2-3 w… @hashtagcoder @dvassallo I think "uncertainty" is more accurate than stress. Uncertainty can lead to stress, but on… @dvassallo I, too, started today at $0 earned. Still at $0 halfway through the day, but that's another problem. @amyalkon @davidyontz @NathanM_Bassist And it isn’t just TV show writers. I wrote a blog post about spelling and gr…
@joshuamorony @aaronksaunders Pandoc is the one I was thinking of. I was in my car and could look it up. These days…
Here’s the skeleton band in action the new lights in place, the twin Mickeys are working again display needs a spark shower, right??? @aaronksaunders @joshuamorony Maybe we should invite Josh to our chat Monday. 😄 @joshuamorony @aaronksaunders I’d be interested in seeing that. I did find a a macOS command line app that does a… @DataArtist I have personally sold more ebooks than print. I end up making about the same on each sale regardless o… @aaronksaunders I must be the only person left not using Calendly. 😊 @aaronksaunders Sure! @aaronksaunders I’m torn. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to chat with you privately on a zoom call or something… @ezchilamen @Ionicframework @capacitorjs @daviddalbusco @schlimmson @fm3ndoza @maxlynch @benjsperry @leonelngande @John_Papa @zwacky You’ve known me long enough to know I do that quite often. @zwacky @John_Papa I may go with the if-else at first and see how it goes. I don't want to introduce any more compl… @John_Papa That's my instinct, too. In this case, I'm not sure which technique is simpler.The Kindle marketplace is driving eBook prices down, just as the app stores have done to software prices. As a co… @EmmaBostian Much easier to make a square box from a single cut piece of cardboard. I remember spending hours foldi… Q: If I have two different HTTP interceptors, can I inject them conditionally? Would it make sense to s… @nditah_sammy @dvassallo This goes right along with how the Boy Scouts teach skills... They call it EDGE • Explain… @chintspassion That’s what I thought 😉 @L_A_Baker I’ve been wondering lately whether you have any upcoming projects. Thought you were great in GLC and am… @gethackteam There are many days I miss doing XP @dvassallo I've never been able to learn an unfamiliar technology without a project to go with it.
@KurtSchlichter That was a David Lee Roth song, right? 🤣 @mirrormerecos We are an equal opportunity light and music show. @JustinNoelDev I’m about to find out @JustinNoelDev I don’t think it came out right. I’m afraid I may have just ruined $25 worth of rib eye. @dvassallo That’s how I learned to do title searches in the county records. Beats paying someone hundreds of dollars for each one.Restringing the lights on one of the Mickey heads.