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Ian Warren @wazzainsydney Brighton, Melbourne

Tennis fan, England Test Cricket fan, time for Australia to become a republic, love travelling, movies, reading, news & current affairs and great Melb coffee

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@OffsidersABC @ratherbeatlunch @rdhinds @GibsMoore You should have Alan Jones on the show to liven things up
So, England play Croatia behind closed doors tonight. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I was one of the 2…
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'Epic fail': Faine lashes ABC management over Hendo's final bulletin
Retweeted by Ian Warren @jackson_catyjac What about the ITF? They run the thing @OwenJones84 @NHM_London @AmnestyUK @hrw @AyoCaesar @PeoplesMomentum @MikeSegalov @STWuk @UKStopTrump @ggreenwald @abcmelbourne @HendoABC Incompetent and a waste of taxpayers money... @Juanita_Phillip I live in Melbourne and we got to see you reading the news.. 10 mins into Hendo’s last broadcast #EpicFail @jackson_catyjac Not before 6pm local time which will give the local fans ample time to realise there is a tourname… @AussieGrobie Our ABC... I don’t want to sound like Sky news after dark or 2GB but what a joke... @pablo_shezza Total BS... another reason to eliminate a taxpayer funded channel #ABCABC Melbourne you couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery... the last night of Ian Henderson reading the news afte… @TheLadfromAus @DavidLawTennis It’s all about the money and politics ... wta finals moving to a city in the middle of no where next year. @DavidLawTennis Move this event to Melbourne we will fill the stadium night and day @christophclarey With crowds so low this will help the 4th slam stay where it is and not move to Asia.
@MattThompson Seriously GW needs to give someone else a chance...
MAIL: “Fresh” Pret baguettes are up to a YEAR old #tomorrowspaperstoday
Retweeted by Ian Warren @leighsales Alan Jones on 2GB is the only way to start the day
Thankfully behind a paywall. Now fuck off under a bus with a great big fat lie on it charlatan
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@Mleighhton The right wing press here think Trump is doing a great job...
@ShippersUnbound When will your follow up book come out? Can’t wait for part 3....
Total blackout here in Richmond. I guess 100,000 microwaves all cooking membership cards will do that...…
Retweeted by Ian WarrenDear AFL please remove the week off before finals.... Tigers playing only their second game in 27 days....#AFLTigersPiesAustralia has the world’s third-most concentrated media market after Egypt and China. And it is about to get worse.…
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And that is the least she can do after undermining Ramos and undermining her own tournament referee office staff th…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @ABCmediawatch Not at all @Peter_Fitz Anything by Rolf Harris... @jackson_catyjac Commentators will be sitting in Melbourne or Sydney... @TheTennisTalker BJK has the centre name after her #sexist...
@NCR_Tennis @BenRothenberg Did I hear correctly... in latest podcast you referred to Margaret Court as irrelevant.…
For those who are young or have short memories, Amelie Mauresmo was vilified for her appearance. She was athletic,…
Retweeted by Ian Warren.@realDonaldTrump First Lady Melania Trump greet supporters as they arrive in Johnstown, PA to attend the Flight 9…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @ringsau @jessica4stein In this interview and on BBC 5 live on Sunday you said you had given McEnroe warnings on th…
"I think the question we have to ask ourselves is this: What is the right way to behave to honor our sport and to r…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @SportsHorn Global audience tuning in at the same time don’t need to hear on court interviews from a previous match… @chahuahua I know what BJK’s answer would be...I’m with the men although the big 3 winning 50 of the last 60 slams is too much.Name a more iconic duo....
Retweeted by Ian WarrenTHERE IT IS! What a moment for Alastair Cook on his last-ever Test innings he brings up his hundred! Not sure he'd…
Retweeted by Ian WarrenMeryl Streep is all of us atm
Retweeted by Ian WarrenExcellent news now that the US open is over I can focus on the Royal Tour down under... @jackson_catyjac @Sleepwalker64 @Neil_Harman57 In the slams they can umpire 2 matches per day. Apparently that $450… @GregBaum Great article
Retweeted by Ian WarrenI am playing tennis tomorrow. If I get a bad call I am going to smash my racket, protest that I am a father (so!),…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @christophclarey In your 2019 new year column with your hopes for the year ahead please can you mention more tourna… @jackson_catyjac @Sleepwalker64 @Neil_Harman57 It’s the daily rate
I wrote something about Serena Williams, and rules.
Retweeted by Ian Warren @rgloveroz @washingtonpost Typical response from an ABC employee @LaTrioli @rgloveroz You cannot be serious... @jessica4stein Yes it’s April fools day again @theagesport Didn’t realise today was April fools day @HeadSurgeon @jon_wertheim Inspiration... who needs role models if you think that. @jon_wertheim To borrow a famous quote from 1981. You cannot be serious.... @TimeaOfficial @usopen Role model... were you watching the same match as I was ....Serena's on Court behaviour has been questionable on more than 1 occasion and she rightly got punished today. Howev…
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After becoming the only person ever to have a baby, Serena is now the only person ever to be penalised for breaking the rules. #USOpen
Retweeted by Ian Warren @TheTennisTalker Your watching on Amazon Prime isn’t it still in the first set?And you thought West Coast Eagles fans could boo...US Open crowd booing Osaka for daring to win the women’s title i…
Retweeted by Ian WarrenSerena Williams had the perfect opportunity to apologise to the Umpire there...... Nothing .... Just thanked the cr…
Retweeted by Ian WarrenSerena Williams ought to reflect on her behaviour - and how it’s basically ruined the biggest moment of her young o…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @andyroddick Best umpiring ever... he followed the rules..more officials should do the same. @SolomonAlisa @emilybell Are you serious? @Peter_Fitz It was coaching umpire is so right... @KikiMladenovic He is totally right and within the rules... @usopen Home of the next slam after US.... Melbourne @TheTennisTalker Ask ESPN they determine the order of play each day and start time @burtonad Preferably for the next 25 years @jackson_catyjac I hope Channel 9 aren’t getting ideas to start interviewing ageing actors during their AO coverage
@Craigeshapiro @Jamie_Wesley What Bs. The press are there to report for the public. @jackson_catyjac @bgtennisnation Match scheduling unlikely to change as long as the tv networks continue to get the…
@TennisAustralia @johnhmillman If Millman wins in 5 please put him on RLA for life in AO matches
This is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever read
Retweeted by Ian Warren @jackson_catyjac @MonteSpice Cash has a point @BenRothenberg Thiem one set away if you had your way....
@BenRothenberg And you want Best of 3 on slams.... @ryvlin Not as good as 4.34am on Rod Laver Arena in 2008. I was there watching Hewitt win in 5. @TheTennisTalker Are you watching Amazon Prime live these matches finished hours ago.... @crosscourt1 Cilic will win now. Hard to believe the young Aussie was playing in AO wildcard tournament last Dec and now on the big stage. @stu_fraser Said by a Murdoch employee.... and I agree with you. Here in Oz Optus a telco had the WC rights in Russ… @Nikkinyc99 @TennisConnected Can you get Layhani on the show? Or another super coach? @TheLadfromAus Optus proved during World Cup watching sport over wifi is crap. Foxtel in HD Ch 508 and 509 only way… @TheLadfromAus Alex match will be on ESPN2 in next 5 mins for sure. @TheLadfromAus @adampeacock3 @lesley_morgan25 @usopen @FOXSportsAUS @espn @WTA ESPN coverage excellent and helped b…
"I’m here to do something I’ve never done in 40 years in tennis, I’m going to defend this umpire" - McEnroe on Kyrg…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @TennisPodcast Trump should ring the Umpire up and tell him he is fired.
@GregBaum He is the best writer now in the sports section after your good self. Can Bob write more than 1 column a week?
@Ringham7 Is the ITF boss also involved with running the ECB! @crosscourt1 Two day matches on Ashe not value for money for the fans.
The new stadium name as unveiled this week is … Melbourne Arena. At Melbourne Park. In Melbourne. That’s Melbourne,…
Retweeted by Ian Warren @annabelcrabb @abcnews This is better than House of Cards season 5
So currently in Australia: - Half the entire ministry has resigned - The PM has been told he doesn’t have the confi…
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@leighsales @abcnews Also you should lift the geo block from 7.30 report a week ago when the report said Abbott was…
@TennisConnected @PhatNancy What a meaningless stat...
@GregBaum Hope the final edition makes it to my Briiighton cafe for a change... @crosscourt1 What happens to the planned world team cup starting a month later?
@LivImBack @Robbo_heraldsun Are you auditioning for a part on Sky news?
@MIFFofficial Why do we have to endure constant queues outside the cinema and why do you show 10 mins of adverts pr…
@rdhinds Let’s hope he is not part of their cricket coverage
@GregBaum Are these the same people who count the crowd at the Grand Prix?
This is a superb piece from Matthew Engel, who seems to share my view that The Hundred can only be a Machiavellian…
Retweeted by Ian WarrenIn English terms, this is one stage before anarchy, rioting and cannibalism.
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