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TVAL mustafa @WasteManOP toronto | '03 | πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

CC for @TorontoVALORANT // ex : @Ryerson_esports

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@JackIgoe UR CRAZYdelaying stream by an hour due to unforeseen circumstances πŸ™goodnight:) @LlNABTW @ggoatie @LlNABTW L freakint captioj @K4ITLN so little @LlNABTW look at me @yasm1nri spitting
@LlNABTW coaching stream will be going down tomorrow at 3PM EST!!! coaching 3 people tomorrow ON STREAM (link in bio)… @Catinator3k @CoachJoe__ @LlNABTW don toliver??? dont disrespect him (a boogie is also fucking ass) @emijuju_ LMFAOOOOOOOOO @itzViZe13 PLEASE RUN IT @hollyfromars xD I GET ITi am back . (csgo then valorant ranked) @ignovercook ?toxic sova + went no comm + weeknd buff @seshiriaa_ @GFuelEnergy common cece W @Glorinsz @ahad i went from getting into ur lobbies, to this glor LMFAO @ahad @Glorinsz this isnt funny @jdang003 BRO ITS CHOPPED JDANG @ISHlKA immortal 3 last act-->almost d2 please i need sometbing TO SAVE ME @oPOWA @emizoxo POWA I HAVENT DERANKED TO D2 SINCE HITTING IMMORTAL (other than hard resets) @oPOWA @emizoxo POWA WALLAH I NEED U IM NOT EVEN JOKINGD3 with 9rr to my name. god help me @khanartistval us @606Ericaa @606Ericaa omg yo ill be im chicago too! @emizoxo @oBolaaa can u guys just chill plz fucking poggers time ... only winning. @ht_chapo YOany ranked queuers :p streaming alll day today :) @jenchiiii_ i see ME @frostyZK if u needed me u shoulda just asked ://yall rockin w my pfp tho (thats NAV) hit a csgo clip lets freaking go @3vanzeelion HBD!!! @Evs2x WHY @elijah8k what rank @Evs2x why.who is up 🫑. @ahad and i know ur not adding me too. @ahad @ahad @Glorinsz now u didnt have to say all this @Glorinsz this is a great question, this was a test for the real ones to bully me. @ahad @Glorinsz LMFAOOO @vmlynnn 🫑 @vmlynnn CUZ THIS IS ALL I PLAY GRRRRRRRR AND I CANT WIN @vmlynnn im on the verge of doing u know what to myself vic i cant do it anymore @ysk1ng @ignovercook @dogbackp6ck @itsasniaa come on @eerotomania "stop smoking mohammed" @ysk1ng did u lose @xanderaj_ @noobshaa real @eerotomania yo @eerotomania is she or not @Boy1drr HBD BABY @eerotomania she single ? @LlNABTW chill gimme a minute @LlNABTW u r down so bad for him just chill @oBolaaa @LlNABTW vouch πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ @fIuffyzx so pog @mitchchicken shshi bakeranked stream in a bit :D @zombsnation come on bro @jenquackers i see mwomg 😍😍😍😍😍😍 night market moment
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@416naru ur so sexy and talented naruguess it’s a good time to mention: I’m managing Tarik’s TikTok account
Retweeted by TVAL mustafabuy stuff kaching lil skrrrr then we're done yea @ktbugy i am pro @natemek gotta check in w me tho @L3MON_v @jenchiiii_ @7nosu sub me in after 🫢🏼 @jenchiiii_ @7nosu im im a csgo game :C @LlNABTW sorry best friend @Sparg0ssb @Naldilol @7nosu good morning.i am crying @Bre4ad dude @LlNABTW πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @TorontoSRN @hollyfromars @PixilVal @ruyrebollo ur so talented @abreezyENT @TorontoSRN THIS IS SICKThis is our city. This is our home. This is #ForThe6ix Welcome to Toronto Serenity.
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@cwaudiia im 4'11 ? @ItsWhiske its time @oPOWA @emizoxo I NEED U BRO RANKED IS SO BAD @xanderaj_ @noobshaa DONT SAY THAT PLEASE DONT SAY THATim d3 50 rr lets freaking go (im on the verge of doing TOS things to myself) D2 NEXT! xDDDDD @mich7lle so fucking realchill smash stream :) come talk to me @SniipeZer0 BIG MARYS ON MONDAYS HIT @YoloVAL_ @d1smantle @Sameer_VAL @bunnyberrry address next ?? @notcrypticno @Boy1drr u just wouldnt get it @notcrypticno this is so us @Boy1drr @turntdais dasnerth type beat @jenchiiii_ MY BAD I DIDNT KNOW