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What went wrong for Yamaha at Brno? The riders that dominated #MotoGP at Jerez were nowhere today. Do Morbidelli… reasons @afelixdacosta achieved the previously impossible No one has ever clinched a @FIAFormulaE title 2 race… Ricciardo described the mistake that cost him a points finish in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix as a "Seb s…🏍️ A maiden rookie victory 🏎️ A Verstappen/non-Mercedes victory ⚡️ A new champion crowned It's been one hell of a…🗣️ | @sniffermedia What a difference a day makes! Gunther has been docked three grid slots for tomorrow's race as… can probably guess who the Formula E driver of the day is, but let's ask the question anyway... ⭐️ FE driver of the day? #BerlinEPrix.@afelixdacosta and @DSTECHEETAH wrap up the @FIAFormulaE titles with two races to spare, with Vergne leading a 1-2… scrap that, we could definitely just have some mid-week fun instead! #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Some next level vitriol from Rowland to his team. 'You owed me one from Marrakesh and you f***… we bother with the final two races? #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Sensational from DS Techeetah. Both titles wrapped up. Da Costa a deserving champion. He's bee… HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO WORDS!!!!!! DRIVERS CHAMPION @afelixdacosta TEAM CHAMPIONS @DSTECHEETAH 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…
Retweeted by The RaceJean Eric Vergne wins Berlin.4! 🏆 DS Techeetah win the teams championship 🏆 Da Costa wins the drivers championship 🏆 #BerlinEPrixBuemi is really testing the championship leader on the final laps! What's he got to lose? #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Tasty drive again from Evans from 12th to 7th but way too far back to trouble di Grassi in sixth. #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Fairly confident that De Vries will start going freestyle on overtaking in the final two laps.…🗣️ | @sniffermedia Unless the DS Techeetah guys tie themselves in knots like they did in Santiago and Mexico! Alw…🗣️ | @sniffermedia There we go, that's the choreography. After you sir, no after you. Complete dominance from DS…🗣️ | @sniffermedia You get the feeling that Buemi has a little more pace than Rowland. These two can fight it out… "He could have avoided contact but he didn't want to" Ducati boss Ciabatti: "Espargaro crashed because… @JunaidSamodien_ @carlos10Rrg Just passed that onto our techs so we can get that code issue on the social links wit…🗣️ | @sniffermedia Shout out for Sam Bird who started a lowly 17th. He's in a train which is eyeing the final poi… eases past De Vries on attack mode! #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Neat from DS Techeetah, apart from the early hearing issue for Vergne, it's all going nicely t… couldn't maximise attack mode to overtake Vergne #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Da Costa's nearest genuine title contender is di Grassi but it's irrelevant really as long as…🗣️ | @sniffermedia De Vries has had a driver standards warning slapped on him for something or other. He's fast b…🗣️ | @sniffermedia If the DS Techeetah guys can pull any kind of gap will Da Costa take the title in victorious g…🗣️ | @sniffermedia JEV repays the debt but it came a few laps later than planned! Tactical at last! #BerlinEPrixNow Da Costa's making a move for the lead of the race, the championship leader now leads the pack #BerlinEPrixDa Costa has re-claimed second from Rowland #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia So the DS Techeetahs were supposed to swap before the attack mode! 'JEV's ears must be having… rude wake-up call for sleeping Mercedes @GaryAndersonF1 gives his take on what Mercedes did wrong and Red Bull d…🗣️ | @sniffermedia So Techeetah do have a plan. Da Costa's engineer David Ladouche says: 'JEV will over-consume s… has been handed a three-place grid drop for the next race, ouch! #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Tell you what, if it does rain then get some popcorn in because the Nyck de Vries and Rene Ras… car in! JEV makes a good getaway, leading from Da Costa #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Interesting message from Da Costa: 'JEV is anticipating the beeps (energy regen cues). For thi…🗣️ | @sniffermedia Well that's the end of Gunther's vague chances of the title. Clumsy stuff going on there! #BerlinEPrixBig lock up, yesterday's winner Gunther is out of the race! Safety car is out #BerlinEPrixRace 4 in Berlin - let's do this! 👊🏽 #BerlinEPrix🗣 | @SMitchellF1 Renault protested Racing Point again. But don't get too excited! Seems it was a matter of keepin…🗣️ | @sniffermedia 'Ok, let's do this' says Da Costa. Will he chose glorious crack at a win to seal the deal or a… Mercedes let Bottas down in the #F170 GP? After pole became 3rd in the race, Bottas said his team had been "sl… what we need to spice up the championship 👀 #BerlinEPrix🗣️ | @sniffermedia Reports from one our friends at Spacesuit Media, Lou Johnson that there is rain and thunder at…🗣️ | @sniffermedia Hearing that there are problems with Robin Frijns' Audi and that he is stuck in his box and no… #F1 driver Sebastian Vettel says his race strategy in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix “didn’t make any sens… @TazBTCC We see what you did there 😉As if we haven't had enough jaw-dropping, sweat-inducing racing action today, we've still got one more Formula E ra…🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "The stewards have, as expected, reprimanded Racing Point for running rear brake ducts in breac… Verstappen and Pirelli headline the 'Winners' section of our 70th Anniversary GP wrap-up, while it was a surpri… Verstappen the best driver in #F1? @SportmphMark, @eddstrawF1, @SMitchellF1 and @GaryAndersonF1 give their answ… here's a look at the Constructor Standings! ⬇️ @f1visualized reader: it was signifcant #F170 | #F1 as he did on track - Verstappen overtakes Bottas to take second in the Driver Standings! Do you think he can… the brake ducts remains an infringement "but a penalty of reprimand seems sufficient" for further offences, t…🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 Racing Point summoned to the stewards for using the rear brake ducts deemed to have breached th… 💭 Was this Verstappen's best win in #F1 so far? #F170 | #F1🚨 Wholesome content klaxon! 🚨 was a man of his word today. These aren't really his words. We paraphrased. #F170 | #F1, what would we rate this race out of 🔟? We think it was a good one - plenty of intrigue, strategy calls and tyre panic #F170 | #F1#F1 win number 9⃣ for @Max33Verstappen 🏆 #F170 | #F1 next ➡️ @Circuitcat_eng Barcelona, notoriously chilly at this time of year 👀 #F170 | #F1.@SilverstoneUK hasn't been the happiest hunting ground for Red Bull over the past few years - for context Verstapp… is finally beaten in 2020 #F1 - here's how the #F170 race unfolded lap by lap, plus insight from… Verstappen and Red Bull ended Mercedes’ domination of the 2020 #F1 season by winning a 70th Anniversary Grand P… that was good fun, wasn't it? Who was your ⭐️ driver today? #F170 | #F1Verstappen with his Oscar winners speech here, thanking everyone. #F170 | #F1🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "Three phenomenal performances in tyre management in this race - Verstappen, obviously, to win.… VERSTAPPEN WINS THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY GRAND PRIX!! Hamilton second, Bottas third. #F170 | #F1Verstappen is taking the mick here - he's telling his team to remember to drink and more importantly, sanitise. #F170 | #F133% of the Driver of the Day votes are going to the #33 driver #F170 | #F1🗣️ | @eddstrawF1 "A case of deja vu for Bottas? At Silverstone in 2019, he was surprised by the strategy differen… gets past Bottas for second! #F170 | #F1Verstappen is lapping remarkably well still - he was quicker than Hamilton on that last lap #F170 | #F1'You're free to race, just give each other space' Poetry from Mercedes there. #F170 | #F1We *think* we're in for an exciting final few laps #F170 | #F1Magnussen is the first retirement of the afternoon, which is fairly remarkable for Silverstone. #F170 | #F1Wheel to wheel for a moment between Hamilton and Leclerc but the Mercedes man makes the move to take third. #F170 | #F1🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "That's a new fastest lap for Hamilton but he has two cars to clear and will need to maintain t… we tweet this as Hamilton is going PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE. As is the way. #F170 | #F1 is the fastest man out on track currently #F170 | #F1But Hamilton pits! With a big lock-up on the way in to the pitlane! #F170 | #F1 told to try to close the gap to Hamilton now... We could be in for an exciting last ten laps 👀 #F170 | #F1#HulkWatch: Nico Hulkenberg is P5, according to said #HulkWatch #F170 | #F1🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "This is brilliant. Are Hamilton and Mercedes really going to try to make a one-stop work, let…'s lapping at a roughly similar pace to Verstappen and Bottas #F170 | #F1 really doesn't seem to be enjoying this set of tyres but there doesn't seem to be any sign of him being pi…'s tyres look: not great. #F170 | #F1Hamilton takes the lead - Verstappen comes out ahead of Bottas in second! #F170 | #F1🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "Ferrari's race pace is looking decent. The conditions are clearly suiting some teams better th… and Bottas both pit! #F170 | #F1Ricciardo has just been off! But he's back on again now. Still not ideal though. #F170 | #F1'So basically we're just gonna fully send it?' says Max. That man has spent too much time with Daniel Ricciardo. #F170 | #F1Verstappen and Bottas nearly matching times on that last lap. THIS IS EXCITING. #F170 | #F1🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "Feisty from Vettel. He had wanted to extend his initial stint but was pulled in. Now he's maki…🗣️ | @eddstrawF1 "Ricciardo has been in, so he's onto his hard set now. If he can make the tyres last as well as…🗣️ | @SMitchellF1 "It may be that this all ends in tears for Verstappen but he's done a phenomenal job in that st… came out behind Bottas but he retakes the lead! #F170 | #F1