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A dynamic story leads to a frustratingly vague and meaningless game. Joshua Lucke wants to do is find a way for his son to play P.T. on his birthday, and it's basically impossible.…
Retweeted by VICE GamesDon't be like @a_cado_appears. Don't get Deduped. Subscribe to Waypoint Radio on… has buried Hideo Kojima's experiment.
Rocket League is getting rid of loot boxes. What happens when you're a YouTube creator and one of your most popular…
Retweeted by VICE GamesYouTube creator Jon Sandman is famous for opening loot boxes in 'Rocket League,' a game that's about to ditch them.'RAD' brings some promising ideas to the table that quickly falter under the grind demanded by roguelikes. really like roguelikes and I really like Double Fine, but RAD didn’t do it for me. Here are my thoughts after a f…
Retweeted by VICE GamesThe code IS the game.
Delicious. Finally, some good fucking stats'Eliza' at first comes across as a near-future dystopia in the vein of 'Black Mirror'—but it's got much more to it…
The only way to recruit the dashing Duscur. deckbuilders can be intimidating to newcomers.
It's a joyful exploration of 3D platformers and 2D Zelda-style games.“haunted derelict hell-hole in space” is the perfect, ideal video game aesthetic
Retweeted by VICE GamesThe 20-year-old horror classic still holds up.
In a world personal data can be used as a weapon by harassers and hackers, the risk of attending E3 has gone way up… happens when we focus on the joy of being rather than angst about meaning.
The retailer is asking employees to take down signage and playable demos for violent video games, as well as huntin… must be seen to be believed.'Three Houses' technically offers more queer romance than past entries, but its a footnote in a very heteronormativ…, I stumbled something even cooler: a first-person adventure level in the style of WIZARDRY and PHANTASY STAR m…
Retweeted by VICE GamesThey somehow pulled this off using tools meant for a platformer. It must be seen to be believed.'Brukel' takes inspiration from games like 'Gone Home' to capture what it was like to grow up on the frontlines of… report says flaw with common remote desktop access protocol left millions of users and researchers open to atta…
Companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are committing to reforming practices around paid lootboxes, the En… states have passed protectionist laws preventing your town or city from building its own broadband network. zoomers are mean. a balance between a grim world and a hopeful message, 'Nowhere Prophet' is a roguelike deckbuilder that po…
'Ooblets' developer @glumberland received 'tens of thousands' abusive messages after the announcement last week.“Go make your own goddamn hack and stop using my shit.” And just like that, the mysterious Mizzurna Falls, a Twin P… The secret scripts Amazon give to cops to promote Ring surveillance cameras. and video game designer Seamus Blackley extracted yeast from ancient Egyptian pottery and used it to make…
With E3's relevance increasingly in doubt, the ESA managed to destroy its reputation and its fitness to host a medi… you a gamer? What do you think about Trump's comments connecting the El Paso shooting and video games. Give us…
Retweeted by VICE GamesThis is especially problematic when you're trying to analyze a game at a limited preview event put on by the game's… also misidentified the city. "May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo," he said.
Waypointgelion is over, alls right with the world
Retweeted by VICE GamesAfter a decade of games asking what kind of person commits video game violence, returning to Hotline shows that we… cannot believe the roller-coaster this show was. Some of the best, most gorgeous and haunting television I've eve…
Retweeted by VICE GamesWe discuss the final two episodes of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' and the movie 'End of Evangelion' on this week's Way… game sounds so freaking weird.
Retweeted by VICE GamesNobody thought much of 'Dog's Life' when it was released in 2004, but over time, it found an audience that apprecia… played a bit of @OuterWorlds and came away super impressed by its worldview and sharpness on labor and corporate…
Retweeted by VICE Games"Everything here is lining up and taking shots at capitalism run amok...It’s snarky, funny, and effective."
2019 goes too far, creates AI that turns you into an anime character.
komm susser podMario Maker doesn't let creators make world maps, which is a bummer. One fan came up with a very clever solution to…
Retweeted by VICE Games @myrabbitran just to save you the trouble, it will be up by tomorrow morning EDT at the earliest!It requires jumping through a few hoops, but it's worth it. willing should players be to dig through menus to get the information they need to play the game?
end of waypointgelion keyboards have become hip again
Retweeted by VICE GamesHow patching glitches worked back in the arcade days.
In the Fire Emblem community, one game has always been spoken about in hushed tones. Thracia 776, the untranslated…
Retweeted by VICE GamesNintendo's heralded strategy series is now completely playable in English're basically vented slippers.
Was 'A Way Out' secretly great? @austin_walker and @patrickklepek think so! Subscribe to W… the 40-hour mark, Austin was only halfway through the latest Fire Emblem. Panda, a huge hentai-hosting website, is gone, and another 50 terabytes of hentai is also in danger of deletion. it's built to capture the tension of a Kurosawa duel, this reboot of SNK's weapon based fighting game is in…
Doesn't matter how wild the twist is if you tie it to bad characterization. renaissance in tactics games has never come close to matching one of the classics of 1999.
Retweeted by VICE GamesSCOOP: Amazon requires police to shill surveillance cameras in secret agreement.
Retweeted by VICE GamesA renaissance in tactics games has never come close to matching one of the classics of 1999. The newest ‘Wolfenstein’ game is a huge departure from 'Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.' favorite thing in Three Houses is the way early investment in its huge cast of characters turns around in the se…
Retweeted by VICE GamesBy making combat more transparent and giving you more time with the world's characters, Nintendo has revitalized it…'s my review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is so much more than just Awakening or Fates on the big screen…
Retweeted by VICE Games
20-second gauntlets of death are one of the hot trends in Mario Maker levels right now, and they're *ridiculously*…
Retweeted by VICE Games20-second gauntlets of death are the hottest trend in 'Mario Maker' levels. DIY programmer made a new game for the 50-year-old Apollo Guidance Computer. internal Nintendo memo says the company is not going to charge to replace Switch Joy-Con controllers that have…
Retweeted by VICE Games
NEW: @patrickklepek obtained an internal Nintendo memo that instructs all customer service reps to do "joy-con drif…
Retweeted by VICE GamesAn internal Nintendo memo reviewed by VICE Games shows the company will no longer charge for Joy-Con repairs, will…
Retweeted by VICE GamesInternal Nintendo memo instructs customer service to fix ‘Joy-Con Drift’ for free. a computer solve a virtual Rubik's cube the size of a skyscraper. a young adult author got her start writing 'Pride and Prejudice' fanfiction about Neopets.
Running a virtual kitchen in 'overcooked' restores my friends' spirits.
2019 treasure trove of design documents shows how ‘The Sims’ became one of gaming’s most beloved franchises., conspiracy culture, and what we glimpse beneath the veil of constructed realities.'s not much of a detective story, but 'Night Call' does have some great mysteries. final fight to determine the fate of Inkopolis.
'Evangelion' is at its messiest when its plot and themes collide. @Stellaangelika_ was just returning to music after a personally traumatic event. She had no ide…'re recording soon, get your questions in NOW! it’s live)
Have you ever had a weird question for us that you were too afraid to ask? Well this Friday's episode is going to b… *looking* at this Mario Maker level gives me incredible anxiety.
Retweeted by VICE GamesDue to technical difficulties and time constraints, this week's Waypoints will only be covering Evangelion episodes… luck finding four red coins in all that madness.
Retweeted by VICE GamesUsing power lines and sewage pipes, one "Cities: Skylines" player figured out how to make a simple computer.
It's about rewiring the gamer's relationship to video games, not abstinence.
Retweeted by VICE Games.@austin_walker and @patrickklepek on how Fire Emblem: Three Houses reminds them of one very special farm boy.…