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Fair play to these four fellas, they did absolutely nothing to deserve being memed so hard but they’re taking it wi…
Retweeted by Will BuxtonThis is absolutely incredible. Bravo @marksandspencer. @NathanCorbani Well yeah of course it had, but then it’s not a documentary. And that period is gonna take more than… @sturmf1 It’s not a documentary so I didn’t watch it as one. Just a story based on the factual history we know. A b… @wmjenkins3 Yeah that looked funHello beautiful!
Retweeted by Will BuxtonMargaret Hamilton and the handwritten navigation software she and her MIT team produced for The Apollo Project, 1969
Retweeted by Will BuxtonPre pandemic musicians have been too busy touring & working to deal with the face they/we aren’t paid fairly. We’ve…
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The attention to detail across the series was really excellent. They even put John Glenn in an NSU PrinzThe Right Stuff on Disney + was most excellent. Already looking forward to season 2. Enjoyed the inclusion of 196… @Beeatriznaf1 It’s not great. But essential after 1 too many caipirinha.Kudos whoever did this 😎
Retweeted by Will Buxton @Khushal @AlpineF1Team Cyril has left Groupe RenaultEarly morning confirmation from @AlpineF1Team that Davide Brivio has joined the team as Racing Director, reporting… late last year, to four wins out of four. A little bit of Mercedes F1 magic in the mix for team INEOS,… @Beeatriznaf1 Without. Unless it’s from the machine in the media centre at Interlagos. That needs a bit of sugar.
@YoshimotoHiroki Remember that very well. Forgot that you’d started the trend of using that gesture though. 2007…
@12WillPower That shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-SThe latest episode of This Week is up. I talk Alpine, Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, the 2021 calendar, In… once you’ve heard it, and you fancy having a play on your guitar, pop on over to my tutorial!… the @foofighters released the glorious “Waiting for a war” yesterday on I thought I’d sit down and figure it…
@Jono_46_Shooter I hope you enjoy it.@RyanHunterReay returns to @FollowAndretti for the 2021 NTT INDYCAR SERIES season. #INDYCAR
Retweeted by Will BuxtonNew Year. New ride. Let’s Go! Daytona 500 | February 14 | FOX | 2:30pm ET #ReadytoDeliver #DoorDash #23XIRacing
Retweeted by Will BuxtonThis is magnificent. Chapeau. well soon Charles, well, this is glorious. On Dave Grohl's birthday immerse yourself in this little gem... out today, "Waiting f… @TobyBellamy6 "Waiting on a War" is divineChef's kiss a world where you can be anything, be Dave Grohl “I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like some… today, those experiencing domestic abuse will be able to go into a Boots or indie chemist & seek help. If they…
Retweeted by Will BuxtonWhen I think Alpine, I think of that beautiful metallic sky blue of the A110. When I think Fernando, I think of t… on board with the Renaulution @jasonbarlowuk
“What do you mean it happened again?” @shaunwkeaveny You could listen to it twice @harrismonkey @singervehicles My god that's yummy @LukeSmithF1 "Look at his little face"Thank you all for the love for the first episode of "This Week." If you haven't already, please do subscribe for th… @StopLooking @ThatEricAlper He really did. For me, this was his magnum opus though.
@rsanchezp30 @F1 You’re getting old my friend 😘 @eJoKeRe_Gaming @mrjakehumphrey @McConaughey @johnnyherbertf1 If you were to buy my book I’d be very grateful and I… his brilliant podcast with @mrjakehumphrey, I can’t wait to dive into and devour @McConaughey’s book. this a lot! @ThatEricAlper Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar @TomBrooksComms With a favourable exchange rate, you'd just about get it for 30k too. We can dream, right? @TomBrooksComms @LabourFosten Testing isn't a test of the competitive order. It's a test of the car's reliability and a confirmatio… days later and 4710km (as the crow flies) ESE of its original Barcelona location, F1 testing confirmed for Bahra… @EmBearpark @MerielMyers Love that amongst the rock gods there’s B-witchedConfirmation Australia and China postponed. Imola fills China gap. Expect Portimao to slide into the TBC as a bac…
@DavidGArnold Was a big fan of Tom Baxter. Used to go to his gigs at Bush hall. They were magical. Real lost talent… @jordyygray @CRASH_NET @Lewis_Larkam @OllieBarstow @McLarenMotoGP @LiveWireSport This is great news Jordy. Can’t wa… @Mrinankmisal @GiveLingsehhh @JannisXTM2 Nope. With the exception of his time at Caterham, Cyril's been a Renault man from Day 1.Howard Liebengood Jr, racer turned Capitol Police officer, dies at 51 via @racermag He was…
Retweeted by Will Buxton @matoxley Not yet although it seems to be pointing to CEO in a similar role to Jost Capito at Williams. @andrewsmit Indeed. Last week's episode of this week looked towards next week which is now this week so on this wee… talked about Luca de Meo's "Renaulution" in last week's "This Week" on my YouTube Channel, & while Davide Brivio'… news in F1 circles. Cyril Abiteboul not only won't take up his expected role leading the Alpine brand, he's le… girls in Maranello for the final stage of FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars #FDA
Retweeted by Will Buxton @DickieMeaden Moved from EE to O2 and regretted it. Subsequently reverted to EE and much happier.
@mrnickharvey @artbysilvi Your father's compositions bring warmth to these cold and strange days. They have that ra… @EmBearpark Is he checking the post?This is just ❤️❤️❤️ @karunchandhok @HillF1 It really is fantastic. @empireofthekop McManaman‘Once again I’ve had many teachers asking me if they can use my children’s stories to make online videos for their…
Retweeted by Will Buxton @WillPonissi Stunning.
Outstanding @vintagelysam It’s actually about hangers on and people pretending to be what they’re not. Comes from a quote by Ra… Episode of “This Week” is on my YouTube channel, as I try to squeeze the last 7 days into an easily digestibl…
@NicoMrn Oh my... I mean, Barack obviously.Thought I'd utilise my government allocated time outside to start a new weekly news roundup where I'll try to conde… Birthday Mr Jones
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New title partner for the newly named Aston Martin F1 Team. Understand BWT will stay with the team in some capaci… is the key to all of this
Retweeted by Will BuxtonFrank brought me back into the @F1 family in 2018. Will miss his humour, intelligence and the hands off but investe…
Here’s a poem called ‘Fibonazi Sequence’.
Retweeted by Will BuxtonMultiple Le Mans 24 Hours winner Joest Racing has been brought in by Glickenhaus to bolster its maiden #WEC assault…
Retweeted by Will BuxtonPodcasts saying literally nothing for 20 minutes.
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@eddstrawF1 @wearetherace 😂 touché @wearetherace 76% That was TOUGH!Lovely stuff from @Porsche and @jfmusial well soon @LandoNorris @TheAC_CFC @emirates @British_Airways Emirates, about 3 minutes. BA, about 30.Impressed with the calm, understanding and unquestioning approach of both @emirates and @British_Airways today. Can… of us lucky enough to travel with F1 in 2020 have seen how seriously other countries took the arrival of fore…
When half a century of Formula One folklore departs in one man. The stories he could and would tell. The deals he c… @spward9 I hope you enjoy it Sean @EmBearpark in Italy people started to share this figure claiming that this is the diagram of the 5G chip that has been in…
Retweeted by Will BuxtonToday we remember the late Sir George Martin, who was born on this day in 1926. Sir George transformed music record…
Retweeted by Will Buxton😍 @EmBearpark They got the top three spot on. Top 4 actually. Throw in Let it Be (Naked) at 5 and stick a fork in it.Fun Friends fact: the “Morning’s Here” song Joey’s neighbour sings through the window is sung to the tune of Chuck…
Seahorse it is then... Olivia Colman nicked toilet paper from Buckingham Palace. The Mrs reckons it’s Mel B... hone… cannot place Blob... Romesh is a decent shout given his singing on A League of their Own. Goodness knows. Lenny Henry? @G4ry_TXY time. Harlequin... gonna put a big shout early doors for Baroness Floella Benjamin.