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Henry... Sleep in peace. Here's your favorite Sexydoll. She'll comfort you.
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Retweeted by old, chill karkatThese are staggering - otherworlds by Jie Ma (love the Brutalist Isle of the Dead especially)…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatsaw this car
Retweeted by old, chill karkatMy first Kickstarter is officially live!! Dust Wardens is a game of community and connection in a haunted roadside…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatphilology is when you quote sanskrit, and the more sanskrit you quote the more philological it is
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @DanjoKaz00ie All the weirdness of the stories is suggested to have rational explanation, yet the narrative is driv… @DanjoKaz00ie It was like getting really excited watching an acrobat do cool tricks and then as a finale fucking faceplanting @DanjoKaz00ie Dan it pissed me off so, so muchMy books are called incomprehensible. But for whom?
Retweeted by old, chill karkatTYRION: what unites people? armies? gold? no, stories HOWLAND: [nodding] TYRION: and who has a better story than so…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatFoucault darksWhich Foucault are you today ?
Retweeted by old, chill karkatlol what did you expect
Retweeted by old, chill karkatLook who’s on Comment and Analysis 👀
Retweeted by old, chill karkatfilling up my plastic honey bear container with the ancient moon water from the bottom part of the crater that the…
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@megsinyoursocks That's my new jobHappy #PanVisibilityDay to all our #pansexual siblings! You are a loved and valid part of our #bisexual+ family.
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @pcsegal i'm glad you're having funanother world is possible
Retweeted by old, chill karkatTheresa May after 74 people died in the Grenfell fire vs Theresa May after she loses her job.
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @WarrenIsDead
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @spammm I thought of you @Lilli_F the result of hours of careful study"look at this haunting photo of a defeated theresa may, no matter your politics it's impossible not to feel sorry f… celebrate the 10th anniversary of this map I made, here's a higher-res version. and there's a shirt of it at…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatNEW: Multiple Snap employees have abused their privileged data access to spy on users. Motherboard has also learned…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatAlways on brand, Boston!
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @dialacina good @inurashii need to do something to bounce back from the bandits thing @MarikaRose most contemporary productions of macbeth cut the yoga scenes so i'm glad to see this get some grassroots tractionSomeone recently sent me this to prove to me that kilts are sexy, I am DYING
Retweeted by old, chill karkatCompletely consumed by this stunning late-15th-century engraving of an incense holder (by Martin Schongauer, whose…
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @austin_walker @yourcatmommy lmao @yourcatmommy fort fuckshit must be defended @Ice_Cream_Jones congratsThinking of becoming an Elder Scrolls NPC"I like being weird....I like living in the crazy world." -Joker
Retweeted by old, chill karkatWhen players pass by, they have the option to give it 20 Coins to start a hootenanny. If the player accepts the off…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatICYMI: I reviewed Pathologic 2, which is currently leading the pack for my GOTY
Retweeted by old, chill karkatWorking on a Twitter simulator so I don't have to use this site anymore
Retweeted by old, chill karkatWith the president pushing a doctored video of Pelosi, it seems like an appropriate moment to stop and really think…
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @bombsfall Sadly the Biden one will be realdo not trust my sons, Brian and Edin memoriam
Retweeted by old, chill karkatif this is what it looks like without a declared opponent, what do you think 2020 will be like?
Retweeted by old, chill karkatfuck this
Retweeted by old, chill karkatWhat Happens When One Forgotten Twitter Follower Gets Real About How Fucking Shit My Web Presence Here Is
Retweeted by old, chill karkati lost 15 followers, presumably for yesterday morning when i retweeted a dangan ronpa RP account that tweeted out all the lyrics to All Star
Retweeted by old, chill karkatpeople love to "mock" and "jeer" but when have any of you ever produced a tweet this perfect
Retweeted by old, chill karkatje suis krassenstein
🎉🎉🎉 The New York Times Book Review (!) loved #RealQueerAmerica, and reviewed it alongside @JacobTobia’s Sissy, sayi…
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @yellowcardigan Now begins the true game of thronesElizabeth Warren is actually the candidate a lot of people wanted Hillary Clinton to be
Retweeted by old, chill karkat"digital distribution is the future"
Retweeted by old, chill karkatMartha’s Vineyard bus drivers threaten strike, disrupting vaca plans of well-heeled island goers. Among demands: he…
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @pcsegal @snoothaver oh christ i forgot spam made the cursed one @pcsegal @snoothaver i was so glad this wasn't the thread where you photoshopped him into lil cal @snoothaver *basically*wow this is awful to my recent turn to faith, my sense of morality is becoming based on the Bible. thus, i am implementing new ru… on line after not really reading much news yesterday and i'd just like to offer to any developers working on g…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatIntroducing SmileBot. Think of it as an anti-depressant for your discord community. :)
Retweeted by old, chill karkatso glad to hear art stan for the indianapolis airport in the latest clapcast. it is also my favorite airport. it's… past the staggering survival mechanics, Pathologic 2 breathes newer, weirder life into this Brechtian-horro…
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @spammm @WarrenIsDead beardkat, as the fans say
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @spammm @pcsegal This is a nightmare @pcsegal That wouldn't be possible I have normal pantsjust like, ah, Alfredo and Marisol have gone to the record store, nice, and now they're... ah yes, they're going to go drink a coca-cola. ok
Retweeted by old, chill karkatin my high school spanish class our textbook was sponsored by coca-cola so there were 1-2 sentences in every chapter about drinking coke
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @pcsegal thereIt's no wonder that people don't vote, think Dems stand for nothing, can't distinguish between the 2 parties. Democ…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatThis isn't complicated. Trump committed impeachable offenses and Congress is duty-bound to impeach him. That doing…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatFailing to impeach Trump knowing what we already know about him means being complicit in his criminality and corrup…
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @ADACTIVITY Cheezburger you, literally you, are the one whose job it is to have an intervention for the sake of the country
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @BooDooPerson diamondhorse electronicbooksNeither of them could beat Goku
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @laevantine @BooDooPerson it looks like they started development of a miniseries for syfy in 2007 but nothing has happened since @BooDooPerson i have, no lie, dreamed of doing this for yearsPOKEMON (1997) Cinematography by Motoaki Ikegami Directed by Masamitsu Hidaka, Fred Butter, and Beatrijs Sluyter…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatthe true PKD move is that this was a prank pulled 6 years ago that so easily sums up contemporary life that it circ…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatTHIS MAKES NO SENSE
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @Darnn god i wish @WarrenIsDead all further reboots of anything should just be of On The Air
Retweeted by old, chill karkatthere’s a Philip K Dick novel where a dude has to barter with his doorknob to get into and leave his apartment and…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatall further reboots of anything should star character actors and noted david lynch repertory playersfor like one brief second i thought gabriel luna was patrick fischler and i was EXTREMELY excited for the new termi… @BraveArcanine oh my god how could you do this to usSide by side on his timeline, no shame.
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @headfallsoff i don't know what it was about my specific depressive situation at age 17 but holy SHIT did Waking Life piss me off @headfallsoff you didn’t wanna fuck fat Seth Rogen you don’t get to wanna fuck him now
Retweeted by old, chill karkat @erlking @JohnnyOatley i'm cutting carbs, but not carbon, i say smiling with teeth ash-blackened from my diet of pure char @with_resolve no one else even replied to my post. you just walked in and decimated itit's cool that the commonwealth shakespeare company slots in some of the weirder b-texts every few yearsshakespeare on the common this year is cymbeline so i basically have to go to see how that turns out“Aunt Beast: Nothing is gayer that tentacles, unless it’s being given a compassionate, brisk bath by a religious al…
Retweeted by old, chill karkatwhat's going on over here
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