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A special-needs student was struggling to learn online. The whole neighborhood contributed to her schoolhouse. More data show erosion of a Republican advantage on the economy I taught and worked with Amy Coney Barrett. Here’s what people get wrong about her faith. This is the Supreme Court’s tipping point, White House demand FDA justify tough standards for coronavirus vaccine, raising concerns of political interf… The bombshell consequences of Amy Coney Barrett"Help me!" Lindsey Graham begs Fox News viewers in unusual plea for campaign cash pandemic has devastated downtown D.C. Some fear the damage is permanent. than 1 in 10 Americans show signs of past coronavirus infection, large national study finds Get ready for a tsunami of disinformation when Trump declares victory Jean King writes in Opinions: This is a powerful moment for athletes creating change through sports launches new terrorism review of Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen officials scramble to explain details of Trump’s $200 drug discount card Brennaman resigns from Reds after being suspended for on-air homophobic slur Klan and lynching images, NGA and 3 other museums postpone major Guston exhibition Taylor’s family assails Kentucky attorney general, demands grand jury information breaks one final barrier as first woman to lie in state at Capitol Justice Dept. disclosures cast fresh doubt on Trump-Russia investigation | Three words every impatient parent, like myself, needs to learn to say: Take your time
Barr told Trump about investigation into discarded Pennsylvania ballots that president seized on as evidence of wid… Democrats finally grasp the importance of the Supreme Court — when it’s almost too late Trump has said Amy Coney Barrett will be his next Supreme Court nominee, according to people familiar wit…
Retweeted by The Washington PostCardinal Angelo Becciu becomes one of the few cardinals in recent church history to renounce the rights of his posi… Americans remain vulnerable to coronavirus, a national study suggests. Finding is in line with assertion by CD… 87 percent of websites are tracking you. This new tool will let you run a creepiness check. You can… expected to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ginsburg seat, kicking off Supreme Court fight weeks before el… Why does it matter when athletes speak out? Just ask the kids. deaths from covid-19 remain remarkably low eight months into U.S. pandemic photographer spent a year reflecting on the end of her 20s’s final class of clerks recall her unwavering dedication to law and life. Throughout the pandemic and her… The part of Fox News that Trump likes least is the part that’s most obviously objective Don’t let democracy burn to the ground Open officials had hoped for thousands of fans. Then the coronavirus roared back. Why making your diet part of your identity is bad for your health — and society The parties are locked in a political arms race — and keep finding new weapons A storm is coming for Donald Trump If Trump picks Cuban American Barbara Lagoa for the high court, it would be another key indicator that he… a sexual assault case in D.C., one woman’s public warning ricochets all the way to Birmingham, Ala., where an… Intercepted GOP robocalls expose how Trump hopes to corrupt the election it! Win a chance to point out that I don't know what I'm talking about!* *it is illegal to do this on Twitter
Retweeted by The Washington PostUSPS close to settlement with 19 states on election mail, service delays, sources say. State officials hope an agr… York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed to reopen schools for working families. But even in the city's poorest n… 2020 creepiness audit of the Web is terrifying: - Only 13% of sites are free of trackers - 15% load session r…
Retweeted by The Washington PostPerspective: I played Trump in Clinton’s debate prep. Here’s what Biden can expect.🗣️ APPLY FOR THESE
Retweeted by The Washington PostEarly news story on Dave Martinez's agreeing to an extension that will keep him in Washington beyond 2021. Still wo…
Retweeted by The Washington PostOpinion: If you gave your life savings to Trump University, you'll love the Trump health care plan How three decades of partisan fighting and hypocrisy enabled Trump to reshape the federal judiciary Nationals and Dave Martinez have agreed to an extension that will keep him in Washington beyond 2021, according…
Retweeted by The Washington PostWe are accepting applications for the 2021 Summer Internship Program through Wednesday, Oct. 7 by Noon Eastern Time…📣 Attention student journalists 📣 The Post offers paid summer internships. • Reporter • Photographer • Videograp… of Proud Boys plan to rally in Portland, setting up another clash in a combustible city University President Wayne Frederick is one of America’s foremost educators, and he's leading the pre-eminen… and dry air blowing from land to sea will lead to dangerous wildfire conditions in California yet again this we… is preparing to unleash blistering attacks against Joe Biden at their first debate Tuesday, including ones ta… Shifting from a 5-4 to a 6-3 Supreme Court majority could be seismic. The court’s conservatives won’t… charges brought in coronavirus outbreak that killed dozens at Massachusetts veterans’ home McDonald’s new spicy nuggets aren’t really all that new — and thank goodness for that asks district attorney why he didn’t take Trump’s tax returns weeks ago poll workers dropped out because of covid-19. Millennials are stepping up to replace them. Supreme Court justice should be chosen by the winner of the presidential election, majority of Americans say i… the scuba community is navigating the pandemic’s uncharted waters Female lawmakers line the steps of the Capitol as Ruth Bader Ginsburg's casket departs What we know about those discarded Trump ballots in Pennsylvania The House seats most likely to flip in November"The Comey Rule" might make you angry. The people who made it hope it serves as a lesson. Justice Ginsburg leaves us our marching orders Legal teams playing outsized role in 2020 election as Trump’s threats escalate sides with House Democrats in challenge to Trump’s border wall spending Prosecuting police officers won’t make us safer. Here’s what’s needed. Republicans can’t just support a peaceful transition. They must condemn Trump’s words. Taylor’s family Friday assailed the decision not to prosecute any Louisville officers for shooting her, whi… are using the law to deny the release of records involving use of force, critics claim Checker: Biden’s claim that Trump’s tax bill gave companies "a reward for offshoring jobs" Hours after a judge describes Tucker Carlson as "engaging in exaggeration," Trump highlights his false cl… you running into voting problems? Let us know. The Post is partnering with @ProPublica to hear what problems… Republicans grab a Supreme Court seat, denying Black women their turn investors have pushed big companies toward social change. A new SEC rule will limit their influence football had Louisiana on top of the world in January. Then the rest of 2020 happened. football had Louisiana on top of the world in January. Then the rest of 2020 happened. Omar: If Democrats want to win, focus on nonvoters teacher saw a BB gun in a 9-year-old’s room during online class. He faced expulsion. This crowd of RBG fans showed Trump what law and order really sounds like Here’s how hard it will be to distribute a covid-19 vaccine If the Republican Party is the party of Trump, what does it stand for? award-winning directors Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested for a conversation about their new National Geograph…’Tis the season for travel in China. But virus fears cast a shadow over festivities. cashier loaned a customer $12. A grateful community repaid the cashier more than $11,000. Jong Un apologizes over fatal shooting of South Korean official election official warns "naked ballots" may lead to tens of thousands of rejected ballots for November Gov. Ralph Northam, first lady test positive for coronavirus administration rescinded "Courage Award" for woman who criticized Trump and gave false explanation for decisi… police officer shot dead inside police station How Biden can immediately begin to restore good governance arrests dozens, including members of pro-Kurdish party, in connection with deadly 2014 protests chose a new chief justice just before leaving office. Jefferson was furious. pledges to send $200 drug discount cards to Medicare recipients weeks before election; funding source unclear Bader Ginsburg to become the first woman to lie in state at the Capitol. Watch our live coverage."I’m tired, like every Black American": Protesters back in streets after Breonna Taylor ruling attempts to heal after a night of unrest over Breonna Taylor decision