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Board, News Literacy Project. Former columnist, WSJ. Co-founder: AllThingsD, Recode, D & Code Conferences, Ctrl-Walt-Delete. Former Exec Editor, The Verge.

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@jbowpr @CNBC Thanks!
Me on @CNBC today calling Senate hearings on tech what they are. the OG speaks! #Facebook the greatest cancer on #tech: Recode’s @waltmossberg on @SquawkAlley
Retweeted by Walt MossbergFor anyone interested, this was what I had to say about Facebook, the Congress and regulation today on @CNBC.… Charged Biden a Higher Price Than Trump for Campaign Ads – The Markup. Another sign Facebook is a cancer o… @tnofuentes @reckless @stevekovach @fmanjoo I was a member. @reckless @stevekovach @fmanjoo Oh, well if you're attacking the cable companies, count me in. @reckless @stevekovach @fmanjoo Only a tiny proportion of users could even access them. In 1992, when I wrote the f… @stevekovach @fmanjoo To me, it was the worst - by far. AOL was the best. @carlquintanilla I could never have imagined that when I did the first review of Zoom back in 2012. was fun just now to come out of retirement briefly and do a very short appearance on my old TV home, @CNBC's… the whole column at @NewsLitProject Founder and CEO @alanmillerNLP: @alanmillerNLP Great column!The behavior of the TV networks and the @AP on election night is an extremely important issue for the integrity of… is the day to make up your mind which office holders, from city council member to President, have failed to d… @Thundermist1 Except for mail ballots that have been judged to have been improperly sealed in the double envelope,… @peter90402 About a month.
@brfreemont Ahahaha @DavidJMillerPhD Hi, David. I miss those cigar store days, but I no longer smoke.My Mail Ballot in Maryland has just been classified as “Accepted”, meaning a bi-partisan team of election judges ha… states may not call the official party representatives “judges”. They may have a different title. But in almos…’t stand for any interference at the polls. Each party has officially appointed, trained election judges *inside… site takes you to just the right part of your state’s official election web site for whatever info you need.If you haven’t voted ever, or in a long time, this is the year to change that. There’s still plenty of time to vote… to all you @Dodgers fans! Your 7th World Series win! And to Dave Roberts for his second championship - one…
@IamSuzanneCryer @designmom This is really smart.This is a long, long thread. But fascinating. @reckless Keep workshopping. Without the great bits, how will you have a cool poster someday? @dccampfin @Mariners @Lafayette_Ket No. That’s my whole point. A 32-year drought for a team that won 6 World Series… did a two-man podcast with @reckless for a couple of years and it was fun and he was great. But can he pull off a… Correction: Six MLB teams have never WON even a single World Series. Only one, the @Mariners, has never even app… to my wedding day, and the days my children and grandchildren were born, *this* was the happiest day of my lif… @ahardie_tweet My tweet applied to all candidates who match those descriptions, of either party and in any office.… The News Literacy Project has two newsletters that, every week, dissect the misinformation on social media. One… @GeraldFSeib Absolutely right, Jerry. @ronshafer1 @Dodgers Good reason! @patricknward @Dodgers I am not shocked.2/ I don’t hate the Dodgers or anything, even though I’m rooting for the underdog Rays. I love their manager Dave R… While 32 years is a long time for @Dodgers fans to go without a championship, there are 7 teams with longer drou… *one week* left to oust every bigot, crook, incompetent, tax cheat, pandemic spreader, science denier and miso… Coney Barrett was confirmed by a slim 52-48 vote. The 48 senators who voted against Barrett represent 13.5 mil…
Retweeted by Walt Mossberg @mkm_vc You have a mythical and mistaken view of how most big-city newspapers decide what stories to do and feature…
@mkm_vc You can't stop news organizations from taking polls and then writing about them.I’m wary of polls, and this small lead is likely within the margin of error. But, to see this front page story in T… Obviously, even though the networks shouldn’t cover either side’s election rallies live, any urgent event that o… @riccimike @md_sbe Mike, it’s great that we have in-person early voting here in Maryland. I’ve used it myself in no… @AnneMarieSqueo I agree with you 100%. That big checkmark should be reserved for blowouts with few uncounted mail ballots. Nothing more.
@Peps9 @RaysBaseball @Dodgers Before my favorite team, the @RedSox, won the Series in 2004, it had been 86 years si… @glasss_d @RaysBaseball @Dodgers No. @DanEvansJr I am a big fan of your city, which I’ve visited many times. Even attended a couple of @Mariners games. I’m sorry.My state of Maryland has done a decent job of making voting easier. But early in-person voting should have started… @MannyCara Sorry. It wasn’t personal. Just stats.2/ In the old days, rallies mostly received wall-to-wall coverage only in the towns where they happened. Because it… Journalism 101: I hope the networks don’t air live broadcasts of either candidate’s final week of rallies. They’… @defcon_5 I’m fine with in-person early voting too, IF and only IF, socially distancing and mask wearing are rigidl… @jseven1 @RedSox You apparently didn’t read the whole thread. In the very first post, I gave your Yankees credit fo… @caia437 @RedSox I agree. @PhilSmith26 In their current incarnation, as the Washington Nationals, they’re the world champs. I can understand… @elliotforhan BTW, I love your Twitter bio. @elliotforhan It was the National League first, not the American. And it was all very confusing, according to Wikipedia.The oldest teams racked up a lot of wins 100+ years ago. The biggest winner in the 21st century so far is the @RedSox with 4 championships.Six teams have never won a World Series: Rays, Rangers, Padres, Brewers, Rockies, Mariners.Which teams have won the World Series the most, going all the way back to the very beginning in 1903? The top six w… is the perfect day to vote your Mail ballot by depositing it into a handy, official, drop box controlled by… voters: if the Rays can pull off a miracle win in a World Series game, you can #VoteEarly in the election,… @ShashwataC @RaysBaseball @Dodgers Read the tweet. I root for the underdog *when my team isn’t in it*. @ChinmayaSaxena @allthingsd @karaswisher Thanks! We loved doing it together for 15 years.Amazing victory in tonight’s World Series game by tiny payroll @RaysBaseball over the zillion-dollar @Dodgers. When…
More young people are voting! @rpesce @PtownIndie @DanBarryNYT It’s awful what has happened to them, and to other local newspapers. Private Equit… @karaswisher Thanks, partner. We must be a nation where laws and courts uphold equality for all. @karaswisher Great piece, my friend. You have a beautiful family. I am honored to know them. And they should have a… @Globalmess65 @karaswisher I understand.A personal perspective from @karaswisher on gay rights and the impending Barrett appointment to the Supreme Court.… @Globalmess65 @karaswisher What? I’m not doing any such thing. Of course Apple needed it - desperately. Just correc… is “Vote Early Day”, so what are you waiting for? @gstrait @michele_norris @TheRealFreada @allthingsd @karaswisher @mkapor Absolutely true. @Dardanth @allthingsd @karaswisher “Becoming Steve Jobs” by Brent Schlender. But it may be hard to find, and the of… @Bajarin @allthingsd @karaswisher It was historic. @justCalebm @karaswisher Many times for each. @Globalmess65 @karaswisher Everybody knew that. It was public. And it was $150 million in non-voting stock, in exch… @JenniferAnn11 @karaswisher She runs them! @JenniferAnn11 @karaswisher The conferences? They didn’t stop. They continue now under a new name, the #Code conference. @karaswisher We sure did. @ronerickson @allthingsd @karaswisher No, sorry. That was before I started my tech column and conferences. @AlexisPHarrison Good for you!
TIME magazine changed the publication’s name on its cover for the first time in over 90 years. Please VOTE, as earl… @reckless @Stammy @JoannaStern I once had to buy a Dell to review because they were too mad at me to send me a loaner.So, basically, the ethical reviewers engaged in none of the practices of which we were accused by our more cynical but uninformed critics.We had a very similar policy at @Recode too. No free or discounted products, no payments from the tech companies, n… @kendec @allthingsd @karaswisher I agree. @opinion_joe @allthingsd @karaswisher Credit goes to our great photographer, @AsaMathatFifteen years ago: Three founders of the personal tech industry at the third @allthingsd conference: Steve Jobs, Bi… @reneritchie You name your iPhones? Are they pets? I have owned or used (at length) every iPhone starting from two… I misread the photo of the 1962 @nytimes article about the Supreme Court. The court was ordering an Ala… just supported @heyheyesj on @buymeacoffee! 🎉 You can buy them a coffee here — also the story about how the Supreme Court unanimously upheld a ruling requiring Alabama to allow Black stud… @racheld I too thought it sounded like "good".The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the scariest moments of my life and yet, as the crisis unfolded, one of the pro…