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I’m Feeling This Kemistry 💍 KEMISTRY - KayDee My New Video is finally out🚨 Video Available on my YouTube Channel.…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼12 year old me packing my clothes to run away after mom yelled at me
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼In case you're bored; Gist with a little sauce--2k Chat with you - 1500 Call you for 1hr - 4800 Sleep overnight- 10…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @Mayowahh @kofoworola__a Exactly @zeezish_ LMFAOO Tellem BroList of top clubs out of CL before Chelsea. •Liverpool •Real Madrid •Juventus •Dortmund. Chelsea spent a gargan…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @posshh_ Person wey don crase @kofoworola__a Lol. Iku lomeja kaako sha.People wey dey our life wey no wish us well, may God replace them with cash 🙏 #BBNaija
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Vegans when they realize they're made outta meat
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼When you ask your Asian neighbor about your lost dog
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Scored 50 @_Christy___ Omo i just dey switch channel for here. My nyash don turn water @Segzxx You will not understand 😭Luxury gift box just for him🥰🥰 Specially curated with love❤️❤️❤️ Price:NGN10000 Nationwide delivery Kindly send a d…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Being a Hazard and Ronaldo fan tonight is stressful asf.Fireboy, Joeboy, ZahZah, Omah Lay & Rema are the future of Nigerian music.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Mood
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @goal @marvelnsa With this City’s lineup, i see Madrid winning this one. @shurley_bankz Let’s dead this argument bro. You won 😂🙌🏼 @Phait12 Idk. Check tho. @luwaXXL @Mohammed__Harif @arthurspecial_ Thanks man. @shurley_bankz Lmaoo have you seen Hulk play? @omerd1_ Okay bro. @EmzzyJay1 @kofoworola__a Who be this wan? @omerd1_ Name the good movies you’ve seen. @Mohammed__Harif @arthurspecial_ Make sense?? @arthurspecial_ Yesso!! @OfficialCruz0 Nope. @wittygem1 @arthurspecial_ Yupp.Broooo. One of the best movies i ever saw. here: Artist: @IsaacGeralds
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼New jam alert guys 🔥🔥🔥 "Knock by @ECoolOfficial Check it this out !!!
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Visual representation of Adesina telling Nigerians to calm down😂😂🤣🤣
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼It is more profitable to be her bestie than the main guy, That way, you get free knacks with no bills.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Download here: Artist: @IsaacGeraldsAre you a fan of Love songs? Love & Heartbreak is The Album you should listen to. Thank me later😇❤️ set a trap for Prince in the diary room ,he wanted him to talk bad about OZO lmao badman no get beef with an…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Krizbeatz "African Time" album has been on repeat on my phone since last week. He delivers great songs together in…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼The new boys in the Nigerian Music Industry are not even here to joke. They are fierce and creative. Omah Lay, Fire…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Black and beautiful❤️
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼best dressed Hijabi edition - a THREAD - to give u inspo <3
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Unrelated but Y'all remember when I parted the red sea for the Isrealites?
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼I’m really glad I had a childhood before social media took over 😭
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼I overfeel, I overcare, I overlove & I overthink.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Why does half a million sound sweeter than 900 thousand?
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @Mbahdeyforyou What is this 😂😂They evict somebody for big brother Cameroon because e carry two meat
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Talking about Zahzah, you would know everything about him is dope, from his dress sense to his latest project ...…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Nobody: Arsenal fans: Barrister,My neighbour owes me 100k and he won’t pay up.What should I do? Me: Any proof that he owes you?…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Which one are you cravin’ for rn?❤️❤️ #benefitsboys #WhoIsNengi
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Honesty at its finest. from some people can change your life.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼stop asking me how i've been i literally have no idea
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Pretty as a peach✨✨
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @FCBayernEN @ChelseaFC These ones don see free chops. Ogun go kiII you werey. @zeezish_ FlexingWhat's that thing that instantly make you happy when you're sad?
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @shurley_bankz Lmao i play. I own two and Judging by ps1 i go pick Carlos. But this is real life abeg. I’ve seen th… ladies If you see a guy you like, be bold and tell him. We like it sha 😘
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼At a job interview... Interviewer: What is that thing that brings you joy Me:
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Save the date guys, the queen herself @TiwaSavage will be performing at the #NairaWinEconcert on August 15. Let'…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Views ! Goodmorning ☕️
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼“No offense” always follows with great disrespect.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼UNVEILING OUR BLACKTITUDEWEARS SS20 ADIRE MIXED SWEATSHIRTS 🤩🤩 Now available for purchase ⚡️ Price:7000 Sizes:M-XXL…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Who did this? it’s not fair o 😂😂
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼My Johnnie Walker highball cocktail package has arrived, and I’ll be sipping while watching the #JWHighballParty on…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼The gods thinks we wouldn't notice, working double shift
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Your beauty is a waste if your character is ugly.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼What's happening here? 😂😂
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Guys!! I just received my Johnnie Highball box,and I need your suggestions 🌝 Should I replicate this video or do so…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼I said “😁”
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @Jnr_elnino You just a hoe guyIVORIAN GIRLS THREAD LETS GOOO🥳🥳🥳🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @sisi_alagboeko LMFAOOOOOOOOOOHulk’s shot power in his days was out of this world, no cap 🧢 @UncleAbiodun @abbarhyousouf Calm down na 😂😂😂I don't know who needs to hear this but Only GOD cancels people, you can't cancel anyone.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Are you aware that Highball cocktails are fun to make? Yes, they are. I can’t wait to enjoy my own Johnnie Walker H…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Benefit boys don carry Headmistress go Coldstone 😂😭
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Thinking. Vs. Doing.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼When last did you ask your friend to send his account number or na only you dey drop account number ?
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼While compiling the list for Good Music Friday, I came across ZahZah Man, this guy’s sound is unique. The future o…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼Life is a game and the only way to unlock new levels is to have money.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @bigeyedestelle Nana again?? Really?? 😹😂 @Uchephrank Okay bossYuckkk talent alone doesn't make you relevant in music industry The biggest music duo AB @abrhythmjfk have all wh…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼The music industry is very tasking and competitive, hardwork and talent helps artistes your be on top. The music du…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼What can we do to stop men from cheating? 🤔
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @tomikolawole_ That slow boy?? Tarrr @Kvng_Bisi @ChelseaFC Hope kwa 😰I tire. I’m broke abeg, send me money. is this again ???😭 nominated for PL manager of the year but Ole isn't.
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼This is how the BBNaija housemates will be partying tomorrow in their 80’s dressing style. I really looking forward…
Retweeted by BREZZADDICT🍼 @iam_gireii @Tife_fabunmi Wonde oo @Godwilnotwhineu Wetin be this??😂😂