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It's payday, and the #BankHolidayWeekend is almost upon us... wife is from Cornwall so will be thrilled to see the legend that is @Rick_Stein on tonight’s show. His seafood o…
Retweeted by W @MasterchefAusUk We're sure there's some complicated scheduling reason for this that we don't fully understand but… @SpecialK2991 @StaceyDooley Hi Katherine, we're afraid the show will only be available on W and W is a UK only chan…
You are in for a TREAT 🙌 #LegendsWeek starts tonight at 7pm on brand new #MasterChefAU!! We are so excited! 🥳🏠 Our new show, @StaceyDooley Sleeps Over starts on Wednesday 4th September on…
Retweeted by W @LuluLaRouche @StaceyDooley Agreed! x @Markiew89 @StaceyDooley SO ready xx @katherinbourne @StaceyDooley 🙌🙌🙌 @suzysasha @StaceyDooley But there's plenty of time to get it 😉 We're on Sky, Virgin, BT and TalkTalk if that helps at all! x @GemPinkney Just 2 more days to get through... 😂
The UK's most unique families are opening their doors to a very special houseguest... @StaceyDooley Sleeps Over sta… @CharlotteMarshh So sorry but it started on the 5th - we think S10 may have actually started on the 29th last year!… @CharlotteMarshh Hi Charla, indeed it is - S11 started a couple of weeks ago and is on weeknights at 7pm! xThe only thing worse than having to make dinner every night? Someone else serving you salad... 🥗😷… @GillSteps @EmmaWillis It's a real team effort isn't it! There wasn't a dry eye in the house by the end of that epi… @Mandmegmc @EmmaWillis @charlifarli10 Oh yes it's all in the breathing! Sounds like you're well prepared for when y… @annascutt1 And so you should be, midwives are real life superheroes! 🙌💕 xx @iamnotanicola @EmmaWillis Hiiiii Nicola 👋 So pleased to hear it - hope you're enjoying! We advise stocking up on k… @catherinelb_25 Naghmeh is an actual angel roaming this earth! We 💕 her so much xx @MickeysIncx Aww Lara! We're not sure if this is something you should be thanking us for 😭😂 But we're so pleased yo…
Women supporting women when they need it the most 🙌 Catch this week's brand new @EmmaWillis: #DeliveringBabies ton…
@_emz_dj @EmmaWillis Another 5 gloriously emotional episodes to relish! xParenthood: the most brilliant journey you’ll ever go on 💕 #DeliveringBabies @CindySparkleSky Equality and all that, it's only fair!! @hannahjoanna_ Absolutely 💕💕💕 We're just so grateful it all ended happily and safely for Mum and bubba! x @bulldog1967 @EmmaWillis Absolutely, she's come so far! xMums, you are all absolute superhero WARRIORS 💪 #DeliveringBabies @CindySparkleSky We were thinking the exact same thing! 😂 Or why are we not at the point where the males can carry… @AngelMummy9 @EmmaWillis Oh we're so sorry to hear that 😔 You're doing incredibly well to get this far, to say this… @vamplacey Such an innocent pure sound! 💕 x @DoubleTreble_ We never knew this was a thing until now! How soon after did you deliver Sara?! x @vamplacey Oh you poor thing, Candice is NOT having a fun time! 😭The ‘excited but also massively terrified’ face most commonly seen sported by first-time fathers… #DeliveringBabies @_emz_dj @EmmaWillis CLASSIC 😂😭 This is becoming part of our weekly schedule at this point! x @SupportPDC @EmmaWillis You're getting broody by osmosis from the sounds of it! It can't be helped watching this show! x @chelseaann__x @EmmaWillis TV's loss would be the NHS' gain! xJoin the club @EmmaWillis, we’ve been broody since the series began! #DeliveringBabies @KatyB29 @EmmaWillis Solid effort! You absolutely should look into it atleast Katy, we love that Emma and this show… @hannahjoanna_ Our heart was pounding through that entire C section, so scary 😭 It's so emotional but always the highlight of our Monday! xPOW, right in the feels! #DeliveringBabies @Emmmzthomson @EmmaWillis Aw thank you Emma, we're flattered! You absolutely should look into it, it's an amazing career xx @EmmaWillis with #DeliveringBabies Is by far my favourite programme!! I can’t get enough of all these babies being…
Retweeted by WNot all heroes wear capes! (they wear scrubs instead) 🙌 #DeliveringBabies @ClaireB1311 @EmmaWillis Oh bless you Claire, happy tears we hope! xIt's a case of the more the merrier as far as this family’s concerned 💕 #DeliveringBabies @JoeyGardiner_ @EmmaWillis You absolute liability Joey 😂 Should we be keeping a tally?! x @welsh_gemz @EmmaWillis Haha easy mistake! It's a handy way of differentiating series to be fair! x @neverlandbay Christ we've never been more relieved, what a rough start for poor baby Jemima 😭💕 @JoeyGardiner_ @EmmaWillis We're not sure whether this is a sell or not but we are 100% with you, NAILED IT xWatching @EmmaWillis #DeliveringBabies - why?! I do not know because I will definitely cry and then decide I requir…
Retweeted by W @DaddyandEmma We couldn't agree more, perfect cure for the Monday blues! 💕#DeliveringBabies what a perfect way to finish my Monday night with watching this amazing programme.
Retweeted by W @vamplacey This is toooooo much 🙈 @neverlandbay This is so intense 🙈 @ClaireB1311 @EmmaWillis Agreed! 💕 It's so darn heartwarming isn't it x @wchannel @EmmaWillis @EmmaWillis is fabulous 💕love this programme 👌
Retweeted by W @naoeberuna @EmmaWillis Aww that is so lovely and it's so good to hear you had such a positive experience ❤️ Tweets…, where do we sign up…?! #DeliveringBabies it's not the babies making us go 'aww' on this show it's @EmmaWillis herself! 💕 #DeliveringBabies you’ve been at work less than 10 minutes and you already know your day is going to be a complete disaster… @sabrinalondon13 @EmmaWillis Aw it's so lovely to hear you had such a positive experience - belated congrats! 💕 And… @naoeberuna @EmmaWillis Absolutely, they're literal lifesavers xx @pbasset12 @EmmaWillis Good to see you again for our Monday night baby fix Paul! x @karenj76 @EmmaWillis We'll be tweeting along as per so pls do feel free to join us! 🙌Looking at the TV guide to see #DeliveringBabies starts in less than 10 minutes... @welsh_gemz @EmmaWillis Glad to be the bearer of good news! Hope you enjoy the episodes 💕 x @karenj76 @EmmaWillis She is 100% an excellent human being 💕 @MarvellousMsB This show is dangerous bringing out the broodiness in all of us! x @vixievictor @EmmaWillis You summed it up beautifully there, we love it even though we blub from start to finish! Happy tears! x @xlscottx We ❤️ this so much... the part where she hugged the poor woman in labour in ep2, we burst into tears! She… @GillSteps @EmmaWillis She's a real-life angel! 😇 And we've still got 6 more episodes this series to look forward to! x @mrsbaylis @EmmaWillis Oh bless you, hindsight is a wonderful thing! We've never got through an episode without nee… @simone042 Absolutely, they're real-life superheroes 💪 Hope you'll be tuning into the new episode tonight! x @helsy_1983 @EmmaWillis We're feeling the love! 💕💕💕 @natalieee_fox @EmmaWillis We feel you, we'd be blubbering messes all day... not the most professional look! You ab… @welsh_gemz @EmmaWillis No need to apologise! Yes this is series 2, series 1 originally aired October / November 20… @Heather_CCN Amen to that - 20 mins to go! Hope you'll be watching along with us 💕 x @welsh_gemz @EmmaWillis Hi Gem, #DeliveringBabies has never been on channel 4 - it's a UKTV original and is exclusive to W 😊 x @helenrosepics We have a feeling it might be too! 😉 x @richards_carly Obvs we're biased but we're inclined to agree with you Carly! x @StefalumpK @EmmaWillis It's so emotional isn't it 😭 That's amazing though, have you applied / started studying yet?! x @GracieTxx Do it!!! We believe in you! x @GemHiggy @EmmaWillis She's an actual angel isn't she! You're late to the party Gemma, you need to catch up with all of series 1! x @PetAngelsUK We can only imagine! 🙌 x @mpwxo @EmmaWillis Hi there! If you subscribe to us via Sky, Virgin, BT or TalkTalk all episodes should be availabl…'ve made it through Monday, and now it's almost time for your reward... brand new @EmmaWillis: #DeliveringBabies @EmmaWillis master this new chapter of her training? Brand new #DeliveringBabies, tonight at 10pm! @ZoeJ311 @MummySmiler @EmmaWillis We thought it'd be brilliant if it was starsign related...called it! Oh christ th… @ZoeJ311 @MummySmiler @EmmaWillis That's such a gorgeous name! 😍 That's amazing the show helped (eo an extent!) but… @ChloeRhysJones @Danniiee_xo So warm and fuzzy! ❤️ xx @glhodge85 @EmmaWillis @Jaccs_1x To be fair Gayle we conk out pretty much immediately after at 11.01pm 😂 If it's to… @Jaccs_1x @glhodge85 @EmmaWillis Absolute trooper, we salute your dedication! xx @MummySmiler @ZoeJ311 @EmmaWillis They're certainly not for everyone, and every woman is different 💕 (Plus you can… @ZoeJ311 @MummySmiler @EmmaWillis Aw that's so great to hear your first experience was a good one! Congratulations… @BeccaLilly07 @EmmaWillis Hi Becca 👋 We're W, and you can find us on Sky 109, Virgin 125, BT 311 and TalkTalk 311. Hope this helps! x @littlekaren83 You have excellent taste! xAmazing show 🥰
Retweeted by W @Bizzyross What more could you want from a Monday night!? x