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@beardedmiguel You have the media nailed for sure. Did their move to total bias and zero news evolve or did it just suddenly happen?Is @msnbc covering Austin? Nope. Porn starGOP deserves to lose this year. Pathetic leadership @DividendMaster Your answers about the Fed are no doubt right, but probably NOT what the exam is looking for.
@CharlesDeRose3 The alleged "no scandal" president. LOL @Valuetrap13 double digit eps growth next 4 quarters in the bag. @cnbcThe Dem drinking word today is disarray. @msnbc , etcThat's who they are. if you're upset about a little company called Cambridge Analytica, wait until you hear about this little company called Palantir
Retweeted by Bill PetersenThe history of the Obama years will be nothing like anyone has ever seen she STILL lost. Awesome say run with this
2018 Pelosi on a trip with Donald Trump:
Retweeted by Bill PetersenLiberal Law Professor Drops Truth Bomb on McCabe and Dems for Firing: Be ‘Worried About’ Prison (VIDEO)
Retweeted by Bill PetersenLunch! Show material @NYCMayor @SenSanders @SenWarren @MMFlint Please define fair.He is the KING of the trolls. And they fall for it After a formidable fight with a flight of stairs & a bloody brawl with a bathtub, Hillary Clinton was see…
Retweeted by Bill Petersenholy sht, my dream of watching $FB turn into MySpace might actually come true.
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @beardedmiguel Do you think Zuck could be roosky? Now THAT would be a story @beardedmiguel how is it a breach when it's their business modelKEEP ON TRUCKIN' HILLARY FALLS DOWN STEPS IN INDIA via @YouTubeMaxine Waters: The Ultimate "low IQ" Collection - - #TFNOriginal via @YouTube @BuckSexton Rattle the Suburbs @DividendMaster Joy! Hedge Fund BBL Looks to Launch $1 Billion Macro Fund. Lol. Should be fun’s Nutty Idea: Cracking Into the Almond Market. @RBAdvisors’s Fund for Victims Ebbs. And who is in charge here? @CNBC. “The President, through his AG fired McCabe”. Really?
Retweeted by Bill Petersen
3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @NYCMayor You will NEVER be President, so stop wasting time on matters not related to NYC @NYCMayor Yes, and you can thank the Democrats for that war @chigrl "most hated bull market in history" It's called data @RBAdvisors @Valuetrap13 @Thomas1774Paine @Thomas1774Paine Why does he think he has any standing? @Thomas1774Paine Fiction? He said he said? @DividendMaster @SenFeinstein @JohnBrennan They all get the same emailed talking points. So obvious @LanceRoberts "The most hated bull market" @RBAdvisors @Valuetrap13 @DavidAFrench no one cares what you think
@CNBC BOOK TOUR!Household Stock Exposure Inches Closer To Dotcom Record - The percentage households’  financial assets...… @beardedmiguel @NYMag They just say what they want to believe and hope people think it's truth. Never is.What's on the lip? @beardedmiguel @NYMag You won't even consider the actual facts. Of course not. @DividendMaster Count me as one @beardedmiguel @Mace_WinJew You, of course, had that. Right? @QTRResearch 😂
@Thomas1774Paine Worst president ever. EVERShoes and I socks I wore today for my interview with Steven Spielberg. ❤️🎥🎞
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @BuddyCarter_FL It's all over @CNBC again. Full bloom. @DividendMaster @Thomas1774Paine he likes very white countries apparently If true, add to his credentials as worst President EVER @edwardnh Doesn't realize he's not on TV anymore with no accountability? @DividendMaster your wretched REITs are making me proud @BrentBeshore Lol. I guess. I’m not trained in it, but someone a while back insisted that’s what I do sometimes. @beardedmiguel @triumphpoker Is something going on? @BrentBeshore I prefer something more like the Socratic method where my questions eventually lead the person being… @DividendMaster @RudyHavenstein @yatlugow1 @Ponzi1945 @Nonrelatedsense My wife and I pay nearly 12k a year in Medic… @danprimack I got to say no one I knew worked harder than Bain to save their “bad” deals @The_Real_Fly Selfie? @Valuetrap13 @fundstrat Thank you @valuetrap13. His analysis was really a narrative to prove his assertion @EpsilonTheory I love your raccoon meme. @danprimack As I recall Michaels was at deaths door in 2008. @researchpuzzler Where is Elaine Gazerelli now? @danprimack Would love to know how much the sponsors had already taken out of TOY @DavidSchawel @barrybonds78 Amusing $W has a 7 billion market cap @ArthurSchwartz the left wing media never does anything without planning, intent, guidance, and no doubt, money.@MickMulvaneyOMB, don’t let @CMSGov raise drug costs for seniors with Medicare. Stop new #AnyWillingPharmacy rules… @patrick_oshag What happened??
@AlderLaneeggs I would say the Stocktwits babble, focused almost entirely on the reported quarter and the AH price… @AlderLaneeggs You are a way better man than me to survive without insanity the stocktwits idiots who are yelling about this $OSTK call. WOW @Thomas1774Paine I would sympathize if he promised to come clean and name names @DividendMaster So did Rosenstein give Mueller the OK to look anywhere for anything without having to declare what… @mtaibbi Seems to be a popular pastime among your friends