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Welp it’s 2020, I’m bi, so I’m a leftist. I don’t make the rules. He/Him

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@Bob237874 @TrayBridgewater Yeah honestly, I'm not sure how far left Oliver is, but he's at least willing to critic… @sapandstars @IvanaOpinion @Iron_Spike yep I too hate and fear my wife and that's why my one political issue is pre… @sapandstars @IvanaOpinion @Iron_Spike watch out, he's about to hit you with another boomer meme @Alyssa_Milano @TaranaBurke Love to do a feminism by piggybacking off a victim coming out to promote your own podca… @IvanaOpinion @Iron_Spike lmao dork @IvanaOpinion @Iron_Spike Long walk, short pier, etcIt’s never okay to celebrate a person getting Coronavirus have some bloody respect, good thing conservative politic…
Retweeted by Jack @young_maymay Once again, literally pointing out facts about a Biden/Clinton/Bush's record or accomplishments is taken as an attack @sphynxonyx1 @shaunking @Alyssa_Milano @JoeBiden We spend all this time arguing that Dems don’t actually care about… @lora_rinehart @DavidAgStone @Alyssa_Milano @JoeBiden @future_fiona @briebriejoy @Alyssa_Milano @JoeBiden @Andy Really good strategy! You should definitely make your str… @Alyssa_Milano Beyond parody. “Don’t believe people telling you to believe the victim! They all support Bernie!”… @charliefox_1984 @LegacyZeroYT @Alyssa_Milano Literally the same talking point as the republicans you freak @Alyssa_Milano when you have been training your whole life for this one moment
Retweeted by Jack @PasswordStrong @BBCBreaking Pretty sure his plan was to let the old folks die for the economy right? Hell he’s bei… @__steve_g @yashar Good job being indistinguishable from a Republican reacting to allegations against Kavanaugh or Trump @AresStopell @yashar Do you feel like you’re doing a feminism by linking an article that mentions the political lea… @JohnAdamsGA @yashar Oh word? @AbcarianLAT @yashar The Krassenstines are like half a step above Jacob Wohl wrt reliability @DanJohnsoninc @yashar (Please note that Biden’s is now 9) I’m no fan of his general political outlook, but I will give Keir Starmer credit for making his first act as l…
Retweeted by Jack @glitchindmtrx @krystalball @Alyssa_Milano Speaking of... @ggreenwald @Alyssa_Milano Man wild that it turns out looking to actors for our political and moral guidance was a mistake @BarnyardGigglr @BernieSanders Define MLK’s ideology in one word?
every song a 22-year old listens to is called T1NDER g0ld by someone called chloey rejjjxa
Retweeted by Jack @JordanUhl Don’t they just sell cups of coffee anymore?!???????? @thomasjeferstan Now that’s a coward’s ratioLiberals:
Retweeted by Jack @travis_view Does she make any sort of a conclusion from this? Because even accepting the premises I don’t see what this is supposed to mean @lyta_gold The Dem thing of just being openly hostile to people who don’t vote for them really seems to validate cl… @hockaday_craig @DrMaireadDB @Bermy187 @MrHarryCole Have you heard of IrelandMy dumbass. My absolute clown of a self. This failure of a polisci major. Just realized that I’ve been parsing Euge… @mtracey Love to be proud of not knowing what words mean and refusing to learn @BootsRiley @TheDaveman316 That’s the thing that’s driving me most insane, it seems like I have no choice but to th… @96fps @LackingSaint An honestly wild take right there
@caininanem @EmilyGorcenski I have literally no idea if this is a hypothetical comparison or a reference to something that actually happened @RationalDis Didn’t one of those people post a racist 4chan meme about Brianna Joy Gray and Nina Turner? If they ca… normal was so great, how did we get Trump?
Retweeted by Jack @JoeyM728 @HalSinger So #resist really just means antisemite now huh @schmangee @OmariJHardy Fun fact, in some recent primaries, Biden just happened to win every district that A) has n… @AlpacaQueers @Rhejde @blkwd666 Wild!! That eating bats is considered disgusting while southerners eat squirrels, a… @s0yella @blkwd666 Literally how is eating a dog worse than eating a cow or a pig. They’re all intelligent creatures @bobsalpha1 @joshtpm @neeratanden @NaveedAJamali @neeratanden Hey uh Naveed what happens financially when you’re admitted to the ICU? Seems kinda wei… @deportablediz We're like a cult in that we like policy, and the agenda, we should be less cult like and sob uncont…
Retweeted by Jack @9_volt_ @samuraiyn Idk but grats man, any word on Vergil in DMC5?
@LawrenceConnol2 @NathanJRobinson @ewarren Is this how you think elections work @DavidAstinWalsh Literally imagine being a “30something” and unironically going ‘my dad’s better than your dad’ @WildWildJest @DavidAstinWalsh You know you’re talking to a Warren supporter right @KatzOnEarth @socalmd54 @DavidAstinWalsh @KevinMKruse Oh word? He’s a self hating Jew? That’s what we’re going for? @borderlessboba @willmenaker @kimmaicutler @DavidAstinWalsh @Initialized @TechCrunch Libs absolutely cannot meme @kenklippenstein I’m ahead of the curve baby @RWBY_Fan10000 @annlyeljames @marveIstuff @starwarstuff Incredibly on brand for #istandwithvic @israhirsi @96fps They’ve been deleting metoo from their bios because they’re soulless parasites who believe in nothing @Cloutman @israhirsi @WiredHoney The fucking krassentines lma @jaredlholt The ending is perfection @ShaunGalNews Man capitalism is just so efficientsame day delivery is the most American shit of all time, you run out of deodorant or something and with a single cl…
Retweeted by JackI lost my teens to my depression and now I'm losing my twenties to a pandemic can't wait to lose my thirties to climate change!!!!
Retweeted by Jack
@Rickersam3 @nytdavidbrooks Thank you for demonstrating why Brooks is full of shit @Styx666Official @thegooom @CassandraRules @HumanistReport As they say, not an argument @Styx666Official @TwitizenDoob @thegooom @CassandraRules @HumanistReport Logic and reason baybeeeeee @JeremyV97536448 @veruka2 You know that no one in your life actually likes you right? @JacksonAntione @briebriejoy And right @JayCarney @libbycwatson @SenSanders Damn you right she probably isn’t clever enough to find a way to delude hersel…
@bradynichols85 @oliverdarcy Because for as much as they suck they’re at least staffed by adults @Ziyoda_April @israhirsi My school’s library has a whole shelf of books about a fucking banana company installing b… @Ziyoda_April @israhirsi Read a book @jw8c @israhirsi Oh word how’s that working for the us right now? The planet? @KiddCann @israhirsi What form of government did Russia have circa 1916? @DavidAgStone @israhirsi Damn when he’s right he’s right @gerardkeay I’m going to assume this is a MAG161 spoiler and I refuse to be told otherwise @Tormny_Pickeals @Scooter_Magnus That first one can’t possibly be real right?advice for young progressives: if you're too rude, you'll never be able to pursue a career in progressive politics,…
Retweeted by Jack @EyesOnTheRight @wordpressdotcom Wow shocking, wildly out of character
@mattyglesias And as we all know the government is incapable of taking on debt soooo @adamjohnsonNYC @Clarknt67 Also seems wild that we’re the toxic racist ones, meanwhile they’re making up condescend… @SymoneDSanders Better to delete all evidence of your previously held convictions about sexual assault when it turn… @tify330 How’d Kamala do in her own state? Cause it kinda seems like Bernie didn’t miss @YNB @andersleehere @SenWarren Imagine if a Bernie blue check tweeted out something like this @nberlat @barrydeutsch I think a large part of it is that so many of the people behind Biden were loudly disgusted… #TransDayOfVisibility to all trans folk! They've thrown the same bile at you that they've always thrown at g…
Retweeted by Jack @ItsTHATDoug @verysmallanna @cmclymer you tried sweaty @ItsTHATDoug @verysmallanna @cmclymer #BlueMAGA @ItsTHATDoug @verysmallanna @cmclymer Do you feel proud of yourself as you gloat that a victim will likely never see justice? @AmaryllisG18 @LilithLovett ((())) @JoeLynch @greg_doucette Hmmm don’t think that last one is standard @RafiLetzter @kirkpate We know what a crosswalk looks like and that there aren’t six feet between each bar @Iam_Legend85 @C_Stroop @NYCEMSwatch Great then maybe those freaks shouldn’t make volunteers sign their name to their cult’s values
@Manda_like_wine I’m sure that Nevada, of all states, has no empty hotel rooms right now @leftistthot420 Honestly the apocalypse has been far too boring so far?? @okuudere @PoRiverJamBand I have not played animal crossing yet I heard the blblblblbl @ItsTHATDoug @verysmallanna @cmclymer Yes, we’re well aware that many democrats don’t care about sexual assault @risingpun @DavidAgStone @cmclymer I have good news Seth! There’s a primary on @Rome8Romero @robbysoave @krystalball Khive continuing to be some of the worse people on this cursed website @jacobinmag Man, this article is far too horny for the fascistHoly fuck seriously???
Retweeted by Jack @vancityvisuals @wittelstephanie Y’know damndest thing but I’ve never managed to misstep my way into saying someone…
@BenLaBolt @BernieSanders @JoeBiden DNC being openly hostile to Sanders & supporters: hahaha fuck yeah YES!!! DNC…