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Middle school art teacher. 2017-18 Simpson MS TOTY. 2017-18 GAEA Middle Level TOTY. Cobb Distinguished STEM Educator. #cobbartrocks #artsedga #arted #teacher

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It’s a true honor to receive this award! Proud to represent @CobbSchools #cobbartrocks #artsedga @digitalcobb
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @gstew2 I’m on my 12th year at the same school.
Retweeted by Kerri WallerSerious question... What is one non-salary related incentive your district could offer you to boost teacher morale…
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@KASMOM24 Always. @ArtWithMrE @ARTschukei It’s the only thing I get there.
So proud to see my students' art in this exciting show! #inspiredbytheheart2020 #bellsferryartrocks.#cobbartrocks
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @ARTschukei I turned 35 in December and my pregnancy magically became geriatric. The next week I got mail from AARP.
Pretty happy with how this turned out! Now, to paint or not to paint... @Makerspaces_com @DremelDigiLab @tinkercad
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@notesandnuggets's a very special place in my heart for these silicone bracelets! BUT they're going, going and when they're go…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerFantastic Figure Drawings on brown bags! #cobbartrocks #artsedga #waltonart #WaltonRaiders #GoRaiders
Retweeted by Kerri WallerToday we're excited to announce the release of FLEX Curriculum! FLEX is the ultimate curriculum platform for K-12 a…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerThis is cool! Thanks for sharing!
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@mrsblovesdakids @NAEmmanuele I give them a pencil. Banks, stores, and restaurants provide writing utensils for adu…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerCheck out @theartofed’s new FLEX #ArtEdNow I was honored to help write curriculum/lessons for this new launch.
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@lhs_ART He is home now! ❤️Do you have a little FOMO from not being able to attend the #ArtEdNow online conference today? Well, you can alread…
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @Artlvrpatti @theartofed ❤️East Region @OhioArtEd @theartofed Winter Online Conference watch party at @MaloneU today. Five hours of art ed ide…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerI loved presenting for the #ArtEdNow conference! Thanks for hanging out with me! @Schoology Robinson is ending the first hour of the #ArtEdNow Conference with his presentation on "Amplifying Voices Thr…
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @mrsw_artroom @theartofed Digital conferences are amazing!We're kicking off hour two of the #ArtEdNow conference with Don Masse! You're going to love his ideas on "Experimen…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerFirst hour of #ArtofEd On-line conference has been chock-full of great ideas - hard to keep up! Ha! #artofednow
Retweeted by Kerri WallerTuning in to the #ArtEdNow winter conference with a nice breakfast and view of downtown Houston! @theartofed
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @CBernholdt ❤️Next up @WallerArt is presenting "Strategies to Advance and Advocate for Your Art Program." #ArtEdNow
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This little dude was born at 33 weeks and decided to hang out in NICU for 17 days. Posts about my middle school art… to go Jennifer on having your artwork selected to be included in the Cobb Water System’s Annual Coloring Book!…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerBe sure to check out new work up on display! #drawpaint #fultonartstong #artedga #highschoolart #spartanstrong
Retweeted by Kerri WallerWoodworking ES Art Room is possible through safety education, adult supervision, and small group! Measurement, Ang…
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@ARTschukei I love her. Her voice is amazing.Just geeking out over Billie Eilish.
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @DuchampsPlumber Sarah was so proud of her dragon!
We have collected close to 8 lbs of dead markers, Sharpies, Expo markers, and highlighters! These will be shipped (…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerAre you attending the #ArtEdNow conference Saturday? There is still time to sign up!’m so excited to be presenting at this year’s @theartofed #ArtEdNow Winter Conference! I’ll be presenting project…
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First graders have completed their sunset paintings after looking at photos of sunsets in Africa. #cobbartrocks
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Found object figure sculpture 15 minutes left #nahs2020atl @HighMuseumofArt
Retweeted by Kerri WallerDay 2 at the @HighMuseumofArt was just as amazing! Lots of art making, competitions, and awards. Our students Jabar…
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Some AP things are coming together as we wrap up the second marking period. #hvartsed
Retweeted by Kerri WallerUsing the element of space, 8th grade GD designed a 3 layer woodcut. Then the layers were assembled to be 3D. Thank…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerA6: at parent meetings I make sure everyone is aware that the process always comes first. Experience and process over product. #K12ArtChatA5: open discussion and leading by example. I like to show kids what I turn my “fails” into. #K12ArtChatQ4: The studio habits are what I loved to use to assess students! #k12ArtChat
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @bellafiore3 Same. @Artwithmrsn I can totally see how being on a cart would make it difficult.A3: I give multiple choices for prompts, media, etc- but still limit it. Some units may have more choice available than others. #K12ArtChatCurrently reading a Leonardo bio by Walter Isaacson and came across his geometric drawings. Always loved geometry a…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerA2: I would live to see pictures of how studio space is organized and maintained in a choice based middle school classroom! #K12ArtChatA1: Choice looks like a’s purposeful variety. Teachers choose parameters that best support their stud…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerA1: Autonomy! Having Ss take ownership (and responsibility) over the process and product. I imagine a “real” art st…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerA1: student centered as process based work. #creativitydept #K12ArtChatHello! I’m Kerri Waller and I teach 6-8th grade art in GA! #creativitydept #K12ArtChat
So proud of Rowan for winning Georgia’s Youth Art Month Flag Contest for the high school division! Her art will bec…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerPainting, plastering, drilling and carving all in one class! Gr5 Ss inspired by folk art from around the world. I l…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerTeaching a little life skills with how to use an iron to finish pixel art. So proud of how students created these.…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerNothing quite as humbling as centering clay for the first time but these students are sticking with it and doing am…
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Agnes Kasparkova, 90-Year-Old Czech former agricultural worker who spent over a decade turning her small village in…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerWhen you're in the middle of a lesson and notice that admin has been there the entire time #teacherlife
Retweeted by Kerri WallerBeautiful coral inspired test titles from Y10 today! A very therapeutic lesson @CaerleonComp
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @Pitner_Gifted @carlosmuseum @CobbAlp I love that museum!Such a fun, interesting, informative day with our 3rd grade 🎯 art conservators!! Thank you, @carlosmuseum ! Ss came…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerJoin us this Thursday for some more chatting about choice! Super excited!!
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@JStephensArtEd @theartofed It’s going to be a GREAT conference!I’m presenting at the @theartofed #ArtEdNow Winter conference on February 1st! Excited to share techniques I’ve use…
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The 5th grade legacy banners have been installed into our cafeteria! They look absolutely gorgeous! @sanfordcreek
Retweeted by Kerri WallerBird trail By photographer Edu Aguilera
Retweeted by Kerri WallerKids and I got our Amazon wishlist together and need your support for our 2nd Semester Artivities. Help if you can…
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @ChuckStoffle @nasmith3That's pretty cool. Frames are made out of paper? #hawksmakerspace
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Are you going to the Art Ed Now Winter Conference? It’s a great way to get meaningful PD! #artednow #artofeducation to Ryan Homer! Her artwork was chosen for the All State Art Symposium! #KellArt #KellSuccess
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @3Doodler @StarTrek @DuchampsPlumberGIVEAWAY TIME We're giving away two @StarTrek Limited Edition Create pens to celebrate the upcoming new Picard ser…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerArts Integration Innovation Academy teachers “moved” mountains today. We explored how movement can be used across c…
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @LvngoodPrncipal Congratulations!!!On location #studioart1 ballpoint pen observed perspective drawings #hvartsed #fabartsfri #K12ArtChat
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @Kreyus An old art form that kiddos love! Animated scroll by “cranking”. Look it up! We had a quest artist share an…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerWe tried out kirigami to add to our altered books. They make great pop ups too! 😀 #cobbartrocks #artsedga
Retweeted by Kerri WallerSketchbook Friday | Concept: Storytelling #nchsvisualarts #artteacher #arteducation #cobbartrocks #artedga
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Don’t forget to make Friday even more fabulous! Share some amazing Ss artwork using #FabArtsFri #CreativityDept
Retweeted by Kerri Waller @rstachon @thelmagrace I have a few iPads and a few computers. Our school has a ton of labs and carts available- an… #k12ArtChat I don’t know but I am excited (and a little scared) to find out! #k12ArtChat @GrundlerArt @Artguy76 😂A5: we need to make connections to life outside of the art studio to show students how art transcends the classroom… love what you do and model desired behavior. The acronyms will always be changing- the heart of art will not. #K12ArtChat @timneedles Smartphones are a huge game changer.A3: I don’t have a ton of digital tools so I’m interested in what others answer. #K12ArtChat @Artguy76 He is rocking NICU life but doing well!A2: more iPads. Craypens and Gelli Plates. #K12ArtChatA1: the availabilityof choice in student learning and acceptance of technology in the studio #K12ArtChatHello! I’m Kerri from GA. I teach 6-8th art. #K12ArtChat
I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! I get to take my VA Comp class to the @HighMuseumofArt tomorrow and I can’t…
Retweeted by Kerri WallerKaleidoscope county wide show is a hit. #cobbartrocks
Retweeted by Kerri WallerMore artwork and a teacher photo from the Kaleidoscope opening at the Art Place. @ArtPlace_MtView #cobbartrocks
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