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frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn

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@AnthonyLaFauci @AnthonyLaFauci Honestly, I’ll eat any kind 😂🤫 are the way to my heart. 👀 @mrmike6543 Thanks Mike! 🤘🏻 @PatrickHovey4 @craiglayton07 To be fair, I’d buy it. @Horror_Guy @craiglayton07 This is incredible. 🤣
@Jeffmillenb Did you see my fleets from yesterday? That’s how it went 🤣😂🤣 who’s drinking peach vodka again... @thisoldsmut @amieeemarieee75 I hope you do too, lovely 😘 @amieeemarieee75 Hey, you’re having the best of both worlds though! 🤤 @bondlived @HorrorFanRyan @bondlived kind of meat are you eating on Thanksgiving? 😜That’s hot #HumpDayVibes 🦃 @HollyWoodPRi1 Which one? 😂Mood hump day/thanksgiving eve! I hope you all have a great day. 😉 me, I have officially died @SupGirl Whoa... seriously? @jayburke 😭😭😭I can’t participate in the 30+ baby picture tweet but I will say that I’m loving these adorable pictures. Keep them coming. 🥺 @MasterGio Am I?? @Razzlyxghost @ArtTheCl0wn whenever I found out my nail tech is moving back so I’m about to have 🔥 nails again @Razzlyxghost @ArtTheCl0wn Am I really? 🥰😍😘 @OldGloryHole That’s amazing 😂😂😂This is the best gif I’ve ever seen.. don’t @ me
@ParisHilton I’d love to see myself in your kitchen 😍🥺🖤 Christmas song “baby it’s cold outside” is about a man telling a woman that it’s too cold to go home, so they c… your Twitter crush know you’re crushing on them? If not, you should let them know. Fuck it. @PatrickHovey4 @meteorshit86 @RexChapman That’s a lot of f bombs for someone who’s wearing cross earrings... and you’re driving in the rain whil… @dannydinosaur @LordNishar It wasn’t a question. It’s my thoughts on humanity.The reason why there are so many dumb people is because they won’t stop reproducing with family members. Oh, and I… #TerrorTuesday, #MutantFam. 🖤 🩸 🔨 Christmas vibe were on my pizza tonight. No regrets. Bad Santa 🎅🏻🥰🎥 @SupGirl 🖤🖤😭😭’m not saying I’m drunk but.. actually, I lied. I am pretty fuckin buzzed lmao
@SupGirl It’ll be okay, beautiful soul. You’ll get through it. You’re strong. It always helps to take time for your… vodka... holy shit. 🤤 @TheTonyPriddy @Lisacaines841’m well aware that I talk about ass... a lot. But to be fair, it’s only when I’m hungry. I can’t help it. I love a good snack. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @ryansmith1983 @CrazyRalph1980 @AtxJewels @AtxJewels Licking their ass. It’s been proven. @meteorshit86 @wolfsoul4 @wolfsoul4 @meteorshit86 He will buy anything, so don’t feel bad lmao 😂😂😂 @meteorshit86 @meteorshit86 That’s fake news, spooky head. Also, I better get 20 gifts this year. @meteorshit86 No. Stop it.Ignoring someone is one of my many talents. I’ve perfected it, actually. @meteorshit86 No, no you don’t. Pay your car off damnit.Monday coming at you like'm not worried about a second lockdown, because I already know all the best places in my house to cry.
Retweeted by Whit 🔪🩸Live, laugh, lick balls. @captainstubey RIGHT?! 🥲😍 ☺️ 🖤 💡 stoned with my neighbor, no big deal.
Actual footage of me waking up for work this morning I hope you all have an amazing #Sinday. 😋🩸 @CrazyRalph1980 @TheTonyPriddy @Jawsman206 I just want to hug you both right now 🖤😭 @SupGirl What a BABE 😍😍😍My turtle is finally big enough to eat guppies which is sad (for the fish) but also exciting. 🖤😭 @givesradiohead Mines in July 😂
@DaveBThyName29 @CroweAlistair @CroweAlistair It’s not my birthday I’m just eating the leftover cake lmaoGuys... it’s a birthday cake from my brothers birthday on Wednesday. It’s not my birthday today. 😂 @jizrae It’s not my birthday, it was my brothers leftover cake lmaoBlunts, bitches and birthday cake.✨ @givesradiohead 🤣😂🤣😂 @meteorshit86 Santa Jaws*I would do some questionable things for cake, if you know what I mean and I think you do.I’m addicted to fleets. Send help. @MoxyTools That’s so weird. 🥺 have you tried restarting your phone or install/uninstalling the app? Maybe it’s a gl… #Splatterday, Boils and Ghouls. 🖤 🩸 @ZipperMouth_ Ugh... SAME @itsasherz Hahaha! I don’t blame you. They need to be put in check. I feel the same way. I’m not above getting out… @CrazyRalph1980 @itsasherz Right?! They make me so fucking mad. @CroweAlistair Follow me around. I’m here for it.Pretend I’m Dahmer and let me eat you - me, flirting @CinderBomb99 I like where this is going... @givesradiohead @SOA_IGotThis extremely drunk and laying in your yard naked should be acceptable.🥺🥺🥺 @Acidic_Blonde Up my buttI just saw two spiders.. fuck? Glad someone is getting laid. @rayzhell18 Yes! 😋 @ryansmith1983 In my mouth 😉 I’ll eat them any way but usually either sunny side up or scrambled!