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@hazedCS @starsmitten_ vouchtoo early for this shit 😀 @NAFFLY Happy birthday 😎 @TenZ_CS wait for meThanks for vibin' 😎 @hazedCS who showed their grandpa how to use twitterHOW VALORANT PROS PLAY SOVA... via @YouTube
πŸ™ @Zedd oh he on x gamesotwThe 4k from @WARDELL416 is too nice! #TSMWIN
Retweeted by TSM | Matt ''WARDELL'' YuIt's been a long day , thanks for kickin' it in my stream. I'll be on tomorrow streaming all day @Spicalol see u soon @GameFuel delete asapPUggin 3-1 vs @FaZeClan your girls are safe with #TSMWIN @Rawkus AHUHAUHUAHBO5 dumb as hell @maeyakot love u @maeyakot ❀️1 more. I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as we are πŸ€™#TSMWIN
Retweeted by TSM | Matt ''WARDELL'' Yu10 more. #TSMWINplaying vs @fazeclan get hyped in the chat bouta get another ass whoopinTSM WARDELL INSANE 13-0 STEAMROLL IN VALORANT... via @YouTube @JSTJR @TSM <3GGWP 2-1 VS @Immortals Grand Finals against @FaZeClan #TSMWIN1 more. #TSMWINplaying @Immortals rn tomorrow vs @Immortals 3 pm EST. Taking these kids to school 🀣playing @Immortals tomorrow !TSM WARDELL EASY SOLO CARRY IN VALORANT... via @YouTube @hazedCS hazed was wasted during our game todayscuffed attempt @ myth watch party
I don't miss 2-0 vs Moon Raccoons. They are great players, orgs should sign them. Qualified for First Strike! Ready for vengeance πŸ€™ #TSMWINcongrats !! @T1Keria πŸ€™ more #TSMWINPLAYING MOON RACCOONS NOW. it out im almost up'all bringing up 100t but did y'all see what happened to NRG n FaZe?This tweet finna age like a fine wineI feel bad for moon raccoons to win yesterday just to lose today 😭 @TenZ_CS @T1 nt fam u got the next one πŸ€™GAME TIME BABY JUST TOOK 4 SCOOPS OF PRE πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ GOIN' STUPIDWait any good online co-op games y'all can recommend me?So tired gonna rest up n qualify tmranyone else dc?TSM WARDELL INSANE 30 BOMB HARD CARRY IN VALORANT... via @YouTube @OfficialANGE1 okay relax grandpa it's past ur bedtime
what a series nt immortalsskad00dle @ShoT_UPcs β€οΈπŸ€™back to lockdown we go πŸ₯΄NRG VS ANDBOX @Subroza @LogitechG u have two??? w0t @Corey_OW @FaZeClan gl brotherstream in an hour @KING_BABYBAY @Subroza ggsGGWP 2-0 VS @FaZeClan great group of guys much love1 more. #TSMWINAHHHHHHHHHGGG #TSMWIN @FaZeClan 12 PM EST up a bunch of overwatch players and a random cs player tomorrow, should be alright.. I guess 🀣#tsmwin @daps LOLpreorder dec 3 kekYOO JUST GOT THE G PRO X SUPERLIGHT #PlayToWin Flicking fast and getting cash!! πŸ€‘ PRE ORDER YOURS TODAY!…
stream in 5 @s0mcs @NRGgg gg bro <3GGWP 2-1 vs @NRGgg they played fantastic. Great group of guys #TSMWINI do this shit AHHHHHHHHHHHHH #TSMWIN2 more. #tsmwinTSM WARDELL INSANE CARRY ON SPLIT... via @YouTube @TamedToronto @yoojpls we just friends chill foo i aint got no mclaren i got a honda accord that i use when my mom doesn't have work πŸ₯Έ @s0mcs shut yo ass upplaying N(oob)RG today 3pm EST. all your energy and wish me luck for this game against @nrggram. 3 pm EST. , btw th… @yoojpls u stole my whole flowfree xQc , all these stream snipers in valo be walkin' round free 😀game timejk im gonna pass out im tired as shit @jdbeckmusic Fuck u and ur radiant @starsmitten_ u right i do like me some cpt levi @Ninja dont derank me please @starsmitten_ wait u have crushes on anime ? 🀣🀣🀣Stream soon @Vetreon followed
TSM WARDELL PLAYS RAZE VS NINJA IN VALORANT... via @YouTube @aimlab .@LenovoLegion fully zooted pc plzHALF-NATTY GAMER PLAYS VALORANT' famjams @khriseuu 10 stages @peterparkTV why dont they love me man.. πŸ˜”i wish twitch didn't forget me #glitchcon5ever #idontmissthisI'm not playing today guys, you guys have to know not to ask me because I don't even know what day it is smh πŸ₯΄ @LogitechGesport Fake news browow can't believe twitch chat was right all this time