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Years later, the ending of 'Dragon's Dogma' remains wonderfully weird and subversive."Many people think it’s a waste of money, energy, and time that could be spent on men rather than women." a bit of Sonic in there for good measure. into this more on the pod for tomorrow but I think the cleverest thing in Three Kingdoms is the way it doesn't…
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Snapchat employees abused data access to spy on users.
Retweeted by VICE GamesStop making your characters into cops, Blizzard. Or at the very least make even the slightest note of recognizance…
Retweeted by VICE Gamesshe *can beBrigitte can be a modern knight or she be a riot cop, but she can't be both. knew I’d get to Total War: Three Kingdoms eventually, but the way @RobZacny writes about it means that “eventuall…
Retweeted by VICE GamesWhy 'Game of Thrones' lost its magic.'Three Kingdoms' is the best 'Total War' game in a decade. this review opens on an execution but I maintain Cao Cao did nothing wrong.
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Panic, the folks behind a bunch of great Mac software (and the money behind Firewatch), are doing something wild in…
Retweeted by VICE GamesPanic, the company who funded 'Firewatch,' has spent the last 20 years making Mac software. Now, they're doing so…🚨 🚨 🚨'Dota Auto Chess' is being forked into two commercial versions of a mod of a game which is itself a commercial vers…
Turnery ‘Tfue’ Tenney is suing Faze Clan for allegedly acting against his interests. and @a_cado_appears and on the small details in 'The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa.' Listen to the ful… I learned anything from Dishonored, it's that in-game rat populations correlate directly with a game's quality.…
Retweeted by VICE GamesI liked A Plague Tale: Innocence quite a bit. In a way, it feels like 2019's Vampyr—an ambitious, weird game that s…
Retweeted by VICE GamesThe graveyards are full of middling swordsmen, and now you can be one of them! a demo, Sony’s next-generation console was able to load Marvel’s Spider-Man nearly ten times faster than the…'s a stealth game that never, ever wants you to get caught, but that's okay—you're here for the story.
What to make of Microsoft and Sony's surprising new partnership. @JayLando22 It will! Hopefully before E3!'Game of Thrones' ended in the worst way possible.
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'Rage 2' is 'Doom' meets 'Mad Max' meets mediocrity.
Starting with the eradication of any future Mario Maker video games.
Building ‘Super Mario Bros.’ levels is pushing the boundaries of AI. world does not need Pickle Kanye.
Retweeted by VICE GamesMy father has run emergency rooms for years, but I didn't fully understand his job until we played a game together. discuss the strange tale of a young teenage boy who was lured into the alt-right via online communities, and how…
As someone who never got into Homestuck, this piece from @WarrenIsDead is a fantastic explanation into what the com…
Retweeted by VICE GamesThis microbiologist drew ‘Game of Thrones’ sigils with bacteria. 'Homestuck' defined what it means to be a fan online.'ve been thinking about this ever since the new footage came out: Are we back to avoiding spoiling Final Fantasy 7…
Retweeted by VICE GamesWubba lubba dub dub!
Retweeted by VICE GamesAre we allowed to talk about [redacted]?'s @RobZacny's very good review of Rage 2, which, sadly, is not very good
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It’s good, ridiculous (and accurate) fun.'Rage 2' is 'Doom' meets 'Mad Max' meets mediocrity.
'Rage 2' just makes us want to play 2016's 'Doom' again.'Game of Thrones' ruined nearly every character.
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Join us as we say our goodbyes to @nataliewatson. Happy Trails! status quo has been completely upended. What now? used my @waypoint column this week to write about how much I dislike Iron Man, how his character fundamentally wa…
Retweeted by VICE GamesYouTube has demonetized one of GamerGate's biggest voices.
Retweeted by VICE Gamesi am very good at photoshop
Retweeted by VICE Games months after controversy, one of 2019's best games is still unavailable. piece from @nicalexiac on the history of Humongoue Entertainment is great. Would be easy to file a “hey rememb…
Retweeted by VICE GamesHumongous didn't set out to be an edutainment company. That's why their games were so fun.
The far right has found a web host savior.'PUBG' dodges government regulations in China by making killing nicer. is also @nataliewatson's last episode (!!!) so make your questions good okay
Retweeted by VICE Gamessend in questions for my last episode of wpr as a staffer!! goofs are encouraged :)
Retweeted by VICE GamesWe're doing a special question bucket focused episode of Waypoint Radio this week and we need some fresh questions!… is definitely the craziest thing you will read all day:
Retweeted by VICE Gamesso excited to see my story live on @waypoint about the players of Ingress, the AR/VR game about global domination,…
Retweeted by VICE GamesThis story about the augmented reality MMO Ingress builds to an incredible climax that is SO GOOD. It's legit like…
Retweeted by VICE GamesHow an augmented reality game escalated into real-world spy warfare.
With the Riot walkout yesterday, it's a good time to look at an early, successful walkout threat from 21 years ago:
Retweeted by VICE GamesHow developers on a classic tactics game ended crunch and reformed their workplace with just the threat of a walkou…'s @tinysubversions sharing a fact he learned from the investigation that went into his book on Jagged Alliance…
Retweeted by VICE GamesHere's a thoughtful, and gorgeous, essay by @Oniropolis on Sable and the history & power of the unknown in sci-fi…
Retweeted by VICE GamesHow the devs behind 'Sable' found inspiration in the enigmatic: and @UnionSolidaires member Solidaires Informatique put out a joint statement requesting testimony ab…
Retweeted by VICE GamesPro-union game industry organization Game Workers Unite has issued a “call for testimonies” from people with inform…"I have a hard time imagining why the average player would care if another player was using a XIM, especially consi…
We've updated this article with an embed of today's podcast, where we talk about these changes and some other annou… that note, the tag team of @mjgault and @nicalexiac are covering the #RiotWalkout for @waypoint today. Story wil…
Retweeted by VICE GamesNEW: We have reporting on the ground at the Riot Games walkout: "I will not apologize for the trembling of my hands…
Retweeted by VICE GamesOver 100 Riot Games employees walked out today to end forced arbitration. find the part of the brain that remembers Pokémon. note from our editor:
The stream has ended, but you can still donate for the rest of the day at!
Retweeted by VICE GamesI'm totally overwhelmed by the support y'all showed this weekend. It has been a long and trying year for a lot of u…
Retweeted by VICE GamesLast year's total: $60,545.69 This year's total (as of the end of the stream): $160,740.86 We officially raised ov…
Retweeted by VICE GamesWE HIT $160k for @TransLifeline !!! Shout outs to the amazing community moderators without whom none of this would’…'re closing in on 160k raised for @translifeline and we're coming up on the FINAL 3at33 donation rally! Let's pus…
Retweeted by VICE Games @waypoint @TransLifeline nice
Retweeted by VICE GamesWe are SO CLOSE to $157k raised for @TransLifeline , the mods are extending the stream to end on one FINAL $3 at :3… final #3@33 donation train is coming up, where at 33 minutes past the hour everyone who can donates $3 for thos… @waypoint mod team is bringing the stream to a close with some Jackbox! Let’s get one final push of donations f…
Retweeted by VICE GamesAmazing’re in the final two hours of Save Point! We’ve raised $152k so far, let’s make it to $160k! The mod team is play… @waypoint 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by VICE GamesIt is Touhou time over on the Savepoint stream! The mods have already raised thousands of additional dollars after…
Retweeted by VICE GamesSave Point just hit $149K for @TransLifeline! $150K IS IN REACH LETS GO! Watch at! Donate at
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Good morning! Save Point is still going strong, closing in on $145k raised for @TransLifeline! Right now Dapp and M…
Retweeted by VICE GamesWe're closing in on the hand-off to our community moderators, watch as @RobZacny and @austin_walker play XCOM... to… we're done, the incredible @Waypoint mod and community team is picking up the torch for another 36 hours! Non…
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We're closing in on $110K, and @nataliewatson and @patrickklepek are starting to FEEL THE HEAT! Come support…'ve hit 100K raised for @TransLifeline!!! Now @austin_walker and @patrickklepek must become one and play Sekiro w… news @Waypoint has raised over $100,000 for us on Twitch! That's a historic gift and we are sooo grateful. Tha…
Retweeted by VICE GamesI can’t believe I’m doing this again for Save Point. Join me. Join the pain.
Retweeted by VICE GamesI’m on my way back to @waypoint HQ, where we’re CLOSING IN on hitting $100k raised for @TransLifeline, and where…
Retweeted by VICE GamesWon't somebody think of the no doubt already overworked VFX people?
Retweeted by VICE GamesThat’s, where’s my edit button Twitter