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Opinion: How to protect our democracy from a future Donald Trump Presidents should use the pardon power more — just not like Trump Trump’s Christmas goodbye: Women’s suffrage, first responders and more races to become the first Western country to approve a coronavirus vaccine Trump’s campaign sent nearly as many emails in the three weeks after the election as the three weeks befo… Trump is an ego monster. Republicans, don’t let him consume you. raises more than $150 million appealing to false election claims state confirms mink farm coronavirus outbreaks as U.S. looks to avoid Denmark’s disaster promising vaccines head to FDA review, setting scientific speed records fun party games you can play over Zoom with friends and family couple relaxed covid-19 stance and died from it. They wished others would take it seriously. Atlas resigns as Trump’s coronavirus adviser after months of feuding with administration health officials and Arizona make it official as Trump fails to stop vote certification in all six states where he contest… live updates: The country’s largest county begins a new shutdown Trump’s feud with Brian Kemp says it all about the legitimacy of his voter fraud claims’s pick to lead White House budget office emerges as lightning rod for GOP Trump’s own Supreme Court appointees can’t stomach his attempts to rig the Census History reminds us that vaccines alone don’t end pandemics Philadelphia Eagles host the Seattle Seahawks on “Monday Night Football.” Follow along for live updates during… Everything we needed to know about Melania Trump is in those bewildering Christmas decorations photo shows PPE-clad doctor comforting lonely, elderly covid-19 patient
Supreme Court leery of Trump’s bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from congressional reapportionment request new GAO studies on pandemic’s effect on the aviation industry makes Biden’s victory in the state official after recount confirmed his win Predictably, some Republican voters in Georgia are turning on the party Rapid development of a vaccine won’t help much if people refuse to take it Ledecky couldn’t pursue Olympic medals in 2020. She got her degree instead. Francisco 49ers, displaced by coronavirus restrictions, to play next home games in Arizona heat wave breaks records in Sydney, escalates fire danger across wide area Maria Bartiromo’s phenomenal flop How Democrats should wage war on coming GOP obstructionism’s time to start preparing Fluffy and Fido for post-pandemic life TV ridicules Obama with blackface skit Sullivan writes: Fox News needs to reinvent itself for the post-Trump era. Here’s one radical idea. Debunking the Trump team’s latest arguments about fraud in the 2020 election in large numbers of jobless claims led to overestimates of unemployment insurance claims each week, watchd…"I’ve got you, babe": How Cher helped save the world’s loneliest elephant massacre at least 110 civilians on Nigerian rice farms Mitch McConnell’s ability to cripple Biden’s presidency depends on one thing Biden’s personnel picks engender no legitimate GOP gripes👀 certifies Biden’s win, even as Trump allies vow to contest results Street on pace for record-breaking November keep hearing the same debunked arguments about purported fraud over and over so I just decided to throw the rebut…
Retweeted by The Washington PostFCC Chairman Ajit Pai to leave agency next year game days. No bars. The pandemic is forcing some men to realize they need deeper friendships. Trump relies on right-wing cable news to launder his false claims about fraud hall outbreak takes Hong Kong’s virus fight two steps back Kayleigh McEnany’s peculiar complaint about coverage of Biden’s all-female press team French police officers charged with brutal beating of Black music producer Trump provided a road map for stealing an election. Next time could be worse. The coronavirus has turned the NFL into a joke, and nobody should be laughing The assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist raises the stakes for Biden debate now is not whether Israel killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist, but why search home and office of Maradona’s doctor It’s okay if you weren’t paying attention to gadgets in 2020. Here are the best ones you missed. to know for NFL Week 12: Tyreek Hill and Derrick Henry took over as the coronavirus loomed a hospital as the coronavirus surges: Where will all the patients go? Oregon nurse bragged on TikTok about not wearing a mask outside of work. She’s now on administrative leave. Iran buries its slain nuclear scientist, leaders vow revenge and no negotiations with the West Post investigation into Little’s killings reveals a fragmented and indifferent criminal justice system that allow… has drawn portraits of many of his victims. Some police departments have circulated those portraits, hoping… Little has confessed to killing 93 people, virtually all of them women. Again and again, police across the c… Justice | Part 1 How America’s deadliest serial killer got away with murder for more than 40 years mysterious metal monolith was found in the Utah desert. Now it has vanished."Spider-Man" actors may be allowed inside Atlanta schools before students — and some families are upset neighboring Georgia counties, election revealed a growing divide that mirrors the nation The real star of "The Undoing"? Nicole Kidman’s eyeballs. lashes out as former top DHS official reasserts that election was "secure" to ask FDA to greenlight its coronavirus vaccine — a milestone that brings the U.S. closer to 2 vaccines be… Black teen was fatally shot following a dispute over loud music, police say What changes after covid-19? I’m betting on everything. vaccinations against covid-19 will be "mind-blowing" challenge for Alabama, other poor, rural states has a Gen Z problem. The pandemic may accelerate it. by moderates and pressured by their base, liberals fight for a voice in the Democratic Party Fox’s Maria Bartiromo as his first post-election interviewer, Trump found a sympathetic ear and few questions last covid-free places on earth have something in common: Travel shutdowns on Mars will be a lot harder than "The Martian" made it seem America needs an epic narrative right now. Painters are working on it. Trump advocate Sidney Powell, a playbook steeped in conspiracy theories Tyson fought for the first time in 15 years. So much had changed. Transformed by crisis, arts criticism may never be the same. And that’s a good thing.’s military campaign beyond its borders powered by homemade armed drones scientists believe that DNA holds the cure for disease. That poses a problem for some Native Americans. it’s like to teach children about the election, and its results, in deep-red Trump country, shallots, scallions and leeks are mostly interchangeable in recipes. Here’s how to use what you have. What was "Hillbilly Elegy" really supposed to tell us? In managing covid-19, colleges must tend to students’ minds as much as their bodies Marco Rubio is already suiting up for the politics of destruction
Perspective: As a food writer with covid, I worried I’d lose my sense of taste. It turned out to be much worse. for a "superimposed" holiday surge, top health experts urge Americans to take restrictive measures twists ankle while playing with dog Major hires all-female senior communications team 10th president’s last surviving grandson: A bridge to the nation’s complicated past Fox’s Maria Bartiromo as his first post-election interviewer, Trump found a sympathetic ear and few questions Robinson’s boxing debut ends with second-round knockout by Jake Paul York City reopening schools for special education students and younger grades brutal police dog attacks were captured on video. Now some cities are curtailing K-9 use. live updates: Playoff bubbles an option; happy Lions fans donate to Deshaun Watson’s charity and South Korea see surge of suicides among young women, raising new questions about pandemic stress