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"She's just amazing. I don't know how she does it" 👭 @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths continues Monday at 10pm 💕
"You can't release someone from prison then set them up for failure..." @louistheroux: Among The Sex Offenders, ton… you loved seeing @officialwmas on @wchannel then vote for us in the @TVChoice awards! #Insidetheambulance is in…
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Not one, but TWO of our wonderful programmes on W have made it onto the longlist for this year's #TVChoiceAwards in…
Retweeted by WWe'd say being nominated for 'Best Reality Show' at this year's #TVChoiceAwards is a pretty "Adulting" thing to do.…
Retweeted by WSpeaking of drama, the second series of #Flack, has been nominated for 'Best Drama Series' at this year's…
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Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload 👶💕 because there's just 1 HOUR to go until @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths sta… in for snuggles like... @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths starts tonight at 10pm! so you know what to expect from tonight's brand new @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths... 😂 up on life in lockdown and reflecting on their own memories from pregnancy, watch @EmmaWillis &… Mum @LydiaRoseBright has shared her heartwarming birthing story over on our IGTV ahead of @EmmaWillis:… of @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths starting tonight, let's take a look back through the highs and lows of Emma's…
"Matt went on tour 5 days after I had Trixie - the one time when you really want them around is at the beginning!"…
"It turns out that I've got two vaginas..." 😮 @DoctorChristian Will See You Now continues tonight at 10pm.'s #InsideTheAmbulance marks 100 incredible episodes following the outstanding, life-saving work of…
@Mitchyuk @UKTVPress @MetroUK Hi Lesley 👋 Sorry you're having problems - that's odd, it should still be up there we…
@mattpowell1991 Unfortunately not as of yet Matt, but do keep your eyes peeled! x
.@EmmaWillis is visiting some of the new families she never got to meet during her time at @NHSHarlow - and first u… is @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths, starting Monday 25th May at 10pm on @wchannel 👶
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SERIES 2 finale tonight! On @wchannel AND IT’S A BIG’n #flack
Retweeted by W"It's one of the scariest things that we have to deal with..." One Born Every Minute Australia continues tonight at… 🚑 is back tonight at 8pm on @wchannel watch crews from Stoke-on-Trent and Dudley back on our sc…
Retweeted by WWMAS heroes to the rescue again! Back tonight and for the rest of the week, 8pm on W 💙
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"Even a minor bump could cause something quite significant" Brand new #InsideTheAmbulance with @OFFICIALWMAS contin…
Been watching the new episodes of #InsideTheAmbulance on @wchannel? Tonight's at 8pm is an eventful one! 🚑 Crews t…
Retweeted by WWhy you should be watching Flack (because @MetroUK say so) - full boxset available on Sky and Virgin, and finale ai…
Retweeted by W"It's knocked my confidence an awful lot - I struggle every day with it" @DoctorChristian Will See You Now, tonight…
Is it nearly time for dinner? Brand new #InsideTheAmbulance with the excellent (and often hungry) @OFFICIALWMAS con…
Is a new law enough to reverse the attitudes of a Nation? @StaceyDooley Investigates Young Sex For Sale In Japan, t…
"Being kind to people and caring towards people is addictive..." 🤗 Happy #InternationalNursesDay, and a neverending…
Tonight's episode of #FlackSeries2 is my all-time favourite. Not least because Marc Warren & Amanda Abbington repri…
Retweeted by WIt's episode 5 of #FlackSeries2 on @wchannel tonight at 10pm and you find out where Robyn (aka @AnnaPaquin) disappe…
Retweeted by WOhh we've missed these guys 😍 @OFFICIALWMAS are back for a BRAND NEW series of #InsideTheAmbulance, tonight at 8pm!…'re back tonight with #InsideTheAmbulance on @wchannel ! Make sure you tune in at 8pm so you don't miss a minute.…
Retweeted by W @PaulaRossi47 @OFFICIALWMAS Agreed, we love it! xWould you know how to tell the difference? Brand new #InsideTheAmbulance with the incredible @OFFICIALWMAS starts t… have just watched episode 4 of #Flack on @UKTV @wchannel and it is absolutely outstanding. Lydia Wilson is just b…
Retweeted by WWe're wincing just watching this 🙈 One Born Every Minute Australia starts tonight at 9pm!
She's back for a rather exceptional home delivery... @EmmaWillis: #SpecialBirths starts 25th May on W 💕"She's given up. I used to get nice girls with nice bodies, and now I'm dumped with that" Charming 😑 @louistheroux:…"I didn't wanna die..." @louistheroux looks at the recovery from severe alcohol addiction in Drinking To Oblivion,…
"It's affected almost every aspect of my life" @DoctorChristian Will See You Now continues tonight at 10pm.
Love at first sight = holding your baby for the first time 👶😍 One Born Every Minute Australia starts Monday at 9pm!
#newseries #series10 #Dudley #StokeOnTrent #paramedics #insidetheambulance #ITA Back on your tele on Monday!…
Retweeted by W"You can't save everybody. If they come and we share, everybody dies..." @StaceyDooley: Face To Face with Armaggedo…
Now more than ever, a huge THANK YOU to all the incredible midwives out there! You’re all majestic humans and angel…
If you haven’t seen #Flack @wchannel get into it. Both series are incredibly funny and gets dark fast. Brilliant p…
Retweeted by WWe might just start posting this every Monday morning tbh #FlackSeries2
Witness the highs - and lows - at one of the busiest birthing units down under... One Born Every Minute Australia s…
"I've not had any contraception since March last year, but I've not conceived..." @DoctorChristian Will See You Now…
Sophie Okenedo appreciation post #FlackSeries2
"I have not underestimated how dangerous some of these individuals are..." @StaceyDooley: Shot By My Neighbour, ton…'s favourite #Lockdown tweeter @TwoPaddocks is in @TVSatelliteWeek this week ahead of his return to…
Retweeted by W @MariaHB777 @AnnaPaquin Better late than never Ria 😉 You're in for some real drama - enjoy! x @sophie_harper We approve this message! @DwayneAmner @KatyElphaba @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott We're all wondering the answer to that last question atm Dway… @KatyElphaba @DwayneAmner @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott Obviously we appreciate that but thought it might help you ge…
@aw_jones @bt_uk Apologies but unfortunately we're not 100% familiar with each of BT's specific entertainment packs… @advertisingbish @UKTVPress @MarthaPlimpton @janehorrocks_ @GilesTerera Hiiii 👋 So sorry but we're not available to… @KatyElphaba @DwayneAmner @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott ...would have been scheduled to fill the last 7pm slot on Fri… @KatyElphaba @DwayneAmner @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott Hi guys 👋 So sorry to disappoint but unfortunately sometimes…"Personality, not policy wins the day..." Well this sounds all too familiar 🤦‍♀️ #FlackSeries2
Tonight's episode of #FlackSeries2 on @wchannel is jam packed with absolute legends. We have @MarthaPlimpton,…
Retweeted by W17 chefs. 6 cities. 1 winner. #TopChef starts at 7pm! you have access to @wchannel you should check out the most underrated comedy with a next level script…
Retweeted by W @aw_jones @bt_uk Hi there! You should be able to find us on channel no 311 🤗"This is probably the strongest troupe we've ever brought in..." Meet your new #TopChef contestants, tonight at 7pm! @jackipulford @OliLansley @Sheridancasting Aww thank you Jackie - we were pretty darn chuffed with it! So glad it c… have just swallowed Season2 of @wchannel's drama 'Flack'. How great thou art! 🙏 Just the most exceptional, clev…
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@sereneKoncept @justinebower @UKTV @UKTVPress Sadly neither series is available online or via the @UKTVPlay app - y…, both series 1 and 2 are available to binge as boxsets on Sky & Virgin if you're in need of a weekend watch! 😉Tbh every single word that comes out of Eve’s mouth is pure GOLD, but here are some of her absolute finest moments.…
@JamieHeard1 Obviously we're biased but it's INCREDIBLE isn't it! Essential isolation viewing 👌 @richa1102 @UKTVPress may be able to advise 😂"They don't give funding if one person in the couple has children - and my partner has children" @DoctorChristian:… @Neolibtears @AnnaPaquin We'd forgotten this quote, bloody gold 😂 @voodadada Eve. Is. The. BEST. @voodadada We feel your pain, the credits rolled and we were like NOOOOO!
@geebeesmooch @masterchefau Our lips are sealed for now Georgina but we will have news for you soon! 😉🤫 @LayePrince 💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓 @TGunson @Asmatanngmailc1 Aww guys it's so lovely to hear how much you enjoyed it 🤗 Agreed, it provided some much n… @justinebower @sereneKoncept @UKTV @UKTVPress It should also be available via BT and TalkTalk 😊"So long as killing is not the intention of the hunt it is not actually illegal" 🦊🐕 @StaceyDooley Sleeps Over with…
Flashback to better days, taking a ride on a @royalenfield with the lovely and ever so talented Lydia Wilson for…
Retweeted by WThe heat is on 🔥🔥🔥 17 chefs compete, but who will take home the prize money? #TopChef with @PadmaLakshmi @DrdoolittleFBPE @CAMarthritis Have you binged the second series yet? The entire #FlackSeries2 boxset is available… @LynchLrslry @greghemphill96 Excellent find, Lesley! 😉 So glad you enjoyed it xNot jumped on the #FlackSeries2 bandwagon yet? Get it in your eyes and thank us later - S1 & 2 are both available t…
@ChristyG_Journo We're one step ahead of you there Christian 😉Q: Would it be physically possible for us to love Eve more? A: ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOT 🙌 #FlackSeries2
Catch Episode 2 of #flackseries2 on @wchannel 10pm and of course all episodes available to BINGE!! “The best under…
Retweeted by WHere's what's coming up across some of the UKTV channels this week... including #FlackSeries2,…
Retweeted by W @Libra_Comms @iamjohnaskew @guardian @UKTVPress Hey, better late than never! (And better yet you can binge them all in one sitting!) xOh it was great thanks, I sat on the sofa and didn't move for 48 hours. #MondayMorning #FlackSeries2
The @guardian has some lovely things to say about #flackseries2 and we are in great company with some cracking show…
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Moms are heroes on a good day and now belong in the pantheon of gods.
Retweeted by WMums: Holding everything together, 100% of the time. @GenevieveAngel #FlackSeries2
#FlackSeries2 on @wchannel is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, the stellar cast really delivers.
Retweeted by WHad an absolute blast filming with the complete and utter dream that is @cara_horgan. If you need a brilliant telly…
Retweeted by WIn need of a boxset recommendation for the weekend? 👉 #FlackSeries2 is available to binge via @SkyUK & @virginmedia