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Board, News Literacy Project. Former columnist, WSJ. Co-founder: AllThingsD, Recode, D & Code Conferences, Ctrl-Walt-Delete. Former Exec Editor, The Verge.

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Zoom announces 90-day feature freeze to fix privacy and security issues - The Verge @baltmatrix @sprint I tested it right in the popular inner harbor of Baltimore on a phone supplied by Sprint, becau… @rellert @Zoom I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong, somebody) that this only happened if you logged in using… of the big mistakes that led to ⁦@sprint⁩’s demise was its bet on WiMAX, the wrong 4G technology. Here’s my 201… would be no Playtone without Adam Schlesinger, without his That Thing You Do! He was a One-der. Lost him to…
Retweeted by Walt MossbergWe’re going to lose many beloved people, personal & public, from this virus. But I want to mourn an incredibly tale… @emilynussbaum Let me just say for the record that I am a huge Adam Schlesinger/Fountains of Wayne fan. “Little Red… @fxshaw Definitely Vista!
This 👇 from a funny and excellent video pro. much do you know about social media companies' policies in terms of reporting falsehoods about #coronavirus? Te…
Retweeted by Walt Mossberg @racheld I’m so thrilled! How wonderful!How well do you know social media platforms' policies toward #misinformation? Take our new 10-question quiz; lear…
Retweeted by Walt Mossberg @wienbar @KatieBoehret @WSJ @MicrosoftTeams Thanks! @pkafka @KatieBoehret @WSJ @MicrosoftTeams I’m not surprised. @pkafka @KatieBoehret @WSJ @MicrosoftTeams I’m trying to visualize that. @moehlert @KatieBoehret @WSJ @MicrosoftTeams Got it. Thanks for clarifying. I just get annoyed when people seem to… @karaswisher @BretBaier This tweet from Hannity is a badge of honor for you, @karaswisher. One of many. @moehlert @KatieBoehret @WSJ @MicrosoftTeams If a product is harder to use for non-techies than its competition, it… @pkafka @KatieBoehret @WSJ @MicrosoftTeams No live video teaching? @richardlander I’m so sorry. My condolences.Read this 👇. @KatieBoehret was for years one of the most-respected tech reviewers in the country. She had a weekly…"Before the coronavirus, there was something I used to worry about," writes @NellieBowles. "It was called screen ti…
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@Suncuss So use Firefox. That particular limitation you cite isn’t very important to most average users.Fantastic show, even for non-sci-fi fans. It's really about humanity and is especially timely now. As I recall, dur… @racheld @JamieStelter Yay!This new podcast is great. It’s not maudlin. It’s comforting. just subscribed to this all-new channel from the veteran tech journalist @reneritchie . You should too. He’s bran… @reneritchie Subscribed! Can’t wait to watch the new stuff. @JoannaStern Oh, I’d have a big piece! And Happy Birthday, @MichelleBarna !
@cmadison @shortproof We’re taking short walks in our neighborhood daily and intend to keep doing it. As I understa… @shortproof Totally. @segalnyc @BrendanEich @BangTheClose @brave I am not a paid influencer. I don’t consult Apple or any other company… @shortproof You misunderstand. He’s been issuing exec orders and taking steps for weeks. Everyone here who can is a… @megangrA Better than most tech marketing. @dvvik Although the battery life is great on my iPhone 11 Pro, I often use low power mode to make it even better. I… is in legal lockdown mode starting at 8 pm. Usual exceptions for essential jobs, food and meds shopping, d… @vgcerf Get better soon. We need you."Even the most benevolent fakes create a kind of 'white noise' on social media. They saturate the information ecosy…
Retweeted by Walt MossbergWe owe an immeasurable debt to every doctor, every nurse, every first responder, every person who is putting their…
Retweeted by Walt Mossberg @davidglenwalker Not yet. But the MB Airs are sterilized daily 😊My daughter-in-law’s timely birthday cake for my son. Context is everything!’s a lovely, hope-filled column by ⁦@AskingAmy⁩, my old friend Amy Dickinson, who writes the syndicated Ask Amy… @ahess247 @ArlenSchweiger @PBS Yes. With help from them.If you like history, and you have the ⁦@PBS⁩ streaming app, here’s a huge list of free content. @qhardy @theofficenbc But it probably wasn’t produced during a scary global pandemic by a handsome TV and movie sta… @DBRTweetz I just simply don’t have those problems with it. @MarkVenaTechGuy Why would I switch from Safari? The privacy and OS integration alone are worth it.Some Good News with John Krasinski, a Good News “TV Show” via Zoom, with special guest, his castmate from… is a disgusting example of profiteering during a health crisis, pandering to wealth, and endangering people fo…
@CB_cjust I’ve never encountered this. @emarticor @sasha_fishter I’m addressing mainstream users - the vast, vast majority of people. Not developers. I ap… @brooke Not me. Or anyone around here. We did banana bread. @LuchoDell Then I guess you’re stuck.If you’re a Firefox fan, that’s good too. My point is just that Chrome, which years ago worked great on Macs, is no… @LeeLoiChieng I like privacy. Why switch from Safari?If you use a Mac, and you insist on using Chrome, stop complaining about speed, fan noise, or battery life. It’s we… @racheld 👏👏👏👏 @racheld Fantastic news! I’m so happy for you guys!
@JoannaStern @realrobcopeland That reading plan is good for your mental health. @JoannaStern My iPad was atop a Kleenex box.Here’s the link: read this short tweet from my pal @sallyshin. I followed up and just got a beautiful video rendition of a so… @leonardkrill @PBS My problem was on Apple TV. @brooke For YEARS, I’ve suspected you had a secret garage, @brooke. I just *knew* it!Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge - Bloomberg @JohnLMacFarlane Tragic.Not only should @PBS fix its broken Passport paywall, it really should lift it altogether during the pandemic, as o… @thegreatgadsby You, too, Ian. @fundhunter_co @domenicopanacea Thanks!One of the very worst streaming experiences I’ve encountered is @PBS Passport. It repeatedly forgets that I am a me… @JasonHirschhorn Thanks, Jason! @federiko87 Thanks! @domenicopanacea Thanks, Domenico. I will. You do the same, please. And thank you for what you do. @casey_lau Thanks, Casey. I’ll never forget that night in Hong Kong.
@katierosman I’d look ahead a little, and talk about Tikkun Olam - repairing the world.Here's the Apple website, just launched this morning
Retweeted by Walt Mossberg @MarkVenaTechGuy Thanks, Mark. Please stay safe and well.Teachers & parents: this is for you. @NewsLitProject offering free premium licenses for online platform to U.S. edu…
Retweeted by Walt MossbergAmerica has officially gone berserk. Concern about #COVID19 is now partisan: Democrats fear the #pandemic, Republic…
Retweeted by Walt Mossberg @sallyshin Done.In the end, the story will not be about where the virus came from — it will be about the richest country in the wor…
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One less thing to worry about... @sunnyslopegirl1 Also hummus. @racheld So glad the trend for him is better.My self-isolation diet is 20% Triscuits (“with a hint of sea salt”). @ccwu Great! @pkafka Thanks. Great!We need to do everything possible to stop the spread of the virus. The best is for those who can to stay home. But,… @racheld Why worry about that?Play this. It’s seven seconds and extremely important. @katzish Oh, no.
This is great educational content for your kids in grades 6-12. Especially now that they be seeing lots of false in… @IamSuzanneCryer Absolutely. @LaurenGoode Excellent piece. And, yes, wills are important. And not just for the olds. I wrote my first, simple wi… @sree @floydcardoz @dhmeyer My condolences, Sree. Take care of yourself and your family.“ will take a lot more than a few million more Zoom meetings and Netflix streams to bring down the internet” -… Gates wants businesses to stay closed in coronavirus pandemic. We can’t just “ignore that pile of bodies in th… one single additional person should get sick or die because of Trump’s plans. State and local officials, and citizens, must resist. @dccampfin @kohort And none of the people I’m reluctantly and temporarily returning to Facebook to follow.