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Kate Walton @waltonkate Jakarta/Canberra

Jakarta cat lady and writer. Raised on Ngunnawal land. She/her.

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@theresiatanzil @AisyahHukum @marissaputri @nuicemedia @KawalCOVID19 Aku juga bingung kayak Aisyah sih - ada anggot… @killedbystraw I think that's optimistic tbh. @KawalCOVID19 Bukannya ada anggota DPR dari Sultra yang meninggal di Kendari? Kok nggak dihitung?Only 10 cases in Bali? Sure. 🙃 @AnnaVidot Sorry I meant 'people' as in persons other than myself. Not a group of people. Sorry for being unclear. @AnnaVidot @DocConnor Exactly. @DocConnor @AnnaVidot But what if that person is bonding with multiple other people? 😅 @AnnaVidot I would strongly advise people not to go to other people's houses, regardless of the rule. @AnnaVidot Hmm hmm. Yes... I mean personally I'm not doing it, but I took it as though the guidelines would allow it. @kano778 @AnnaVidot @AnnaVidot Yes, he said that the two people rule also applies inside. @heldavidson Agree, much clearer today than on previous days. @_ClaireConnelly @PatsKarvelas Huh? It means if you live in the same household, the policy doesn't apply to people within that household.If I make it though this, a significant proportion will be because of Sam Neill's dulcet tones. @PatsKarvelas Households excluded. @muminprogress Households excluded.BREAKING: PM says 10 people limit in public spaces for gatherings will now be limited for 2 - that means 2 people f…
Retweeted by Kate Walton @oz_f I have a whole recipe thread! #quarantinecookThe 'cancellation apocalypse': How coronavirus is threatening Australian writers
Retweeted by Kate WaltonBu ibuk Selatan, sekarang bisa belanja di Pasar Mayestik dari rumah!
Retweeted by Kate Walton @_ceggy IT'S SO GOOD and really easy esp if you use the Maesri yellow karee paste instead of making the paste!I also don't generally make the paste from scratch for this because we've found a pre-made paste that works perfect… day 14: khao soi / Chiang Mai noodles. This is one of the best curry noodle dishes I've never had.… @incrediblemelk Yep! @nprmndhn Isn't it phenomenal??The PM has just released a new coronavirus information service via whatsapp. It's a pretty cool initiative, and kee…
Retweeted by Kate Walton#quarantinebook rec no 14: 'The Song of Achilles' by Madeline Miller. I read this late last year and tore through i… kami untuk pak Presiden @jokowi semoga benar-benar bisa sampai ke beliau. Bantu sundul RT ya. Mohon Segera…
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This is really stunning. Beijing’s power over the speech of a Canadian WHO official.
Retweeted by Kate Walton‘If capitalism can’t last two weeks without completely falling apart, maybe it’s time to look for something a bit f…
Retweeted by Kate WaltonHuge news - Government to pay workers' wages for coronavirus
Retweeted by Kate Walton @travelfish Wow, I've never ever seen it like that. @anasbubu It's my parents' :) @CaityJMcK Queer as Folk is amazing!!! Definitely watch it. @kixes What a dick!! @travelfish Definitely not business as usual.... Future travel ideas seems a bit odd because we just have no idea w… @olvsbrn @sapphonica Yep Sana have a class every weekday morning. I've been using Alder, Feel Good Studio, Breathe,… @nprmndhn Ah so sorry :( Are there things you can do that help you feel a bit better? @winddaayudita Oof, sorry to hear that. On the positive side, at least it will swing up again? 😅 @leilaschudori I love QAF so much 😍😍 @escapeartistes 🔥🔥🔥 @culametanm3tm3t Haha! Katanya hanya ada dua pilihan selama karantina nih - turun 5kg atau naik 5kg. 😅 @starbigthing Yeah, I understand. Those routine activities are important. Can you try introducing them one by one?… @tffnyyu Aww! Jadi terharu nih 😭😭 I hope you are feeling well tonight! @lagomfem That's good! How is your mum? :) @_ceggy Hmmm an interesting approach 🤔 @irenzzz *langsung enak badan* @wensukma Ayo Deviiii balik dong @cuddlypeony iya kak bagus sih kalau bisa. penting kita tahu beritanya tapi nggak perlu tiap jam juga kan haha. aku… @jsspcr1 Hopeful is good! I am also sore - did an online barre class and a long bike ride around the lake yesterday… @mutya_sh As well as can be, all things considered! Thank you :) @pengamaTTuit Astaga hahaha @irenzzz Seharusnya bisa sih - aku belum pernah nyoba bawainnya ke dalam karena biasanya aku kan di Jakarta hahaha… @farahabdat It's been ok. Neither particularly up nor down, so that's fine. Thank you for asking :) @mdidiku A routine definitely helps! I'm slowly finding one, too. @olvsbrn There's lots of classes being broadcast on IG Live from the studios I go to in Jakarta and it makes me so… @sapphonica @olvsbrn I've been using Down Dog app and a bunch of IG live classes from the studios I normally go to in Jakarta! @irenzzz Makanya!! Di Mayestik aku beli 5-6 batang untuk 5rb huhu kangen Dan di kotaku ini sekarang menjelang musi… @escapeartistes Gees, look at you go! @mutya_sh Just keep an eye on it, I guess. It's all we can do right now. @irenzzz AU$2.50 sebatang / Rp 25,000 wkwkwk @starbigthing I have been not at all productive yet but I think that's ok, right? It's too hard.Silahkan ya. Donasi bisa langsung dikirimkan ke rekening organisasi Srikandi Sejati. Ini salah satu organisasi tran…
Retweeted by Kate WaltonWe are producing 3D printed face shield for donations or to distribute to them who need. Please visit us on instagr…
Retweeted by Kate Walton @oldguntur Absolutely - we don't know what to do and how long it will all last. I'm exhausted and it's only a few weeks into it. @farahabdat That's good! Glad you've found some things to keep you busy :) @ChiBi48_Chelsea I demand a recount! @olvsbrn Wow! That's awesome. The online classes are great, aren't they? I did barre yesterday and will do pilates tomorrow! @mutya_sh If it helps, I know quite a few people in Indonesia who have had weird flu-y type things recently that ha… @wensukma 😔😔 Devi udah balik belum? @iqbalyaaa I certainly did. @widoretnalfi @tjesslyn_ Ohhhh yeah! @widoretnalfi Ah that must be why all the G20 leaders didn't have fancy backgrounds 🤭 @farahabdat What do you find helps so far? ☺️ @indrajuanno Yes! Videocalls are helping so much. @oldguntur Sorry you're feeling flat :( it's hard, isn't it, to keep your mood up. @dikadls It's ok to feel unmotivated right now, I think. A lot of people are. So don't stress too much about it. ☺️ @mnchozin That's ok to feel demotivated right now though - you need to look after yourself first! @irulzulkifli 😔 What makes you happy that you can still do? @Krishna30798 That's good! @thatdayisjust 😔 So sorry. @mightbethewords A good question.. @inthemensworld I think that's ok at the moment though! The important thing is looking after ourselves. @nolifesweetener 😔 I'm sorry to hear that. @starbigthing Hahaha well I'm not sure there's a solution to the second problem right now 😅 @cuddlypeony 😔 Is there anything you do that makes you feel a bit better? @Anissarvi Yeah :( that's ok though. It's a strange time, so it's understandable. @yumnaapta I'm glad! Good! @georgedarroch Me too! I was hardly on it today and felt much better. @iqbalyaaa Omg that video was shocking!!! I can't believe he said that. @mutya_sh 😔 I hope he's ok. @aulia @ratufitri Iya kaaaan @aulia Out...side.... What is that? 😐 @imerincook Christ Erin what did you do?? @tjesslyn_ Omg good point! @Masquenoire @mdixonsmith DAMNIT @mdixonsmith THANK YOU hahaha @Joanwestenberg Go you!!!Well that didn't help. 😅