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@jposhaughnessy @patrick_oshag @CliffordAsness @KlendathuCap And I assume this is just equity, not total debt induced fire power @beardedmiguel Who is passing out stupid pills? @beardedmiguel She’s a Dem. will get an award.Bad bad people who should be held to account @beardedmiguel When Flip-Flopping Democrats Wanted Border Security times call for desperate measures! Look carefully: $XPO is now shifting where it books gains on asset sal…
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @EconguyRosie "Cash on the sidelines" always good for a laugh. @KeithMcCullough @CNBC Not some, most. And they don;t consider it a lie. Just "facts" to match their narrative.Mika Brzezinski absent from 'Morning Joe' after calling Mike Pompeo 'butt boy' Classy. Wh… @RampCapitalLLC @DividendMaster Skynet maybe? Weird @DividendMaster If prople who built bridges had the skill of the financial markets we'd never get to the other side.McCullough does an awesome @Joesquawk impression.California proposes a plan to tax text messages @CNN What a silly state. @FedPorn I'm tired of the bloody Brits at the FT lecturing the US. @NickGiva Politics is on thing, but I find it stunning financial types can’t take criticism for talking stupid.Disgusting women have been left out and stigmatized too long, writes @carrielukas
Pelosi Said Spending $5B On Border Wall Is ‘Immoral,’ But Dems Voted To Give Iran $150B Under Obama
Retweeted by Bill Petersen2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by flying private, Mike?
@DividendMaster Lot of that going around. @mcrobr @wolfejosh LOL I'm sorry. I meant his need to work Trump into every story. I realized after I hit reply there could be confusion! @HBEisen @SkyBridge Managers 1 Investors 0 @wolfejosh You're obsessed and it reflects badly on youAnd to divert all attention from the real criminals. The Democrats in July of 2016, I suggested that Verizon was paying $4.8 billion for Yahoo, and overpaying by $4.8 billion. H…
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @beardedmiguel @axios had an auspicious beginning but has become a useless hack. Fine by me when it fails. @beardedmiguel Left out was Comey testifying the dossier was not verified in the Fisa warrant application, in gross… ONE @TruthGundlach Ramp's a good dude. An unblock would be in the Christmas spirit! Can't assist with that dummy Lee., you'tre full of manure. You don't want border security. And now Nancy is changing the subject. Everyone kno… @HedgeyeDDale @realDonaldTrump @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @Cernovich That was one pathetic display by everyone just now in the Oval.Oh, the hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Acosta Hey, dummy. How many did Obama burn through. Name them. Thank you. @BrentBeshore @adventur_es Great podcast! @RudyHavenstein @GreenMonsterah @JuddLegum That guy must live in his parents basement.Lol. Good one politician on MSNBC saying the redacted Flynn memo is incriminating when they have no idea. Exculpatory perhaps. Hot air.
@paranoidbull has vowed to do whatever necessary to prevent our immigration laws from being enforced. #impeach late Marty Zweig is well known for his breadth thrust indicator. Less well known is his high-low index measurin…
Retweeted by Bill PetersenDoes anyone work overtime in France? is freezing!The Dems have truly and finally run out of ideas. They should be ashamed. @HBEisen @wlwatts In June he predicted a nassive post election rally. Why do people with real credibility feel the need to predict?Evil and stupid deserve their fate. Hope this is true. “tied to a crime” what you say when someone is innocent but you don’t like it?
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @beardedmiguel He’ll be in jail for signing off on an improper FISA warrant. He actually admitted that. @OversightDems @RepJerryNadler @RepCummings @HouseJudDems Nothing new? Facts in dossier not verified? You’re crazy @BuddyCarter_FL what exactly @JoaquinCastrotx ? is a full throated lunatic
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @jessefelder We sure got from no one could imagine, to it’s obvious fast!Leakin James Comey was interviewed Sunday night at the 92nd St. Y. I was glad to see his Alzheimer’s and amnesia cl…
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @jamiedupree More Russia? Where?We could have used this “bottomless Pinocchio” during the Kavanaugh confirmation, when lies and inaccurate informat…
Retweeted by Bill PetersenTrump's a liar? Comey couldn't remember what he ate for breakfast during his testimony, and has already committed…
Retweeted by Bill PetersenThe Real Reason Why Some Hedge Fund Managers Give to Charity via @iimag Good grief. @HBEisen @Thomas1774Paine Did Cohen even break any law or did he just plead as an attempt to drag in Trump? Not clear to me.… Laundering: Hillary/DNC pays Perkins Coie, Perkins Coie pays Fusion GPS, Fusion GPS pays Nellie Ohr... Nell…
Retweeted by Bill PetersenWhat do these three all have in common? Hillary Clinton James Comey’s FBI Russian Oleg Deripaska They all paid Ch…
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @BuddyCarter_FL is coming to a government run school near you.
Retweeted by Bill PetersenOMG Kernan failed to call PTJ legendary!! @FedPorn of the universe behave more badly than retail by a LOT @charliebilello @beardedmiguel Expand the time line please. Shoddy chart. @Valuetrap13 @TommyThornton Awesome thinking
How kind to be kind to someone who was set up and did nothing wrong. Clinton and Donald Trump sing "Baby it's Cold Outside" via @YouTube
Retweeted by Bill Petersen @DowdEdward The bear case is finally well articulated rather than “biggest bubble ever” talk. So now what?Press is irresponsible. @DowdEdward @CNBC play! @danprimack @beardedmiguel what, exactly. @paranoidbull My fund redemption doesn’t price until 12/31. Back up please. @BuddyCarter_FL Wonder if this can happen to art someday? @BuddyCarter_FL That's funny. Show them this