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Opinion: Nancy Pelosi calls out Trump’s con to hold July Fourth gathering at Mount Rushmore as coronavirus surges Iraqi leader tries to rein in Iran-backed militias, but task proves daunting of a coronavirus vaccine unites anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and hippie moms in Germany Redskins launch review of controversial team name debate around Breonna Taylor memes: Do they bring attention to the cause or trivialize her death? jobs are coming back, but economy will need years to heal mask enforcement at Trump’s Independence Day events despite surging outbreak Court says Alabama does not have to loosen ballot restrictions because of virus As Arizona becomes the coronavirus epicenter, a dire warning from health-care workers is working to persuade advertisers to abandon their boycott. So far, they aren’t impressed. "Hamilton" isn’t just an artistic achievement — it’s also a moment of Puerto Rican pride names hard-liner who crushed protests to head Hong Kong security agency of Confederate symbols comes for Maryland’s 104-year-old "Talbot Boys" statue detectives couldn’t get partygoers to answer the phone. So they issued subpoenas. political theater of Kayleigh McEnany’s scripted walk-offs a newspaper cartoon with a swastika-wearing Trump roiled a Florida community Biden’s response to job numbers shows why he’s leading 8-year-old organized his own Black Lives Matter protest. Hundreds marched alongside him. officers charged with murder after using Taser more than 50 times in man’s death, investigators say murder trial begins in Turkey without defendants in attendance to Nationals Park and elsewhere on Friday: Baseball like you’ve never seen it before Trump’s Fourth of July plans are no salute to the military Trump surveyed the smoking ruin of his reelection and decided: Be more Trumpy The Fourth of July is a Black American holiday | In a 60-game MLB season, one thing is certain: It’s going to get late early Maryland teen picked up woodworking during the shutdown. Now he sells his pieces to help the homeless. America’s coronavirus exceptionalism, mapped’s “I alone can fix it” campaign collides with a changed public mood How Trump lost the mask wars The grim, unmentioned downside of the employment records Trump is hyping Trump’s idea of the Fourth of July is totally wrong calls on Redskins to change name, following investors’ demands on sponsors of Russian bounties thrusts deaths of three Marines into spotlight York prosecutors appeal in Manafort case seen as a backstop if Trump pardons him’s Vacationland hot spots are ghost towns as tourism struggles amid coronavirus best virtual Fourth of July events, from firework shows to a Declaration of Independence reading coronavirus cases skyrocket across Texas, hospitals grapple with patient influxes NBA bubble approaches, players react to safety protocols with doubt, frustration an affidavit, Trump’s niece says she was misled by the family into signing a confidentiality agreement two decad… could allow players to wear names of victims of systemic racism, police brutality moves to seize Iranian petroleum aboard four tankers bound for Venezuela in sanctions escalation, push to exte… The Post's Editorial Board: Trump must comply at once with the order to release all detained migrant children The one thing that matters in Republican primaries Republicans are warning that tyranny is on its way the protest movement could help HBCUs through a school year upended by covid-19 As statues topple, movies are becoming monuments, and a way to create public memory’s cautious economic recovery is based in part-time work and vulnerable industries transforming 160 store parking lots into drive-ins coronavirus rebounds, more patients are being hospitalized, stretching capacity postponing cancer screenings, dental work, physical therapy, blood tests and emergency room visits. Five k… Service agents preparing for Pence Arizona trip contracted coronavirus A dozen albums for a penny? I’ve still got mine, and plenty of time to listen.’s “I alone can fix it” campaign collides with a changed public mood How Trump lost the mask wars
As coronavirus cases rise, governors warn the college football season could be in danger Jonny Rhodes built a revered Houston restaurant. His next mission: Fighting "food apartheid." of Russian bounties thrusts deaths of three Marines into spotlight Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly turned an intuitive female bond into a tool for abuse backs down from plan to suspend University of Phoenix and other colleges from accessing GI Bill benefits "Hyper Scape," Ubisoft’s new battle royale, plays great. Will its twists on the genre set it apart? Why Facebook probably won’t police Trump’s lies about voting Hong Kong hangout for journalists stands up for press freedom amid protests and pandemic offer practice facility to voters, following up on LeBron James’s More than a Vote effort and faculty ask Washington and Lee to change its name The grim, unmentioned downside of the employment records Trump is hyping America’s coronavirus exceptionalism, mapped governor issues mandatory mask policy for every county that has 20 or more coronavirus cases — a dramatic mov… was a zero percent chance of rain or severe storms. Then a tornado touched down. The job numbers are much-needed good news. And they’re likely to get better. Coronavirus pandemic will scar U.S. labor market for the next decade"He talks about a shock-and-awe campaign. 'We are going to intimidate the hell out of these Afghans so they will be…
Retweeted by The Washington PostPerspective: Give Trump credit for the First Step Act — but not for much else on criminal justice issues coronavirus, HBCUs continue the tradition of helping black students weather any storm co-founder placed on leave as sexual misconduct claims embroil fighting game community City deaths spiked to three times normal during covid outbreak, official says Kamala Harris joins The Post to discuss the protests across the country and the fight for substantive policing… Court leaves in place laws in Chicago, Pennsylvania that restrict antiabortion protesters The pandemic has parents stressed out. Shaming one another on Facebook isn’t the answer. | Timeline: What we know about the Russia bounties intelligence and Trump Netflix’s fresh take on "The Baby-Sitters Club" celebrates the best qualities of a new generation Duckworth to block more than 1,000 military promotions unless Pentagon vows not to retaliate against Vindman Wimbledon is elegant and nutty and lovely and other words belonging to no other event. With its chara… a top magnet school with few black or Latinx students, a push for change meets resistance Bryant honored on NBA 2K "Mamba Forever" edition Voters — even Republicans — are down in the dumps Downs has died at 99. The broadcaster was one of the most durable and versatile personalities on TV. Brad Parscale is wrong. The campaign probably can’t save Trump. who went to party warned people not to be "an idiot like me" a day before dying of covid-19 "I want my family to have a black-owned D.C. business." How Southwest Soda Pop Shop went from a side… Dan Snyder now has many reasons to change the team name. So why keep it? show a rise in interest in anti-racist and social justice titles following George Floyd’s death. As black-own… five women trying to break into highly competitive world of sports media, the pandemic has created an unlevel p… administration hires tech firm to build a virtual border wall, an idea Democrats have praised hair salon is now a place of anxiety. And clients can’t wait to return.’s on: The Fix’s Thursday live chat is happening now. Ask us a question:
Retweeted by The Washington PostThe Lakers and Bucks, disrupted NBA contenders, don’t want to hear any asterisk talk. The NBA's top three contende… Rushmore's sculptor Gutzon Borglum was deeply involved with the Ku Klux Klan while designing the Confederate… Trump administration hires tech firm to build virtual border wall, an idea Democrats have praised leaders in South Dakota plan to protest Trump’s appearance Friday at a massive fireworks display at Mount Ru…