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Badda @Waltersaes Accra, Ghana

deeply magnificent human. || BLACK || ♓️ || Yogi🧘🏿‍♂️

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Nobody... Boiled yam:
Retweeted by Badda @dorrreee Lmaoo 😂ah chale! You’re so annoying @dorrreee
These gotta be the cleanest transitions I've ever seen in my life!
Retweeted by BaddaTriple H and Shawn Michaels: We got two words for ya.... 9 year old me in front of the tv: SUCK IT
Retweeted by BaddaCould anyone with lots of followers please consider retweeting this.
Retweeted by BaddaIf internet pirates were real
Retweeted by BaddaWhat is wrong with women😂
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I like the way she did this edit
Retweeted by BaddaLmaooooo y’all this shit got me SCREAMING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by BaddaNo one: Dentists:
Retweeted by BaddaBut is something wrong w catching feelings? — yeah it can lead to death
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@Makafuiii_ @kinosyntagma 😂😭 @_KayBaah @afadjato @Yawzz_ did that. Hard work pays off.
Retweeted by BaddaI was told these are four completely different people but idk
Retweeted by BaddaLeft was end of January & right was this morning. You got this! Strict diet & home workouts! Consistency is everyth…
Retweeted by Badda @nanaa_akosua @kinosyntagma @nanaa_akosua Bro! 2 Thessalonians 3:10 @nanaa_akosua Wait... you have a reason??Don't inherit how people feel about other people... find your truth and live in it.
Retweeted by BaddaI still can't believe that Baguette Twitter calls black Brits "Le TopBoy twitter" 😭
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Retweeted by BaddaDoctors: Dont worry the X-ray is completely harmless Doctors as soon as they turn the X-ray on:
Retweeted by BaddaIM SCREAMING
Retweeted by Badda💓
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Photos you must see at least once before you die
Retweeted by BaddaWhat I need now is a sketchbook and some good pencils
😂 like sheep's wool. if that ain't a afro, my name ain't Eddie motherfucking GriffinY’all are creative asl 🤣
Retweeted by BaddaKnew naming him Meownuel Neuer was a mistake
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Dear Theists, 1. Does the decapitated head have a soul? Where is it going—heaven or hell? 2. Is this surgery immo…
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@Yawzz_ Top top guy.
Retweeted by BaddaWatch till the end 😂💀
Retweeted by Badda@ Khalid
Retweeted by BaddaMy fiancé just asked me to come into the kitchen to see what they made. “It’s a couch potato.”
Retweeted by BaddaThis talent 🙏🙏🙏 wow .....pls rt
Retweeted by Baddain the spirit of the question box on instagram, i will be doing a thread on our favorite childhood cartoon network…
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Imma be trying this with my home boys one day 😂😂
Retweeted by Baddathere is nothing u can tell me, there are 2 people in this video !
Retweeted by BaddaI almost threw shade at you for posting this highly uninformed tweet, but I realize maybe you genuinely don’t under…
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@Appoh_ Lalo made it into breaking bad.Tbvh😂
Retweeted by Badda @Finchwing @GeeBee_Art "You think me small, puny mammal? The blood of the Great Lizards flows in my veins! My ances…
Retweeted by BaddaMy African mom didn't want an animal in the house. But now look at her
Retweeted by BaddaThe “perfect” cosplay doesn’t exi...
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Usher & Chris Tucker surprising Michael Jackson on stage is the most iconic thing ever
Retweeted by Badda @maame_kay @dorrreee @Appoh_ Lo siento mucho. No te preocupes @maame_kay @dorrreee @Appoh_ Lool I’ll call you soon @nanaa_akosua 🐥🤧 @maame_kay 🙂 @dorrreee @Appoh_ C’est bien ça @dorrreee @Appoh_ Lol oh j’ai cessé... tant qu’il y a la vie il y’a d’espoir🤕 @xxxxCJ_xxxx @Yawzz_ Lmaoo Don ANGLESS @xxxxCJ_xxxx Lmaoooooo @Yawzz_ 😂😂 @xxxxCJ_xxxx Wǒ yě ài nǐ 😭 @Appoh_我很好 你呢🙂You know who’s seriously living their best life right now..... BIRDS. These fools been singing every song they know…
Retweeted by BaddaWho the hell did this 🤣🤣
Retweeted by BaddaOkay Lalo salamanca is too hard
I did a little something something, I think.
Retweeted by Baddathese condoms come with a hole to pee through
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Yeah fuck her and this video.
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Retweeted by Badda @Yawzz_ I’m sorry. the egg bro...
7 year old me stressing cause Swiper getting closer and closer to Dora.
Retweeted by Badda @_neizer You be fraud pass 😂 @_neizer This is mad massive. How many sets.? I Dey hat sit-ups but I’ll give this a shot. Ineed the running too. Gimme your time @_neizer Ah this guy! I make serious la. You for dm me make I start train again @dorrreee Pls do better tnx @Yawzz_ @dorrreee humble yourself bro. Forget what you think say you know @dorrreee Oh Kellie deserves better @Yawzz_ @dorrreee come and show this one pls @skeptical_husky Lmaoo you this bro @dorrreee Lmaoo 😂😂 okay any character’s name pls @skeptical_husky Edey the box inside but don’t look on this @_neizer Boss you for fi put me on. Routines chale @skeptical_husky 😂lmaoo oh Means say you dey get am be that. Don’t stop @uuncle_bennett @dorrreee Watching breaking bad again?🤪Butterfly bro😂😂 @skeptical_husky Broo 😂 take the picture gbenke your nose den draw am away slowly Dey watch am. You for see some bu… @Yawzz_ Try this see. Look for a butterfly @Yawzz_ Then me this a few mins ago broo 😂😂. You for take patience unlock am @Yawzz_ Lmaoo My mind bost. You for use the 3rd eye bro @iNaa_elley Yo I’ve quietly frustrated too!Lool I just saw the giraffe. I’ve unlock my eyesHelp quick, which Cologne smells better?
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@iam_Tonnie Apparently bro. I for start am again sefA project!!!!! My God!!! Wow @worlasigh take a bow
Retweeted by BaddaErykah Badu and Jill Scott on IG live
Retweeted by Baddawhy does it not surprise me that jason derulo would make this??
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I want this to be illegal.
Retweeted by BaddaThis movie is evergreen
Retweeted by BaddaU know what I noticed about u? 🤝
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