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Hugo nom comic book colorist. Worked on books GLAAD, Prism, and Harvey nominated. Illustrator. Rope witch. 200 RYS. #fibrowarrior #coloristilluminati ♠️

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What should I do more with my twitter?Feeling more like myself now that roots are gone and hair is vibrant. Teal life. night push for awareness @Sarah_Stierch @SamhainNight @MacSmiff ?? @manic_pixie @Scoutrager @emilypearsonart @JongKircy Ah thank you!!!
@Scoutrager @emilypearsonart @JongKircy do you happen to know any sequential artists from WA?Guest bedroom (lol covid- i've never had guests) is now converted into more all-purpose room. I'm mostly going to u… @ThaliaNalapraya YEP. That's the idea. I did my yoga HW this morning and turned my guest bedroom (LOL COVID NO GUES… @ThaliaNalapraya I'm what? 4 episodes behind? IDKFinally going to catch up on Drag Race. @privatebeach @Shane_McCarthy Maybe they can help me find sequential artists in the area? @privatebeach @Shane_McCarthy Do they draw? Quick look showed writing... @Gwenda @neilhimself I do! Just medical debt and student loan debt. Having a disability that immobilizes me from ti… @Gwenda @neilhimself God I hope I can afford a house one dayHEY COMICS FRIENDS- Do you know of/ have any favorite comic book artists from Western Australia? @ilovekepap @hasanthehun true degen @ilovekepap @hasanthehun that's me. :) @thatCalamity My health keeps fluctuating so much I haven't been able to figure my shit out unfortunately. @DrinkDrawCR Thank you for translating for me! @AmbJam93 @ElainaUnger Thank you. Yeah it's definitely a raw deal.One thing I've learned living with chronic pain is I have to make a hard choice everyday to not completely drown my… no.. i feel so bad for him... :) @lisa_sterle THIS FUCKING RULESSSSI need help.
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @passingfair @kellhound Hell yeah! Congrats to both of you!
Going to draw a masculine body in rope next and I'm excited! The wider the range of bodies I can show in rope- I will! @TipsTricksRus @l0vesource @jfrisk10 @hasanthehun I've got over 130k channel points..I'm so excited to get my hair cut/ colored tomorrow. I get my hair bleached 1-2 x a year and tomorrow is that day.… @nourstweets @hasanthehun haha nooo. why did you do this?! haha @hunteroftheint1 @hasanthehun This is the third hasmods- should I be flattered? @nourstweets @hasanthehun Thank you! @MrTylerCrook @RamonVillalobos Tyler this is the greatest response- the emoji game is *slow claps* @RamonVillalobos @hasanthehun I’ve been rolled @ChaosKittyEm Oh my god I didn’t even think about that @TrashBatman Oh nooo is she cool looking at least? @kayemarrh This is very good @SooDLee Thank you for being so kind! 😭🙏 @hguarderas93 Yeah it’s circular so watch it like 3 times and you’ll be obsessed.Painted @hasanthehun tonight to wind down after an extremely long day. @ChaosKittyEm it's just kiminonawa?! @hguarderas93 i love lain @JamesTheFourth I mean when i think about your aesthetic i do think telephone....This is too spot on and I'm scared now...Google ur name + anime + aesthetic @SooDLee on twitch! She's great and we haven't forgotten about her. @gabrielhardman @hollabackgod @hitRECordJoe oh my god!!! that's pretty awesome @gabrielhardman @hollabackgod @hitRECordJoe one day i'll return to california!! @nourstweets nour... why?! hahaha @gabrielhardman @hollabackgod @hitRECordJoe i just want to spend a day looking at the pile of art you have in folde… is too GD talented!!! @gabrielhardman @hollabackgod @hitRECordJoe GD DUDE! I want to see more of these!! @ZacBeThompson nope! :) @billreinhold @monkey__marc @ProgRockers @sxbond @erikburnham @EricaSchultz42 @Emmavieceli @emmie_morton @drinkpinkink ok this rules mega hard @monkey__marc @ProgRockers @sxbond @erikburnham @EricaSchultz42 @Emmavieceli @emmie_morton @tommyleeedwards
Hello Friday! Reminder post!
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @Oeming @johnwordballoon @takisoma LOVE YOU BOTH! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! @yoshisquared I'm totally going to do this!!!Hello Friday! Reminder post! @lauramartinart @RuthRedmond @wastedwings @Twitch link, in case you prefer to watch there:
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @DrinkDrawCR Thank you for joining and asking awesome questions!This was so much fun! I really missed talking to other colorists- and Ruth and Laura are SUPER talented to boot!
@Mister_Walsh SUper excited!! @SkyePatridge Holy crud! That's amazing! Congrats! @TheJenya I mean it's my birthday so celebrate alone like I did last year?Wow. This is bleak. :/ @davidmacho But it's such a good photo of the back of my head!! It's about 10 months old?Also if you join tomorrow you can see my green, overgrown hair!It's really cool that people in 4 countries can come together on one stream! Loving technology!TOMORROW! I'm joining the lovely Dialogos de Comic broadcast (@davidmacho) with the amazing Laura Martin and Ruth R… reminder to please RT this if you haven't! @DaveScheidt fucking war criminalHey Wednesday twitter- I could use some shares (RT)
@RamonVillalobos how very dareJudy Garland and vibe. Push the pain down to produce some work. @sarahmirk yepStill need help though..Holy shit over 10k. Thank you to those who have donated and shared! anything else, at least I have the Bernie memes to make me smile. @officialhambly Another gorgeous piece! @misspenart @IAmCeleste1 I'm fucking dying. Bernie memes forever.
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Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickShoes: model's own.
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @ArcturusGrand @RickRollRizal @hellocookie LOL I'M NOT A WRITER. TROLL HARDER.Dialogos de Comic 152: @colorista @Ruth_Redmond @wastedwings We'll talk about life, sto…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @VicBergerIV @IwriteOK this is the levity i need in my life. thank you twitter. @Idle_Threat people play politics like it's their favorite sports team when it's life or death for millions of people. it's fuckign gross. @Idle_Threat i've already seen it happening.OH! There's a terrible wind storm happening and that is what knocked my power out earlier. Also explain the HUGE br… @hungrybowtie @JacksonLanzing Thank you for picking them up and liking them! @hungrybowtie @JacksonLanzing I intend many PDX trips in the future! Of course! @hungrybowtie @JacksonLanzing TBF- The 2-3 days thing wasn't healthy but 5 is pretty normal-ish. @hungrybowtie @JacksonLanzing Yeah I've worked on a lot of books. haha. I used to be able to color an issue in 2-3… @JacksonLanzing oh my gosh. thank you jackson! really kind words.Share this pleaseCue the lib takes that racism is over once again bc a Dem is President.Gentle reminder
Important info from the chronic pain clinic. Say no!