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RNG Warbirds @Warbirds_ 23 | Detroit

Pro Valorant Coach & Analyst for @Renegades | Michigan State Grad 2020 | Game Dev - VFX/Balance | Cosplayer - Genshin/LOL/FE |

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Ggs Virtuoso & others. Win Nsg Open 9 :> New patch very fun and no longer have to deal with util dumping. Econ still feels weird tho.Congratulations to @Renegades, the winners of our NSG $2500 VALORANT Summer Champs Open #9! πŸ† @retrQtv πŸ†β€¦
Retweeted by RNG WarbirdsWe are back on top GGs. We take home another @nerdstreet summer championship. #RNGVAL #RNGFAM @randyySAVAGEVAL…
Retweeted by RNG WarbirdsLOOOL
@ItzBoltzy @retrQtv @JerkTBE ?? Where's mine?? >:cWorlds 2021. Don't need to see NA fail for the 7th year in a row πŸ™ƒ @Rudeclaw Ty! Should be fun :^) @_Oculos_ Yea lolPlaying tournament on new patch tomorrow gonna be crazyGgs @KnightsGG 2-1 to make it to second day. What goin on with Dallas servers legit imploading LOL
@RealStrongLegs @480Wrap y u do this to me roy @RealStrongLegs Does this mean I can finally play tournaments with u? q.q @daps congrats brother!
@Tv_Philip Roy don't like breach >:cCan it just be OQ 2 already want to use Kay/O >:c @myra__davis Names "Birds" now @myra__davis "Neeko would've been good here" "What position?" "Yes"VCS admin pov
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds @Kolthro @lol_thy My king commands. @OfficialAproto Winning Losing
@Tv_Philip Goin to grandparents for father's day sorry homie q.qughhhhh don't want to go back to previous patch :/ Can't wait to play vs cookie cutter post-plant Monday πŸ™ƒ @ExaltVAL Make it a Mcdonalds 10-piece and ur onEasiest game of my LIFE @ExaltVAL WE ARE BOXING AT LANWiff a shot on @ExaltVAL and he goes, "Yep, def a coach" FUCK U LOL
When the schedule you had made a week in advance completely goes to shit is so good wtf. 7 sec suppress is insane. @RealStrongLegs Had a dude like this in league scene as well. Pretended he sat in on Korean team scrims. Got called… @leaf_cs, no more reason to watch LCS as Na slowly turns into an import league :/ @ToKacey Do you have first/last name? @ToKacey Should give name so teams know not to hire
@5fireleague Play melee broNew battlepass looks so good @King_David765 Have u tried just not being old?Where can I buy??? @ValorantUpdated @RealStrongLegs time to drop skye @RealStrongLegs βœ… Got the βœ… whereas @retrQtv did notThis next nsg open gonna be spicy πŸ‘€
@777eeiu Server time well spent @CoachDraher Bet you can't wait for the sequel @dizzyaus CAP @PlayVALORANT Please remove the judge πŸ‘GG 2-1 vs Ghost crazy series Vs winner of Virtuoso/Soniqs in Finals
Ggs clean 2-0 vs ookers. Vs Ghost on stream @RiotBallerina @Cp2fps @RealStrongLegs @ScrewFaceVAL @crunchyyworld @JerkTBE 2 hits. Me hittin u & u hittin the floor @ScrewFaceVAL @crunchyyworld @JerkTBE I'll box u at lan for crunchy wya @crunchyyworld @ScrewFaceVAL @JerkTBE I thought I was your kitten??? 😾Gg's Valors 2-1 to make it to second day. Always fun to play against the exact same comp & strats match after match πŸ™ƒ
Made it out of groups without losing 2nd round :>Waluigi for Smash #E32021 @temcsgo @randyySAVAGEVAL Need to have over 600 followers :/LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GOING TO BERLIN BOIS LETS GOOOOOOOOOO
@crunchyyworld What y'all eatin/pre-game routine? Need LOLSuper disappointing play today. Didn't play up to our potential :/ 1st tournament nerves out only up from here πŸ“ˆβ€¦
@melanie_mhs PROD NOT Rplayers pls start game
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds @RealStrongLegs ? tournament with @JerkTBE tomorrow πŸ₯° @infamousbtw @FaZeClan There's no picture of u on their Valorant page???? >:C
@myra__davis @DrewDozer I cannotExcited to get to work and win some events with this squadron. 🀠
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds @myra__davis Can u interview @DrewDozer ?After a few.. Let's just say interesting inquires. We found a fifth Welcome @JerkTBE to the #RNGFAM
Retweeted by RNG WarbirdsWelcome We... wait. Go watch the video instead. Premiere in 5 MINUTES. You don't wanna miss this #RNGVAL…
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds @daps Good luck brother ❀️Whos it gonna be ?!? #RNGVAL
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds @SyykoNT W"I like the thought of people having to go through us to get to tier one. It makes us feel like the villains of the…
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds
@retrQtv That's a +1 sage game 😁Whenever @retrQtv gives me back-sass @ToKacey @RealStrongLegs Ivern IRL @Mateusz_NA @CoachDraher Vouch. Sick nasty singed
Also please for the love of god don't add banner of command back into the game make it a troll item please that meta was dog water πŸ‘ that's great, but what is the go-to McDonalds order? @atlasicle @RealStrongLegs @Rex0WasTaken @RealStrongLegs'm gonna shit myself
Retweeted by RNG Warbirds @1_ascent ASCENT NEVER MISSES
I dropped out of Engineering so I wouldn’t have to do math maaaaannn :/
@LoLChivas Neeeeeeed πŸ₯Ά @StroidGraphics Nah I originally ran them by my friends to pick a profile picFriends convinced me to upload a couple other pictures from the facility. these valorant pros talking about playing league. Might have to start playing again 😳 @myra__davis CorrelationGod I want what they have @ToKacey Mcdonalds dollar menu op when low on money. @dazzLeGO No SHOT Karambit is F tier
@lolrbm wym bro u lookin NICEAnyone just go back and watch the Riot 10 year anniversary announcement of new games with Piercing Light? The hype…
We got anotha 1 for the #KnightsGauntlet: Cookout! 🦁 Please welcome @Renegades πŸ” @RealStrongLegs πŸ” @retrQtv πŸ”β€¦
Retweeted by RNG WarbirdsI'd like to report a murder πŸ’€ @JoshRTz We call them p1 & p2 (p2 being the one closest to the trees). You should ask what @RealStrongLegs called it previously tho πŸ€ͺ
@FluidNinjaLIVE @Beardilocks Holy this looks so pretty πŸ₯ΊMight have to put away Unity and break out Unreal