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Democracy Dies in Darkness.

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Lorenzo Tugnoli photographed Elie Saib in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion. After the photo was nominated… warn that falsified cards could endanger lives and undermine efforts to end the pandemic. The Violence Against Women Act, which emphasizes incarceration, does more harm than good drones are coming, if inventors can get all the kinks out of them The flawed U.S. presence lifted expectations about what kind of society they could have. On infrastructure, do Republicans want to strike a pose or build things? Scott Rudin’s bad behavior was just another Hollywood cliche until a new generation said time’s up AOC’s and FKA twigs’ stories teach us about surviving sexual assault House removes Betsy Weatherhead, scientist picked by Trump official, from research project on climate change A. Brower, fixture in D.C. jazz as writer, producer and stage manager, dies at 72 Words of wisdom or wishful thinking? The problem with new books that aim to heal us. baseball fans needed a name for their newborn son. Then Nolan Arenado delivered.
Montenegro mortgaged itself to China. Now it wants Europe’s help to cut it free. It doesn’t take an insurrection to acknowledge that lawmakers face high levels of stress on the job th… Raymond Wood unwittingly aid Malcolm X’s assassination? He allegedly wrote a letter that proves he did, but his… A new, racialized assault on abortion rights is headed to the Supreme Court Biden wasn’t really ready "on Day 1." His stumble on refugee numbers shows why. Islamists take 6 Pakistani security personnel hostage amid deadly clashes of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine likely to be lifted by Friday, Fauci says "When I was 12, I was charged with menacing with a deadly weapon. The killing of Adam Toledo is a remi… Humans solve problems by adding complexity, even when it’s against our best interests infrastructure, lofty ideas are colliding with congressional reality Black high school baseball team won a championship in 1969. Their hometown waited 50 years to celebrate. union’s defeat at Amazon is shaking up the labor movement and exposing a rift between organizers diplomatic clashes, U.S. and China vow to work together on climate change universities say diversity is a priority. But Black enrollment in many states continues to lag. dead in active shooting situation in Austin, Texas, officials say dead in active shooting situation in Austin, Texas, officials say’s grip on GOP looms as support falters for independent probe of Capitol riot NYPD officer accused of plotting to have a 14-year-old killed out of jealousy just pled guilty to obstruction Lawmakers targeting trans youth demonize kids to pander to fearful voters dead and two injured after gunman opens fire at Wisconsin restaurant, suspect still at-large star Jake Paul wins his third pro fight, knocking out a former UFC fighter Scott navigates Trump, winning back the Senate — and his own ambitions official dies while helping at shelter for unaccompanied migrant children in Houston critic Navalny’s daughter pleads for her imprisoned father be allowed to see his doctor amid mounting healt… IndyCar’s 45-year-old rookie: Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson veterans don’t trust coronavirus vaccines. For a VA crew in the rural West, that means changing minds, one by… Being Black in America is exhausting billionaire backs out of offer to buy Tribune Publishing Co. official installed as Trump left office resigns after he was sidelined They lost a friend to suicide. Now, they’re on a 4,300-mile journey to help other young people who are… "This pandemic seems to have no end. But years living with sarcoidosis has taught me we can get throug… tips to help you detect fake science news One of the bloodiest anti-Asian massacres in U.S. history, now a podcast to give your rental a new look — without angering your landlord isn’t necessary. But if you do it, follow the tips from these dermatologists. Chinese investment in Africa involves more than megaprojects. Private enterprises also are making their m… Slashing emissions by 2050 isn’t enough. We can bring down temperatures now. Derek Chauvin’s trial is not justice for Black Americans France’s ban on the veil looks far more sinister in historical context America’s mission in Afghanistan isn’t accomplished Dear locker room, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell says the recovery is far from over. The bleak reality is made clear outside…’s relationship with Israel shaping up to be less cozy than his predecessors the shutdown with loans and donations, theater leaders look to the future and how to bring people back to… Coronavirus is disappearing from the halls of Congress even if the political rancor over the pandemic is… Laingen, who united nation with yellow ribbons during Iran hostage crisis, dies at 89 As 76ers’ title hopes rise, Ben Simmons finds his voice GPS is endangered by a misguided FCC decision made during the Trump administration keeps leaving toys and birthday cards at a 7-year-old’s grave in a historic Black cemetery. No one knows wh…
Eight people who worked at a FedEx facility were killed Thursday night by a 19-year-old former co-worker. These are… Chicago police "reform" failed Adam Toledo. New thinking is essential. as supply lines strain, Biden is in no rush to scrap Trump’s steel tariffs viral police pepper-spray incident has illuminated racial tensions in a small Virginia town state television names suspect in Natanz nuclear facility attack more states legalize marijuana, more children accidentally ingest THC-laced edibles troops leave Afghanistan, U.S. will face challenges maintaining counterterrorism capability"Forever chemicals," other pollutants found around the summit of Everest’s goodbye to Philip: A pared-down funeral, minute of silence and a solitary queen in a chapel "I want to model resilience for my Black children. America is testing me." Givhan writes: The royal funeral was a reminder of the value of rituals massacres test gun-control advocates’ resolve as White House faces growing pressure to act about your coronavirus vaccine card (and what to do if you lose it) Sullivan writes: "I’ve worked for two billionaires. Here’s my advice for rich people who want to buy a new…’s surveillance state still doesn’t match China. But Putin is racing to catch up. all in black, her head bowed, Queen Elizabeth II sat isolated and alone inside the chapel of St. George’s a… Poet Laureate Joy Harjo reflects on the lessons, rituals and gifts of the pandemic year planned to honor 8 victims in FedEx shooting as Indianapolis mourns latest massacre in U.S. chairwoman Ronna McDaniel comes under pressure to show more independence from Trump Producer Scott Rudin, apologizing for his 'troubling' behavior, says he will step back from his Broadway…
Retweeted by The Washington PostBroadway producer Scott Rudin steps aside amid accusations of abusive behavior going back decades, apologizes for p… Biden’s emergence shadows his father’s presidency loyalists start "America First Caucus" to promote U.S. as "uniquely Anglo-Saxon" star Carly Pearce released a powerful revenge album — and it’s not what you would expect history of royal funerals: Lavish, moving, crowded and sometimes bizarre department stores were struggling. The pandemic has pushed them to the edge of extinction. British royal family gathers for the funeral of Prince Philip. Follow our live coverage. American couple is on a mission to make bagels part of an Italian breakfast. of Britain’s royal family are gathering today for the funeral of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth… Inspector General report concluded that the Pompeos made more than 100 requests that “appeared to be personal i… experts feel fairly safe flying. That changes when eating and drinking are introduced. companies are finding their footing on streaming services are the 30 people attending Prince Philip’s funeral McCrory, a British actress who starred as a crime family’s scheming matriarch in the BBC series “Peaky Blinde…, Georgetown universities join growing list of campuses to require coronavirus vaccines number of new coronavirus cases around the globe has almost doubled over the past two months, an alarming incre… Police have fatally shot 22 children under age 16 since 2015 NCAA’s transfer changes are good for athletes and challenging for coaches. Seems fair. Musk’s Boring Company removes D.C.-Baltimore tunnel from list of projects on website