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Sandra McCusker @WchEpoo Sonoma County, USA

Doing my bit to crush the global rise of right-wing fascism. Master’s degree in religion and philosophy, will burn down your “Christian” bullshit. Go, A’s!!

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@paul_winginit If I’m ever able to fly 1st I’m doing it, whiners can bite me - from the cheap seats. Let them whine… wretched refuse of 19th & 20th century Europe and Asia, along with slaves and the descendants of slaves, create… @ZerlinaMaxwell The sad and frankly horrifying thing is, what his lawyers say or don’t say is irrelevant to Republi…
@chrislhayes The lie is that there is no such thing as good and evil or right and wrong, there is only power and th… @josecanyousee Not at all surprised, he’s horrible. @chrislhayes That’s the plan. Gaslighting is the method, cruelty is the point. @realDonaldTrump You’re a liar. Your word means nothing. Blah, blah, blah... lies, lies, lies. You are trash.We hate Donald John Trump like they hated President Obama. However, we hate Trump because he is a racist, misogynis…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @evanrachelwood The definition of not-the-time.
@horticarter34 @MonicaLewinsky I also grew to despise Leno for his constant “jokes” about ML. He was such a pig. @nichartley @katiehinsen @sundancefest I’m all for it.There's a story that says the reason the Catalans speak with a lisp is they once had a king who spoke with a lisp a…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @katiehinsen @sundancefest Jail, no-fly list forever, and a big fat six figure bill for the trouble she caused.
@diannaeanderson 4CBREAKING: New recording of Trump proves he wanted Yovanovitch fired. Trump said on tape: "Get rid of her! Get her o…
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@Ad_Inifinitum In the 90s, I facilitated a drop-in support group for adult survivors of child abuse. We had people… @MenTourPilot It’s beautiful! @realDonaldTrump “Fan” 🙄 @StephenKing Summer of Love
@justinamash If true that is absolutely infuriating @RandPaul @realDonaldTrump I’d love to have him questioned under oath. @LindseyGrahamSC You coward, you cannot refuse to hear witnesses and look at evidence and claim you aren’t particip… sheer entitled whininess on display here. We ask every citizen to serve on juries! And this is literally your j…
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@MenTourPilot Yep, that’s how I found out oxygen masks don’t filter smoke. 👍 @MenTourPilot I don’t think most people know that the oxygen masks won’t filter out smoke.Republicans are voting against witnesses, documents and a fair trial because they are afraid of the truth. That’s it. That’s the Tweet.
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @CJCFaulkner @nachosarah Don’t we need to reach the “not raping” level before we can stick to it? We’re not there,… @skankzila @GiraffeSerene That’s not going to stop, ever. It’s a thing people do, have always done. I’m 52, old peo… @chrislhayes Will there be consequences? Not likely. Rules no longer apply to Republicans.If Citizens United isn’t overturned we’re doomed. @OsoBreukelen @rgay A lot of things that shouldn’t matter matter a lot to some people, and those people can be rude…
@realDonaldTrump No witness, no documents, no evidence. You’re a liar and a criminal being protected by people inve… @pattonoswalt I would vote for him if I had to, I'm not an idiot. Having good ideas does not make one an effective… McConnell knows the facts are damning for Donald Trump. To protect him, he’s pushing through a sham trial wit…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @CharlesMBlow It is chilling that Republicans in Congress are working to protect a criminal administration. It's ev… @YNB I will NEVER forget. I liked Bernie while he was being ignored by the press and all I heard was his stump spee… @pattonoswalt McCusker 2020: C'mon, man, go potty! @gtconway3d The fun of raping a virgin
@YNB Bernie's diplomacy skills are on par with Trump. He's an arrogant bully just like Trump. He needs to sit his a… feel entirely confident saying that there is no scenario in which the NYT editorial board would have endorsed two…
Retweeted by Sandra McCuskerRight now Fox News is screaming about a dangerous “caravan” of unarmed women and children with brown skin. Meanwhi…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @Defeat_Trump2 If he were a woman people would wonder who he blew to get that job.
In Federalist No. 65, Hamilton does not warn—as Dershowitz and some Rs claim—that we should reject impeachment when…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @cher It’s not your fault people are nuts. My evolution with Bernie has been from early supporter to outright loath… knows what’s what... discovered Mentour Pilot because I’m really into planes and flying but he’s helpful in other ways too. If you’re… @MenTourPilot @LifeHundred @avgeekretweeter It’s a great interview! Very inspirational for anyone trying to achieve… @qikipedia When does it end? I’m 52 now, when does it end? @his_zach @ThatEricAlper Devastating, absolutely devastating
@cher Warren/Castro Attorney General Harris Head of EPA Inslee Secretary of State Booker Politician Emeritus Biden @N0toriousKat @seescandies Sees is dangerous! There are two in my town, they call to me...
@YNB Is it real, tho? It’s so easy to fake a sign like that I’m doubtful.Leaders lead. 👇💯🔥
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@notcapnamerica Nothing it trouble here @NormOrnstein @mkraju @Phil_Mattingly Please. Susan Collins *during* the murder: “I find this very troubling, and…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @WindsorMann @rezaaslan @SenatorCollins I used to think she was dumb. I don’t think that anymore. She’s as corrupt… @DevinNunes @bwarnecke I thought I had followed you! Must have missed the button... all fixed. 👍 @js_edit Not at all. Not for one single second.Parnas came to spill ALL the tea.
@RepValDemings Behind you all the way!!As I take on this new responsibility, my faith is in the Constitution.
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @MMFlint The last little shred of admiration I had for you is gone. @rezaaslan Shakira law comes with donuts? I'm in. @chrislhayes My already profound hatred for this horrible woman grows and grows with every word that comes out of her mouth.I just stepped off the #DemDebate stage feeling energized by our fight for big, structural change. And I just heard…
Retweeted by Sandra McCuskerElizabeth Warren is fire right now. Quickly confirming what was said in the private conversation, then pivoting to…
Retweeted by Sandra McCuskerWarren is the every woman right now as a man tells her she's wrong and then gives the exact facts she just said. #DemDebate
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @notcapnamerica @TinaDuryea @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris The thing I like best about Kamala Harris as VP, which is reall… @Delafina777 Some people I just want to hit with a chair. This guy’s one of those people. @blackwomenviews @lapointe67 Probably because she’s never been a real contender. If she had ever really been in the…
This is what happens when the demons of white supremacy, racism, anti-Black bigotry, and just plain crazy take poss…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @roywoodjr I have an older sister, we were 5 and 8. I got out of school a couple of hours before my sister & waited… @YNB My first non-white school teacher wasn’t until 7th grade. That year I had two, an Indian man and a Black man.… @AprilDRyan My first choice was Kamala Harris, my second is Warren. In my opinion, Kamala underperformed in the fir… @KestFatigue @bethnew @leebee4life Warren in 2016 was the woman the people who “just don’t like” Hillary used to de… @scottiebateman I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime. I think self driving cars and long haul trucks will co… @realDonaldTrump Goodnight, loser. @ZerlinaMaxwell It should be, I agree! Cheerleaders are incredible athletes. Not just competitive cheerleaders. Hav… the trend continues uninterrupted, our grandsons will be functionally infertile and need assistance to impregnat… watched Sex Explained on Netflix. I knew average sperm count had declined in recent years but didn’t know how… Bernie Elizabeth thing reminds me that the Republicans are in federal court trying to take away healthcare fro…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @N0toriousKat @CooperLawrence Same/Same No thank you, Gwyneth. I have my own scented lady bits. 🙄
Hi. A woman got MILLIONS more votes than both Bernie and Trump.
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @CharlesMBlow Citizens United is a disaster. Unlimited PAC money is a disaster. There is a lot that is disastrous a… @N0toriousKat @CooperLawrence If you have $75 to spend you can buy a candle that, I am not making this up, smells l… @LostInThePondUS I’m not sure why I should feel sad about the whole thing but I do. I hope they’re ale to work out their differences.
@LindseyGrahamSC Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Lindsey’s a good boy! 😆😆 @AOC Exactly, it’s exactly the same. Not only that, in the Lying War Criminal race, Trump is nowhere near Bush leve… @MenTourPilot @avgeekretweeter @scottiebateman Such a horrible heartbreaking tragedy.
Watch this clip of Elizabeth Warren at a 2018 LGBTQ Pride Parade. A goofy, loving, energetic ball of fire is who sh…
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@sarahkendzior Egg: 4 minute, served on buttered toast Steak: medium-rare ribeye Milk: No thanks Alcohol: Yes plea… @scottiebateman Yikes, that’s a bad day. 😬It is even greater than you think. It's a grandma and her grandsons. The kids were trying to prank her and she one…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @rospars @Mikel_Jollett @ewarren Thank you!!Ok, let’s reflect on the reality of flight safety. Especially using the Boeing 737NG. A B737 takes off or lands rou…
Retweeted by Sandra McCusker @psychicmediumje One of the fastest growing segments of society in the US is uniting around the shared belief that… @DearDean22 I would bet every penny I posses that he would test positive for Adderall or cocaine. @diannaeanderson Tuck one end and keep the insides inside
@diannaeanderson Snoopy’s Home Ice Arena and the Charles Schultz museum.